During my first workshop and contact with Keylontic Science in 2001 Ashayana presented the Kathara Dimensional Grid.  This had a profound effect on me at the time.  I recognised it as something I had seen before, a long time ago, and knew to be complete.  I had studied many systems, each claiming to be authoritative, and had come across many versions of the Tree of Life with 10 or 11 centers.  But this was the first time in this life I was seeing the complete version.  This raised profound questions around the reliability of various teachings I had studied and also issues of trust.  I had to re-evaluate everything.  This raised the difficult issue of trust – what can and cannot be trusted, how does one determine what can be trusted, etc.

It took some time and soul searching to find my feet again in this area.  I share some thoughts on an on-going process of building trust and some very general thoughts on the broader subject of knowledge and teaching.  These are offered in a spirit of sharing – please only take what is useful or helpful. 


One of the most useful measures of the value or reliability of information or teaching I found was empowerment.  Does this information help build inner connection, integration and empowerment so as to reduce dependence on external factors?  Or does it invite me to vest power outside myself and build dependency on outer authority or influences?  True teaching doesn’t need my power and therefore doesn’t need to take it.  Or as the old saying goes – beware of needy Gods. 

Another valuable measure I found is usefulness.  Does knowledge or a teaching help me in my life, in terms of enriching life, solving problems, expanding understanding and capacity to deal effectively with the world and so on.?  Does it expand or contract life, make for a better person, better society or help others or the planet?  Is it relevant to the real world?  Or does it ultimately distract or detract from a meaningful and useful life?  Between these two measures we have the empowerment of inner connection and the strengthening of outer presence in the world.  These represent the extremities of our vertical column, the poles that hold and stabilise our lives.

Trust is a sensitive thing.  There’s a lot we don’t know and we need help to make progress.  As part of the process of receiving help we also need to balance this with giving.  Neat answers and solutions generally don’t fall out of the sky at our feet.  We need to try out various things to see what works for us in our lives and circumstances and learn from our mistakes.  There can be a gradual process of building trust, confidence and loyalty.  It can help to build trust from the inside out – to firstly trust our core inner and higher connections, then what strengthens or empowers these connections over time and then the external teachers and teachings that facilitate these.


We have many teachers in our lives.  Firstly, we have our own internal teacher that is observing our lives and what is passing through them and is assessing this.  This is probably our greatest teacher.  It is like a parent to our personality or functional persona.  If we can take issues inwards, take responsibility for them and resolve them internally we can save ourselves a lot of grief in the outer world.  Whatever arises in our hologram is there for a reason and if we can find and face that reason it can help a lot.  However, this isn’t always easy.  Listening to parents doesn’t come easily or isn’t cool at times. This is allowed for and is where our second teacher comes into play.

In moving out into the fields of creation we enjoy a measure of free will to explore our creative potential.  However, we as Source have wisely placed boundaries on this freedom in the form of consequences so that things don’t get too far out of hand.  Creation is structured so that what we project into manifestation eventually comes back to us in the form of consequences.  There is no judgment involved.  It is just the natural laws of cause and effect revealing to us the consequences of our actions.  So the world around us is our great teacher in reflecting reality back to us.  We as Source created it this way.  Time is the conveyor belt that carries the fruits of all our creative endeavours back into our lives, into our holograms, to be owned and dealt with. 

Time is the great revealer and healer of all.  We all meet the consequences of our actions eventually.  We don’t have to worry too much about ‘fixing’ other people.  There are processes in place to take care of that.  We can usefully focus on the weeds in our own garden rather than worrying about those in a neighbour’s garden.  When we look after our own responsibilities time will bring the appropriate fruits into our lives.

Idealism / Realism

There can be an on-going struggle to balance idealism and realism in our lives.  We can start out with a lot exuberant idealism in our youth.  This can be tempered progressively by the realism of worldly experience as we age.   We need both and to strike a healthy balance between them in our lives.  We can also get to a point in our lives where we need to escape from the world into a more cloistered existence.  However excessive detachment from the world can deprive us of our most valuable learning experiences and can lead to a certain degree of stagnation.


Our third teacher is the gifting of knowledge from our racial heritage.  The process of learning from experience can be painstakingly slow.  Learning lessons doesn’t come easily at times.  There is an accumulation of learning and experience from the wide fields of creation and from the long reaches of history.  This is immensely valuable.  It is part of the consciousness of Source and as expressions of Source it is part of our personal history and collective consciousness.  This is an absolute gift.  We are greatly indebted to all who have kept such knowledge and teaching alive and accessible and to all great teachers, who work to make it available to us. 

In the very gifting, however, there is the potential vulnerability of dependency, of a dependence on gifting.  We need guidance and assistance in our faltering steps towards expansion and maturity.  However, if we are spoon fed as children we can fail to grow into responsible and mature adults.  This is largely our responsibility.  We need to look after our inner process of assimilation and integration and our outer process of learning and effective engagement with the world while absorbing knowledge.  We earn the knowledge by integrating it effectively.  If we fail to look after these responsibilities we can set up a cycle of dependency that becomes a burden on the student, the teacher and ultimately the teaching.  There may even come a time when we may need to be pushed out of the nest and learn to fly with our own wings. 

Just like us a teaching exists at different levels.  We have the body of a teaching, its physical expression in writings, books, recordings, organisations, assets, events, practices, etc.  These hold the expression of a teaching in physical form.  We also have the spirit of a teaching that animates and drives it.  This can be the core principles of the teaching, its inspiration, energy, ethos and attitudes, its connections and key message.  In a challenging world the body of a teaching needs to be strong in order to survive as an effective vehicle for the teaching.  However, this very strength can inhibit the spirit of a teaching.  Like us as a body matures and grows old it becomes less flexible, more rigid and set in its ways and progressively less capable of supporting the free flow of spirit.  So, there is a continuous balancing act between preserving a disciplined body and a fresh and lively immediacy of spirit.

The purpose of a teaching ultimately is to help people and thereby help the whole process of creation.  The most significant way to help people is to help empower them.  Teachings exist for the people and not vice versa.  Ultimately the highest expression of a teaching is people living them.  Or as Gandhi put it – “My life is my message”.  The most successful healers or teachers are those, who work themselves out of a job by empowering people. 



When we are gifted with knowledge there is a process of assimilation, just as we need to digest the food we eat.  Firstly, we need to verify information in so far as we can.  This helps build a progressively deeper integrity and trust over time both for ourselves and for the teachings and isn’t a negative thing.  In school a teacher used put this in very graphic terms for us saying that if we believed all we hear we would eat all we see!  We can use our common sense, past experience, reason, feeling sense, etc. to check out what is useful for us.  What is not useful for us may be more useful for someone else. 

When there are large bodies of information it can be easy to get bogged down or even lost in the details.  Technical details can become a distraction.  It can help greatly to stay close to the core principles of a teaching and to refer back to these frequently as reference points for orientation. 

Our relationship with knowledge changes as we integrate higher levels of our consciousness.  In our normal everyday lives we live as separate beings in a very big outer universe.  So we need lots of information about things and what’s going on in the world around us.  As we integrate within our being and expand our consciousness the veils of separation lessen.  Knowledge and information is a conscious and living reality in creation also.  As we expand our consciousness we can progressively come into direct contact with the living knowledge in creation, with the thinking that is thinking creation, with pure knowing. 

In this case, we can have progressively less need for information about things as we connect more effectively with direct knowing in the moment.  So we have less need to carry information around in the filing cabinets of our brain as we are increasingly able to go online to the cosmic internet of creation.  As with the internet we need to exercise due diligence with all information and knowing as best we can.  Real world experience is a good test.  There was a very useful guideline in earlier materials to only trust our contact capabilities to half the level we think they are capable of.  

 So, knowledge is a stepping stone on the road to knowing.  It is very important to get us on the road, but ultimately is something we move beyond and leave behind.  As we progress further along the road of integration the veils of separation lessen again until we come into unity with the Source essence of pure consciousness or existence.  In this case we integrate knowing into pure being and are one with All That Is – I Am This I Am.  This is a unique journey for all of us.  Many can point the way but only we can make the journey for ourselves.  All such journeys are uniquely valuable.

So in encountering knowledge there is a process of assimilation or digestion.  We can progressively internalise knowledge so that it comes increasingly alive for us and we come to know it as part of our living reality.  It is important to preserve the expression of the knowledge as given for external purposes, e.g. teaching, to respect and preserve the integrity of the teaching.  However, the internal assimilation is a very personal process that is unique to each of us.  In this case our integrity is with our own Source essence and connection.  The purpose of a teaching is to support and empower this Source connection based on our particular circumstances, history and path.


As part of the process of assimilating teaching it can help to ponder the principles in our reflective moments.  In cases of confusion it is good to have the principles to hand to rally around.  Words are very powerful tools.  They can help to capture the essence of a principle and provide a handrail to hold onto when storms are blowing.  We can use our own words to encapsulate what a principle means for us.  These are organic and can evolve over time.  We all have our own unique perspectives.  I offer a few suggestions below, but please only use these as fuel for your own process.  It is your own words and the process of generating them on an on-going basis that is most valuable.    

 Truth – Being true to the reality of Source divinity in our being, in our lives and in the world around us.  All other truths follow from this.

Integrity – Integrating the wholeness of our many parts.  Building connection with the purest essence of our being and making this available to all aspects of our existence.  “I Am This I Am”.

Healing – Making whole, re-connecting, and enabling stuck energies to flow through, complete their cycle and return home.

Love – The essence of Source that embraces all and eventually draws all home in the way most appropriate to its form of expression.

Freedom – The ability to reach more expanded levels of our being and hold that presence in our present.

Courage – Confidence in our Source connection leading to mastery of fear.

Empowerment – Meeting our needs from our internal resources and from our Source connection.

Life can be a very demanding, challenging and hum drum experience for us a lot of the time.  We can retain memories of greater capacity in other times and places, of the so called shining city on a hill.  We long to experience a greater reality, more of what we are.  We long for transcendence.  It is a wonderful gift when we experience some form of transcendence as part of a teaching, e.g. with techniques, being part of a group of like-minded people, etc.  However, in the gift again there is the risk of dependence on or even in extreme cases of addiction to transcendence. 

It is our responsibility to use these gifts wisely so that they don’t distract too much from nor destabilise a useful life in the world.  These experiences of transcendence are like the dessert, the ice-cream, or rewards in our lives.  As kids our parents reminded us that we needed to eat up our potatoes and vegetables before we could get to the ice-cream.  So, a sensible balance between work, engagement with normal life in our world and experience of higher realities can make for a healthy diet to support stable progress over the long term. 

Needless to say, life is an on-going work in progress.  We are all learning on the job.  None of us is perfect and we don’t need to be.  We need not be too hard on ourselves nor on each other.  In the very messiness of life there is immense potential for experience, learning and growth.  It may well be the case that more perfect beings envy us the opportunities we have here, even though we would gladly change places at times! 

One of our greatest resources and strengths is our humanity.  We share a sense of connection in a larger family.  This family has been scattered / decimated many times.  Yet we can always connect with the essential decency, feeling, kindness, caring and sense of fairness of the human condition and by reaching out, sharing, connecting and supporting we can regenerate the greater essence of family, to which we all belong.