Planetary Grid Alignments: 2020 – 2023

We live in interesting times!  There are significant planetary alignments coming up in the period 2020 through 2023.

An event known as the Philadelphia Experiment (Phi-Ex) occurred in autumn 1943.  This is related to another event, the Montauk Project, that occurred 40 years later in autumn 1983.  These are described in Voyagers II book by E’Asha Ashayana Deane, as well as by several other authors.  It is well worthwhile to read background to these events in Voyagers II, pages 130 through 140.  This sequence of events comes to another climax in August 2023, as illustrated in the diagram above.

There is a cluster of other significant events coming together in this same time window in August 2023, as illustrated in the second diagram above.  The planetary Merkaba fields reach their annual magnetic peak during Hethalon, in the period August 12th – 15th.  Also the Venus Pentagonal Alignment, where Venus comes between Earth and the Sun, peaks on August 13th, right in this period.  Also the CERN LHC particle accelerator is scheduled to be fully operational during this period.  The Phi-Ex Montauk events tend to peak on August 12th also.  So we have a really interesting cluster of events assembling in this time window – a perfect storm!  Details are elaborated further below.

These events provide significant opportunity for intruder activity and so present a challenge we need to be aware of.  It’s not an issue of fear, foreboding or imminent catastrophe.  It’s more like getting a weather forecast, so that we can prepare to weather any storms.  We can hold stability and integrity and provide support to the planetary grids through this period.  We can also learn a lot and grow through coping with such challenges.  As Bob Marley put it so very well – “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.”


The Philadelphia Experiment entailed the use of some esoteric technology, ostensibly to render a ship invisible.  But it also involved the use of powerful magnetic fields, which in certain configurations can create artificial inter-dimensional Merkaba fields.  In other words it can create inter-dimensional portals or openings.  This is believed to have happened during the Philadelphia Experiment.  There were some bizarre developments with the ship dropping in and out of space and moving forward and backward through time windows.  The ships crew were severely traumatised, and the experiment had to be shut down.  There are several books describing details and experiences and there is much information on the internet. 

By their nature, however, such experiments and projects are secretive and there is very little definitive documentation.  So care is needed in assessing available information.  Voyagers II book provides a good description of how intruder elements used the opportunity to create “a rip in space-time.”  This allowed direct entry into the planetary Merkaba fields, enabling intruder interference.  The planetary fields and consciousness are going through a progressive raising of frequency to re-connect with our Soul world, Tara, and its encryption in Amenti.  This is the ‘Fifth World’ in the fifth dimension, 5D that is talked about so frequently.  This process was interfered with. 

The experiment also set up a time link with the next phase of a project that spans both dimensions and time periods.  Several books, including Voyagers II, pinpoint the event to August 12th, 1943.  Other references mention different dates, but generally within the autumn period.  The significance of August 12th is that this coincides with the planetary magnetic peak.


The next phase of the project arose in Montauk and again is pinpointed to August 12th, 40 years later in 1983.  This project worked more directly with time shifting technologies and teleportation.  While mainly located at Montauk on the eastern end of Long Island, there are claims that a major high energy research center, the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), was also involved.  This facility uses particle accelerators.  It presently has the third most powerful circular accelerator in the world, after CERN and Fermilab.  BNL is located in the center of Long Island, not too far from Montauk.  Interestingly it is also only a few miles away from the site where Nikola Tesla built his famous tower at Wardencliffe, to broadcast scalar waves.  The geographic center for the Arc 4 Hub Grids (AG4) is also close by.  There appear to be significant grids in the area.

A number of people involved with this project also claim to have been involved with the Philadelphia Experiment.  Montauk is regarded as a continuation of Phi-Ex.  There were more advanced experiments with time and portal mechanics.  These appear to have linked back to Phi-Ex and created a further rip in space time, linking and reinforcing the earlier Phi-Ex rip.  Again this allowed for intruder activity. 

Hetharo – Hethalon 2003

The primary Phi-Ex Montauk events occur on a cycle of 40 years.  There is also a 20-year sub cycle within this.  20 years on from 1983 we had a lot of grid activity and grid work associated with Hetharo and Hethalon in 2003.  This information is detailed in workshop recordings and documentation from that period.  The Hetharo activations occurred in late May, with grid work at Paxos, Greece Cue Site 7 (CS7).   The Hethalon activations occurred in mid-August, with grid work in Andorra, south of France, Arc Planetary Seed Atom (APSA).

The Hetharo electric peak and Hethalon magnetic peak planetary Merkaba field activations are annual events that occur at the same time each year.  2003 was a special year, where these activations aligned with higher dimensional Merkaba fields and had more significant impact.  Other events that align with these planetary peaks also have greater impact.

Venus Pentagonal Alignment

There is a planetary alignment that has a very important relation with all this.  Venus is the closest planet to Earth and is often regarded as a sister planet.  There is an extraordinarily precise alignment between the orbits of Earth and Venus.

Every 8 years Venus passes between Earth and the Sun 5 times, i.e. there are 5 conjunctions, where Venus comes close to the Earth.  Within this 8 Earth year cycle Venus goes through 13 of its orbits around the sun or 13 Venus years.

So, a Venus conjunction arises every 1.6 Earth years and 2.6 Venus years.  This is described in greater detail in another document – Significant Planetary Alignments in Mid-2012.

The 5 conjunctions are spaced evenly around the sun and come back to their starting point after 8 years.  They trace a pentagonal structure around the sun, as illustrated in the diagram of the orbits below.  There is only a 2 to 3-day error in 8 years (2,920 days).  To achieve this degree of alignment and form such a sophisticated configuration requires very precise coordination of the orbits.  There’s nothing else remotely close to this level of coordination in the Solar System.  This isn’t a random feature.  It’s something that has been put in place.

The 5 – 8 – 13 configuration of numbers derives from the Fibonacci number sequence and is highly significant, as we shall see below. 

It happens that one stage of the Venus Pentagonal Alignment (VPA) aligns with the Hetharo Electric Peak within each 8-year cycle.  This is illustrated in the diagram below.  The VPA alignments peak on a specific date but are still very strong for about 2 weeks either side of that date.  So the early June dates are in pretty close alignment with the late May Hetharo Peaks.  Likewise another stage of the VPA happens to align with the Hethalon Magnetic Peaks in mid-August. 

Now, because of the 2-day error, the VPA pattern itself is rotating on a much slower cycle of about 1,200 years.  So the alignments with late May and mid-August aren’t always present.  They just happen to be highly aligned in this time period!

This synchronisation between the VPA and the Hetharo Hethalon cycles is quite significant. 

What is the significance of the 40-year time interval between major Phi-Ex Montauk events?  This just happens to be 5 x 8-year VPA cycles. 

The Phi-Ex Montauk events are aligned with the Hethalon Magnetic Peaks in mid-August.  These alignments also occur in years when the VPA is aligned with Hethalon.  See the table below for VPA peak alignment dates in the significant Phi-Ex Montauk years.  The earlier alignments are approximate but still significant.  The alignment in 2023 hits the bull’s eye of August 12th – 15th.  Also the 2023 date carries the number resonance of the 13th day of the 8th month, to complement the 5 x 8-year interval between major events. 

This creates a high degree of coupling between Phi-Ex Montauk events, Venus Pentagonal Alignments and Hethalon Magnetic Peaks.  The Phi-Ex events occur in years when the VPA alignments come close to Magnetic Peaks. 

The 40-year interval between major Phi-Ex Montauk events comprises 5 whole VPA cycles.  The 20-year interval comprises 2.5 VPA cycles.  This means that at the 20-year half cycle periods, e.g. 2003, Venus lies on the opposite side of the Sun, furthest away from Earth.  Venus is in anti-phase with Earth.  This presumably greatly reduces the impact of Venus and its usefulness for interference.  The alignment isn’t insignificant but is weaker.  So presumably Hetharo Hethalon activations can be safer at such times, e.g. 2003.    

Venus, as our nearest neighbour, is highly visible in the sky.  Its movements mark out an 8-year clock cycle, with 5 conjunctions spaced to form a pentagram in the sky.  This has been known about and watched since early times.  Venus is symbolised by a 5-pointed star and also to an extent by the 8-pointed Nibiruan star. 

2012 – 2015

The Hethalon VPA alignments are preceded by Hetharo alignments.  There is a 3.2-year period starting with a Hetharo VPA alignment in early June and running through to a matching Hethalon VPA alignment in mid-August.  We had such a pair of alignments in the period 2012 – 2015, as illustrated in the diagram above.  This is discussed in greater detail in the following documents:

  • Significant Planetary Alignments in Mid-2012.
  • Significant Events – 2015.

The 2012 VPA Hetharo alignment was within reach of the May 2012 workshop events and probably had a significant impact there.  There was a lot of grid activity across many groups during the 2015 VPA Hethalon alignment.  There was a bit of grid roughness then, but we appear to have gotten through that period reasonably okay.

The wonderful news is that the clock has turned, and we are now entering a new such cycle in 2020!  The calendar of events for this new cycle is summarised in the diagram at the bottom of the first page above.  The cycle begins in late May / early June 2020 and comes to a climax with heavy duty alignments in mid-August 2023.  At least there is time to prepare.

Significance of 5-8-13 Sequence

What is the significance of the 5-8-13 number sequence?  This goes back to the Krystal Spiral and more directly to the so called ‘Battle of the Spirals’.  The ‘Duelling Spirals’ were discussed in earlier KS workshops.  This was often illustrated by the diagram over, where the Krystal and Metatronic / Fibonacci spirals co-rotate around the same center of a Kathara Grid.  This diagram provides useful information.  However, it doesn’t answer a lot of questions, e.g.:

  • The Fibonacci Spiral isn’t a natural spiral at its beginning. How does it start?
  • What is the mechanism that generates the Fibonacci Spiral?
  • The Fibonacci Spiral has a slower expansion rate than the Krystal Spiral. It needs to start out as a bigger spiral to intersect the Krystal Spiral, as shown.  How would the Fibonacci Spiral start out as a bigger / stronger spiral in its earlier stages? 
  • What’s the significance of the intersection between the two spirals?
  • How would anything below dimension 12 (D12) have enough frequency to override D12 connection and sever a grid, to isolate an 11 dimensional universe, as illustrated in the Tree of Life grid and documented in the Fall of Lyra?

The diagram over provides a much more complete and revealing description of the spirals, their origin and interaction.  The mechanics for generating Fibonacci Spirals are detailed in

the Krystal Spiral module and associated manual.  Golden Mean / Phim and Fibonacci Spirals are generated by Golden Rectangles, illustrated by green for the Phim and yellow for the Fibonacci Spirals in the diagram over.  These have geometric centers that their spirals rotate around, marked by the GM and Fib red dots.  When overlaid on a Kathara Grid, the Fibonacci centers intersect key Kathara centers 8 and 5, entraining their energies. 

Both the Kathara and Tree of Life Grids are maps of dimensional structure.  The centers represent dimensional levels in creation and access points to these dimensions.  The relationships between the dimensions are illustrated by the grid structures.  Fibonacci mechanics can be overlaid on the natural Kathara Grid structure, as shown, to create additional artificial dimensional relationships. 

Below dimension 12 (Kathara Center K-12), the next highest dimensional level that holds major connection into and out of the grid is K-8.  This is the center point in 15-dimensional structure and holds Galactic Core connection.  Influences can be brought in and out through this K-8 level. 

The Krystal Spiral (blue) originates in the AzurA center point in the Kathara Grid.  This holds Inner Core connection.  As illustrated in Spirals of Harmony documentation, Krystal Spirals in higher level grid structures intersect the AzurA centers in their nested or ‘child’ grids.  These spark and generate new Krystal Spiral flows in the AzurA center that propagate out through the relevant Kathara Grid, as shown.  The Krystal Spiral is centered on the AzurA grid center and rotates through the grid out to K-12, which holds key connections to higher dimensional and other grid levels.  After its birth, the first dimensional level the Krystal Spiral encounters is K-5.  It picks up K-5 dimensional encryption here. 

Grid Fall

Fibonacci mechanics can be used to entrain K-8 frequency and transfer it to the Fib center in K-5, as illustrated over and in the diagram spirals diagram above.  Here the higher dimensional K-8 frequency can be used to override the K-5 frequency of the Krystal Spiral passing through.

It can intercept some of the Krystal Spiral frequency and change its direction of flow.  It can combine the intercepted K-5 frequency with the incoming K-8 frequency to create an artificial 13 dimensional current.  This can then be projected as a Fibonacci Spiral, formed on the K-5 Fib center that rotates counter-clockwise through the Kathara Grid. This intercepts the Krystal Spiral again in the vicinity of K-12.  This is illustrated in the spirals diagram above.  Here the higher dimensional artificial D13 current has sufficient frequency to override D12 frequency and sever D12 grid connections in this location.  This then isolates the grid below this level, to form an 11 dimensional structure, as represented by the conventional Tree of Life grid. 

When we place the Kathara and Tree of Life (ToL) Grids side by side, the mechanics become fairly obvious.  The centers in the Tree of Life Grid correspond to equivalent centers in the Kathara Grid and carry the encryption of the corresponding dimensions.  These encryptions are encoded in the numbers – lower numbers for lower dimensions.  In the ToL Grid the numbers are altered, but the centers still correspond to their related dimensions.  The original K-8 center becomes an inner hidden / stealth sun center through which influences are brought into the grid.  This is called the Da’at center, a doorway for Da’aty influences.  The original K-5 center becomes a new outer facing sun center (Tiphareth), replacing the AzurA.  It receives influences from the Da’at center and propagates them out through the ToL Grid.  K-5 is a much more obvious center for Fibonacci Spirals than the AzurA in earlier information.

This is how Grid Fall was orchestrated.  Fibonacci mechanics and the 5 + 8 = 13 portion of the Fibonacci number sequence played a key role and continue to play a role. 

5, 8 & 13 are perfectly natural, legitimate and powerful numbers, in balanced relation with other numbers and dimensions.  It is the manipulation of the numbers, by their combination in artificial sequences and relationships, that causes problems.  

The Grid Fall diagram above is very powerful and contains a huge amount of information. 

It’s important to appreciate that the ToL is a legitimate grid representation.  But it represents an incomplete and isolated post fall grid that is less than it can be and less than it should be.  However, understanding the fall mechanics provides tremendous potential for containing further problems and points the solution.  The key difference between the grids is dimension 12, K-12, and connections thereto.  Restoring and preserving these connections puts the whole grid back online to its original integrity, natural order and encryption of original creation intent.  It also provides access to D12 and higher frequencies, all the way back to Source.  These have the capacity to deal with lower frequency distortions, as appropriate and where desired.  D12 is mission critical! 


Numbers and number associations may appear a bit fanciful.  However, there is a very real and practical significance underlying all this that, unfortunately, has gotten lost under layers of mystification and efforts to control and hide information.  All of this relates to dimensions, as levels in creation, and to dimensional structure.  Dimensions are differentiated by frequency of cycles of flow into and out of creation and by other factors.  Frequencies relate to quantities of cycles, which are denominated by numbers.  Relationship between frequencies are described by relationships between numbers.  Numbers encode the underlying relationships and structures. 

Alignments of numbers also carry resonance or synchronicity.  For example, in sound and music scales, there is resonance between a frequency and other frequencies that are its double or multiples of its double.  These frequencies sound similar and are harmonious.  Likewise, there are harmonic relationships between sound, color and even form, based on alignment of the underlying numbers.

When dealing with numbers, we’re not just dealing with symbolic representations or abstract entities.  We’re also dealing with the realities and relationships they connect with.  Numbers also carry consciousness as well as information.  They are conscious and when related to at that level can be immensely informative.  Conventional mathematics derives from a much deeper more conscious level of ‘sacred’ mathematics that is immensely powerful.


The other element in the mix is the technology to ground these inter-dimensional influences in the planet.  There are natural processes for moving between dimensions, such as natural Merkaba, natural scalar waves and more generally consciousness.  In the absence of mastery of these natural processes, there can be a resort to artificial processes.  As mentioned in the Krystal Spiral manual, space and time are closely coupled with fundamental electro-magnetism.  Strong electro-magnetic fields can be used, in certain configurations, to influence time and space, creating artificial warps and loops.

Strong counter rotating magnetic fields can simulate Merkaba.  Alignments of Merkaba fields between dimensions can open doorways or portals between them and allow influences to pass through.  In addition to the technology, there is need for alignment of the fields at both ends.  This is where time cycle alignments and alignment of planets and other factors that facilitate connection between grids and dimensions come into play.

Major circular particle accelerators that generate strong counter rotating magnetic fields to  collide particles are very relevant here.  The largest such accelerator known to be active during this period is the CERN LHC collider near Geneva, between France and Switzerland.  This has been active for a number of years already.  It is shut down for maintenance and upgrade to higher capacity through 2019 and 2020.  It is due to come back on line in Spring 2021 and to be active through to the end of 2023.

Most of the scientists involved are good people pursuing conventional scientific research.  However, all of this has an inter and multi-dimensional context.  There can be additional processes, effects and ramifications beyond the horizons of conventional science and outside what people may expect. 

The major Phi-Ex Montauk events were associated with strong magnetic field technology, planetary Merkaba magnetic peak and Venus Pentagonal Alignment.  The prime technology center for the strong magnetic fields would be expected to be CERN LHC.  A significant concern also is the proximity of this site to the very important SG12 planetary grids and connections in the South of France. 

The connections held by these alignments and any dimensional openings generated can conceivably do two things.  They may:

  • Erode or sever the direct higher dimensional connections to the planet via dimension 12 and the associated SG12 grids.
  • Stop or reverse the raising of planetary frequency, which is integrating connection to D5, Tara, the 5th World and also embracing Amenti encryption and Soul integration.
  • Potentially bring certain multi-dimensional influences onto or off the planet.

There is therefore a very intense window in mid-August 2023, where we have four major events coming together:

  • Phi-Ex Montauk event window in mid-August.
  • Planetary Magnetic Peak – August 12th to 15th.
  • Venus Pentagonal Alignment – peaking on August 13th, but very active for about two weeks either side of this date.
  • CERN LHC operating at full capacity and aiming to reach 14TeV collisions.

What Can We Do?

This isn’t a prediction nor a forecast.  What is described are opportunities and windows of potentiality, where certain things could happen.  Whether they do or not is open ended and contingent on the evolution of events, including how we respond to them.  The intention is that nothing damaging or untoward should happen.  Success is getting through this period calmly, normally and peacefully.  Fore knowledge can help prepare for and avoid undesirable outcomes.  It can help increase the chances of a successful outcome.  It’s a bit like the alert we get in an airline flight when approaching turbulence.  We fasten our seat belts for a safer flight. 

Two things are needed to damage the high level planetary grid connections:

  • The mechanics to accomplish the task.
  • Higher level connections from the Primal Light and D12 fields always have the capability to override lower frequency influences.  This requires vigilance on the part of those who know and can anchor such influences.  The second requirement then is to distract / divert those who can make a difference. 

There’s no point in worrying about what is outside our sphere of influence, things we don’t control.  The first of these items is largely outside our control, but the second isn’t.  We can strengthen our higher / Source connections as best we can and hold them as stably as possible through this period. 

Fear doesn’t help in this situation.  It is a low level frequency that gets in the way of an effective response.  It is something we may have to deal with and get around.  When we hold secure inner / Source connection there is little to fear.  Fear can reflect a lack of confidence in the strength of our connections and be a signal to work on these.  We can learn to move our fear in the direction of respect for what certain influences can do and prudence in dealing with them.  We can face all situations in a spirit of integrity, empowerment and joy.

Importantly also it is not a question of blame.  There isn’t time for that.  In any case most people are doing the best they know how.  It’s more a case of being wide awake, on the ball and on the job.  It’s also a case of taking responsibility. 

In practical terms, holding higher connection implies securing our D12 connection, particularly the 12-11 link.  We can use what access we have to D12 / Maharic frequency for this.  D12 in turn holds connection to Primal Light and Sound fields and direct connection to Source.  In dealing with D13 level intrusion we also need to hold connection to the natural D13 and related Primal Light frequencies, as best we can.  When this is held all lower level intrusion can be overridden.  In dealing with higher frequencies it is important to ground and balance them effectively in our everyday lives.

It is important that we do what we can to help ourselves.  Help is available from higher levels of our own nature and associated positive race lines.  However, what they can do is limited by free will considerations.  We need to empower ourselves to do our bit so that we empower them to do their bit.  The D12 frequencies and associated direct Source connections were restored to the planet in 2000.  If we lost them within 25 years would we really deserve to have them restored again any time soon?   

If we look on Source as aliveness what is the most alive thing in our life, in our world?  It is us individually and collectively.  We are the footprint of Source in our world.  The easiest and most direct way for Source to influence events is through us.  We are the cavalry.  We have a lot more power than we may imagine.  In every challenge there is opportunity, opportunity to learn, to raise our game, to step up to a higher level.  Challenge can focus and bring out the best in us. 

Sometimes the greatest thing we fear is our own power.  We can step up to spiritual adulthood and take increasing responsibility for ourselves and our world.  We don’t have to wait around to be told what to do.  We can claim / reclaim our power and use it confidently and responsibly to do what’s needed.  It’s not so much about grandiose aims, as it is about dealing effectively with what is right in front of us, doing what we can, as best we can.  It is for each of us to determine what that is.  The greatest power on Earth is an awakened humanity, a humanity increasingly alive to its potential, holding connection both vertically and horizontally and taking control of its destiny.

With so much diversity in creation, each of us carries unique history and capabilities.  Each is capable of accomplishing things that nobody else can accomplish.  However great or small, it’s important that we contribute our piece to the great jig saw puzzle.  This fills in a piece for others and the whole is enriched.  We are like links in a chain.  Every link is important for the chain to work and move the bicycle forward along the road. 

Holding D12 frequencies and associated connections stable through this period is like the foot in the doorway that keeps the door open on the planet.  When we do our bit we empower higher level influences to look after things outside our control.  As the saying goes – God helps those who help themselves.

The strength of our inner connection is reflected in our outer everyday connections.  Building open and healthy connection with the people in our normal lives is important.  We don’t have to agree on everything.  Differences can add spice to life.  These horizontal connections are important in consolidating the integrity of the human family, so that there is an increasing strength to cope with challenge and adversity.  The human family has been weakened repeatedly down the ages by division, branding and shunning.  Many people are going through rough times with upheaval, illness and financial distress, where a bit of connection and support can make a difference.  We’re all on this planet and its journey together.

May we be AWAKE, AWARE and ABLE!



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