Plasma is very real and plays an active role in creation.  Fundamentally, however, plasma is matter.  It is the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas.  It corresponds to highly energised gas and is the finest most energetic state of matter.  Even though it can generate light from its energetic state, fundamentally it isn’t light.  Plasma carries mass or weight and can only move at matter speeds.  Light being beyond matter doesn’t have mass and moves at a considerably higher speed. 

Light is pure energy.  It is lively.  Matter, including plasma, can be considered as a condensed form of energy.  It is progressively denser, more sluggish and confined.  Light is a higher frequency than plasma.  Beyond light we have life and consciousness in the Sound Fields close to the Unified Field of Source. 

Creation doesn’t emerge directly from Source in the form of plasma, plasms or substance.  The initial creative impulse is one of an expression of life and focusing of consciousness.  This carries intent and information that shapes the creative expression.  The intent also carries an impulse that manifests energy.  This energy progressively condenses into matter that manifests the creative expression in material form.  It is at this materialisation stage that plasma arises.  It is further down the food chain than light

It doesn’t really matter at what level or where plasma comes from.  It corresponds to matter at that level.  There will always be light and sound frequencies and pure consciousness above it at that level.   

In terms of dimensional structure, plasma sits below the Primal Light fields and associated dimensions D13, 14 & 15.  Dimensions D1 through D12 correspond to the matter fields.  These are organised in four Density Levels each comprising a group of 3 dimensions.  

There are 4 primary states of matter – solid, liquid, gas and plasma.  Each of these states corresponds to a Density Level.  Plasma being the most free and energetic state of matter corresponds to the highest Density Level of the matter fields.  It corresponds to dimensions D10, D11 & D12.  The arrangement is illustrated in the diagram over.  Matter condenses or increases in density down through the four states from plasma to solid state.  Conversely there is a rarefication, expansion and increasing refinement as we go in the opposite direction from solid towards gas and plasma.  Energy and matter are more bound in the solid state and more free and flowing in the plasma state.  Dimensions D10, D11 and particularly D12 can be regarded as bridging between the much freer energy of pure light and the more condensed energy of matter.  In this regard, they can be viewed as pre-matter or liquid (slightly condensed) light. 

There is also a correspondence with the traditional Elements.  The first 4 Elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) line up with the 4 states of matter and with the corresponding 4 Density Levels.  The 5th Element, Ether, lines up with Density 5 in the Primal Light fields.  Plasma corresponds to the Fire Element, which is very appropriate.  Density 4 bridges between the matter fields and the pure energy of Light.  It is the first condensation of Light into Matter.  Plasma can be regarded as an interface between matter and light. 

Plasma is very real.  Although we don’t see a lot of plasma on earth, much of the matter in the universe exits in the form of plasma in stars, inter stellar plasma currents and so on.  The solar system and even our galaxy periodically pass through vast sheets or clouds of inter stellar plasma.  These can obviously propagate influences and can impact life on the planet. 

The sun is surrounded by a huge plasma ball.  It is constantly emitting waves of plasma known as the solar wind.  The sun transmits energy in two forms – as light and as plasma in the solar wind.  Sun light is steady and takes about 8 minutes to reach Earth.  Solar wind / plasma is variable and takes 2 to 4 days to travel the distance.  This illustrates the difference between light and plasma. 

The earth is surrounded by a large blanket of plasma known as the plasmasphere.  Combined with the ionosphere this protects the Earth from solar and cosmic radiation.  It also reflects radio waves and signals back to earth and is referred to as a mirror in the sky. 

Plasma has spiritual qualities like everything else and is perfectly legitimate to work with.  Many spiritual systems do so.  Some martial arts systems use plasma techniques, e.g. to throw energy balls.  Being closer to the material level it has more immediate and noticeable physical effects.  But these can be more short term.  For example, physical exercise has a very noticeable impact.  Higher frequency work is more subtle, powerful and refined.  It may not be so noticeable at a physical level, but has deeper and longer term impact.

Inner & Outer Creation

What is internal creation?  Something can only be internal in relation to what’s external.  The two have meaning in relation to each other.  Internal and external creation arise together as a polarity.  As such they both come from and exist within a higher neutral space that contains them.  For want of a better term we can call this higher neutral space omniternal creation, as illustrated in the diagram over.  This neutral more unified level of creation is closer to Source.

Being polarised, internal and external creation phase in and out of manifestation.  All polarities phase within their neutral home space.  No polarity is eternal.  As such it isn’t accurate to speak of Eternal-Internal creation.  Neither an internal nor external creation can be eternal.  The neutral space that generates them is more stable and much closer to being eternal.  The ultimate eternal reality, however, is Source. 

It isn’t internal creation, but neutral creation, that is closer to Source.  There isn’t some magical inner core creation, where all is pristine and perfect.  Inner and outer creation exist in relation to and mirror each other. 

Source is the unified ground state of all reality.  At this level all polarities, including internal and external creation, are resolved and released into integrity or wholeness and freedom.  Source isn’t internal nor external.  The levels of creation close to Source, like the Primal Sound or Eternal Life fields, are also fairly free of polarity.  The distinction between inner and outer reality becomes more significant further out in creation.  It has most significance in the highly polarised state of our 3D world. 

We normally find ourselves looking out on the world.  We also experience an inner reality somewhat independent of the outer world.  We find ourselves sitting on the boundary between these two realities.  They stretch away from us to infinite horizons in both directions. 

We can regard what we project from ourselves out into manifestation and the worlds it creates as outer reality, i.e. the ordinary world.  We can regard our living connection to Source and the levels through which that connection is held as inner reality.  What is inner or outer will vary as we move our conscious focus through the various levels in creation.  For example, at a soul level we have a considerably expanded view of both internal and external creation.  Also, there is less polarity between the two – they are more integrated or unified.

There is a beautiful representation of this polarity in the structure of a natural spiral and particularly that of a Krystal Spiral.  We can envision a spiral expanding outwards from a point of unity, all the way outwards through the fields of creation to the expanses of infinity. This is illustrated in the diagram.  This spiral implies and contains within itself a complementary spiral that circles round and approaches the pivot point for the spiral, i.e. the point of origin.  The origin at the centre and infinity at the edge, the infinitely small microcosm and infinitely large macrocosm, are intimately related.  

They are one and the same and represent Source.  Source connection can be held through both ends of the spiral.  In fact, it needs to be held at both ends to allow currents of consciousness, intelligence and energy to circulate freely into and out of creation.

So, we have a progression from a point of origin, through a point of unity all the way out to the limitless extent of infinity.  The inner and outer spirals are balanced through the point of unity.  They mirror each other through this point.  The point of unity can be anywhere on the spiral and still integrate and mirror the inner and outer elements.  The spiral itself holds connection to Source at both ends through all the fields of expression.  It connects between the microcosm at one end and the macrocosm at the other.  There is a progression from Source to Source along the spiral with connection to Source at every level.  A crucially important point is that there is connection to Source at both ends.  Source is present as a level of infinite expansion.  It is also present as a point of infinite focus, through a centre point within every natural structure in creation.  It is additionally present by connection to every level, to the extent that the natural connections are maintained. 

This provides a wonderful illustration of the immanence of Source.  The spiral is a powerful symbol that reveals a wealth of information when we interact with it.  So, we can strengthen Source connection in both the inward and outer directions and, obviously, this is the most powerful, balanced and meaningful way to do it.  We can go within to connect with Source, but we haven’t completely found Source until we also find the Source presence, connections and reality in the world around us.  We can find Source in the eyes of the people we meet, our animal friends, the beauty of a sunset and flowers, to the extent that we have integrated Source connection.  Our ‘here & now’ moment is our point of power, where we live, are connected and functional.  This is represented by the point of unity on a spiral. 

Our inner and outer realities are mirrored and balanced through this unity point.  This is illustrated in the number structure of a spiral.  The number structure for the Krystal Spiral is illustrated below.  Looking at the unity (1) point in the centre similar numbers are present in both the outer and inner directions except that they are inverted through the unity point.   Our outer reality reflects what we are working through in our inner reality and vice versa. 

0,  . . . , 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/21,  2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,  . . . , ∞

Spiral Number Structure

Our inner space provides our direct personal connection to Soul family, Spirit and Source.  It is very sacred and is our personal responsibility.  We need to protect the integrity of this connection and space.  In particular, we need to be careful with any influence that seeks to come between us and our direct Source connection.  Anything that seeks to mediate our inner connection can potentially dis-empower us.    


Structure is very important in creation and is something we must deal with.  In normal 3D, we’re very immersed in structure.  We see it all around us and have to navigate through it.  In 3D, structures are very dense, concrete, polarised, separate and we deal with them in a linear way, going from one to the next.  We tend to project this experience of structure up through creation.  We can seek to find Source in progressively bigger structures, when what we really need to be doing is transcending structure altogether.

The Source perspective on structure and creation is very different.  Source integrates and transcends all structure.  Here there is no separation; there are no boundaries.  Everything exists eternally united in its pure, free, all-powerful and all-knowing essence.  Creation arises as a holographic projection within Source.  Source has a fundamentally equal relation with all in creation.  If Source had a closer relation with a universe or cosmos than an atom, for example, then Source would be conditioned by this difference.  It would not have transcended this difference and wouldn’t be pure Source. 

Likewise, if Source had a special relation with a specific point in time, where creation happened, i.e. a creation point, then it would be conditioned by time.  There would be a specific time, e.g. the Big Bang, when Source was more active than others.  Source cannot be conditioned by creation nor by time.  So, it must have a fundamentally equal relation with all time.  The most real, alive and meaningful relationship is with the present.  So, the Source view of time is a present that expands to eternity, i.e. the eternal now.

We often think of Source or God as being ‘up there’ at the edge of the universe.  We feel we must get from here to there, we must ascend out of here to find God or effectively find ourselves.  This arises from our normal linear thinking.  For example, we must go from home to get to our work, office or factory.  Creation is fundamentally holographic in nature.  This simply means that creation is a reality projected within Source, where the whole is contained in every part.  It takes a different mind-set to deal with this. 

There is no here and there in Source.  Neither is there a large and small.  Source integrates all polarities.  It is equally present to every part and in principle is equally accessible from every location.  We don’t have to go anywhere to find Source.  Source is everywhere.  It is more a process of coming out of our disconnection from Source.  We must go through a process of healing our disconnection to achieve integration.  It’s a case of integrating progressively more connection, where we live in the here and now.  Integrating Source implies finding Source everywhere.  We haven’t truly found Source internally until we also find it externally.  Then we find that both are one. 

Source is like the air around us.  It is everywhere.  The difficulty is that we have blockages in our airways that impede our ability to breathe this air to its fullest potential.  As we clear these blockages the air is there for us to breathe.  We can draw fuller draughts of pure, clear, refreshing and revitalising air.  We don’t have to go looking for Source.  It’s mainly a question of healing and maintaining connections as well as clearing blockages.

As this is a fundamentally important point or principle, there is an attempt to illustrate it in the diagram above.  The point is subtle and is quite difficult to portray in a simple diagram.  So, the diagram is a bit crude and approximate.  The important thing is to get the principles rather than focus too much on the details. 

We have a progression from the diversity and linear structure of 3D to the unity and wholeness of Source.  Structure is very concrete, defined and limiting in 3D.  Source transcends structure.  Near to Source we only have the beginning or emergence of structure.  This corresponds to the eternal life of the Primal Sound fields.  This realm is pre-dimensional, i.e. it is largely beyond structure, polarisation & time and is eternal. 

From there we have progressive dimensionalisation, densification, polarity and diversity through the Light and Matter fields to 3D.  This is illustrated in the circular bands in the diagram.  Some of these are coloured to indicate dimensionality.  The progression is also illustrated in the summary table below.  This dimensionalisation provides the fundamental framework for creation. 

Within this framework more specific structures emerge, such as cosmoses, universes, planets, atoms and so on.  These are illustrated as the bubbles moving towards the outer edge of the diagram on the right.  These are very fine initially, but get more dense and defined towards 3D, in the yellow, orange and red bands.  They also get more separated, numerous and diversified.  There is a process of division of unity and multiplication of diversity into creation. 

There is also a scaling of structure from big to small.  We have smaller structures like atoms nested within bigger structures like objects and bodies.  These in turn are further nested within a planet, which in turn sits within a universe and so on.  This scaling process is illustrated well in the fascinating films that move from the level of a particle / atom out to the large-scale structure of a universe and back again.  This scaling or expansion and contraction of sizes is guided by the Krystal Spiral.  There is progressive multiplication / division by 2.  The process is similar to the octave cycles of frequency expansion in musical scales.

This scaling and nesting is very important in 3D, but is not so significant to Source.  The different size structures have been pulled apart to highlight the immanence of Source relation.  It is very difficult to illustrate both the nesting of structures and Source relationship in a simple diagram.   

The Source view of creation is fundamentally different from what we normally experience in 3D.  Size, scale, level and so on are not important to Source.  It is connection and more particularly the quality of connection that matters.  In other words, we don’t have to go up through layers and layers of structure to find Source.  Source is immanent and in fact couldn’t be closer.  It is what ultimately is looking out through our eyes, the seer in our seeing, the doer in our doing.  It is strengthening this relationship and integrating more of this connection in everyday life, in real time, that is of most value. 

Source is very simple – it just Is.  When we are dealing with very specific, well defined structures we’re out in dimensional creation.  The more complex the structure, the further out we are.   Drilling from details down to fundamentals, particularly core principles, helps build connection back to Source. 

Studying structure is fine up to a point.  It has significance and is part of what we are healing here in 3D.  However, it can become a distraction and even an obstacle as soon as we lose sight of the underlying relationship with Source.  As the saying goes – My Relationship With Source Comes First – MRWSCF.  Source centric creation is more significant than cosmic structure.  Cosmic structure is interesting, but doesn’t bring anything fundamentally new to the table.  There is a danger of getting lost in the details, going round in circles and missing the fundamentals. 

William Blake put this very eloquently in his poem Auguries of Innocence –

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand,   And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,   Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,   And Eternity in an hour”.

Maharic Frequency

Plasma frequencies correspond to dimensions D10, D11 & D12.  D12 is the highest plasma frequency.  If we omit D12 then we are dealing with frequencies below D12, effectively the highest frequencies available within an 11-dimensional universe. 

When deprecating D12 Maharic frequency and using plasma frequency in precedence to it we are putting the cart before the horse. 

D12 is crucial.  The Fall of Lyra caused a major split between dimensions 11 and 12 in our local universe.  11 dimensions are suffering various degrees of damage since that event.  D12 provides a bridge to creation before and above this damage.  It connects to the original natural order that prevailed prior to the Lyra Wars and to the original divine blueprint for life in this universe.  It is a lifeline to direct Source connection.  It holds capacity to reset the various distortions arising from the Fall of Lyra and subsequent falls.  There is a beautiful line at the end of the D12 Psonn of Lyra – All embracing pillar of first cause light – I as this expression now.  D12 is an incredibly valuable resource to have access to, a real gift.  Why not use it?

Plasma frequencies are fine to use, but it matters how they are brought into our dimensional structure.  Plasma and other frequencies that derive from D12 and the connections it holds are conditioned by original natural order for this universe and are obviously more appropriate.  Annu influences are unfortunately missing their D12 connection and are unable to work directly from this level.  In this case the alternative is to bring frequencies in through the next most powerfully connected centre they have access to, i.e. D8.  This is evident in the Tree of Life grid that is used to interact with an 11-dimensional universe.  So, it matters whether we are working with base 12 or base 8 influences. 

Why would we try to override D12 frequencies and the connections they hold?  What sense does it make to use lower order frequencies to reset original natural higher frequencies?  Who would want to do this? 

Ashayana explained in earlier workshops that certain Annu intruder groups had particular difficulty with and hostility towards D12 frequencies.  This was the frequency and dimensional level the original Annu cut off during the Lyran wars.  Since being restored it is a frequency that can override Annu wayward influences.  She explained that when humans carrying the D12 frequencies back into this universe were working closely with Anunnaki groups, certain Anunnaki would ask them to switch off their D12 frequency, as it made them uncomfortable.  When they did so it created a level playing field, where certain Anunnaki could override humans and exploit them more easily.  

Overriding or setting aside D12 frequencies never made sense from an Eieyani perspective.  Earlier Eieyani teachings were absolutely clear about the value of D12, its connection to original divine blueprint, the protection it offers and its value as a carrier frequency for spiritual work generally.  We are grateful to the Eieyani, Ashayana and the Speaker and support teams that have worked to make this information available in these momentous times.

Rainbow Currents

Where D13 reversed frequencies reaching into the Primal Light levels are potentially in play plasma frequencies on their own aren’t powerful enough to deal with them.  This needs something at the level of natural Primal Light currents.  Fortunately, there are excellent Maharic Seal techniques for working with the important D12 frequencies.  The D12 frequencies hold direct Source connection through the original and natural Primal Light and Sound Fields.  They also hold our original Divine Blueprint, which retains our pre Fall of Lyra coding and connections. 

Combining the Maharic with the Primal Light frequencies then gives us a very powerful healing current, known as the Rainbow Current.  These currents are illustrated in the diagram over.  An easy way to work with the Primal Light frequencies is to use the Invocation of the Rishi Psonn, where available.  The combination of D12 and Primal Light frequencies is powerful and helps override lower level interference.  It can help to re-run the Emerald & Amethyst Awakening technique series, where available, to refresh the various currents in our fields.

When we additionally include Primal Sound frequencies we get a still higher current, known as Full Spectrum Rainbow Current.  This includes everything and is the most powerful current available to us.  Because of their power, we can only run Primal Sound frequencies in a limited way and for short bursts.  We can intend to connect to this level and run these frequencies in combination with the others.  We can also use the sound tones of Khun-Da-Ray to aid connection.  The Magic Words of Co-Creation Psonn is a good way of building connection with all the levels of dimensional structure. 

Humanity with a capacity for 12 strands of DNA has the potential to run the frequencies for all 12 dimensions.  Humanities role is to hold the full integrity of dimensional structure and to make it available for healing in this universe.  Indigos carry additional DNA for the express purpose of anchoring Primal Light and Sound frequencies in this universe.  They have taken additional responsibility for this role.  It doesn’t mean they are any better than 12 strand humans.  They are just carrying tools to do a job.  An electrician, for example, needs certain tools for electrical work, whereas a plumber doesn’t need these, but has other tools for different work.   

Additional DNA strands beyond 12 facilitate more direct connection with the Primal Light fields and provide greater capacity to anchor these frequencies in physical form for the planet.  Higher DNA strand numbers up towards 48 strands additionally facilitate more direct connection with the Primal Sound Fields.  These provide greater capacity to anchor Primal Sound frequencies in physical form for the planet.  This is the purpose of the extra DNA strands. 

Are we Indigos?  If we are doing the work, then we are.  If we’re not, then it doesn’t really matter whether we’re Indigos or not.  It’s not a prestige or status thing, just a job that needs to get done.  It’s also a question of taking responsibility.  Indigos aren’t confined to a single colour shield.  As Rainbow Wearers, they can run all the natural frequency colours. 

With all the change and drama abroad in the world in these momentous times there is a great need for stabilisation and frequency reinforcement.  These Rainbow Currents connecting to the Primal Life Force Currents provide the most powerful natural frequency available to us.  They can easily deal with such as distorted plasma frequency.  Distorted plasmas are only a problem when not running the higher frequency Primal Currents. 

It’s good to use high frequency currents sensitively when working with grids or other people.  Major earth grid locations will generally have their original Kristic grids as a base.  Parasitic or Intruder grids are often over laid on these to feed off the original grids and re-direct or cloak their energies.  It’s good to feel out what’s appropriate at a specific grid location at the particular time.  Then with appropriate protection we can work co-creatively with the original Kristic level of the grids.  We needn’t focus too much on the Intruder overlay grids.  As the original grids gain strength and protection the parasitic feeding lines will gradually wither in a natural way. 


There has been much discussion on the Krist, Hypo-Krist and so on.  What is Kristic?  Technically, Krist and Christos relate to the original natural order of creation in our universe prior to the Fall of Lyra.  This resides in D12 above the Lyran split.  Krist then entails connection to original Divine Blueprint in D12 upwards and all this implies in terms of integrity, empowerment, attitude and so on.  This concept of Christos as original natural order is also preserved in pure Gnostic teachings. 

The Christos Realignment Mission then entails connecting to and bringing this original Divine Blueprint back into a fractured universe to help heal back to integrity what can be healed.  The natural Divine Blueprint is held in the original D12 Shield of Aramatena.  From there it is accessed and carried in our planetary and personal D12 Maharic Shields. 

The intention is to help restore the integrity of dimensional structure.  This dimensional integrity is represented in the full 12 dimensional Kath Grid.  This representation is referred to as the Krist Code.  There are other Krist Codes, such as the Mahadra Adhrana, but this 12D grid represents a restoration of dimensional integrity. 

There are of course many ways to represent dimensional structure.  No single graphical representation can do justice to this multi-dimensional reality.  However, this particular configuration carries a lot of alignment, relationship and mathematical information.  It aligns meaningfully and exactly with the Krystal Spiral, for example.  There are many other ways to explore and illustrate dimensional structure.  To be useful, however, these would need to be documented to highlight the additional information they provide and the practical implications of this. 

Original natural order, as held in D12, is fundamental to humanity and its mission.  Krist implies alignment with this in essence, attitude and practice and conversely Hypo-Krist implies non-alignment.   


Diagrams mainly serve as a visual aid to complex and often abstract information and concepts.  In simple 2D static diagrams it’s impossible to fully portray:

  • Multi dimensionality,
  • Living dynamic, i.e. changing, structure,
  • The diversity and complexity of real life.

Diagrams are primarily maps to highlight key information and relationships.  Clarity and simplicity are important.  It’s important not to over-interpret diagrams nor to expect photorealistic representations of reality.  There will always be other ways to illustrate information from another perspective or in another phase of its development. 

Colour in diagrams is symbolic.  In a map, for example, illustrating California as blue obviously doesn’t mean that everything is blue there.  It’s just a way of illustrating a piece of information about California.  Likewise showing a road as a yellow line on a map doesn’t mean that the road actually is yellow.  Illustrating dimensions with colours in diagrams doesn’t imply that everything there is that colour.  Obviously, there are sub-dimensions and a whole diversity of colour.  To illustrate all of this in a diagram would overwhelm the key information. 

The colours used are symbolic and resonant with fundamental dimensional frequencies.  For the lower level dimensions (1 to 7) these are the colours of the rainbow, i.e. red through violet.  These are also the colours associated with the corresponding chakras, auric levels and so on.  It is important that we can run the full dimensional scale, the lower order dimensions and frequencies as well as the finer higher dimensions.  All the notes in a musical scale, for example, have their role and contribute to the richness and diversity of music.  If we don’t balance higher and lower frequencies for easy flow, we can end up with an energy build-up somewhat like static electricity.  There isn’t a problem with illustrating dimensions with bands of colour and with the colours indicated.  They can of course be improved with artistic input. 

I think the real sticking point arises with the colours for D11 (dark silver) and D10 (sapphire / dark blue).  This is understandable.  These are the colours provided by the Eieyani.  However, they also need to make sense.  There is a very interesting and fundamental point here that is worth exploring.

Light Polarity

Light is a polarity.  Where does it come from?  From darkness.  Light and darkness exist in polar relationship to each other.  This is illustrated, for example, at the beginning of the Bible Book of Genesis – “… Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.  And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. …”   As a polarity, light and darkness ultimately have their home in relation to each other in the higher neutral space they came from. 

In other words, the polarisation of light and darkness arises at the very root of creation.  It is a primal polarity and one of the most fundamental and challenging ones we face.  Resolving this polarity is what ultimately brings us home to the unity and integrity of Life in Source. 

This is a case of rushing in where angels fear to tread!  However, it is a fundamentally important issue that we all face sooner or later. 

We can think of this light-dark polarity symbolically in terms of the colors white and black.  If we only had white then black & white photos, pictures and so on wouldn’t be very meaningful.  It is the interaction between white and black that gives definition, form, information and meaning to such pictures.  If everything on this page was white, there would be very little information or meaning.  It is the contrast between black and white that allows words to arise and convey meaning and communication.  

When we look at a colour palette, e.g. the colour selection panel in MS Word, we see white and black as fundamental colours with a grey scale between them.  Black has its place in the colour scheme.  If we have black hair, drive a black car, have black skin or write with black ink that doesn’t mean we’re fallen, distorted or bad.  It’s a legitimate colour, with its role in the scheme of things. 

We also have this light – dark polarity in the day & night cycle.    Night balances the activity of day to provide a quieter time for rest and connection with other realms in sleep.  If we were to sustain the bright activity of day continuously we would burn ourselves out.  We have a similar balance in the summer – winter seasonal cycle.  Winter allows for a withdrawal from the bright outflow of summer to regenerate, integrate and prepare for a fresh new cycle.  We also have cosmic cycles, such as Satya and Kali Yuga.  These light – dark cycles are inherent in the ebb and flow of life. 

The polarity of light and dark are represented in their balance and intimacy in the Yin-Yang symbol.  However, this is a closed symbol, where the polarity is locked in.  A more complete and accurate representation includes the third element, the higher neutral space they live within.  This is shown in the three-circle diagram above.

The interaction between the polarities additionally creates offspring, like woman and man producing a child.  This brings in a fourth element shown in the diagram below.  Polarity births creation as we know it.  This four-circle diagram is very interesting.  It has the four cardinal positions on a clock diagram and forms the core of the Reuche symbol and its dimensional structure.  This is explored in greater detail in the Krystal Spiral module material.

Creation phases in and out of polarity in natural flowing cycles.  Polarity isn’t the problem.  Problems arise where the flows get stuck, energy gets blocked and the cycles can’t complete successfully.  Fragmented cycles and stuck energies are the major problem.  Energy can obviously get stuck on the dark side and a lot clearly has.  But it can also get stuck on the light side and this is part of the same problem.  They both represent a failure to resolve polarity and come back into integrity and wholeness. 

In our evolutionary progression, we go through a phase of detaching from immersion in the whirl of creation.  We embrace the light and seek refuge there.  We bask in the sunshine and can think we’re home and dry.  This is very understandable.  However, we’re not truly home until we master and resolve polarity. 

Also, many people come in from higher realms and retain some memory of a more refined existence.  Again, there is an understandable desire to escape back to lighter spaces.  Also, there can be a desire to avoid the direct intensity of life and to find refuge in a more sheltered and refined existence.  I put my hand up for this one and have returned to Soul many times only to be told – “Go back my child, you still have much to learn”. 

The great lesson in earth school is mastering polarity.  This is polarity boot camp.  There are wonderful hands-on lessons here.  Also, there are so many polarity issues right in our face in recent times. 

We can light a candle to dispel enveloping darkness.  But what happens when the candle goes out?  We can light another and another …  However, this process isn’t sustainable indefinitely.  A more comprehensive solution is to transcend the darkness, to find the home space that contains both the light and darkness.  There we can bring these into relationship, where they resolve their polarity.  This doesn’t entail running away from darkness, but getting to a space, where it can be dealt with more neutrally and effectively.  Also, it’s not a case of fighting with it in a way that can often reinforce the polarity.  Additionally, it’s not a case of embracing darkness, in the sense of ‘going over to the dark side.’  It’s more a case of facing it in a realistic, disciplined and effective way and working to release the trapped energies, i.e. to ‘drain the swamp’.  

The higher, neutral ManU space is key to resolving polarity and to healing generally.  This is the home space that birthed polarity initially and that brings it back to unity and integrity at the end of its cycle.  There is a process of detachment to find this empowered space.  Then we can engage both polarities and draw them into this space, to heal what can be resolved.  Not all polarities can be resolved.  Some energy may need to go home by the ashes to ashes, dust to dust route.  However, it is still of immense value for such energy to ‘fall in place’, i.e. to go through the process of dissolution in the safety of its birth and home space.   

Getting into the light is the easy part.  It’s what we do with the light that matters.  We can enjoy the sunshine for a bit.  We all need a bit of R&R.  However, if that’s all we do then we’re still stuck in polarity and are not ‘doing the job’ we came here for.  We need to master all four phases in the four-circle diagram above.  We can learn to access and use the higher neutral (12) space.  We can then engage the polarities (9 & 6) and balance them to help release stuck energies out in creation (6). 

This process entails engaged detachment, a willingness to engage life, balance, grounding, realism and flexibility.  The higher (12) connection and the real-world grounding (6), i.e. the vertical direction, help to hold stability for the oscillating (9 – 3) polarities, in the horizontal direction.  The 12 space can then help pull everything together.  Light is wonderful, but on its own is neither balanced nor stable. 

There was a very interesting case of dark / shadow issues in a book I read back in the 1970’s – “Initiation” by Elisabeth Haich.  She was a Hungarian Yoga teacher, who lived through and survived World War II.  She experienced vivid recall of earlier Egyptian times related to her war experiences.  She remembered life as a princess to a Pharaoh in earlier Egyptian times, before there was too much corruption there.  In her youthful enthusiasm, she had a burning ambition to enter the temples and to progress through the various stages of initiation into the light as quickly as possible.  She was cautioned by elders to proceed more slowly and to take time to integrate in a more balanced way.  Her desire, however, was to proceed without delay.  She passed successfully through all the advanced training and achieved a high degree of initiation and light integration. 

She eventually encounters a visiting prince from a foreign land, who comes to represent shadow to her.  She engages with supreme confidence for a time.  She is going to teach him.  However, while skilled with the light she isn’t adequately prepared to cope with certain aspects of shadow and darkness.  She is eventually overwhelmed by it and suffers serious energetic and nerve damage.  She ends up paying a very heavy price for a lack of balance.  

She must start all over again, rebuilding her fields through many successive lives in the slower school of life.  She slowly broadens her life experience until catharsis in World War II allows her recover most of her former state in a more stable and balanced way.  She meets the earlier prince again in her current life and he helps her quite a bit.  Needless to say, this is a story from the past and need have no relation to current times.  However, it does illustrate the importance of balance and broadly-based integrated development.  It also illustrates encouragingly that difficult situations can be healed and recovered over time.         

This is the context in which we can come to understand the significance of Maharic frequency.  It’s not all about light and refined colour.  We need these of course, but on their own they’re not enough.  Light on its own is polarised.  Getting stuck there can lead to a degree of stagnation, sterility and losing touch with life.  It can also be part of the reason we fail to resolve polarity and have to come back to face issues again and again. 

The combination of white (D12) and dark silver (D11) frequencies symbolises the ultimate alchemical union of light and dark that resolves this fundamental polarity in creation.  It is natural for white and dark colours to sit beside each other, as they are from the same polarity.   The resulting Maharic combination, pale silver, blends and transcends both colours.  Further, this D12 – D11 combination bridges the fundamental split in our local universe arising from the Lyran wars.  It is helping to heal this split, as well as providing access to the higher pre-split natural order.  Maharic frequency carries a powerful and beautiful symbolism and has immense healing capacity. 


There has been much talk of fall, distortion, black holes and so on in recent years, much of it very fanciful.  This can be quite counterproductive and can lead to a lot of fragmentation.  Something isn’t necessarily fallen because we disagree with it.  Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. 

Take for example the case of driving along the road and getting a puncture.  It’s not something that we like.  We can dismiss the tyre as fallen, distorted and not worthy of who and what we think we are.  But what good does it do?  The obvious solution is to face the issue, do what’s needed to fix it and move on.

Dismissing something as fallen is an act of disengagement.  This can close the door on learning opportunities.  In dismissing problems, we’re also dismissing solutions to the problems.  We can be reinforcing stuck polarity that comes back to us seeking attention in a new guise further down the road.  When we demonise or scapegoat, we need to beware that we’re not creating demons that will come back to haunt us later.  When we shun situations or people we may be shutting out those we need further along on our learning curve.  We can detach by integrating in an upward direction.  Then we have greater capacity to deal with the challenges we face without isolating ourselves or others. 

Fall is a very relative thing.  We have all ‘fallen’ to a degree coming in here.  We can’t take our bodies with us on the way out.  Our bodies fall and have fallen and returned to the earth more times than we care to remember.  Yet, we survive the experience.  We all have parts of ourselves in high realms that cannot fall.  We also have parts, whose fastest way home is along the path of dissolution.  It’s a matter of degree.  Fear of fall is a fall into fear, which is a low frequency.  The antidote is to integrate as much Source connection as we can to maximise outcomes. 


The most useful ‘techniques’ can often be the basic spadework of daily spiritual growth.  This can appear dull and unglamorous, but is often where significant progress accumulates over time.  It’s useful and important regardless of what’s going on.  This entails empowerment, where we learn to trust our own judgment, knowing and life experience more and more.  It also entails taking responsibility, cultivating self-sovereignty, facing the issues that come up in our lives as realistically as possible, helping out where possible, managing shadow and so on. 

There is no technique for common sense, for example.  Life experience gives us that.  Attitude is arguably the most important ‘technique’.  Over time this helps us orient our lives and relationships in a more constructive way.

Creation is a work in progress.  We don’t have to be perfect.  Just deal with what’s in front of us and do the best we can.  It’s also primarily a learning experience.  No experience is lost, where learning is harvested.  The more messy hard won learning experiences can be the most valuable.  Confusion and a measure of chaos can accompany progress.  One of the great ways to engage life is to enjoy it in a constructive way.

What is of immense value is to integrate as much Source presence as we can and to ground and hold this presence calmly and stably in the present.  This helps to anchor stability in a period of great change.  President Reagan said something along the lines that people holding spiritual connection quietly in their homes had more power to influence events than he had.  Many people can carry an inner integrity greater than what they may be working with.  The power of spirit is alive and real and can move in ways that surprise us, when we do our bit. 

We live in interesting and exciting times!