Direct Source Connection


There has been much discussion around the issue of Yunasai and where it fits in Cosmic structure.  From a recent debate, the argument appeared to be going round in circles.  Standing back to get a wider picture on the issue, it’s apparent that both sides are arguing, quite legitimately, from different reference points.  The problem lies between these reference points.  There’s a fundamental conflict there within the Teachings.  The issue is quite subtle.  But the impact and consequences are profound and wide reaching.

Yunasai is treated differently between the original MCEO Teaching and the more recent AMCC Teaching.  The situation is illustrated by the side by side extracts from each of the Teachings, illustrated above.  These extracts are used under Fair Use of copyright, for analysis purposes. 

Yunasai was originally defined in the Administrative Levels of the Emerald Order Melchizedeck Cloister document, at the foundation of the Freedom Teachings.  Copies of this are available in the Voyagers I (2001) book, in the Dance for Manual (2002), page 134 onwards and in several other locations.  A copy of the document is in the Files section of this group.  Please search for ‘Administrative Levels …’.  The extract on the left above summarises God Source and its relationship with creation, before describing the EOMC levels in progressively greater detail on subsequent pages.   

Yunasai is defined as the “Central Point of All Union – Eternal Consciousness of the One-All.”  Also called Great Spirit, Source, or God.  Yunasai effectively is the interface between Source and Creation.  In more immediate terms, it can be regarded as Unity Consciousness.  It’s where Creation is conceived and projected, in ever greater diversity and detail, in the fields of separation.  It’s also where diversity and the structure that holds it are fully released on return and integrated into the freedom, unity, wholeness and integrity of Source.  Yunasai is directly associated with Source. 

The equivalent AMCC order is summarised to the right above.  Here, the fourth level (Cosmic Matrix) states that an Eckasha-Aah Eukatharaista-ElumEir-Adhonna contains 1 Yunasai.  An Eckasha-Aah is a level of structure within creation.  It is finite, separated and different from other such Eckasha-Aahs.  Yunasai, bridging between Source and creation, shares the infinity, unity and wholeness of Source.  It is infinite and transcends structure and difference. 

How can a finite contain the infinite?!? 

Further, if we look at any of the Eckasha-Aah diagrams, we see that it is Source – Yunasai that contains the Eckasha-Aah.  Not the other way round.  Take one of the God-World diagrams illustrated below, for example.  Here the Eckasha-Aah is represented by the pair of Kathara Grids (KGs) in the center.   One of the Kathara Grids is small and rotated 90°, in the center of the larger KG.  The detail is illustrated more clearly in the Stage 2 Cosmic KG pull out in the upper left of the diagram.  This Eckasha-Aah is contained within the ManU, ManA & EirA polarity within Yunasai, which unites all within the wholeness of Source.  

There is a sense in which Source and Yunasai are present to all in creation.  But they are neither limited by containment nor divided in the process.  The critical issue in the AMCC order is that Yunasai is progressively divided into multiple separate units, at progressive levels of structure.  At the Cos-MY’-ah level, for example we have 1008 Yunasai and in the EFFI there now appear to be 12,096, each separated and different from the others.  Instead of a Point of All Union, we have 1008+ Points of Difference!  Yunasai (and Union in Source) is being progressively divided or fragmented.  

This is a breach of the Law of One!

What has happened here is that there’s been a switch.  The natural order in creation is:  Source – Yunasai Point of All Union Creation Interface – subtle levels of separation, difference and structure – leading to progressively more detailed and concrete structure, down through the many levels in creation. 

The natural order for Cosmic Matrix above should be that Yunasai contains Eckasha-Aah.  Likewise Yunasai contains all the other levels mentioned in the AMCC order.  When we restore the original order the contradictions, confusion and conflict disappear.  It all makes much more sense. 

The term Yunasai itself isn’t important. It’s the principle of unity, integration and transcendence it represents, that matters. As an interface between Creation and Source, it also represents direct connection between the consciousness within creation and the pure whole consciousness of Source. In terms of consciousness, Yunasai represents Unity Consciousness.    Also, the boundaries between Source and Yunasai, or between Yunasai and Eckasha-Aah, aren’t as sharply defined as the diagram would suggest. It’s more the case of a gradual transition. 

Consider replacing Yunasai with Source in the AMCC order above.  Here we would see that progression through the AMCC order would be dividing Source into multiple separate units, fragmenting its unity.  Source and Yunasai share the same unity.  Anything to do with the foundational reality of Source and direct connection thereto is a big deal. 

Switching Yunasai to containment within an Eckasha-Aah structure, effectively shunts it out of the natural order.  Then multiplying the Eckasha-Aah structure through additional layers of structure effectively fragments the unity of Yunasai.  Finally, placing so many layers of structure above the Eckasha-Aah / Yunasai combination, reduces Yunasai to insignificance, effectively burying it.  All accomplished by a simple, but subtle, switch in the foundations of the Teachings, buried deep within details.  

This issue isn’t impacted by the internal / external creation debate.  Whether internal or external, Yunasai shouldn’t be divided in this manner.  In any case, internal / external is a polarity.  All polarities arise within creation, within the Yunasai unifying interface.  If internal / external were to arise directly in Source this would bring separation and difference directly into Source.  Source would then be conditioned by its different relationship with each of them, leading to contradiction. 

What is replacing Yunasai?  What sits at the top level of this order?  It is the AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils of Cos-Min-Yahas (AMCC).  Where is the Source connection?  There is no mention of Source-God, nor of a relationship with Source, in this order.  Direct connection to Source is effectively shunted sideways and demoted to insignificance.  AMCC are effectively creating the problem and then presenting themselves as intermediary saviours to solve the problem.  This paints a rather stark picture.  

Which Order is Real? 

The original creation order and sequence is described comprehensively in the God Worlds material.  This is contained in the Dance for manual and workshops and is summarised in the God Worlds module.  A copy of the module manual is stored in the group Files section.  Please search for ‘God Worlds …’. 

This material provides a very coherent description of the emergence of creation within the pure consciousness or aliveness of Source.  There is a progressive down stepping from unity and wholeness through subtle levels of separation and polarity into ever more detailed and differentiated levels of structure.  Conversely, there is also a complementary return from separation in structure, to our home in wholeness.  

There is immense gratitude to the Eieyani, Ashayana and the Speaker Team and to all who have facilitated these Teachings. 

This order is well supported on two fronts.  Eastern spiritual practice and philosophy has explored the deeper levels of creation and consciousness over long periods of time.  There is extensive real experience from deep meditation practices.  It also preserves the ancient Sanskrit and Vedic knowledge and traditions, in such as Advaita Vedanta, Yoga (Union), Buddhism and so on.  These systems point to an Absolute reality that transcends, integrates and unites all the Relative diversity and multiplicity in creation.  

Secondly, objective science, coming from the outside in, has reached very similar conclusions.  There is a progression from the diversity in physical creation to super-position or merging in quantum states, release of structure (formlessness) in a vacuum state and unity in the Unified Field.  Many of the great scientists recognised consciousness as the ground state in creation. 

Max Planck, a founding father of quantum physics, stated – “I regard consciousness as fundamental.  I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.  We cannot get behind consciousness.  Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” 

The original creation mechanics, detailed in the God Worlds material, is very coherent, robust and consistent with other systems. 

The AMCC Teachings introduce additional levels of structure above the Point of all Union in the original creation order.  These are the levels below the dotted line in the extract on the right side of the first diagram above.  If we restore the original natural order of Unity containing the diverse structures in creation, there is no problem.  That would locate all structure within creation, rather than between the Yunasai creation interface and Source.  Creation is fundamentally creative.  We can create all the structure and diversity we want within creation.  We can have as many levels of Maya and cosmic structure as we wish. 

Restoring the original natural order clears the contradictions and confusion.  Then there is little need for argument or conflict.  

  • There are a number of significant differences between the original God World creation order and the AMCC order, as it stands.  These produce a modified order of creation.  These differences can be summarised as follows: 
  • The original direct connection to Source is displaced, by a switch in the natural order of creation.  It is over ridden by a new order under AMCC command. 
  • Relationship with Source is less immediate, clear and well defined in the AMCC Teachings.  Source is the foundational reality that all emerges from and returns to.  The quality of any teaching depends on the strength of Source relationship it holds and on how it empowers that in our lives.  There is little mention of Source relationship in the AMCC order detailed above and in many of the diagrams.  Where mentioned, it lacks the strength and coherence of the original material.
  • Consciousness is important as our most direct experience of Source.  There is less emphasis on consciousness in the new material.


Coming from a perspective deep in creation and concrete physical reality, we’re inclined to see everything through the eyes of structure.  The refined and transcendent states of reality are very abstract and subtle, but are super real, conscious and potent.  We can tend to translate these into structure, to relate to them.  But in doing so, we box them in and can miss the depth, subtlety and power.

Source is very simple.  We can take the example of a wave rising on a great ocean.  As the wave rises, it takes on form and structure.  But in doing so it’s limited and temporary.  Eventually it releases its form and merges fully back into the ocean.  All is simple and formless, just pure presence or existence.  We approach Source by releasing structure, not accumulating it. 

We need to beware of the seduction of complexity and sophisticated detail.  We can be skimming the surface and missing the depths.  There is a danger of absorption in detail and missing the underlying principles.  Details are vulnerable to manipulation; deeper principles are much less so. 

Direct Relationship with Source 

The discussion above is a bit technical or theological.  Why bother with it?  The significance is that it has real and substantial consequences for us both individually and collectively.  Source is the foundation of our Being.  It is where we have come from, who we are in our deepest core and what we return to.  My relationship with Source comes first – MRWSCF.  Anything that affects this relationship is fundamentally important. 

The original Teachings emphasized again and again our direct personal relationship to God Source.  It actively nurtured this direct relationship.  For example, the following are direct quotations from Ashayana’s God Worlds transmission:

  • Through understanding the reality of the Cosmic Divine Blueprint we can begin to comprehend and awaken our tangible, indelible, eternal, direct and personal relationship to GOD.  ….. . All creation takes places within the consciousness of God and thus separation from God can only exist as the illusion of limited perception and forgetfulness of our original Source.” 
  • The framework of manifest creation begins with God-Source Down stepping within Itself the Divine Cosmic Trinity of the Yunasai, the Point of All Union, which is formed as God Source first manifests Itself as the Cosmic Divine Trinity of Eternal God Force Identity … 
  • “The Yunasai is not something you go to; you are taking place within it.”

There is no separation in Source.  That means that Source is intimately and equally present to all in creation.  If Source were separate from us that would mean there would be separation directly in Source.  Separation only arises within creation.  Such separation as we experience, is from our side.  It is our responsibility and is something we can change.  Source is immanent in creation, but is also transcendent, in that it is ‘above’ creation and not conditioned by it.  It is the ultimate in Engaged Detachment.  

In essence we are Source – I Am This I Am.  It is the I Am life within us, what is looking out through our eyes.  As the quote above says, all that separates us from God Source is “the illusion of limited perception and forgetfulness.”  This relationship is immediate, eternal and direct from the Source side.  Any indirectness is illusion from our side, albeit sometimes a contrived illusion.  

We experience this Source connection internally as consciousness within our being.  We build connection by going within, expanding consciousness, and bringing this connection back out into our lives and grounding it in the world.  This inner reality is our own sacred space and needs to be preserved inviolate. 

Direct relationship with Source is held through the natural order in creation.  What we believe about this natural order limits our “perception … of our original Source.”  It interferes with Source relationship from our side.  

Interfering with the natural order of creation, shunting direct Source connection sideways, impacts our personal relationship with Source.  If we are told that we’re ‘fallen’ and cannot connect directly with Source, that affects our Source relationship.  If we’re told that the only connection to Source is via an intermediary Host, that affects our relationship.  The essential relationship from Source side doesn’t change.  But our side changes, based on our ‘”limited perceptions” and beliefs.  It’s only belief and we are free to choose or change our beliefs.   


There is a classic modality for controlling a teaching.  It’s easier to discuss this in relation to something like Christianity, where there is greater detachment and a less charged atmosphere.

Original  Christianity anchored a very powerful body of teaching and empowering spiritual practice.  Looking at the following Gospel quotation (John 14:6) from Jeshua / Jesus– “ I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.”  If we take the true meaning of ‘I Am’ as Source or Christos consciousness, this is a very pure and profound statement.  It is inclusive, empowering, liberating and supports spiritual growth, by connecting us back to our own higher consciousness.

However, there were subtle shifts made in interpreting such statements, to re-direct the connection and power.  Instead of higher consciousness, the ‘I am’ focus was shifted downwards, to the personality of Jesus.  It became that the personal Jesus was the Way, Truth and Life.  Further the statement became – “ I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.  No one comes to the Father except though me.”

This failed to reveal the immediacy, universality and inclusiveness of higher consciousness.  It denied these in all but Jesus.  It diverted connection from inner directness to something external that could be controlled.  Whoever controlled the Jesus story then controlled the teaching.  The original teachings were pushed over the edge, out of reach, and those who understood or were capable of teaching them were persecuted out of existence, as heretics.

People were told they were fallen into ‘original sin’.  That they needed to submit to the personality of Jesus, as a saviour for redemption, if they wished to avoid eternal damnation in hell.  The power they surrendered could be harvested by controlling influences. 

Also, subtle deviations in the teachings led to confusion and different interpretations that can engender conflict.  This sends a teaching in different directions, leading to splits.  This can be mitigated to a degree by looking beyond the immediate drama and going to the root cause of issues. 

In all of this, there is much good in Christianity.  Otherwise, it would not have survived.  Also there are many very good people, doing the very best they know how.  Their intent, integrity and good will exalts the institution.  Many people get a lot of benefit from it.  But the full capacity for growth and the power of the original teaching is neutered, by the restricted beliefs.

Inner integrity is all important, much more so than beliefs.  Beliefs can change.  Our paths pass through many challenges and learning experiences.  Inner integrity can guide us through such experiences, help harvest the learning and facilitate progress to the next learning opportunity. 


Power and how we handle this is a key factor in spiritual growth and maturity.  Power is our capacity to influence our world and destiny.  All such power and capacity ultimately comes from Source.  The quality of our connection to Source and what we do with this are key factors in empowerment.  

We all started out with full and direct Source connection and freedom to explore creation, subject to the Law of Consequence.  To be alive and conscious we retain some degree of Source connection.  We lose some of our power and freedom, either by abusing creation and incurring karmic liabilities or by giving our power away.   We recover our power by paying our karmic debts, taking responsibility and by reclaiming power we have given away.

When we enter into creation, we contract our consciousness into ever smaller units down through the levels in creation.  The major levels are illustrated in the diagram above.  For example, our personal consciousness is a ‘child’ within a larger Soul family consciousness, in the Soul worlds.  Our personal consciousness isn’t isolated.  We hold connection to and within our Soul consciousness.  Likewise, our Soul is a ‘child’ within family at the next level up and so on up the chain, to Source. 

Are we only our personal consciousness?  No, we have capacity, in varying degrees, to expand our consciousness back up through the levels in creation and to integrate our consciousness across all levels.  In that case, we are the whole lot, all the way back to Source and including Source.  Inherently, we are Source.  

What hinders our capacity to experience this reality?  Due to karmic issues, including falls, there is fragmentation in the dimensional levels below D12.  We all share in this fragmentation and it hinders our capacity to hold connection, from the bottom up.  Fortunately, the fragmentation in Dimensions 11 downwards isn’t complete.  Where connection to natural order is retained through D12 upwards, there is capacity to heal lower level fragmentation.  

This situation is illustrated in the diagram above.  The natural order, retaining connection, is illustrated in the Kathara Grid side of the diagram.  This is still in place, as evidenced by the capacity to access and run D12 Maharic and higher dimensional currents.  The more fragmented order of artificial creation, is illustrated on the Tree of Life side.  

Both sides of the diagram are true.  We straddle both sides, in varying degrees, with parts holding connection and parts not.  The parts holding connection have the capacity to heal fragmented parts in shadow, where that’s still possible.  Even fragmented parts still have their family consciousness in the higher levels.  Any ‘fall’ is only a partial fall from a particular level.  Consciousness above that level, all the way to Source, remains intact. 

We exist at all levels in creation and in Source.  The larger part of who and what we are is already ascended.  The key issue is the degree of connection held between the various parts.   As we connect with and embrace our higher Selves, we secure our core.  We have increasing capacity to heal our fragmented parts.  We can let what can’t be healed fall off the edges, without compromising the core.  With a secure core, ‘fall’ isn’t an issue.  It’s just a release and re-cycling of certain energies.  

Directness of connection, and particularly direct Source connection, are all important.  Beings and influences that hold such connection carry their own power and capacity.  They don’t need to derive power from anywhere else.  They support others in holding their own direct connections and power, for the greater good of all. 

There is consciousness in creation, up to relatively high dimensional levels, that doesn’t hold direct Source connection.  These influences need to derive their power from others, either by taking it directly, via aggression, or by persuading others to surrender their power.  The classic technique is to persuade others that they’re ‘fallen’, powerless, unworthy and in need of redemption.  They distract others from their own intrinsic power.  

They present themselves as ‘saviours’, who can redeem their targets, provided they submit.  As people submit and align with such influences, they cede some of their power and come under increasing control.  They can come to depend on their controllers for information and direction, instead of making their own determinations and taking responsibility for them. 

Our Source connection is our greatest asset.  It’s our power, our freedom, our capacity to direct our lives, our stability, our healing and our way home.  Direct connection provides security, greater immunity from influence, from dependency, fear and so on.  There are still all the challenges and issues in life, to deal with.  But there is greater capacity to tackle these from a position of engaged detachment.  The stronger the direct connection the less the vulnerability to control.  Anchoring Source connection is not only valuable to us, but grounding it is also valuable in the world.  Anchoring Source connection and Presence, to the extent we can, is our greatest gift to the world. 

It’s not a good idea to out-source our Source connection.  

Source connection is so valuable, that there are many influences that will try to acquire its power from us.  Any influence seeking to divert us from our own direct Source connection and draw us into a space they control needs to be treated with care.  If somebody came up to us on the street and told us we were incapable of minding our money, that we should give them our wallet or purse and they would look after us, what would we say to them? 

Our Source connection is held through our own inner reality, which is then reflected into our outer world.  This inner reality is a very personal, private and sacred space that should not be intruded upon by any outer influence.  Part of what the AMCC appears to have done is to draw attention out from our own direct inner core to an ‘internal creation’, they claim is the purest source of information and influence.  Who mediates this internal creation?  It’s still an influence they control, coming from outside our own living inner reality.  This can disempower our own direct inner connection. 

Another issue with AMCC is the authoritarian stance they tend to project.  This doesn’t quite encourage questioning nor exploration.  The term Magistracy relates to magistrates.  These tend to be forbidding figures of authority.  Who questions a magistrate?  Also, they are described as Elemental Command; ordering rather than requesting.  ‘Firmness’ can easily roll over into aggression.  Real spiritual power doesn’t need aggression. 

The quality and value of a teaching depends very much on its capacity to empower.  Is it empowering Self-connection, independence and the capacity to take control of our own lives; or is it cultivating dependence?  Is it moving us towards being drivers or passengers in our lives?  

Freedom Teachings 

While focused in creation, we’re limited by the confines of structure, the law of Consequence and all that derives from that.  True freedom lies in Source.  Source can be regarded as ‘total aliveness that’s absolutely free’.  The path to freedom lies in direct connection to Source.  The essence of any Freedom Teaching is finding this path and being able to follow it all the way home. 

The value of a Freedom Teaching then resides in the strength and directness of Source connection and its capacity to empower and enrich this in our lives.  Where Source connection is controlled by intermediaries there is less freedom and empowerment.  Such Freedom Teachings are less than free and are less worthy of the claim to Freedom.  

Unfortunately, there is something of a ‘generational gap’ in the present teachings.  People who came through the earlier Eieyani phase of the teachings were more exposed to and are more familiar with direct Source connection and personal empowerment.  Much of these earlier teachings have not been taught actively in recent times.  Also, a lot of the earlier material is out of direct circulation.  It’s much more difficult for new people to access these earlier teachings.  Fortunately, many new people have their own inner discernment and experience from working with other systems and coping with life generally.  

The newer AMCC teachings differ in significant ways from the Eieyani teachings.  The two teachings lead to somewhat different perspectives.  This can lead to confusion, mis-understanding and a degree of conflict within the group.  The roots of the conflict and so-called ‘split’ aren’t so much between the people involved, as between the under-lying perspectives and associated issues within the teachings.  

A lot of the issues have less to do with the people involved and more to do with higher dimensional influences over-lighting the situation.  Mostly, the issues aren’t personal.  They’re much deeper, with bigger multi-generational and multi-dimensional dramas working through the situation.  Hopefully they’re progressing towards some form of resolution.  Time will tell.  In any case, we’re learning a lot in the process. 

The value of a teaching lives less in its physical embodiment in words, details and diagrams and more in the underlying spirit and principles that are carried in the hearts and minds of people and that arise again and again, as needed through the ages. 

May we be AWAKE, AWARE and ABLE!