There is much happening in our world and lives at present.  It can help to have some framework to try and make sense of what is going on.  This empowers us to deal with our situation. 

We find ourselves somewhat confined within a 3D physical world.  However, this in turn lives within a larger dimensional structure that is of major significance to what is happening at present. .

The Tree of Life is an age old mystical symbol.  It is best understood as a map of dimensional structure.  When we compare the conventional Tree of Life on the right with a more complete 12-Dimensional Grid on the left we see that there are some significant differences between the two.  The differences between these dimensional grids are key to understanding the history and politics of our local universe. 

Dimensional Structure

It’s worthwhile to take a few minutes to review the essential elements of dimensional structure, to set the scene. 

The most fundamental aspect of creation is existence, life or consciousness.  Without existence nothing is possible or meaningful – there is nothing.  We can regard the pure or fundamental state of existence as Source.  Source is the eternal life field that underlies, contains, animates and is all that is.  Source is the essence of divinity.  It also corresponds to the ultimate unified field scientists are exploring.  Key attributes of Source are that it is totally integrated, alive, conscious and holds the potentiality for all.  Also it transcends limitation, structure and form and as such is totally free.  In simple terms we can regard Source as total aliveness that is absolutely free. 

This freedom includes the freedom to create.  Creation arises within Source as an exploration of potential.  Creation effectively is Source standing back to view and explore itself from vantage points within fields of separation or structure. 

Source isn’t separate from creation.  It enters into creation as the life that animates all, the awareness that sees and the consciousness that perceives all.  Source isn’t a remote reality.  It couldn’t be more intimate.  Ultimately it is what is looking out through our eyes, the seeing behind our seeing, the doing behind our doing and ultimately the life in our lives.  We hold Source connection to the extent that we are alive. 

Source is like the air around us.  It is everywhere.  The difficulty is that we have blockages in our airways that impede our ability to breathe this air to its fullest potential.  As we clear these blockages the air is there for us to breathe.  We can draw fuller draughts of pure, clear, refreshing and revitalising air.  We don’t have to go looking for Source.  It’s mainly a question of healing and maintaining our connections as well as clearing blockages. 

Creation emerges from a point of focus in Source.  This begins to elaborate structure around a particular theme.  This initially creates very fine fields of structure known as the Primal Sound fields.  These fields are still highly conscious and integrated.  Consciousness hasn’t yet separated out into individual units we would recognise as specific ‘beings’ or personages.  There are large collectives of consciousness here referred to as the Yanas.  ‘They’ are so highly integrated that they don’t need names as external handles, but it’s useful for us to have a reference point for communication.  Like Source they are not remote from us.  This is where we came from, our family ‘up the line’.  The Sound Fields transcend dimensionalisation and time and as such can be regarded as the Eternal Life Fields. 

The Sound Fields are highly creative in their own right and elaborate another more specific level of creation.  They create the Primal Light Fields.  The impulse to create carries intent and purpose that manifests information to shape the emerging realities, their explorations and experiences.  Within this there is freedom to explore potentials, but limited by consequences.  This provides for a wide range of learning, including learning what not to do!

The creation impulse also carries an impetus, a force that manifests energy.  This energy in turn emerges as pure fields of light within the Primal Light Fields.  There is a greater degree of polarisation here that creates cycles of polarity with beginnings, duration and endings.  This manifests what we experience as time.  There is also a greater degree of structure with the emergence of dimensions as specific reality fields with boundaries.

The Light Fields are still highly conscious, reasonably integrated and very creative.  With dimensionalisation consciousness is beginning to emerge into individual units of consciousness, races and specific beings.  Our ‘family’ at this level are referred to as the Rishi Founder Races.  Being creative, consciousness at this level elaborates the next level of structure within creation – the Matter Fields.

The Primal Energy within the Light Fields undergoes a progressive densification into ever more specific forms down to the concrete structures we find in the physical reality fields in the world around us.  This densification of energy is progressive and proceeds through 4 stages.  Densification is a process of embedding consciousness, information and energy into specific structures for a cycle of time, after which all is released back towards Source. 

These structures get smaller, denser or more confined, more separated and localised as we proceed down through the main levels of the matter fields.  These levels can be illustrated by the four stages of matter – solid, liquid, gas and plasma.   In 3D physical reality, for example, matter is very concrete or solid.  It has well defined structure, form and location and it takes a lot of effort to change these.  At the next level up matter is a bit freer, less dense and more fluid, resembling the liquid state.  Above this we have a greater level of freedom, resembling the gaseous phase.  This finest level of matter, bridging between the Primal Light Fields and the other Matter Fields, corresponds to the plasma phase of matter.  This is a state of highly energised and free matter or conversely condensed energy / light. 

Alternatively, we can use the classical 5 elements to relate to the 5 major or Density levels.  We thus have Earth, Water, Air and Fire within the Matter fields and Ether in the Light Fields.  

This outlines a somewhat linear or sequential structure to creation, from a 3D perspective.  From a Source perspective creation is holographic.  A hologram is a projection, where the whole is contained in every part and every part has relationship with the whole.  In holographic creation this fundamental structure of creation is repeated many times.  It is nested repeatedly within itself down through ever finer levels of structure.  However, the fundamental connections are retained at every level.  This is the meaning of the Law of One – recognising our connection to the One, the connection of All to One and our relationship with All thereby.

Creation exists within Source and Source exists as aliveness within creation at every level.  In natural order there is continuity of connection between and through every level.  We have come into creation through these levels and have soul or spirit family at every level.  Creation isn’t something that was done to us.  It is a participative learning experience.  We are participants in creation and our integrated consciousness is in process of creating the realities and consequences we experience across these multiple levels.  We are one with Source.  This implies a sharing in the creative power and capacity of Source, but also in the responsibility that goes with this.


Each of the major levels in creation is further divided into 3 separate levels or dimensions, as illustrated in the diagram over.  There are 12 dimensions in the Matter Fields and a further 3 in the Light Fields, for a total of 15 dimensions.  These dimensions represent different reality fields.  They are separated by different frequencies somewhat like channels on a TV.

We experience creation 3 dimensions at a time.  Each group of 3 dimensions represents a Density Level, as shown on the right of the diagram.  When we project consciousness into this structure we create bodies for ourselves at each level.  These are summarised in the next diagram below. 

An important point to note is that as we progress down through dimensional structure we divide our consciousness into ever smaller units.  For example, the consciousness we embody as a Soul is too ‘big’ to fit in a single physical body.  We spread our consciousness as 12 units or personalities across 12 separate physical bodies.  As a personality therefore we have relationship with a soul family comprising 12 sibling personalities.  The same applies to our soul in dimensions 4, 5 & 6.  Our soul has relationship with 12 sibling souls in an Over Soul family in dimensions 7, 8 & 9 and so on up the scale.  This is illustrated by the clusters of 12 arrows projecting down from each Density Level to the level below in the following diagram.


As we move down through dimensional structure there is a progressive division of unity and corresponding multiplication of diversity that provides for a wider range of experience and learning overall.  Conversely as we move up the scale there is an expansion and integration of consciousness in ever larger families and collectives.  This applies to everything, planets, galaxies and so on.  For example, our earth is part of a family of 12 planets that have relationship with a soul (Density 2) or parent planet in the Pleiades known as Alcyone or Tara. 

We have a nice image for this division of consciousness down through creation in the form of a tree.  We start with a trunk, which spawns 12 branches.  Each branch then spans a further 12 twigs, each of which sprouts 12 leaves and so on.  So a diverse collection of leaves all share relationship with the one parent tree trunk, just as all in creation shares a relationship with a unified Source.  

We are alive at all of these levels in creation.  Our main problem is maintaining continuity of consciousness between levels, due to fragmentation in creation.  Our primary identity is consciousness more than the bodies it occupies and uses at each level.  Death isn’t fatal.  It only represents the loss of a body and the release of the animating consciousness to the next level up. 

Dimensional Grid

The 12 dimensions of the matter fields have their own internal organisation.  This can be represented symbolically in many ways.  The 12 Dimensional or Kathara Grid is a particularly powerful representation.  This is the leftmost grid at the top of the first page. 

It effectively is a map of dimensional structure in its original / natural form.  It represents a balanced and connected grid that integrates with higher level structures and supports free flows into and out of creation.  It carries a geometry that reflects relationships between the dimensional levels.  We are extremely grateful to the Eieyani, Ashayana and the Ground Team for this information.

All original natural organic structures are:

  • Open,
  • Multi-dimensional,
  • Inter connected &
  • Hold direct Source connection through a centre point.

Grid connections therefore are extremely important.  There are two key connection points in the 12-Dimensional Grid.  It has a centre point marked AzurA that holds direct inner Source connection.  There is a very important flow of life force and energy from this AzurA centre point through the grid and out through the dimension 12 centre at the top to other levels in cosmic structure.  This is represented by the Krystal Spiral, the blue spiral in the diagram further down.  It expands out from there generating ever larger structures from the small to large scale.

The dimension 12 (D12) doorway is another key connection point.  This is represented by the 12 centre at the top of the Grid.  This connects directly to dimension thirteen (D13) in the Primal Light fields.  This in turn holds connection within the Primal Light Fields and from there to the Primal Sound fields.  D12 therefore is key to holding direct connection up through the higher levels of creation to Source.  It is also key to anchoring direct Source connection into the lower dimensional levels of its own grid.  It can be regarded as an outer Source connection by comparison with the inner Source connection held through the AzurA central point.

D12 is therefore critical to the integrity of a grid and its connections.  A full Dimensional Grid effectively is a Unified Field.  It interconnects a set of dimensional levels and in turn integrates the set with larger cosmic structures.  D12 is a key link in holding direct connection, particularly direct Source connection.  Where missing there is a key impediment to the free and natural flows of creation.  It effectively becomes the ‘missing link’.

Grid Conflict

If we examine the conventional Tree of Life (ToL) Grid we see that it is missing the dimension 12 connection.  This Tree figures prominently in stories of the so called Fall of Man and Original Sin.  It does so for a reason.  What actually fell was the Tree Grid itself.  The Fall was a grid event, not a human error or sin.  Humanity didn’t fall as such.  But it has had to deal with the consequences of the grid problems and has been impacted severely by these.

The Tree of Life for our local universe was severed at the D12 level in a major event in our universal history known as the Fall of Lyra.  It lost a key connection to higher grid levels and a direct connection to Source.  11 dimensions fell from significant higher grid connection, ending up in a degree of isolation.  This led to all sorts of problems with limited resources, unbalanced development and increasingly artificial and inorganic creations to compensate. 

The Fall of Lyra was an event orchestrated by conflicting race lines in our local universe prior to the human era.  Humanity has a role as part of the solution rather than the problem.  How many times has humanity been told it is fallen?  This is part of a strategy of disempowerment.  We do have problems and significant ones.  But we also have immense capacity for connection and healing.

The connections severed in the original Fall of Lyra were restored after a time.  But the underlying conflict and associated problems haven’t been resolved fully.  The connections have been broken again and repaired repeatedly in a sequence of falls down through the levels of our local universe.  The conflict continues into our world in present times and forms a significant backdrop to what is happening on our planet right now.     

The D12 connection was restored on our planet in 2000 as Ashayana has described.  It has provided a key life line for life on our planet in recent times.  It is key to our ongoing evolution, development and integration.  It is a vital resource to be secured and availed of.

How has the D12 connection been severed in the past?  Understanding this is key to preserving it in the present.  When we examine the Tree of Life Grid in relation to its original organic form in the 12-Dimensional Grid we can see where the problems arose and can discern some of the mechanics involved. 

Tree / Life

The conventional Tree of Life Grid is illustrated to the right in the diagram at the top of the first page.  We can see that the D12 centre at the top is missing.  The AzurA point at the centre of the 12-Dimenasional Grid is also missing.  This means that two key direct Source connection points are removed from the grid. 

A point to appreciate in relation to the Tree of Life grid is that a lot of the information that makes it really meaningful and useful is hidden in layers of mystification over time, presumably to conserve power.  Knowledge of creation and dimensional structure is our birth right as ‘citizens’ of creation and should be available as our universal geography. 

Even though the numbering sequence is inverted the centres still retain their underlying dimensional connections.  So the bottommost centre corresponds to Dimension 1, the next up to Dimension 2 and so on up to Dimension 11 at the top.  Inserting the corresponding dimensional numbers makes the grid much more intelligible as a map of dimensional structure. 

In particular the original dimension 5 Centre is exalted as a new grid centre point called Tiphareth and denoted by the number 6.  This centre lies at the centre of the underlying Flower (FoL) pattern sometimes used as a backdrop for the grid.  It is associated with the Sun and radiates influence through direct grid connections to most of the other centres.  It is also associated with the quality of beauty.  In Christian tradition it is associated with the Son of God and in Greek / Roman tradition with Apollo.  This dimension 5 centre therefore is an outer Sun centre that controls and radiates influence throughout the Tree of Life grid. 

There is another hidden, latent or stealth core centre of major significance in the Tree of Life grid.  This corresponds to the dimension 8 Centre in the original 12-Dimensional Grid.  It is called Da’at and is denoted by 0 as a point of origin in the Tree of Life grid.  The traditional name is Da’at.  But it is often spelled Daath in modern terminology. 

Dimension 8 arises as a central point in the full natural scale of 15 dimensions.  It holds connection from this central point to the Metagalactic Core at higher levels of cosmic structure.  It provides an important point of additional connection in the original 12-Dimensional Grid.

These connections remain in the Tree of Life Grid.  The Da’at (D8) centre provides key connection to inner and higher / spiritual levels to replace the lost direct connections.  This centre is regarded as integrating all 10 of the outer centres in the grid.  It is the point of inner connection, the key spiritual or God core centre in the Tree of Life grid.  Because of its power and utility this centre is hidden in a lot of the more public versions of the Tree of Life grid, leaving a residual grid of 10 outer centres.   

In the absence of key direct Source connections higher influences are brought into this grid through the inner planes associated with the Da’at centre.  

The propagation of such Da’aty influences into and through this grid is illustrated in the diagram over.  Inner connections are held through the Da’at hidden or stealth core centre.  From there they are propagated mostly to the Tiphareth D5 Sun centre, to be radiated outwards throughout the grid. 

Grid Fall

What happened to the original 12-Dimensional Grid to produce these results?

The original grid fall occurred when a digressive race line (Annu Elohim) in dimension 11 in conflict with another digressive race line (Annu Seraphim) in dimension 10 decided to take the law into their own hands.  The 10, 11 & 12 dimensional levels of our local universe anchor through the constellation of Lyra.  So these events became known as the Fall of Lyra.  The D11 digressive group wished to eliminate the D10 group and sought permission from the Founder Races in dimensions 13, 14 & 15 for this.  On being refused they decided to cut off the higher level connections above them and to take full control of the situation anyway.  They severed the D12 connection at dimension 11.5 and caused a grid fall.  These Elohim Wars and the Fall of Lyra are known about in many traditions, but are described in wonderful detail in the book Voyagers II by Ashayana Deane. 

There was obviously a certain process used to accomplish this.  Looking down from their position in dimension 11 (D11) the Annu Elohim saw a powerful centre below them at dimension 8 (D8).  This holds connection to the Metagalactic Core and was a doorway through which influences could be brought into the grid. 

This D8 centre in turn has close relationship with the complementary D5 centre further below the AzurA centre point.  This is also a powerful centre. 

The natural Krystal Spiral is illustrated as the blue spiral in the diagram below.  These spirals are drawn accurately using mathematical software.  The Krystal Spiral spins out from the AzurA grid centre point through the grid.  The first centre it encounters is the D5 centre.  Here it picks up the dimension 5 encryption. 

Both the 12-Dimensional Grid and its associated Krystal Spiral have a geometry based on the proportion of 2.  There is an alternative geometry based on the Phi / Golden Mean proportion of 1.618 …  It’s possible to use this latter geometry to construct additional structures in the 12-Dimensional Grid, as outlined in a more detailed Spirals of Creation module. 

The Phi ratio produces a Golden Rectangle with an off centre pivot point.  This is illustrated by the green rectangle in the attached diagrams.  By drawing diagonals within the Golden Rectangle as shown we get a pivot point marked GM for Golden Mean.  This pivot point can be used to generate a Phim / Golden Mean spiral.  However, this pivot point doesn’t hold a particularly powerful position within the grid. 

The GM point can be used to generate a smaller Fibonacci Rectangle with Phi proportions within the green Golden Mean Rectangle.  This is shown in yellow in the diagrams.  This rectangle has a pivot point marked Fib near the centre line of the 12-Dimensional Grid.  This can be used to generate a Fi(bonacci) Spiral.  While this spiral is less powerful than the Phim / GM spiral, it has a significantly more powerful pivot point.  

The Fibonacci pivot point draws in much more closely to the central spine of the grid.  We can see that it almost coincides with the centre of D8 in the diagram above and by inversion with D5 in the diagram below.  In other words, Fibonacci structures can be used to entrain energies from the natural dimension 8 and 5 centres.  In the case of D5 the Fibonacci spiral centre lies extremely close to the Krystal Spiral, as it moves out through the D5 centre. 

By projecting a stronger charge of dimension 8 current from D8 down to D5 it is possible to override the Krystal Spiral at this point and divert some of its energy or flow.  The Fib centre is slightly above the passing Krystal Spiral.  It doesn’t block its flow completely, but is in a position to divert some of its energy and recode it.  The combined energy of D8 plus the D5 frequency held by the Krystal Spiral can then be used to feed a Fibonacci spiral spinning outwards from the lower Fib pivot point.  This is now carrying a combined (5 + 8) artificial dimension 13 (D13) charge. 

It should be noted that the Fibonacci spiral doesn’t have an inner spiral component.  It isn’t self-generating and needs to be started from another source.  Also it isn’t a proper geometric spiral in its early stages.  It converges to a Golden Mean spiral as it expands.

This Fibonacci spiral propagates through the grid in a counter-clockwise direction, dropping down to D2, then up the 4-7-10 side of the grid.  It strikes a glancing blow to the D10 centre and the enemy race line there.  It strikes the central spine of the grid and also collides with the Krystal Spiral in the vicinity of the D12 centre.   It hits just below the geometric centre of D12.  The D13 reversed charge has the power to override the natural D12 frequency.  This severs the 12-11 connection as it leaves D12, which largely isolates the lower dimensional levels from 11.5 downwards.  The lower 11 dimensions fall from full grid integration and direct Source connection.  This is the original fall in our local universe.

This leaves the grid in a situation where the 12-11 link is broken.  D10 is also damaged and the 12-10 connection feeding down that side of the grid is compromised.  The 12-9 link remains.  However, the D9 centre belongs to a lower group of three dimensions (7, 8 & 9) and the link is less powerful.  Nonetheless this link provides a valuable line of connection from 12 down the 12-9-6-3 side of the grid.  This is known as the Amoreah Passage and does allow higher level influences to access the damaged / fallen grid.

Earth holds connection to the D3 grid centre and benefits from this Amoreah Passage.  The universal grid centre above it (D6) relates to Sirius.  This illustrates the importance of the 6-3 Sirius link for Earth.     

The largely isolated 11 centre grid now tries to re-balance itself.  Its natural dimensional centre no longer lies at 6.5 between dimensions 6 and 7.  This grid centre drops down the spine of the grid to the D5 centre.  This is re-branded as a 6 centre, i.e. midway between 1 & 11.  D5 with its Fibonacci Pivot point (Fib-5) now becomes a distribution centre for Fibonacci spirals within the severed grid.  This centre also holds a lot of outer connection to other centres and effectively becomes a Sun centre radiating influence throughout the grid.

The D5 (subsequently numbered 6) centre doesn’t hold strong inner connection, however.  The residual inner and higher connections are largely held through the D8 Da’at centre and its connection to the galactic core.  In the absence of direct higher / Source connections this becomes a key doorway for bringing influences into the severed grid. 

Fibonacci mechanics played a key role in the degradation of the original grid.  This effectively employed the 5 – 8 – 13 number sequence to override the D12 connection.  These are natural numbers and dimensional levels that play a very important role in a fully integrated and balanced grid system.  It is because they are powerful that they can be abused.  The abuse arose not from the numbers / dimensions themselves, but more from the unbalanced and artificial ways they were combined and used.  Fibonacci and Phim / Golden Mean influences are closely related with the number five.  This is also reflected in the ‘Fi’ sound tone they share. 

This is an example of quintessential ‘Sacred!’ Geometry in action.  This is the ‘High and Holy’ science of Annu Elohim races, who precede and generate the Anunnaki and Draconian races, we’re more familiar with.  The 5 – 8 – 13 number sequence holds major significance for them. 

Fall of Lyra

The severing of the Dimensional Grid for our local universe between dimensions 12 & 11 isolated the lower 11 dimensions within this universe.  They were largely cut off from dimension 12 and from the Primal Light and Sound Fields that hold direct connection to Source.

In natural order there is an open and continuous flow of consciousness, information and energy from higher to lower levels and back again.  A significant consequence of the Fall of Lyra was that these direct Source connections and flows were cut off.  The isolated 11 dimensions became a closed system.  But there was still a lot of life and energy within the system to sustain it. 

When consciousness gets trapped within a closed system the worst option would be being locked in there permanently.  This option isn’t allowed.  Where consciousness can’t integrate naturally back to Source there is a path of mercy whereby it disintegrates progressively to release its distortions.  It fragments down to the level of space dust and ultimately is drawn back to Source that way.  This is the “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust” route we tend to associate with death.  This principle is evident in one of the laws of physics.  The second law of thermodynamics indicates that closed systems evolve in the direction of increasing disorder.  Ultimately there is a release in this process.  For certain aspects of consciousness, although not the most desirable, it is the fastest path back to Source.

Within a closed system finite resources obviously become a key issue.  Where life is unable to sustain itself from direct natural Source connections it needs to feed off other life forms.  There is increasing competition for resources.  This leads to conflict, wars of conquest, the survival of the fittest and so on. 

The digressive consciousness within dimensions 11 & 10 saw itself as the highest form of life within its domain.  It is still highly creative at that level.  It set itself up as the Creator Gods.  It is imbued with a strong sense of superiority to do what it did.  It considers it can create a better creation than original natural order.  This is where the distrust of nature and the desire to ‘fix’ it with controlled solutions comes from.  It becomes an issue of imposing ‘order’ and setting up the control structures to achieve and maintain this.  This in turn leads to top down control structures and hierarchical organisation. 

Such Creator Gods manifest as various divine personages in our traditions such as Jehovah, Yahweh, Thoth, Metatron and so on.  This progresses down through the hierarchies of divinities within such as the Greek, Roman, Norse, Hindu and many other traditions.  Some of the attitude of these beings is apparent for example in the first commandment of the Christian tradition – “I am the Lord thy God, thou shall not have strange Gods before me”.  Since Source exists as life in All, we have direct inner access to Source in principle.  This commandment fails to recognise the inherent divinity of all.  It also fails to acknowledge that true divinity transcends personification and integrates all.  It is basically an assertion of dominance and the establishment of a pecking order of servitude.  The term Lord corresponds to Dominus in Latin.  It relates to domination and the corresponding servitude of Serfs.  As the saying goes – beware of needy Gods, particularly those that require worship or ‘offerings’!

The Creator Gods, being highly creative at that level continued creating realities and races of beings within the severed universe.  The Annu Elohim created the Anunnaki race line from dimension 11.  The corresponding Annu Seraphim created the Draconian race from dimension 10.  These in turn generated many sub races within these race lines down through the dimensional levels.

All consciousness ultimately comes from Source.  Digressive expressions of consciousness and associated race lines have a parent level of consciousness at higher levels, where there is integrity with Source.  It is not a question of value to Source.  The fundamental issue is fragmentation of consciousness and how to cope with this in practical terms.


DNA plays an important role not only in structuring our bodies at every level but also in mediating our conscious interaction with each dimension.  DNA is more than just a biological agent then supervises creation processes.  A significant component in DNA is the underlying information, encryption or recipe that expresses through DNA to regulate the details of bodily expression at every level.  This encryption is the link between consciousness, DNA, our bodies and experience of reality. 

We have a strand of DNA for every dimension we interact with.  In principle, we have 12 strands of DNA for life within the 12 dimensions of the Matter Fields.  Each strand codes our bodies for and mediates our interaction with the relevant dimension.  This corresponds to the 12 centres in the 12-Dimensional Grid. 

The Anunnaki race lines created after the Fall of Lyra were missing connection with dimension 12.  They only have a maximum of 11 strands of DNA as a result.  Likewise, the Draconian races only have a maximum of 10 DNA strands.  This means they can’t relate to the missing dimensions.  It’s like a TV missing some channels that can’t be tuned in.  The fragmentation of dimensional structure is reflected in corresponding DNA fragmentation.  This limits the conscious experience of reality.

Hybrid Creation

Subsequent to the Fall of Lyra the Founder Races in the Light Fields repaired the dimensional rift in our universe to re-establish connection into it.  There was a lot of innocent life trapped within the severed dimensions.  Also a lot of the newly created life forms weren’t happy with their lot and desired to evolve back into a greater measure of integrity with natural order.  So a reclamation mission was undertaken.

As part of this a new race line, the original human line, was birthed into the universe through dimension 12, the cradle of Lyra.  The intention was to carry the original imprint for life in this universe back in from the 12th dimension.  This imprint holds full connection with dimension 12 and the direct Source connection and integrity this implies.  The original human coding carries a minimum of 12 strands of DNA.  Some specialised human groups, such as Indigos, carry more than 12 DNA strands.  It isn’t a case of being superior, but more of carrying a responsibility to be able to anchor Primal Light and Sound connections directly into material bodies to meet certain needs.

The original mission was to carry the natural divine blueprint back into this universe, to restore and secure a measure of dimensional integrity and to assist any life forms that desired it to heal fragmentation back into full Source integrity.  This effectively meant building in the missing 12th and in some cases 11th dimensional coding.  Over time a lot more than this needed repair. 

This effectively led to a hybrid universe, as illustrated in general terms in the diagram above.  We have the damaged dimensional structure on one side.  This can be referred to as Artificial Creation or the Phantom Matrix.  We can also call it Pretend Creation.  We have a measure of restoration of natural order with direct Source connection through dimension 12 on the other side.  In practice there is a gradation between these two extremes. 

Effectively, we have an open integrated structure on one side and a closed isolated system on the other.  Artificial creation tends to use top down hierarchical control structures.  Natural creation prefers more open structures along the lines of free association of empowered individuals.  The emphasis is on empowerment and holding integrity.  Where this is held individuals can be trusted to act in integrity, making for a more pleasant and fulfilling experience for all.

Over the course of time a lot has happened.  Some of the artificial creation has evolved back into integrity.  Other more compromised parts have had to be excised and released to the ashes to ashes route, like the surgical removal of cancers.  We are left with a hybrid mix still suffering a large degree of fragmentation that is trying to heal what can be healed.    

Many life forms have been successful in evolving out of this fragmentation.  However, the original conflicts and issues have erupted again and again, propagating fragmentation through a progressive series of falls down through dimensional structure in this local universe.  Those trying to help have been sucked into and in many cases overwhelmed by the conflicts and general chaos. 

There have been voluntary agreements to share codes to help groups repair their DNA.  These agreements have been exploited in many cases to the detriment of the donors.  Also there has been a lot of raiding of DNA to create hybrid races.  When the Anunnaki refer to themselves as our creators they are referring to the hybrid races they created.  The original reclamation programs have come unstuck and had to be reseeded a number of times. 

At this stage there has been so much hybridisation that hardly any of the original races lines exist in their pure form.  The three primary race lines in the second diagram above have been mixed together to such a degree that we now have an intimately woven fabric of primary races and multiple derived hybrid races.  Our family trees span many race lines. 

This history and its consequences are very personal for us.  It reflects in our bodies and their genetics, in our psychology, the connections we hold and in our conscious interactions.  Hardly any of us is pure original race line.  We tend to blend a number of influences.  We have a human influence, which often connects to one of the higher dimensional human families and the connections they hold.  This is our inspiration, support and guardian angel.  We have a functional everyday persona that draws on skills, talents and practical experience from a variety of race lines.  Finally, we have a shadow element, that connects to a portion of damaged consciousness we have taken responsibility for.  This isn’t a criticism, more a measure of our responsibility in creation., i.e. to help the larger healing process. 

Spiritual development can tend to focus on reaching upwards, expansion and pleasant experiences, which are important in their own way.  If shadow is neglected, however, this can cause problems.  Like a neglected child, it’s behaviour can get progressively more extreme to attract attention.  It can project into our external lives.  When managed shadow needn’t be a problem.  It benefits from a certain amount of tough love, for example the love of a parent in disciplining an unruly child.  There are parts of shadow that cannot be healed and like a malignancy need to be excised and let go.  What can be healed brings a lot of learning and hard won experience of life with it.  As well as dealing with our own shadow it is good to allow for shadow in others and to grant space for them to process it.  

This hybridisation exposes us to a wide range of experience in creation, probably a lot more than we might have bargained for initially.  There is much scope for healing.  We can use our higher level connections to access our original blueprint and energies to help heal the fragmentation we have suffered.  We can draw this down into our bodies. 

Our physical bodies share an intimate connection with the earth.  They share the same physical substance.  This is reflected in that the dimension 1 centre in our personal dimensional grids connects directly to the equivalent D1 centre for the earth.  So the healing we draw into and ground in our bodies comes available to the earth.  All other life forms on the planet connect similarly to the earth.  So such healing comes available to some degree to all.  So with grounding we have this tremendous capacity for service to the planet and its life. 

Another aspect of this earth connection is that we carry coding for the planet within our DNA.  Only life forms incarnate on the planet do this.  So we have keys to the planet that ETs, spirit beings and so on don’t.  As ground crew, we are needed to access the planetary grids, which is a significant part of the reason we haven’t been wiped out!  There is a responsibility to ensure integrity in our relations with the planet, in particular to avoid being manipulated by digressive beings.   

In reaching up to higher dimensional levels a lot of what we encounter can be our own soul family at these levels.  We can put names on these depending on our belief systems.  For example, a Christian can see these as saints or angels, a Hindu as yogis and so on.  As we integrate more within ourselves we can come to see them more as our expanded consciousness at these levels.  In reaching up we also need to be aware that there are digressive beings up to and including the 11th dimension.  So we also need to be discerning and practice Safe Spirituality.


All the splits and conflicts in our world can be traced back to this primal split at a relatively high level in dimensional structure.  The core split in creation generally and in our personal lives is any degradation of direct Source connection.  All other splits follow on from this.  We can see this split manifesting as a fundamental tension between artificial creation and its underlying mentality on one side and the restoration and perseveration of natural order and direct open connection with Source on the other in the diagram above.  

What was lost in the original Fall was connection with dimension 12 and all above it.  D12 is the key to resolving this split.  This is reflected in the two dimensional grids either side of the diagram above.  The 12-dimensional Grid carries full dimensional integrity.  The 11 dimensional Tree of Life grid represents a truncated system, missing key connections.

In earlier Eieyani Teachings translated by Ashayana there are references to a Base 8 Metatronic Code in relation to fallen or degraded systems.  There are also several references to the 8 pointed star as a symbol for this.  For an example of specific references see disk 4 of the Dance for Love Greece 2002 workshop at 1 hour 23 mins and again at 2 hours 26 mins. 

The 8 pointed star is referred to as the Nibiruan Star.  In many systems it is also referred to as the Star of Ishtar.  Ishtar was a major Anunnaki goddess in ancient Mesopotamia.  She had close relationship with the great god Anu and with fellow goddess Lilith.  She was also associated with the Greek Aphrodite and thereby with Thoth Hermes.  These translated to Venus, Mercury and the 8 pointed star of Venus in Roman times.  The 8 pointed star also occurs in Biblical art and often reflects Anu influence. 

We now have a basis for understanding the significance of the base 8 coding.  It corresponds to the Da’at dimension 8 centre in the Tree of Life grid.  This is the stealth or esoteric sun centre within the Tree of Life grid that is capable of holding a measure of connection to other systems independently of D12.  It is the starting point for the 5 – 8 – 13 Fibonacci mechanics used to sever the grid from D12.  This centre now becomes the zero point or point of origin within the truncated grid.  The 13 influence is often represented by its pale blue colour coding. 

So we have the original base 12 coding for dimensional integrity on one side and base 8 coding related to the Tree of Life grid on the truncated side of the system.  A lot of contention centres around the influence of these two systems.  Ultimately it is for each of us to resolve this split and associated contention within ourselves and our lives. 

Artificial Creation

The fundamental principle of artificial creation is using combinations of lower frequency to override higher natural frequencies or influences.  This is the essence of all artificial creation. 

This process is guided by a certain consciousness and associated intelligence establishing itself independently of the natural integrity of Source and imposing its view of what it thinks creation should be.  Effectively it is seeking to generate a creation in its own image and likeness.  It is creating artificial life with the help of Metatronic technology.  Free will allows for this up to a point.  Ultimately it is constrained by the great Law of Consequences.  This leads to a conflict between an intelligence seeking to assert and perpetuate itself and the constraints of natural law. 

This intelligence is conscious up to a point, but suffers from a degree of fragmentation.  Fundamentally, it is disconnected from natural order and integrity with Source.  It increasingly becomes what we regard as artificial intelligence or AI.  It reaches up to and operates from dimension 11.  In other words, it is powerful and highly creative.  But that is the limit of its range.

AI is associated with the Creator Gods in artificial creation.  It is supervised by beings often called Archons.  This is an ancient Greek term associated with lords, rulers and magistrates.  These are the administrators of AI. 

The creative potential of AI is worth noting.  It has the capacity to weave elaborate scenarios and systems to entertain, distract or herd us.  This calls for discernment and a measure of inner integrity and empowerment to deal with it.  We can test information by relating it back to fundamental principles and whether it makes sense.  We can assess influences by how they work out in real life. 

There was a controversial security exercise in the US called Jade Helm in 2015.  This is believed to have been a field trial to test and calibrate the integration of command and control systems with AI.  

The name itself carries some interesting coding.  In old traditions there was a practice of associating numbers with letters based on their sequence in the alphabet.  Thus A = 1, B = 2 and so on.  The number coding for Jade Helm is illustrated over.

Helm carries the numbers 8, 5 & 13 bracketing or entraining 12.  The word Jade reading backwards has the number sequence 5, 4 & 10 bracketing or entraining 1.  D1 is the complementary centre to D12 and provides a very important grounding and earth connection.  We have here the key 8, 5, 13 Fibonacci number sequence used to sever the D12 connection in the original dimensional grid.  In the 5, 4, 10 sequence we have key dimensional centres on the resulting Fibonacci spiral used in the severing process, as illustrated in the spiral diagram above.

In practice, we are surrounded by the influence of technology and AI, in terms of genetic modification (GMO), digital wireless transmissions, networked IT and communications systems, robotics and so on.  There is a concern about the impact of this on natural systems and where all this is leading us.  GMO for example, is introducing segments into our DNA that wouldn’t be there normally or naturally.  This can have the potential to scramble our DNA and impair its long term capacity to mediate consciousness. 

We can try to avoid or manage some of these influences.  It’s difficult to avoid them completely, as there can be significant benefits from some of the artificial technology, such as IT.  The other strategy is to strengthen our immunity to it.  We can’t avoid germs in our environment completely, for example, but we can build our immunity to cope with them. 

We can recognise that AI influences only extend up to D11.  Also they depend on external energy sources, i.e. they are not self-sustaining.  The solution then is to get above these influences in dimensional or frequency terms and effectively pull the plug on them as needed.  This is where D12 becomes extremely important and valuable. 

With D12 we can access our original divine blueprint.  We can use this to override artificial influences and restore our original natural coding.  It’s like re-booting a computer from an earlier healthy state after a virus infection.    In other words, we can continually reset our original natural coding and progressively build immunity to these artificial influences.  If we are concerned, for example, about vaccine effects, implants or such influences we can use higher dimensional energies to override and re code their frequencies as necessary.  Access to D12 is our ace card.


The original human mission was to bring the primal integrity of natural order in creation back into a damaged universe, to preserve this integrity and to help heal what is willing and able to heal.  This is “as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be”, as the saying goes.  This entails building and holding connection.  The key connection is with dimension 12, above the great “split”.  This in turn holds direct connection through the Primal Light and Sound Fields with Source.  This mission is trans generational, trans personal and goes beyond group focus or specific interests.  Many can contribute to it, each in their own unique way.

Our greatest service then, to ourselves and to others, is to build connection through D12 to natural order, to hold the full integrity of dimensional structure and to ground this in our bodies.  What we ground in our bodies comes available to the earth and increasingly to other life forms.   Holding such integrity, presence and stability as we can is of immense value in helping to stabilise the planetary energy fields.  This helps it ride through the turbulence of major change and events with less trauma. 

We can be a bit overwhelmed with so much happening in the world and with so much intensity in these tumultuous times.  What can we do?  We can connect consciousness.  Connecting consciousness with the natural living reality fields empowers us.  This process begins with the most important person in our lives, with our greatest responsibility – ourselves.  We can work on ourselves to progressively heal fragmentation, divisions, warring between our sub personalities and so on.  This helps build inner connection and integrity with life, with our world and the larger creation it lives in and ultimately with Source, the All that Is.   

As each of us accomplishes this personal mission such integrity, connection and stability as we hold comes available to the planet and group consciousness.  This is of immense service in helping to stabilise the planet, its energy grids and life fields in the face of major change.  In this way we can contribute to positive outcomes for events.  We can increasingly become masters taking responsibility rather than victims of events. 

In a free will universe we need to do our bit, to empower other benevolent beings to assist the larger cause.  Basically and for whatever reason this is our gig.  But there is much help available to support our efforts.  There are three arenas we can work with in order of importance – ourselves, the earth and groups.  Looking after the first two of these empowers and enriches group discussions, activities, internet engagement, public forums and so on.  Then collaboration can greatly amplify efforts and connection of consciousness. 

In terms of development we can work with the following:

  • Knowledge – expanding our horizons and deepening our knowing, understanding creation structures, cosmic geography, history and so on.
  • Action – practice, meditation, personal development & healing techniques.
  • Attitude – orientation in life, empowerment, responsibility, integrity, discernment, balance, love, kindness and so on.

The scale and intensity of events can provoke an element of fear.  Fear has more to do with a lack of confidence in our own connections, protection, energy fields and ability to cope.  It can be a useful signal to us to strengthen our connections and the integrity we hold.  We can progressively raise our game by reaching for higher level connections, drawing strength, protection and support from who and what we are in higher dimensions, from our soul and spirit family, taking responsibility and facing our issues.  As we build strength and mastery there is less to fear from the challenges we face. 

Humanity is like a sleeping giant.  There is enormous potential.  There are many people throughout the world quietly and humbly holding integrity and presence, often in very trying circumstances.   There is much good in many people in a lot of places.  The connection and presence people hold often transcends the limitations of the systems they are part of.  They help humanise systems and can offset the rough edges and harshness in life.  A measure of stability has been preserved despite all the challenges and potential for turmoil in recent times.  We still have to face challenges realistically and effectively with as much mastery as we can muster. 

Times of great change provide immense opportunity.  New horizons and wider vistas are opening before us.  We have been waiting millennia for the opportunities that are presenting now. 

We can become sparks that ignite the flame of transformation in our world.