Eternal Reality

To avoid excessive confusion, it’s good to go back to fundamental principles periodically, to re-orient direction.  The following is an attempt to review core principles.  Please only take whatever is useful for your journey.


The most fundamental thing in life, obviously, is life itself.  We can explore who and what we are.  As we successively strip away what we present ourselves as, our body, our persona, our Soul, Spirit and so on, we come to a place where we are simply alive.  What is it that is looking out through our eyes?  What is the seer in our seeing, the hearer in our hearing, the doer in our doing and so on?  It is this core aliveness, existence or pure being that is experiencing and interacting with creation.  This is our fundamental reality.  It is the fundamental reality that underlies all that is. 

This aliveness exists independently of and ultimately animates all it expresses as.  In its pure ground state, it transcends ‘things’ and all that would define it as separate.  It is a state of pure being or amness (I Am).  It defies definition and isn’t limited by whatever forms it may use.  We can put names and descriptions on it, but these are just handles for our convenience in relating to it. 

Our most immediate relationship with it is through experience.  We can call it consciousness, as this is a commonly used and meaningful terminology.  It is the state of pure, free, whole, unified consciousness that both transcends and contains all.  We can call it Source, as this is the source state for creation.  But it is not limited nor defined by creation.  We can also call it pure Spirit, Self in its purest essence. or whatever is meaningful for us.

Source isn’t something remote sitting out at the edge of the universe.  We don’t have to go through layers of structure to reach.  It is our most immediate and intimate reality, to the extent we allow it.  It is most present, where we are most alive, i.e. right here and now.

We can get some feel for this in the following example.  Take a point, as in the diagram over.  It is dimensionless.  Take another point and draw a line between them.  How many points are on this line?  There is an infinite number of points.  Step up another dimension to a square.  How many lines are in the square?  Again, an infinite amount.  Take a cube – how many squares are there in this cube?  An infinite number.  So, in something as simple as a sugar cube, we have at least three orders of infinity.  This applies to everything.

We can see here how infinities at one level or dimension roll up to something finite at the next level up.  For example, an infinite number of lines at dimension 1 becomes a simple finite square at dimension 2 above it.  We can see here how the infinite vastness of space can be much more manageable at the next level up.  This has practical application, in that we can leap frog the vast distances of space, by going to a higher dimension and coming back down again in another location.  This is like an aircraft travelling through the air between locations. 

It also illustrates how wholeness can create infinities in going down through levels.  It can create infinite space for separation, diversity and so on down the dimensions in creation.  Likewise, these vast scales of separation and diversity can be transcended progressively going back up the dimensions.

We can also see that we’re swimming in infinities.  They’re all around us, even though we may not be very aware of them in our everyday life.  This shows how close Source can be to us.  It illustrates the immanence of Source.  The limitations in our relationship with Source are from our side.  Source, as pure Self, is our most real and intimate relationship.  This is embodied in the expression – ‘My Relationship with Source Comes First (MRWSCF).’

Finally, it shows that what we ‘see’ is very dependent on where we are looking from.  Our reality is conditioned by perception.  We tend to look at the surface of what’s around us, such as a sugar cube.  We don’t see all that lies within.  We don’t see the depths and the multiple levels and realities they embrace.  Change our perception and we see a different reality.


Creation then arises within the wholeness and infinite potentiality of Source, as an exploration in separation.  Effectively Source ‘stands back’ to view and experience Itself or Life from a perspective in separation.

Creation isn’t so much about Universe or Cosmos coming into existence.  It’s more about existence itself coming into manifestation.  Existence is already there and isn’t dependent on creation. 

Consciousness projecting from wholeness or unity into separation needs form to hold the separation.  This form has ever more specific and detailed structure, as it progresses down through levels of creation.  This structure needs to hold connection back to wholeness, to facilitate the presence of consciousness in separation and the freedom to return to wholeness. 

Note that freedom, in general, resides in the connection back to the ultimate freedom in Source.  The ‘Freedom Teachings’ are really all about connection, the continuity, directness and strength of connection back home.

Structures need order to preserve the specific forms of separation needed by consciousness and to preserve their connection to wholeness.  This order is encoded in principles, natural law, and in specific forms such as the Kryst Code, Morphogenetic Fields, our unique DNA imprints and so on.  All of these structures are conscious in their own right and carry order. 


The other element in creation is the animating consciousness holding presence in the structure, like a soul animating a body.  This carries its own unique intent and purpose in creation, encoded as personal encryption.  Structure and creativity sit side by side in creation.  We can, for example, have the generic form of the human body.  We then have all the diverse and unique personalities or individuals that use such bodies. 

We can take a fundamental structure, like a Kathara Grid (KG), for example, but it could be anything.  The structure of the grid is visible and obvious.  The more interesting element is the consciousness within and its unique intent for creation.  This is stored as encryption in each of the dimensional centers.  Consciousness flows through the centers as what we normally call frequency.

The KG is like an envelope that carries messages.  The message is encoded as letters on the paper within it.  It is the information in the message and the consciousness behind it that is of most value in the letter. 

So, such a structure not only has sameness but also a significant degree of diversity in the encryptions carried.  We don’t see KGs in creation.  It’s the consciousness, information and encryption, as it flows out into diverse manifestation in the world around us.  The structure is an enabler for diversity in practice.

Natural Law

So, we have both order and diversity in creation.  Both are closely coupled, as a soul in a body, and working harmoniously together to facilitate conscious experience.  The integrity of the bodily structure is fundamental to the freedom of experience.  For example, a corrupted DNA pattern hinders conscious capacity within the body. 

Natural law facilitates the free and safe exploration of consciousness in separation.  This encompasses many safe guards, such as the great Law of Consequence, Ethics, principles of Mathematics, Science and so on.  All other law derives from this.  Such law is more general and free at high levels in creation and gets more specific and defining towards the lower levels.  We need to relate to these principles, as appropriate to each level and not just to a higher level.  This law is guiding rather than restrictive. 

In summary, consciousness is the primary reality.  Structure is secondary.  It’s really all about integrating, expanding and connecting consciousness.  Structure is important, but only to the extent we are embedded in it.  We need a certain amount of structure for the purpose of understanding and transcending it.  Such structure as we need should be accurate to our circumstances.  For example, when we’re in a hole we need a ladder to get out.  While we’re in the hole we can theorise that we don’t need the ladder.  But it would be unwise to throw the ladder away until we’re actually out of the hole.

We can connect with structure through the medium of consciousness, using our feel-see sense of encryption.  ‘We’ll know it when we see it’ is a true expression. 


It is violation of natural law at each level, through ignorance, neglect or otherwise, that causes distortion and problems.   Such fragmentation is a major problem.  When consciousness projects into creation and its inherent separation, the intention is to retain connection back up through the various levels, to the unified consciousness in Source.  Fragmentation is the breaking of these connections.  This leads to disconnected consciousness and energies, lost souls, etc. and is to be avoided. 


Everything in creation needs its ‘uplink’ to consciousness or life and its ‘downlink’ or grounding in material reality, for effective presence in creation.  The grounding link is important.  The currents that come into our bodies, souls and so on need to be able to move through to the next level.  For example, frequencies flowing into our bodies can pass through to the earth and vice versa.  Where grounding isn’t present, this inhibits the current flows, like a broken connection, and leads to a build up of frequency.  We have the example of an electric circuit.  The current must be able to flow all the way round the circuit, to return to its source, e.g. a battery. 

Dimensional Structure

Dimensional structure is summarised in the diagram below.  Initial creation projects very fine fields of primordial structure, including the Primal Sound fields.  The Primal Light fields and Matter fields emerge progressively with the Sound fields.  They get progressively more defined, separated, dense and concrete down through 15 dimensions or levels. 

These dimensions are organised in 5 groups of 3, each group forming a Density level.  Each set of 15 dimensions forms a Time Matrix.  The combination of Primal Sound & Light fields and of Matter fields is represented symbolically by a 24 center grid spread across two conjoined Kathara Grids.

There are two key points in relation to the diagram below.  The first is that, as consciousness projects into creation, it divides into ever larger numbers of smaller units of consciousness.  For example, our Soul consciousness in Density 2 divides into 12 separate personalities in Density 1 (ordinary 3D).  So, we are all fractions of our Soul.  Likewise, our Soul is a fraction from the Over-Soul level above it and so on up through the levels.  There is ‘one to many’ diversification down through dimensional structure and ‘many to one’ integration upwards.

As we go up through the levels then there is a progressive integration of consciousness and dissolution of boundaries and separation.  There are many (15D) Time Matrices that integrate within the Sound fields.   There are levels within the Sound fields themselves.  The Sound fields are contained with the primary polarisation of consciousness, as it emerges into creation, in the primordial ManU, ManA and EirA consciousness.  These are beginning to manifest creation and separation, by focusing the first and simplest form of structure – points, sparks or seeds.  These are then elaborated into progressively more complex and well-defined forms, through progressive layers of separation and density.

All structure and polarity arise within these fields.  It is highly refined and integrated at this high level and specific numbers are less meaningful.  There is a progressive release of all separation into unity or wholeness as we progress towards Source.  The infinite diversity & forms of creation and their associated numbers are dissolved, like drops of water merging into the ocean.  So, we have unity and freedom towards the top and multiplicity and diversity towards the bottom of the diagram.

We can see here that infinite integration and freedom of consciousness goes hand in hand with zero separation, in form or structure.  Effectively, zero and infinity are two sides of the same coin. 


Yunasai effectively is the interface between Source and creation.  It is illustrated by the yellow halo around the sound fields.  In the Administrative Levels of the EOMC document Yunasai is defined as the: “Central Point of All Union – Eternal Consciousness of the One-ALL.  Also called Great Spirit, Source, or God.” 

In the Dance for Love workshop materials (Dance for … Manual, page 73), Yunasai is described as follows:

“The framework of manifest creation begins with God-Source Down stepping within Itself the Divine Cosmic Trinity of the Yunasai, the Point of All Union, which is formed as God Source first manifests Itself as the Cosmic Divine Trinity of Eternal God Force Identity, creating within Itself the ManU (first Partiki  consciousness unit-Divine Spirit Womb-Cosmic Void-Eternal Still point), the EirA (first Particum pre-sound vibration unit-Divine Mother Creation Seed-Contracting/ Receiving Consciousness Force) and the ManA (first PartikA pre-light vibration unit-Divine Father Creation Spark-Expanding/ Transmitting Consciousness Force) Eternal God Force consciousness fields to form the YunasaiLiving Cosmic Thought Crystal” within which all manifestation occurs.”  MCEO Freedom Teachings.

These are very clear and accurate descriptions of this state of being. 

To the right of the diagram above, the two cones illustrate the dissolution of separation and structure (red) on the one hand and the corresponding integration and expansion of consciousness (yellow) on the other towards the top of the diagram.  The “Central Point” refers to all structure vanishing to its simplest form – a dimensionless point.  Thereafter, in Source, there is no structure nor separation. 

The dissolution of structure isn’t a vanishing into nothingness.  It’s an emergence into totally free life and pure consciousness. 

These states may appear remote and theoretical.  However, they are real and can be experienced directly.  Deep meditation practices, in such as old Indian traditions, facilitate direct experience of transcending boundaries and entering unity consciousness.  The difficulty lies in bringing this back into and anchoring it in the physical body.  The original purpose of Yoga is to cultivate union. 

The ancient Vedic traditions, such as Advaita Vedanta, have a very refined conception of Source, Yunasai and states of being and how we relate to these.  The terminology is different, but the concepts are similar.  The practices are experiential and very real. 

The bottom line is that we don’t need huge amounts of structure, details and complexity to strengthen our relationship with Source.  We are Source in our fundamental nature.  Source is very simple, but deep.  The structure is more of value in cultivating an effective relationship with the world and for this it needs to be accurate and grounded.    

Eternal Reality

The first levels of creation within Yunasai are the Primal polarity of ManU, ManA & EirA and the Primal Sound fields.  These fields are still highly conscious and integrated pure Spirit.  Consciousness is only beginning to separate out into individual units we would recognise as specific ‘beings’ or personages.  There are large collectives of consciousness or spirit here, referred to as the Yanas.  Like Source, they are not remote from us.  This is where we came from, our family ‘up the line’. 

The Primal Sound fields transcend dimensionalisation and time and as such are Eternal Life Fields.  Eternal Reality includes everything from and including the Sound fields upwards.  Here consciousness is free of limitation in time.  There are no cycles of time with beginning and endings.  No before nor after.  It is like an infinitely expanded now.  Likewise, there is freedom from confinement or localisation in space.  Consciousness here transcends boundaries and is largely free of structure.  It is progressing to unity consciousness towards Yunasai – Source. 

The ‘top’ (ManU) level of these fields integrates and transcends polarity.  That means all polarity, including inner and outer.  We are into the Unified Field here. 

This structure is defined powerfully and accurately in the Administrative levels of the EOMC document and in the Kathara Manual.

Holographic Structure

The second major point in relation to the dimensional diagram above is the holographic nature of Source.  At our 3D level in creation, structure is very dense and separated.  Everything is clearly separated and defined, and we proceed from one thing or moment to the next in a linear, sequential way.

There is no separation in Source.  This means that Source must have a fundamentally equal relationship with all in creation.  If Source had a different relation with points in time, e.g. a creation point, the present and an end time, then it would be conditioned by these differences.  It would no longer be Source.  Likewise, for locations, e.g. different universes.

This means that Source is equally present to all in creation.  But all in creation may not be equally present to Source, depending on exercise of free will and the resulting strength of connections held. 

Separation arises as an experience in creation.  It’s not inherent to Source.  This relates to the old Indian concept of Maya or Illusion.  The separation is real, while in the experience, but is no longer real, when it’s transcended.

The whole of creation is present in Source and Source is present to all in creation.  This is the holographic concept, where the whole is contained in every part. 

Source relationship is fundamentally holographic.  States of being close to Source are also holographic, but become less so as we progress down through the levels of creation.  This is an important point to keep in mind when looking at grid diagrams.

Diagrams in general have their limitations.  It isn’t possible to illustrate the full scope of multi-dimensional structures and of motion and currents in these in 2D diagrams.  These aren’t photographs of reality.  They are attempting to illustrate concepts.  They need to be interpreted.  It’s necessary to drill down to the principles, to avoid getting lost in the details. 

The God World diagram above illustrates universal structure.  However, this is from the bottom up (our perspective), rather then from the top down, like in the earlier dimensional diagram above.  It’s necessary to interpret both diagrams together, to get a fuller picture. 

In the God World diagram above, the yellow quadrant pointing left represents Primal Light and Sound fields.  The green quadrant pointing down represents the corresponding (12D) Matter fields.  It would appear that the two are on an equal footing, i.e. that the Primal fields are as separated and structured as the Matter fields.  This isn’t the case.

Source and Yunasai is equally present to all.  Likewise, the Primal Sound fields are highly integrated across all universes, cosmoses and so on.  There is very little separation at that level.  For example, there is no dimensional structure there, just the beginnings of separation.  Separation in time doesn’t arise until the Primal Light fields in 15D.  The Sound fields are free from time limitations and cycles and are eternal. 

Space and time are closely coupled.  This relationship is quantified explicitly in 3D.  So, where there is no separation in time, there is equally no localisation in space.  Consciousness there has essentially free access to ‘everywhere’.  When we access that level of consciousness, we transcend differences in location, like different universes, planets and so on.  In early religious education, we used to have the question: “Where is God?”  The answer “God is everywhere” is literally true. 

It is the quality of connection to Source and higher consciousness that matters, more than location in space or time.  Universal structure is important for the lower dimensional levels, particularly in 12D, but becomes less so, as go beyond these levels.  Where structures and connections are damaged, these hinder direct connection upwards.  We need information to work around these issues.  Where we have direct connection, we don’t have to worry too much about complex structures. 

The Eieyani have a well-defined, clear and direct connection to the Yanas collectives of consciousness in the Primal Sound fields.  There is direct connection from there through Yunasai to Source.  It isn’t correct to say that the Eieyani are confined to the Ecka world.  They have open access well beyond this.  This directness and strength of connection is uniquely valuable, where it comes available to us.  It is not ‘fallen’ nor something to be dismissed lightly.

Grid Structure

There are two further points worth noting in the God World diagram on page 8 above.  The first is the significance of the D12 center in the normal Kathara Grid (KG).  The D12/D13 center arises as the mid-point in the conjoined set of two KGs, spanning 24 centers across creation structure.  It also joins the upper Primal Sound & Light KG with the lower (12D) Dimensional Matter KG.   

The D12 center also links directly with both the Ecka and Eckasha (AzurA) cores that hold that (Veca) Universe structure.  This facilitates passage up and down through the levels in universal structure.  There’s a very significant level of connection there.  Loss of D12 connection is a serious matter.  It isolates the (D1 – D11) grid below it from its higher primal fields, from its parent Ecka / Eckasha core and from all the upstream connections towards Source.  Restoration of D12 connection is equally significant, as it restores all of this direct connection.

The second point is the significance of the D9 center.  D9 in the 12D Matter KG coincides with the D15 center in the Primal Light fields above it.  This is the common center in the ‘armpit’ between the green and yellow quadrants above.  It also coincides with the Eckasha D5 center.  This provides a secondary link from the Primal fields into a Matter KG.  So, when links to a D12 center are damaged, reinforcement can come through this D9 center.  This empowers the Amoreah Passage in the 9 – 6 – 3 side of a Kathara Grid. 

The central AzurA, D12 and D9 centers are all significant nexus points for Krystal Spiral flows in a KG and in Universal structure, as we see in the diagram above.

The D8 center is also significant.  It’s the mid-point in a 15D Time Matrix (Primal Light + Matter fields).  It holds Cosmic core connection.  However, it needs to be noted that there are vulnerabilities here, discussed more below.  The primary connections points in a KG are the AzurA at the center and D12.  D1 also provides an important grounding connection. 


Consciousness, races and beings are so highly integrated at the higher levels in creation, that they don’t need names as external handles.  These names are a convenience for us, in relating to them from our level.  It’s useful for us to have reference points for communication. 

To themselves, they are known primarily by their encryption.  This goes before them, like the light from the headlights of a car.  Communication at those levels is primarily by direct knowing or telepathy.

The term Anuhazi is our name for the corresponding beings.  It is formulated in our terms of reference, i.e. from our perspective.  There is no discrepancy there. 


The recent AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cos-Min-Yahas (AMCC) teachings can provide a lot of meaningful and relevant information.  This can be helpful to people.  However, there are two specific and serious issues to be addressed.  One is the side-lining of Yanas-Eieyani influence and teachings.  The other is the running of D8 – D5 sequences in the grids. 

The following isn’t intended as criticism in any personal sense.  The issues are broad and affect many.  They are part of our group responsibility.  Regardless of how they arose, facing up to and dealing with them can help overcome a degree of stagnation and confusion.  It can potentially help many. 

Additional Structure

Many levels of additional structure have been introduced beyond Yunasai.  There should be no structure at or beyond Yunasai.  There is only Source.  Yunasai is unity consciousness or pure spirit.  To introduce additional structure beyond this level is fundamentally flawed.  This goes to the heart of a lot of present confusion. 

This additional structure is documented, for example, in page 34 of the E-Lai-sa Awakening workshop handbook from April 2013.  This details 4 additional layers of structure, leading to 1008 Yunasai in a Cos-MA-yah.

Approaching Source is a process of transcending structure and integrating into ever purer, more integrated and free / formless consciousness.  It’s all about consciousness at that level, not structure.  We’re highly accustomed to structure in our normal 3D world.  We feel comfortable with it, like a rail to hold onto, and tend to project it upwards.  This is a vulnerability.  From a Source perspective, structure is much less significant.  We need to be progressively leaving it behind, rather than generating more layers of structure.

Pure Spirit isn’t defined by boxes, circles, spheres nor diagrams on paper.  Neither is it confined by words, concepts or ideas.  Ultimately, we know it by becoming and being it.  It’s experiential.  We live it and relate to it in the world around us.    

There is plenty of scope for structure, in its proper place in creation.  Who creates structure?  We at a collective level, as Source consciousness in creation, create structure to hold the separation, we wish to explore, and experience in creation.  In principle, we can create as much, or as little, as we wish.  We are responsible for what we create.  That includes the responsibility of bringing what we create back home to wholeness.  This entails progressively dissolving structure and releasing separation.  There’s no problem with generating specific structure at this level. 

Where structures are clearly defined with boundaries, form, separation, defined numbering and so on, we are generally into dimensionalisation.  Beyond dimensionalisation, structure is increasingly formless, free, integrated and eternal.  At the level of Yunasai, it is fully so.  Specific structure isn’t appropriate at Yunasai – Source and certainly not beyond it.  This leads to contradictions.

If we create many additional Points of All Union, e.g. 1,008, then they are no longer a Point of All Union.  There is separation between them.  Each separate Yunasai needs its own relation to Source.  This brings separation directly to Source.  Source is conditioned by these different relationships and the separation.  This contradicts the free integrated nature of Source.

If we say there is diversity or difference in Source, this divides and conditions Source.  The diversity really arises within creation rather than within Source directly.  If we say there are many unified fields, this implies there is separation between them.  There are boundaries and relationships and we’re back into structure. 

It is of course true to say that Source is present to every level and to all in creation.  Source is also present beyond creation, including all the additional layers of structure here.  This means that the interface between Source and creation, Yunasai in this terminology, is also beyond any new structure.  It also means that the formless eternal levels of creation and their associated consciousness, Yanas in this terminology, are additionally beyond the new structure.  This pushes the additional structure back in towards the dimensionalised levels, as above.

There are issues with introducing additional structure at the levels indicated:

  • It pushes Source further away from our living reality. What is desired is to appreciate the immediacy of Source, not its remoteness.  We are Source.
  • As we approach Source, it effectively says – ‘hold on folks, there’s another maze of structure you have to run through, before you reach home’. When we get to the end of these layers, what’s to stop more new layers being introduced and the process being repeated all over again.  Where does it stop?
  • Who explains this structure? The journey home becomes more detailed and complex.  We need more help along the way.  We’re less empowered and more dependent on the guys at the top of this structure.  In this case, that’s the AMCC.  There’s little evidence of direct Source connection and the empowerment it provides.
  • The way the structure is organised effectively ‘demotes’ Yanas consciousness and its associated Eieyani teams, in favour of a new group.
  • Creating extra structure is fun to explore, at the right levels, but involves extra work to roll it up at the end of the day.
  • What relevance does all this have to the real world? Does it make meaningful difference in our lives?  Does it help us be better, more integrated and effective people?

More generally, in the early days, Ashayana used to point out that certain Anunnaki Intruder influences loved to weave layer upon layers of complex structure, to keep our minds busy.  To keep us going round in circles, trying to figure things out and losing focus in the process. 

Also more generally, we need to beware of the following age-old stratagem.  Where there is something strong and coherent that needs to be opposed, it’s difficult to oppose it head on.  The alternative is to bring something new alongside it and claim it’s superior.  Then use this new system to gradually push the original system aside, progressively displacing it.  Even if displacement fails, this still achieves the goal of muddying the waters around the original, creating confusion and dysfunction.  Also, if the new system fails, or is even designed to fail, it damages the original by association.  It fosters disillusion with the whole lot and people are tempted to walk away. 

Side-Lining Yanas – Eieyani

We have seen a progressive side lining of Yanas – Eieyani influence and teachings under AMCC stewardship. 

The original Speaker contract was with Yanas, under Eieyani management.  Any changes to this contract should have been done directly by or under explicit Eieyani authorisation.   There was no reference at all to Eieyani, effectively usurping their authority.  This damaged Speaker 1’s relationship with Eieyani, leaving her very dependent on AMCC.

The original techniques, such as the Maharic Seal, symbol codes, activations and so on were deprecated.  There were indications that Maharic frequency was no longer needed.  Original symbol codes were being cloaked in plasma colors and it was recommended to use plasma frequencies before the earlier techniques.  What exactly was wrong with the original materials?  What was wrong with Christos (Maharic) frequency?  These are from Yanas-Eieyani, who are present above the Fall of Lyra damage and hold direct connection towards Source.  Ashayana taught these techniques without any caveats.  Whatever issues that are believed to arise with the original materials need to be explained to Yanas-Eieyani.

Most of the Yanas-Eieyani teaching materials, recordings, documentation, symbol codes, techniques and so on, disappeared from circulation.  This isn’t entirely the fault of the people involved.  But the AMCC haven’t been in any hurry to restore this material to circulation.  The associated Kathara Team teaching resource was demobilised.  The AP website is gone.  There is little official presence for these teachings and materials.

Progressive mission upgrades suggest higher connections and frequencies.  However, the Yanas hold extremely high-level connection.  Most of the new collectives of consciousness that entered the scene, e.g. Addondrea, Mashaya-Hana, AdonA, EyanA and so on held connection to the Yanas and there was harmony between the teachings.  These were more specialised groups for specific purposes.  It was more a mission progression than an upgrade in core connection.  The situation with the AMCC is different, in that there is a fundamental shift in relationship with Yanas and a significant change in practical continuity with the original teachings.  

Reality Check

We are fundamentally creative in creation and can conceive new ideas, new forms, new things to develop and explore, as we wish.  We can project these into creation.  Here they meet the law of Consequence.  The impact of our creation is reflected back to us, indicating the quality of creation and its coherence with the larger scheme of creation enshrined in Natural Law.  This assures the integrity of creation as a whole.  It preserves the capacity to ultimately return from separation to wholeness. 

When we use our intuition or insight to source information, this is still theoretical.  Opinions and claims are also theoretical.  All of these need to be validated, to produce more substantial knowledge.  What is real? 

There are several approaches to this.  Authority is one approach.  Ideally the authority would reside in the information itself, in its general coherence, conformance to principles, consistency with known facts, frequency and so on.  Working from fundamental principles is boring but has value.  Reliance on personal authority is a weaker form of this. 

The other more important approach is to see how things play out in the real world over time.  The passage of time eventually reveals all.  There is a high degree of allowance in creation.  This allows consequences to be revealed and resulting lessons learned.

Grid Issues

The core issue in our local universe has been the original Fall of Lyra and all that has ensued from this.  This is known about in a number of teachings.  The conventional Tree of Life grid provides a map of dimensional structure for the severed portion of our universe.  When we compare this with the original Kathara Grid, we can see the core Fibonacci mechanics used to orchestrate the fall.  This is discussed more fully in a document called ‘Mission’ in the Files section of this group.  This modus operandi is still prevalent and is summarised in the diagram below.

The essential mechanics are to bring influences in through the D8 center, corresponding to the Daath hidden core center of origin in the ToL grid.  This is then dropped down to D5 within the grid.  Here it intercepts the Krystal Spiral flow through this center.  It re-directs a combined D8 + D5 = D13 artificial current on a reverse Fibonacci spiral through D2, D4 & D10 centers, to over ride the D12 currents and break links downward from D12. 

The prevalence of 8 and 5 influences in AMCC symbology was a cause for concern.  These centers are fine on their own and when in balanced relationship with other centers, particularly D12.  But that particular combination can link to Fibonacci influences.  For example, the activation sequence for the ‘Anchoring the Arcs of ARhAyas – December 21, 2012’ is illustrated in page 11 of the ‘Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment’ workshop handbook.

This illustrates the following progression, where USG = Universal Star Gate, SSG = Solar System Star Gate, PSG = Planetary Star Gate and AL refers to Al-Hum-Bhra Cathedrals Network elements:

USG-8 – USG-5 – SSG-8 – SSG-5 – SSG-2 – PSG-5 – PSG-2 – Norway AL-3 – Egypt AL-5, in the region of PSG-4 Giza, and Bali AL-4. 

Ideally these influences should have been brought in through D12 centers.  Or failing that through D9 centers and associated Amoreah Passages.   

This was a bit close for comfort and, combined with other things, provoked an Eieyani response.  Ongoing work to reinforce key grids was stepped up.  In particular the SG-2 grids in Florida were successfully secured in early summer 2015, ahead of a major window of vulnerability during Hethalon in mid-August 2015.  This wasn’t done aggressively, just a matter of responsibility.

This had the side effect of progressively limiting AMCC access to such grids.  This speaks volumes about the relationship between AMCC and Yanas-Eieyani and their relative status.  Eieyani have open and direct access upwards and can run levels of frequency well beyond what other groups can deal with.  The critical limitation is ‘boots on the ground’, the grounding link on the planet.  When that is there, so much is possible.

We have seen a progressive contraction in AMCC operations over the past 3 years.  It isn’t normal to have a workshop extending to 2 years and 9 months.  The critical issue here would appear to be a lack of frequency capacity.  AMCC appear to lack the capacity to activate their grids and to produce and deliver significant information.  This is a reality check for AMCC.

Techniques & Systems

Apart from these issues, all systems have some good and useful information.  This can be helpful for people.  To an extent, it doesn’t really matter what techniques we’re using, if they help us.  The main point to be careful about is any bonding or blending with other influences.  We need to be confident that we are integrating with our own Soul and family lines and expanding into our own natural wholeness and freedom and not someone else’s nature.

The main value in techniques is spending some quality time with our Selves, going within and relating with our higher consciousness.  Research indicates that one of the key things that drives the effectiveness of any development techniques is the Intent we bring to them.  The intent or will to good is strong in most people.

The other important factor is the level of integration we hold, in terms of our own inner connection.  When we go within, we relate to other levels of consciousness and possibly with ‘beings’ or conscious entities there.  We normally interpret and translate these into our own reference framework.  For example, Christians may describe these as Angels, Hindus as Rishis, Buddhists as Buddhas, traditional religions as gods, guides or nature spirits and so on.  Often what we’re really relating to is our own soul or spirit family, regardless of how we view or what we call them. 

Matt Kahn, a popular teacher, relates an experience where he went into higher consciousness for one of his initiations.  He was in a space surrounded by his teachers and masters, who were receiving and welcoming him.  At a certain stage they all reached up and pulled off a mask.  Behind each mask was his own face.  They were part of himself, i.e. spirit / soul family.  This was a valuable lesson.   

Also diversity is fundamental to creation.  We’re all coming from unique and diverse perspectives.  The starting points for our journeys are different, though the general goal may be the same.  Different systems are needed for different perspectives and even for different stages on the journey.  It’s not a case of one system fits all.  No teaching is the be all and end all. 

The purpose of teachings and techniques is to support our journey.  They are like guide rails we may need from time to time.  We can be grateful for this.  The ideal is not to become too dependent on a system, but to grow beyond a need for external guidance.  Ultimately, life itself is the teacher.  It’s like kids growing up, and going out into the world as mature, self-reliant adults.

It doesn’t matter what ‘side’ we find ourselves on in this situation.  What really matters is the level of integrity and presence we hold and what we project into the world and into group consciousness.  That’s what defines us.  There are very good people on all sides and in all situations.  Generally, people are doing they best they know how.    


Ashayana has done a phenomenal job in bringing in so much high-quality teaching.  It’s extremely difficult to reach higher levels in consciousness and to translate high frequency information down into 3D.  To do so consistently over many years and to bring together such a large body of wide ranging and detailed information is phenomenal, if not unprecedented.  There is great credit due there.

The original Eieyani teachings have extraordinary depth, coherence and power.  They provide a coherent and meaningful presentation of how Source consciousness manifests creation, how we relate to this creation, enough geography and history to help orient ourselves and have a more meaningful and effective presence in life.  There is purity and power there, in simplicity and coherence, that can get lost in excessive complexity or detail.

There is great credit to Eieyani, Ashayana and the Speaker Team and to all who have facilitated this.  Such a body of work is a valuable resource and should not get lost through confusion, neglect or the unfolding of events.  It’s too valuable to be lost.

While the present situation may look mixed up and bewildering, it may not be as bad as it seems.  There have been no major grid disasters, despite claims in 2012.  There has not been pole shift, nor world wars, financial meltdowns nor global chaos.  D12 Maharic frequency is still available on the planet, indicating that the D12 connection is still holding.  Higher Primal Light & Sound frequencies are also coming in, are accessible on the planet and are running in the grids.  A primary role for Speakers and for the group generally, is to help ground these frequencies.  This is detailed in the second paragraph of the Speaker contract. 

There has been no indication of anyone falling into a ‘black hole’.  The claim that ‘green and violet shields’, with their people, would shatter in the autumn of 2012 (Peru workshop) came to nothing.  The worst that happened to anyone was a fall into common sense and realism, a desirable development.  The original teachings are mostly intact and on the planet.

In a sense, the split within the group in 2012 was a blessing in disguise.  Those who preserved Eieyani connection helped empower their presence on the planet and probably helped save the grids.  If those grids had fallen, we all and particularly Speaker 1 would be in a lot of trouble with Yanas.  It could take many lifetimes to recover such a situation.  As it stands, not much has been lost.  A lot that remains to be fixed is in our hands and effectively is being left to us to sort out. 

There has been a lot of dislocation, pain and suffering.  But there also has been a lot of healing, learning and empowerment.  However, there still is pain and dislocation to move through the group towards some form of resolution.  Ashayana’s old Eieyani mentor, Jonathan, has been holding presence in the SG2 grids, to help support these grids and to be available to help, within reason, those who desire it. 


We all have some sense of purpose here.  Initially it is to secure ourselves by way of ’ascension’ or reaching up.  But the larger part of who and what we are, i.e. D12 upwards, is already ascended.  As we connect to this level, it secures our personal identity.  Our purpose or mission then changes.

Who and what we are also includes a lot of family.  Ultimately, all is family.  It then becomes a question of helping family, effectively those around us, and supporting our planetary home here.  Mission then evolves to holding connection and presence and grounding this in the planet in support of all life dependent on the planet.  This entails preserving connection onto the planet and preserving the natural order that ultimately supports it.  We can conceive of this in many ways, whatever is meaningful for us. 

One way of conceiving it is to preserve the original natural order of dimensional structure and the connections this holds.  This entails preserving the D12 connection and the original Christos intent, coding and consciousness this provides.  This is the age-old Christos Re-alignment Mission (CRM).  This has been around for a long time and will continue to be around long after we have moved on from here.

Obviously, there are problems in our world.  It is true to say that grids have fallen.  This happened originally in the Fall of Lyra and in subsequent falls.  This is a very old problem.  It’s represented within the red clouded box in the dimensional diagram over.  It is symbolised by its associated 11/10D Tree of Life grid.

It is equally true to say that grids have been repaired and that connection and dimensional integrity has been restored.  This is symbolised by the Kathara Grid on the other side of this diagram.  This side has more open and direct connection to higher levels and to Source. The proof of such grid integrity is the continuing availability of D12 Maharic frequency and higher Primal currents on the planet. 

Both realities are present.  They effectively sit side by side.  The difference between these is the real ‘split’ we have to deal with.  What reality we see obviously depends on our perception, where we are coming from at any time.

We are present in this reality, as symbolised by the stick figure.  We straddle the divide between the intact and ‘fallen’ worlds.  The intact world lies to the right of the stick figure, corresponding to the 3, 6, 9, 12 side of the Kathara Grid.  The damaged side lies to the left, corresponding to the opposite side of the KG and more particularly the Tree of Life grid. 

We experience the damaged left side personally as shadow; the further to the left the deeper the shadow.  We correspondingly experience the intact right side as soul and higher connection, including direct connection towards Source.  We are in the middle mediating between the two.  It’s a balancing act, as symbolised by the see-saw the figure is standing on. 

Our right side is trying to pull as much as possible across the divide, by way of healing and integration.  In the middle we have a lot of consciousness that is healable and can make it across to the integrity and direct connection on the right.  To the extreme left there are recalcitrant parts that cannot heal easily.  These are desperately trying to pull things back towards the left.  There is this tug of war going on within us. 

Shadow, if we’re not alert to it, can be open to external influences and interference.  It’s like having a back door open.  Influences can play on our pain and past trauma and effectively pull our strings.  We have to mediate our internal / subjective world in a street-wise way, with awareness of shadow influences, to avoid being played.

What we see and what we project out into the world depends on whether we’re standing on our right or our left legs, at any time.  This can vary from day to day, as we move along the right – left spectrum.  Deep shadow sees fall and strives to escape it.  Middle shadow sees progress towards healing.  Soul connection, on the right, sees progressive integration towards Christos D12 and, from there, direct connection towards full consciousness and freedom in Source.  There’s much more confidence and security there. 

What we see depends on where we’re coming from and on past influence on this.  Where we’re going depends on the choices we make.  The reality we manifest for ourselves is the reality we feed.  We’re defined by what we actually project into group consciousness, more than by what we claim.

The very significant feature of Eieyani is the level of direct connection held, as represented on the right side of the stick figure in the diagram above.  The term Eieyani is a bit misleading, as it appears distant and political.  It’s easier if we see this as higher consciousness, in general, and our own higher consciousness, as appropriate.  ‘They’ don’t distinguish between us and them and see us as family.

It’s like a parent consciousness.  They are connected and empowered at that level and don’t need to draw on us.  They support us.  They point ways, but don’t do anything for us that we can possibly do for ourselves.  They help out with the big stuff but leave the rest for us to look after and learn, by taking responsibility and doing things for ourselves, i.e. muddling through.  They don’t shield us from the consequences of our actions.  Although this can be painful, it’s important for our learning and growth. 

More generally, it isn’t a good idea to mess with parents.


As we strengthen inner connection, to Soul and Christos levels, we become less dependent on external support.  We reclaim more of our power.  We are increasingly less victims in our world, subject to the vagaries of fate and events.  We grab the wheel of our car and take to the driving seat.  We’re less a passenger in life. 

As we integrate Soul connection, we’re less bound by 3D time cycles and horizons.  As we integrate upwards, we increasingly make our own time cycles and master time.  3D time cycles, schedules and alignments are important at their level, but we can become less vulnerable to them.

Also, instead of being told that grids are fallen, we decide whether they are fallen or not in our world.  We can make an absolute resolve that, by god, there’s at least one place on earth, where grids are not going to fall, come what may.  The more frequency we put behind this, the more powerful the expression in practical reality.   We can progress from the path of victimhood to that of mastery.

Spiritual Maturity

In all of this it’s good to minimise blame and finger pointing.  We’ve had too much of that already and it can be quite damaging.  The main thing is for each of us to take responsibility for ourselves.  We can take responsibility for our own role in the whole situation, what it has brought up for us, what we can learn from this, what we need to change and any issues we need to address or things we need to remedy.  What we can resolve here is worth resolving, to avoid carrying burdens into the future. 

There are broad group issues that need to be addressed, as we are capable of contributing.  Other peoples’ personal stuff is not our responsibility.  We can trust others to take care of that or leave the Law of Consequence to sort it out over time.

Who are the AMCC?  Obviously, they’re not one with the original Yanas-Eieyani.  They can be good teachers, however.  They are the sort of challenging teacher that probes our innermost weaknesses and hands them to us on a plate.  This is like a boxer having a sparring partner to toughen one up and eliminate weaknesses.  It can be tough and painful, but the lessons can be valuable.     

We can connect with our humanity and increasingly with our Soul.  Life is all about living.  We can embrace life and all that enhances and enriches it, to avoid going too ‘way out’ or getting too disconnected from reality.  Our inner coherence reflects in our outer connection.

Ultimately, we’re all family.  We can envision collecting around a camp fire ‘up there’, to reminisce about our experiences here.  It will all appear less intense and consequential then. 

We can become sparks that ignite the flame of transformation in our world.