Creation – Projected Reality

As creators, we have more power and responsibility in creation than we may realise.  We create our realities.  But we’re also subject to the realities we create, individually and collectively.  This is the adventure and challenge of creation.


We can take DNA as a powerful example of creation in action.  DNA plays a key role in shaping the bodies we use in creation, down to every physical cell, its function and behaviour.  We derive our DNA from two directions.  A significant portion of the physical DNA in our bodies is contributed by our parents. 

Our parents combine DNA to grow a physical body.  This DNA not only includes contributions from our parents, but also input from prior generations, our family lines, our race lines, going all the way back to our racial origins in pre-history.  For example, elements of physical DNA can be traced back continuously to ancient common ancestors, such as “mitochondrial Eve” and “Y-chromosomal Adam”.  This is our physical and historical DNA.  

The other aspect of DNA is the personal imprint or template we carry.  For example, children in the same family have a common genetic lineage and similar environmental conditions, but can have unique and differing features, e.g. hair colour, disposition, health issues and so on.  They can be distinguished easily, one from another.  This comes down to our personal coding.

We incarnate into our physical bodies progressively from Soul or higher dimensional realms.  In doing so we enact the fundamental process of creation.  The foundational state of reality is pure Eternal Life or Consciousness that is whole and complete in itself.  It is absolutely alive and free, i.e. it’s not conditioned by nor dependent on anything else.  This freedom includes the freedom to create. 

Creation arises as a projection into separation, an exploration of possibilities and experiences from varied perspectives.  These include limited perspectives separated from wholeness, but ideally retaining connection or the capability to return to wholeness.  Creation doesn’t create Life.  Life exists eternally.  Creation creates forms through which Life can be experienced, as we choose to explore it.  It creates experience.  Projection into creation is constrained by Consequences, to contain the experience and ultimately bring all home.

A fundamental process in creation is illustrated in the phasing animation above.  The first phasing emerges, as Pure Consciousness focuses attention on a particular theme and in doing so creates structure around it.  This structure carries the desire and intention to explore this idea, by projecting it in creation.    

This intention (including information) is replicated, as a second phasing within the first.  It’s as if the first phasing stays ‘at home’, to preserve the Source connection and return path, while the second goes out into creation, to explore, interact and experience. 

The second phasing polarises into two opposite expressions of the original theme.  The interaction of these polarities then creates the phenomenal experience, through which all aspects can be explored.  The return phase of the cycle then draws these polarities back into balance and depolarisation for ManU and Source return.  What can’t be harmonised is released for Kali return, by the ‘ashes to ashes / dust to dust’ route.

If we look at polarity ‘horizontally’ within creation, we just see the two opposing elements, similar to a duality.  This is what we see in the Yin-Yang symbol, for example.  However, the third element is key to the creation of polarity and more significantly to its resolution.  The bigger picture is a trinity, embracing all phases. 

This phasing process is fundamental to all polarities, whether we express them in terms of – ManU / ManA / EirA,  PartikI / PartikA / Particum,  Ante (Pre) Matter / Anti Matter / Matter, Electrical / Magnetic and so on. 

Creation is fundamentally a projection of consciousness.  It carries intent, which shapes the intended experience.  This manifests as information that structures the forms needed to hold the experience.  It also carries energy that condenses into separation, to provide progressively more dense and concrete forms, down through levels of density or dimensions.  The creation intent and associated information progresses from consciousness through (morphogenetic) information fields that interact with the progressively more dense matter fields and body forms, down through dimensional structure. 

Incarnation is then the process by which we engage with a physical body in 3D.  We bring our specific creation intent, as personal DNA coding that interacts with our chosen body.  This DNA imprint or template exists in its purest form as an information field that has the capacity to influence all the dimensional levels and associated body forms, we pass through.  It carries our coding or recipe for incarnation at each dimensional level.  It also holds connection from that level back to pure consciousness. 

This is represented symbolically in the DNA Imprint or Template diagram above.  There is a strand for each dimensional level.  The DNA Imprint is conscious.  It holds connection and mediates interaction with and through body forms, at each dimensional level.  It’s not directly physical DNA but mediates between this and conscious Life fields.  This diagram is adapted from Kathara 1 material.  We are grateful to Eieyani sources, Ashayana and the Speaker Team and all who have facilitated this information.

There are many levels to DNA, on both the physical and spiritual sides.  We get our physical DNA, in the first instance, from our parents – mother and father.  They in turn got their DNA from their parents, our grand-parents.  Some of that is present in the physical DNA transmitted to us.  This process continues back through physical generations of family and racial ancestors, as illustrated to the right in the attached Internal & External DNA diagram.  Our physical DNA is a composite transmission from our racial heritage.  We in turn pass this DNA onto successive generations, by way of progeny.

This physical DNA is subject to external worldly influences.  It’s subject to environmental influences over the passage of time, but also to external manipulation, e.g. by genetic engineering.  For example, it’s often claimed that earthly humans were created by Anunnaki.  Other race lines can have interfered with human evolution through genetic manipulation, thereby affecting physical presence on the planet.  However, that’s not the whole story.

The other side of DNA is the personal DNA Imprint we carry into embodiment with us.  We use this to connect to and interface with the physical DNA provided by our parents.  This selects specific traits desired for our personal embodiment, from the range of possibilities provided by our chosen family genealogy.  For example, our gender, physiology, hair, eye colour, even afflictions, and so on. 

DNA is influenced not only by birthing, but also by our conscious presence in our  bodies over our physical lives.  Our DNA Imprint is the spiritual side of DNA.  As such it derives from and is influenced by consciousness.  The quality of conscious connection and presence held in body influences our DNA.  It has the capacity to heal and clear distortions in the DNA we inherit, to progressively activate dormant DNA, improve functionality and upgrade bodily capacity and physical experience.  So, creation isn’t just something coming from the outside.  We are also active participants in the creation process.  We are creating and renewing ourselves on an ongoing basis.  This process is illustrated on the left side of the diagram. 

Pure Consciousness, as Eternal Life, is the Source or foundational reality.  Creation arises as a projection into separation, polarity and multiple diversity, supported by and experienced through structure and forms.  It’s a holographic projection, in that all is contained within the whole and the whole is present to every part.  The process entails progressive division of unity into ever greater multiplicity and diversity of forms.  The consciousness projected into these forms is likewise divided into ever smaller units or individuations, as illustrated in the diagram. 

Looking from the bottom up, our personal consciousness, or individuation in a 3D body, derives from the larger consciousness collective of our Soul family in the Soul dimensions 4, 5 & 6.  This Soul family is the collective consciousness of 12 sibling personalities, as indicated by the arrows.  Each such Soul family in turn is likewise an individuation from a still larger Over-Soul collective, in the next higher set of dimensions – 7, 8 & 9.  This process continues through the Christos dimensions, Light dimensions and so on.  There is progressive integration of consciousness and transcendence of structure up the dimensional scale, to full transcendence and unity consciousness in Source.  This complements the progressive individuation of consciousness and embedding in ever more concrete and diverse body forms down the dimensional scale. 

So, we connect with families and generations of consciousness on the spirit side, just as we likewise connect with families and ever larger generations of ancestors, in the physical world.  We are influenced by and in turn influence both sides. 

It Is our privilege, opportunity and adventure to create, to project into creation and experience its possibilities and realities.  This adventure is constrained by consequences, which reflect the fruits of our creation, both good and bad, back to us. 

We can see how this works in the case of DNA.  Our creation intent encodes our DNA Imprint.  This ultimately manifests as physical DNA in a living body.  It gets absorbed into the human or racial gene pool, where it can survive our demise, e.g. through progeny or shared DNA.  When we come back into embodiment, we can draw historical DNA back to us through our family lines, re-engage with it and take it to the next level on our journey.  In other words, physical DNA encodes and preserves consequences.  These consequences or karma draw us back into embodiment, until we deal with and resolve them.  Projection into creation has consequences we need to square off, to return home fully to freedom and wholeness. 

This issue isn’t just personal.  Our initial focus is often on personal issues.  But as we expand and connect consciousness, we come to relate to Soul and Spirit family issues up the line.  Our healing then starts to contribute to resolving generational issues in our physical family lines, communal issues, racial issues, planetary, universal issues and so on in our world.  Our horizons broaden.  We progressively bridge between spirit and worldly realms, up the line on both sides in the diagram. 

Furthermore, the process for creating physical bodies draws DNA from two diverse sources, a mother and farther.  Over generations, this process blends and diversifies physical DNA, so that we encounter a wider range of possibility and experience.  This means that we can hold wider connection, on both the physical and consciousness sides, than we may realise. 

Despite all the issues and adversity, we face, we have a lot of capacity to influence and heal our DNA, the more so we use it.  So, instead of blaming outside influences we have little control over, e.g. our parents, our ancestors, the Anunnaki, Creator Gods and so on for our predicaments, we can more usefully engage our conscious creative capacity to move towards more desired outcomes.  We direct consciousness by where we focus our attention.  We do need to focus on problems.  But can do this more usefully by emphasising solutions. 

DNA Activation

As we progressively heal and clear issues, we activate DNA and bring more of it online in physical embodiment.  Our normal 3D reality centres around our personal consciousness in a physical body.  This is illustrated in the attached Density 1 – Personal diagram.  This diagram illustrates dimensional structure in the matter worlds of D1 – D12, generally, in a symbolic way.  This seeks to illustrate the expansion and integration of consciousness up the scale, in that higher dimensions carry higher frequency and capacity.  They also contain the lower dimensions, e.g. personal consciousness derives from a larger Soul family consciousness.  We experience creation 3 Dimensions = 1 Density level at a time.  In 3D, we are primarily focused in the coloured dimensions, D1 – D3.  In principle, we hold connection to the higher dimensional levels.  But in practice, we have difficulty, for various reasons, in accessing them and using them in 3D.

We are presently evolving towards accessing and integrating Soul consciousness, in physical embodiment.  This is illustrated in the Density 2 – Soul diagram.  Here the D4 – D6 DNA strands are more activated and grounded in our bodies, indicated by switching on the corresponding dimensional levels.  When fully activated, we have functional access to the Soul dimensions and can integrate and work from and with these levels in 3D. 

We are in between these two stages at present, with varying degrees of Soul integration.  Soul integration entails a significant expansion of consciousness.  Personal focus, with its cares and needs for survival, recognition, status and so on, no longer dominates.  There’s a much broader and deeper perspective in creation.  There’s more focus on principles and archetypes than details, on the big picture and deeper fundamental issues, on communal as well as personal well-being and so on.  It’s more about what is right rather than who is right. 

Soul integration is of huge significance for us at this  time.  We are mostly in between the two stages.  We have always had some degree of Soul access during our sleep and dreaming states.  But we have struggled to integrate this awareness and connection into our 3D awareness.  We effectively commute between the two realities in our waking and sleep states.  But progressively we’re coming under more Soul influence and are learning to operate more consciously from that level in both 3D and 6D. 

The process continues through still higher dimensional levels.  Progressive activation of DNA strands associated with Over-Soul dimensions D7 – D9 facilitates connection to and integration of consciousness across these levels.  We learn to function in a more integrated and conscious way with these dimensions, from a focus in any one of them, e.g. in a physical body.

Further, activation of DNA strands D10 – D12 gives similar access to the corresponding dimensions.  This is illustrated by lighting up all the dimensions in the Density 4 – Christos diagram.  This is the full potential of the 12 strand human genome and its presence in creation, i.e. when we’re ‘firing on all cylinders’. 

What’s particularly valuable here is direct connection to D12, which lies beyond the D11 – D12 split / fall in our local universe and all the problems associated with this.  D12 holds pristine consciousness and the original intent and template for creation in the lower dimensional levels.  It has the capacity to override lower level distortions and to help heal them back towards wholeness and natural order.


These 12 dimensions correspond to the 4 Density levels of the matter fields in creation.  These sit in a higher Primal order in creation, as illustrated in the Primal diagram.  There are an additional 3 dimensions, D13 – D15, associated with the Primal Light fields.  These in turn exist within 3 levels of Primal Sound fields.  The Primal Sound fields are non-dimensional and eternal.  These progressively transcend separation, structure, time cycling and so on.  They mostly correspond to Unity Consciousness.  They are very close to Source and merge into the Pure Consciousness of Source.  What’s important to appreciate is that there’s less structure towards Source.  We approach Source by progressively transcending structure, not building more of it.  

Everything comes into creation through these levels and in principle holds connection back to them.  In practice, we only focus on holding as much connection as we can handle safely in embodiment, whether physical, Soul or whatever.  The wider human race, with its 12 strand DNA potential, is primarily focused on exploring and working with the 12 dimensions of the matter fields.  It still has its Primal families of consciousness in the Primal fields and returns to these.  But it doesn’t need nor seek to embody that Primal consciousness in 12D.

There is still some need to anchor presence of Primal influence among groups exploring 12D and to help secure and stabilise energy grids within creation.  Some humans agree to take responsibility for this role.  The responsibility entails carrying a more extensive DNA imprint than the 12D human genome, up to 24 – 48 strand DNA, grounding Primal Life Force currents and protecting these from misuse.  Indigos generally carry this DNA imprint in some form.  It’s signalled by having the D6 (Indigo) DNA strand activated to some degree.  The whole rationale for carrying extra DNA coding is to run Primal Life Force (Primal Light & Sound) currents.

This was all spelled out more clearly in the early stages of KS.  Take for example,  the Vow to the Christos Self, which was taken by many people attending earlier workshops and events.  This states:

  • ‘I have come to recognise, … , that the Light I seek lives always within me; the Spark of Eternal Life that is God.’
  • ‘I release to the Christ Fire Within me, ….’
  • ‘I embrace now the Eternal Love, Wisdom and Oneness that my Inner Christ provides.  I return now to Unity, to express as the Christed One This I Am.’
  • ‘I will carry forth this Flame of Liquid Light, bringing forth the Truth, Joy, Love and Compassion of the Maharata Ray (D12) …’

This makes very clear that we have our own direct inner connection with Christos – our D12 Christos Self.  This is part of our direct inner Source connection.  This is the true inner reality, the true internal creation.  Eieyani Teaching places a strong emphasis on guiding us back towards and empowering this direct inner connection.  This is the true source of power, healing and integration for us and for the world. 

It’s important to be clear that inner reality and internal creation are fully represented in the early stages of KS.  Internal and external creation exist in relation to each other, as polarities within creation.  They come from and return to their non-polarised parent state, in eternal creation.  This too is fully represented in early KS.  To associate early KS with external creation and later teaching with internal creation is inaccurate and misleading.  Early KS is neither uniquely external nor fallen, but enshrines the foundational principles and heart of KS.  These principles are eternal and universal.  It’s not the case that they’re true at one time period in a minor corner of creation and suddenly become untrue, ‘fallen’ or irrelevant across a large swathe of creation, for some local event.

Perception is Relative

What we perceive in creation and how we interact with it is critically dependent on where we’re coming from.  What we see depends not only on what’s there but also on where we’re at.  We can see this in the current political climate, where people can have radically different views around the same situation or interpret ‘facts’ in very different ways.  Some people can go to a place and be upset by ‘negative’ energies.  Others can go and either feel nothing or breeze through the location in a very positive way.  

What we perceive in any situation depends very much on our level of consciousness at that time.  When very focused in personal consciousness we can interpret things quite personally.  When expanded in Soul or a higher conscious focus, personal issues can go right by us, as  we get a broader perspective on what may be going on.  A lot can depend also on our state of being, mood and so on.

We can regard the outer world around us, objective reality, as solid, real, factual and absolute.  In many ways it is.  But at a fundamental level this reality isn’t absolute.  Conventional science has probed deeply, to discover that at a fundamental level our physical world is conditional and relative to how we perceive it.  Matter can be broken down into ever finer particles.  These particles also behave like waves, similar to frequency. 

These two natures are radically different.  There was long discussion over which of these two behaviours described matter most accurately.  The eventual outcome was that both were equally accurate and needed and that the behaviour we experienced depended on what we were actually looking for.  If we check for particle behaviour, we find that.  If we check for wave behaviour, we similarly find that and there is no basis for saying one is more accurate than the other.  This phenomenon has become known as wave-particle duality.

When we go deeper into pre-matter quantum states, we find that matter derives from virtual fields of potential reality.  How matter emerges from these fields depends on how we interact with them.  Consciousness appears to play a key role, not only as the likely basis for the pre-matter potential fields themselves, but also as an influence that interacts with these fields, to shape what manifests in creation.

We can play an active role in creation, to the extent we are conscious.  Creation comes through us. 

The absolute or foundational reality is Source.  Creation arises as a projected or virtual reality within Source.  It is bound by the Law of Consequence and is conditioned by this.  We can question the reality of aspects of creation, such as 3D matter, for example.  These obviously have a lower and less permanent order of reality than the absolute reality of Source.  They are more relative and conditional. 

However, what is very real is the Law of Consequence.  Once we project into creation we are bound by this law in a very real way.  We cannot ignore nor escape the consequences of our actions.  So, what we manifest in creation then becomes real, in the sense that we have to deal with it, to escape being bound by it.  Consequences come at us.  Realism and being grounded in our lives becomes a very important balance to the idealism of our creative aspirations.

The manifest creation of objective reality hosts our creative endeavours, at every level.  It also stores their consequences, until we deal with them.  Our external world is not only the result of our personal efforts, but also of our shared endeavours, at family, communal, racial and other collective levels.  There are many levels of shared responsibility.  This translates into shared experiences, agreement on certain facts and realities and cooperation towards goals.  But there are also disagreements based on personal perspective, diversity, connections and history.

Our subjective reality is likewise conditioned by our level of conscious integration, or inner family connection, and state of being.  Inner subjective and outer objective realities are highly intertwined.  They drive and shape each other.  As one expands and releases, so does the other.  Ultimately, both are absorbed into a non-polarised state of eternal being, in unity consciousness. 

We can empower greater mastery in life.  As conscious beings, we are creators in life.  We can have increasing power to choose how we perceive and thereby experience life.  Taking progressive responsibility for our lives and what we are responsible for in creation, we can release from the bondage of consequences.  Consciousness is key and how we use it is important.


We find ourselves in a world, where dimensional structure is compromised and is less than ideal.  This is illustrated in the attached Light & Shadow diagram, which is explained in more detail elsewhere.  There was a severing of the lower 11 dimensions in our local universe, in an event know as the Fall of Lyra, our original universal fall.  This is illustrated by the clouded dimensions within the red box to the right.  This ‘split’ was repaired to allow reconnection with dimension 12 and higher levels in creation, as shown on the left.  The net result is that both realities co-exist in our local universe.  The intact portions of this creation, holding natural connection, are available to help heal the damaged portions still suffering from disconnection and shadow influences, to the extent possible.

It’s important to emphasise that both realities are present.  It’s not the case that dimensions D1 – D11 are completely fallen and severed from D12 and higher frequency levels.  Looking at the situation from a Source perspective, there is no separation in Source.  This means that Source and higher levels in creation are infinitely and equally present to All.  Separation, split, fall and so on don’t arise from the Source side.  It is life and consciousness within creation that chooses to split from higher levels and that experiences this reality accordingly.  The wholeness remains intact and is always available, when better choices are made and when the consequences of lesser choices are resolved.

It’s also worth noting that multiple realities and potentialities co-exist within creation.  It’s like the situation, where there are many TV broadcasts streaming through the air simultaneously.  We can choose and move between these stations and their experiences, by tuning in different frequencies.  When very burdened by karmic obligations in creation, we tend to go through experiences one after the other, in a linear way sequenced by time, i.e. as time-lines.  But as we expand consciousness, we access a wider range of possibilities and have more power and freedom to choose between them and direct our experiences.    

This co-existence of realities is further reinforced by evidence from our physical world, as discussed above, such as the wave-particle duality of matter, the multiple potential realities of quantum states and so on.  The tunnel vision approach to processing experiences is peculiar to our present state in our 3D world.  The eternal levels in creation are fields of potentiality and infinite possibility.  There is equal access to all, beyond the boundaries and limitations of time cycles.  In between these extremes we have various degrees of freedom and empowerment, depending on our state of consciousness.  

Direct Source connection and integrity of dimensional structure is a reality that always was, is and will continue to be.  It is an eternal reality and we do not have the power to discreate it, from lower levels within creation.  What we can change is our relationship to it and, consequently, how we perceive, interact with and experience it.  That is very much up to us.  Source, Primal frequency, D12 original Divine Blueprint, associated DNA capacity, embodied consciousness and so on remain available to us, to the extent we wish and are karmically empowered to avail of them.  Many people experience these realities.  Among the biggest obstacles are our own expectations and beliefs around them.  These can change.

Likewise, the consequences of past choices, good and bad, exist for us, both individually and collectively, until we deal with them.  These are our karmic burden or debt in creation.  Some of these consequences are major and serious, such as a split in local creation and damage to dimensional structure, leading to fragmented consciousness and unnatural creation.  This reality exists as a Shadow World.  We all carry a share of this burden, as Personal Shadow, and at some level have committed to responsibility for healing this, to the extent possible.

We straddle both of these realities, as illustrated by the figure in the diagram.  This creates a bi-polar duality and experience in 3D.  We oscillate between the burdens, beliefs, fragmentation and pessimism of the Shadow side and the Love, Light, Joy, connection and optimism of the Light side.  This is represented by the pivoting red arrowed line the figure is balancing on, in the diagram.  These oscillations create the mood swings and cycling, typical of bi-polar behaviour. 

Beliefs that our world and reality are evil, have irredeemably failed, are fallen and that problems need to be left to ‘others’, belong to and make sense on the pessimistic shadow side.  Beliefs that all is well, things will get fixed and problems can be ignored belong to and make sense on the light side.  We straddle these perspectives.

However, we have unique capacity and opportunity to address these issues.  Source is the totality and wholeness of Life and Pure Consciousness.  To the extent we are alive and conscious, we hold some Source connection.  It is what animates us.  It’s what is ultimately looking out through our eyes and seeing what we experience.  Consciousness transcends the bodies and forms it uses in creation and exists independently of them.  It is capable of building connection across dimensional levels and expanding capacity across realities.  It is the magic ingredient, the kryptonite, that can accomplish what mere bodies cannot.  Expanding consciousness broadens perspectives and empowers opportunity. 

The other side of the coin is that our presence in physical bodies from the earth and carrying earthly DNA coding, grounds us in the earth, in ways no ‘other’ beings can achieve.  As ’boots on the ground’ we have capacity to hold Source Presence in our 3D world, in a way no other beings can.  How we use this capacity and opportunity is for each of us to decide. 

The most effective way to deal with bi-polarity and its swings, is to engage the non-polarised primary ManU space the polarities emerged from.  This is illustrated by the trinity in the attached Polarity Resolution diagram.  It’s not a case of ignoring or avoiding shadow issues.  But of facing them in realistic ways.  We can also use the full capacity of light frequencies and tools we may have access to.  Drawing these into balanced relationship and drawing them up into the higher frequency neutral ManU space facilitates resolution and release of what can be healed.  What can’t be healed is released to dissolution and return to source by a different route.

This polar cycling, resolution and release raises frequency.  As well as moving from side to side in the Light – Shadow diagram, we gradually ratchet our way up the frequency scale.  This opens access to dimensional frequencies and builds capacity to use them across dimensions, e.g. even while still focused in 3D. 

We all have our light and shadow sides.  It’s quite normal to oscillate between them, in varying degrees, from day to day, even from hour to hour, depending on moods and what’s moving through our lives.  It’s a bit like weather.  We can have our stormy days, obscured by dense dark clouds, buffeted by wind and rain and even thunderstorms or hurricanes, where all hell can break loose.  Then we can have our warm balmy days when the sky clears, the sun shines and all’s well with the world.  Above both the sun shines equally and steadily for all. 

Because of this, we need to be very careful about judging people personally.  Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.  So do many other things.  What we choose to see in others is also a reflection of ourselves.  We see what our DNA template can process. 

Just because people may be going through a rough patch and haven’t got their act together, doesn’t necessarily mean they are ‘fallen’, ‘dark flowered’ or whatever branding we may wish to apply.  Likewise, just because people may disagree with us or not do as we might wish, doesn’t mean they are fallen either.  People are multi-dimensional beings, holding connection beyond what we can see in any specific encounter.  We don’t know the larger reality.  It’s generally not our business to know what goes on between a person and their dimensional connections.  If Source sees fit to allow certain lives in creation, who are we to question that. 

Except where specifically authorised, e.g. by law courts, it’s not our business to pass personal judgments.  It’s not okay for someone to presume to judge others, regardless of whatever status they may claim. This is a breach of spiritual discipline and in itself is fallen behaviour.  There is also the karmic principle that as we judge, so shall we be judged.

Rather than judging people, what we can judge are actions, specific behaviour, attitudes and so on, i.e. what is projected into our shared space.  We all have plenty of that to deal with, most particularly and usefully in ourselves.      


There is much talk of and desire for ascension.  From a 3D perspective this can feel like going somewhere, e.g. up through the dimensions or stargates.  There is even talk of going sideways.  However, consciousness in its essence transcends space, location and time.  These are important for matter, but much less so for consciousness.  Ascension isn’t so much a case of going somewhere, in either space or time, but more of raising frequency through states of being.  In principle, we can do this anywhere. 

In essence, the larger part of who and what we are is already ascended.  Our Source Self is ascended.  Our Primal families and Selves, our Rishi Selves, our Christos Selves are all ascended. Our Soul and Spirit families and Selves are partially ascended and partially constrained by karmic burdens.  Our Personal Selves are more specifically constrained in 3D embodiment.  So, it’s more a case of integrating connection across family lines and grounding this than of going anywhere.

A lot depends on what we identify with.  If we identify with our physical bodies then we’re bound by their mortality and ego & survival needs.  Our horizons don’t extend much beyond birth and death.  If we identify more with the animating life and spirit, this has a much broader horizon, extending beyond the boundaries of bodily life and connecting more easily with other dimensional realities.  As we connect more directly towards Source, we come to know the eternality of pure consciousness that transcends all the limitations and boundaries within creation. 

Our perspectives change.  Our relationships with creation change and our power to influence creation and our destiny in it change, depending on what we identify with and how we use our conscious capacity.  Our conscious focus is creative and powerful, the more so we hold connection.  We direct this focus by where we place our attention. 

As we deepen and broaden conscious connection, there is progressively greater responsibility to use this power constructively.  Our Souls and higher family should only empower us to the extent we can handle responsibly.  For example, we wouldn’t give a toddler the keys to drive a car.  Responsibility is key to empowerment, expansion of consciousness and higher dimensional integration.

Timelines aren’t just like big tram lines in the sky, where we reach switching points that can take us in different directions, largely out of our control.  Timelines effectively are chains of cause and effect that shape our future.  They are our karma and dharma.  We create our individual timelines with our actions.  These also feed into larger timelines from group and communal activity.  We can influence this process, by creating more consciously and purposefully and taking appropriate responsibility for past effects. 

We are creators in action.  Creation comes through us, individually and collectively.  Ultimately, this is governed by Natural Law, more than the whims of creator gods or lords of creation.  Natural Law is impersonal but highly conscious.  We can empower our creation more by alignment with the principles and processes of creation, including physical law, rather than reliance on saviours, who may seek to claim power over us. 

Envision the Future

As creators, we can help shape our future, individually and collectively.  We can envision the future and help ground it.  Rather than waiting for whatever arrives at our doorstep. 

We have power, capacity and influence, the more so we are conscious, alive and connected.  While being aware of problems and issues, we can transfer focus more to solutions and empower desired outcomes.  There are plenty of difficulties and challenges, in an imperfect world.  But we can also see opportunities and directions for progress.  We can support some of these, in practical terms. 

But often the best we can do is to hold connection and ground frequency, to support the planet and its life forms.  This can be quite powerful in helping to preserve stability and grid connections, through a period of rapid and intense change.  There is much work to be done here.

There’s a delicate balance to be preserved in envisioning the future, between being proactive without being too prescriptive.  Physical embodiment is very valuable.  But the perspective can be quite limited and conditioned by personal influences.  We need to recognise that what we see, desire and envision directly at this level, while well meaning, may not be completely consistent with the ‘greater good’, as seen from higher levels.  When running higher frequency or creative work, it’s good to protect it from personal factors.  It’s also good to align it with Divine Right Order (DRO) in Divine Right Timing (DRT).  This allows for the influence of higher level connections, to fine tune directions, for the greater good.

Despite all the challenges, there is much opportunity to progress from victimhood towards mastery in creation. 

We can ignite the flames of transformation in our world!