Easter Island – Giza Grids

If we look across a wider front there are other grid connections in the region that are of significance.  There is an old and well-known grid line that passes through Easter Island and Giza Egypt.  We can follow this line right round the planet.  It passes through many important sites.

In the diagram above this line is shown in white as it crosses South America.  We can see that it has a very close alignment with key grid sites and other sites of interest in Peru.  It passes through or very close by Machu Picchu, Moray, Pisac, Sacsaywaman, Cusco, the Nazca Lines and Tiwanaku in Bolivia, as can be seen in the lower left corner of the diagram above.

We can follow this grid line as it curves across the Atlantic and over North Africa to pass through Giza, Egypt.  Its route through the Middle East and Asia is illustrated, again in white in the diagram below.  Here we see that it passes relatively close to Israel and its sites as it moves through the Sinai Peninsula.  It then passes very close to the SG10 and CS 10 grid sites in Iraq and Iran.  It crosses Pakistan very close to the ancient site of Mohenjo Daro in the Indus Valley.  It then crosses the Thar Desert in India going very close by the CS6 site there.  In Cambodia it passes relatively close to the ancient site of Ankhor Wat.  Finally, it passes over Papua – New Guinea and curves across the Pacific to return to Easter Island.

It is interesting to note that Mohenjo Daro is antipodal to Easter Island.  This means that the two locations are on opposite sides of the earth to each other.  If one were to draw a line directly between the two points it would pass exactly through the center of the earth.  An antipodal relationship is a significant connection or alignment between locations.  Peru and Cambodia are also antipodal. 

It’s interesting to note that this grid line traverses the sites of ancient civilisations in Egypt, Mesopotamia (Babylon, etc.), the Indus Valley and Cambodia in addition to those in South America.  It also traverses sites of major ancient conflicts and destruction in the Sahara Desert, Sinai Peninsula and Indus Valley / Thar Desert.  There is still some evidence of radioactivity and radiation damage from prehistoric times in parts of these locations, in addition to accounts in ancient mythology. 

This grid line is obviously significant.  It holds major alignments with key locations on the planet.  It is known about in many systems.

We can regard this grid line as similar to an Equator.  We can erect another such line at 90° to it like a meridian.  The obvious place to do so is at Giza.  This is a major reference point and was regarded as the center of surface earth in ancient times. 

The meridian through Giza from the Easter Island – Giza line is illustrated in the diagram above.  This is the white line passing up through Eastern Europe, northern Scandinavia / Norway.  It passes very close by Svalbard, particularly so for the capital Longyearbyen.  It doesn’t go over the North Pole but passes about 300 miles away from it as shown.  It then curves over Alaska, down through the Pacific, by the South Pole and back up through east Africa, to return to Giza.

There is another grid line that is complementary to these two.  This is a second meridian line at 90° to the first one.  This additional line in fact lies at 90° to both of the lines already mentioned.  Together the three lines form a coherent set of mutually orthogonal lines that divide the surface of the planet into 8 equal sectors.  This additional grid line is illustrated in white along the left side of the diagram below.  It runs from Alaska across Canada and north east US.  It passes moderately close to the Bahamas as shown. 

This third line continues around the far side of the planet.  In the next diagram below we see that it passes relatively close to Bali, i.e. within about 50 miles. 

This set of grid lines therefore picks up or links a very surprising number of the AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedrals Network sites.  It picks up elements of all 5 major complexes.  Key sites it doesn’t pick up are the Sarasota / Myakka sites.  These are about 300 miles from the Bahamas line.  However, Easter Island as Cue Site 2 (CS2) is the control site for the SG2 grids in Sarasota.  It is also a key reference point for these old grids.  So, although Sarasota doesn’t lie geographically on these grids it has this very powerful energetic connection with one of the key reference points.  It is not intended to suggest that such a correlation between the AL-Hum-Bhra Cathedrals Network sites and these old grids is negative or sinister.  The correlation is simply noted without judgment.

In principle we could regard any of these 3 grid lines as a virtual equator and the intersection points of the other two lines as equivalent poles.  It is most meaningful to take the Easter Island – Giza line as the equator for this set of grid lines.  The equivalent poles then lie at the intersection points in Alaska to the north and in the south near the Antarctic.

We can erect more meridians at uniform intervals between the two prime meridians to fill out the grid pattern.  This gives us an arrangement like that illustrated in the diagram below.  The grid pole is quite a distance from the North Pole. 

Given the significance of the sites and alignments along the equator (Easter Island – Giza Line) of this grid set, this grid pole feels like an ancient alignment point for the planet.  It’s not inconceivable that this could have been near or at one of the planetary poles prior to the last pole shift / reversal, e.g. in early Atlantean times.  In that case it could for example correspond to an earlier South Pole for the planet. 

It is interesting to note that replicas of the very old maps of Atlantis that have come down from ancient times generally show the continent in the Atlantic upside down.  What we regard as the south is facing up to the top in such maps and vice versa. 

These latter points about the grid pole however are not fact and need to be set aside until there is more substantial evidence to support them.

What is immediately obvious about this grid pole however is that it is lying in Alaska.  It is uncomfortably close to the main set of Haarp sites on the planet.  This is where a worrisome element enters the picture.  In order to understand the significance of this it is necessary to look at the nature of plasma and the role it plays on the planet.

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