Amenti Grids

The Amenti Grids are a key part of the planetary energy system.  Like us, the planet is a living entity that holds dimensional connection.  It has its energy centres, equivalent to our centres, chakras, and axiatonal and meridian lines interconnecting them.  This dimensional connection and energy distribution system is key to the health and vitality of the planet and of its capacity to anchor consciousness. 

The Amenti reference relates to the planet’s relationship with its Soul counterpart in dimensions D4, D5 & D6 of the Pleiades, particularly Alcyone.  The evolution of both Earth & Pleiades and associated life forms are highly interlinked and are key to further evolution through dimensions D7 – D12, in Gaia and Lyra. 

More detailed information is available in Voyagers II book (The Secrets of Amenti) by E’Asha Ashayana.  Background information on grids and their locations is available in the Voyagers II book and the Masters Templar Stewardship Initiative MCEO manual.  There is immense gratitude to Eieyani sources, to the Speaker Team and to supporting teams that facilitated this information.  There is also great gratitude to Wilbur and ASaN for the immense amount of high quality work in preparing the earlier Amenti and related grid maps.

Since the original presentation of the maps in the early 2000’s more powerful mapping software and tools have come available.  Also, there is better quality background mapping freely available.  Most people now carry a wealth of map data around in their smartphones. 

Rather than trying to show a vast amount of data on a printed map, which can be confusing, it’s now possible to display it in more flexible and interactive formats.  It’s possible to organise data in layers and switch off layers for clarity and switch on specific layers for correlation. It’s possible to correlate with a wide range of other geographic data available on the internet, e.g. for earthquakes, tectonic plates and so on.  It’s also possible to zoom in on specific areas of interest, down to satellite photography, at ground level.

There are technical issues with mapping.  Earth is a globe in 3D.  Its surface is doubly curved and has no boundaries.  It’s impossible to represent this with complete accuracy on a flat map.  A flat map misses out on curvature and has definite boundaries.  Flat maps entail compromise and some degree of distortion.  There are different types of flat maps, with different compromises and distortions, but none completely eliminate it.  Flat maps can be reasonably accurate at local levels, but not completely so at a global level. 

When doing global mapping, these distortions need to be considered.  The best approach is to map directly onto a globe.  This gives an accurate, i.e. true to life, representation on the ground.  Then the details can be transferred to a flat map, using the same process as for the rest of the geographic information.  This ensures similar distortion, so the grid details are accurately aligned with the background map.  It was very difficult to do this with the earlier maps.  But there are tools to do it readily nowadays.

Horizontal and vertical lines (relative to the equator) are generally represented accurately on flat maps.  But lines at any other angle are not.  In 2D a straight line is the shortest distance between two points.  We get the equivalent on a globe, if we take a piece of thread and stretch it between two points of interest.  We see that, for short distances, the line is almost straight.  But for longer distances, it’s curved along the surface, forming an arc of a Great Circle.  If we extend the line it will go right round the planet and come back, to form a closed circle. 

A key feature of these great circles is that their centres align with the centre of the planet.  This is very important for energetics, in that great circle alignments also carry core alignment.  So, natural ‘straight’ lines on the planet translate into circles that close back on themselves and, apart from horizontal and vertical directions, are curved.  Otherwise, drawing straight lines on flat maps is only accurate at local levels.  For sloped lines, it becomes increasingly meaningless over longer, i.e. global, distances. 

Star Gate Grids

A Kathara Grid is effectively a map of dimensional structure.  It’s 12 centres carry the encryptions for manifestation from each of the 12 dimensions of the matter fields.  These centres also provide a framework, through which consciousness can interact with the dimensional levels in local creation.  As such they are known as Star Gates.  They carry encryption, energy and access for their dimensional level.

Star Gate (SG) Grids

The Star Gates (SG) for the primary Kathara Grid for our planet are illustrated by the green dots in the map above.  Note that diagrams can be zoomed into on screens, for greater visibility.  6 of these SGs (2, 3, 4, 8, 9 & 10) lie in a fairly narrow horizontal band around 30⁰N latitude.  A further 3 SGs (1, 5 & 7) lie in the southern hemisphere and the remaining SGs (6, 11 & 12) lie further north in the northern hemisphere.

Each SG has a pair of lines passing through it, providing connection and primary energy distribution for planetary grids.  The horizontal lines are called Ley Lines and the vertical ones Axi-A Tonal lines.  There is an additional grid centre point, corresponding to the Kathara Grid AzurA centre, marked by the white diamond.  It’s called the Planetary Seed (PSA).  This lies on the SG1 Axi-A Tonal line, at 22⁰W longitude, near where it intersects with the Tropic of Cancer. The 22⁰W line is important for some later maps.

Grid site positions and lines illustrate general locations at a global level.  Actual access points and energy routes can deviate by up to 50 miles at ground level, depending on local terrain, rock composition, underground water flows and so on.  So it’s good to feel out local energies for more accurate connections.  Grid sites will often be marked by ancient structures. 

The key difference form earlier Amenti Maps is that the earlier Axi-A Tonal lines terminated at the poles.  Natural lines on the globe don’t terminate suddenly at a point but continue round the globe to form circles.  The vertical lines here continue round the ‘back side’ of the globe and appear on the flat map, as additional lines, 180⁰ away from the source SG.  There are twice as many vertical lines as on the earlier maps. 

The Star Gate grids associated with the Amenti Kathara Grid are foundational.  They have been much abused and overlaid with parasitic grids.  They have also been reinforced and supported with other grids.  They remain an important part of the planetary grid system, particularly, so long as the D12 connections and frequencies are sustained on the planet.    

Parallel Star Gate Grids

Parallel Star Gate (PSG) Grids

All matter creations have relationship with balancing anti-matter (or anti-particle) twins.  The anti-matter twin for Earth is called Parallel Earth.  It too has a set of star gates, known as Parallel Star Gates (PSG).  Although separated, the parallel twins are related and do interact to a degree.  This interaction is reflected on Earth by a set of PSGs on the planet, correlating with those on Parallel earth. 

The PSGs are illustrated by the yellow dots on the map above.  Parallel realities and fields are aligned at 90⁰ to each other.  So, as the SGs are mostly aligned horizontally, the PSGs are mostly aligned vertically.  There are 6 PSGs (3, 4, 5, 9, 10 & 11) aligned in a narrow vertical band, around 105⁰W longitude.  There are another 3 PSGs (1, 2 & 7) not too far away to the east.  The remaining 3 PSGs 96, 8 & 12) are further afield.  Most of the PSGs are associated with the Americas.

Each PSG also has 2 energy connection and distribution lines.  The Ley lines are now vertical and the Axi-B Tonal lines horizontal.  Again the vertical (in this case Ley) lines continue round the back side of the globe.  So there are twice as many verticals as on the earlier maps. 

Because Parallel Earth isn’t in such good shape, the PSG grids aren’t of huge value or significance at this stage.  

Cue Site Grids

All matter and anti-matter twins hold relationship with a higher level neutral ante-matter parent.  This parent birthed the polarised twins into manifestation and will draw them both back into resolution and release on their way home.  So, Earth and Parallel Earth have an ante-matter parent, known as Inner Earth.  Inner Earth exists in a higher frequency space.  Inner Earth is normally accessed through transition zones under Earth’s surface.  Hence the reference to ‘Inner’.  Earth also has a set of centres correlating with the Star Gates on Inner Earth.  These are known as Cue Sites (CS) or Inner Star Gates (ISG). 


Cue Site (CS) Grids

The Cue Sites are illustrated by blue Xs with white dots on the map above.  Inner Earth grids are aligned mid-way between the Earth and Parallel Earth grids, i.e. at 45⁰ to each. 

Each CS has a pair of Ley and Axi-C Tonal energy connection and distribution lines.  These are shown in pink above.  These are likewise rotated through 45⁰.  They are neither horizontal nor vertical and therefore form curved great circles round the globe.  Also, because there are no vertical lines, none of the CS lines approach the poles.  This differs significantly from the way they are depicted in the earlier maps but provides very meaningful detail.

Such curved lines may appear unusual at first sight on a flat map but are perfectly natural.  Consider looking at the Earth from a different perspective, e.g. that of Inner Earth.  This has an axis and corresponding ‘verticals’ at 45⁰ relative to ours.  Viewing our Ley and Axi-A Tonal lines on a flat map with this orientation would show them as curves going round the planet, like these CS lines.  There would be no straight lines.  The same applies to the parallel PSG lines.  From an Inner Earth perspective a lot of the CS lines would be straight on a flat map.  This illustrates that what we see depends on our perspective, as well as on what’s out there.

We can see that there are 5 CSs (2, 3, 6, 8 & 12) aligned along a narrow band, running across southern Argentina, south Atlantic, South Africa and so on.  There are another 3 CSs (2, 6 & 9) very closely aligned in a separate narrow band, through the Caribbean, Central Europe, India and so on.  There are further alignments between CSs 3 & 12 and separately between 9 & 11. 

There is a large cluster of 11 CS lines crossing in the vicinity of UK and Ireland.  This is almost half the total of 24 planetary CS  lines.  This same clustering is replicated on the opposite side of the Earth, the antipode, in the ocean south of New Zealand.   There is a separate but wider clustering of 11 CS lines around Mongolia and equivalently around South Argentina. 

The Cue Sites hold connection to Inner Earth and carry a higher frequency than the SGs or PSGs.  As such, they serve as control or supervisory centres for their corresponding star gates.  They are a significant element in the planetary grid system. 

CS12 at Kauai, Hawaii, and CS2 at Easter Island are particularly significant.  These are ancient Lemurian sites.  There’s an extremely close relationship between CS6 in Rajasthan, north west India, and CS2.  Both their Ley and Axi-C Tonal lines cross through each other.  This is illustrated by the yellow highlight in the map below.  2 of the 4 linking lines entrain CS9 at Westbury, in UK.  CS9 is also very close to the Arc Gate 2 grids, between Stonehenge and Glastonbury, and to the SG11 grids near Milk Hill & Avebury. 

The other 2 of the 4 linking lines between CS2 & CS6 entrain CS3 at Johannesburg, South Africa.  CS12 and CS3 have a similar twin relationship, where their lines cross close to each other, but not quite so tightly as for CS2 & CS6.   This is illustrated by the green highlight in the map below.  CS12 is also connected directly to CS2 and CS6 (and CS8 in Tibet). 

This linking of CS 3, 6, 9 & 12 with CS2 is very significant.  The configuration of 3, 6, 9 & 12 carries the ManU polarity associated with Inner Earth and the Amoraea Passage, as illustrated in the attached Kathara Grid.  This provides significant support for the Density 1 and particularly the dimension D2 grids on Earth.  CS2 is the control site for the SG2 grids in Sarasota, Florida.  This is the Grual site, a major access point for the (3D) Density 1 Earth grids, which has been vulnerable in the past, e.g. Atlantean times.  

Furthermore, there is an ancient and significant grid line running from Easter Island CS2, through Giza Egypt SG4 and very accurately through CS6 India.  This also takes in Cusco Peru SG5, Iraq CS10, Iran SG10 and a number of ancient sites.  This is discussed separately in relation to ancient polar grids.

Arc Grids

The Amenti grids above are the original primary Earth grids, for Earth’s mission in supporting evolution after the Fall of Tara.  They are known as Base 12 grids.  This means that coding up to D12, e.g. for DNA and so on, is needed to be able to draw all aspects of Self freely through the grids.  These grids have been damaged with intrusion and conflict over time, particularly at the lower dimensional levels.  Additional grids were subsequently installed to support and reinforce them and to facilitate access. 

There’s a key additional set of grids, associated with the Arc of the Covenant, known as the Arc or Arc Hub Grids (AG).  These are Base 6 grids.  They facilitate grid access for those with coding up to D6.  Life in regions affected by the Fall of Tara from D5, including life on Earth, carries additional afflictions from D5 down.  Support up to D6 is particularly valuable in healing such afflictions.  The hard work lies in integrating the lower dimensions and progress becomes easier in the higher dimensions.    

The centres or Star Gates for these girds are illustrated by white discs with a black dot in the map below.  There’s a much more elaborate grid pattern associated with each of these AGs that needs to be detailed separately. 

Arc (AG) & Trinity (TSG) Grids

4 of these AGs (1, 2, 11 & 12) lie in close proximity in the UK and Ireland.  Another 4 (3, 4, 7 & 8) are associated with the US.  AGs 5 & 6 lie in Bali, Indonesia, and Australia respectively.  AG9 lies very close to the South Pole, where it is difficult to represent on a global flat map.  The final AG10 is near Baghdad in Iraq and close to SG10 & CS10.  There is also an AzurA grid centre point, known as the Arc Planetary Seed Atom (APSA).  This is located in Andorra, on the border between France and Spain.

Trinity Grids

The Trinity Grids are an additional set of reinforcing grids.  These are Base 3, to facilitate access for people with code activation up to D3.  They can then continue building code activation for the next higher dimensions. 

The Trinity Star Gates (TSG) are illustrated by the yellow discs on the map above.  They are mostly spread across the lower half of the Northern hemisphere.  There are 4 additional Trinity Hub Grids (THG) for the important D3, D6, D9 & D12 dimensions.  These ManU Hub centres control the other Trinity Star Gates.  They are indicated by the yellow dots with green outer rings.

Star Crystal Seals, Primary Vortices & Reuche Pillars

Star Crystal Seals (White Dots), Primary Vortices (Purple V ) & Reuche Pillars (Pink Dots)

Star Crystal Seals (SCS) correspond to the equivalent SCS seals separating our chakras along our central vertical column.  The equivalent 15 planetary seals are illustrated by the white dots on the map above. 

The 7 planetary Primary Vortices (PV) are illustrated by the inverted purple triangles.

Reuche Pillars (RP) corresponding to the 12 dimensional centres plus the 13th centre pillar in the Reuche symbol, are illustrated by pink dots.  These grids are mostly in central latitudes. 

All Amenti Grid Sites are brought together for cross referencing in the map below.

All Amenti Grid Sites

Tandem (“Sextant”) Grids

Tandem or Sextant Grids are intruder grids that have been overlaid on the planetary grids.  These are illustrated in the map below.

The original planetary grids are carried in underground crystal caverns and crystal beds underlying major grid sites.  Higher dimensional energies are drawn into these crystal structures and stored there, for distribution through the associated grid lines and planetary grid network.  Most intrusions entail overlays on these grid structures, to harvest energies, recode them for other uses and in some cases to block their release.  There is much more information on this in E’Asha’s Voyagers II book.

There is a set of 7 Jehovian Seals aligned vertically along a Jehovian Seal Line located at 70⁰W longitude.  This is illustrated by the vertical red line running through East Canada and down the west coast of South America. It’s continuation on the back side of the planet is shown by the red line running through East Russia and China.  The 7 Seals are shown as red triangles.  They are correlated horizontally with some of the natural planetary Star Crystal Seals (SCS).

This Jehovian Seal Line (JSL) almost coincides with Axi-A Tonal line 7 running at 69.8⁰W, through SG7 at Lake Titicaca.  This JSL resonates with the equivalent Axiatonal Line 7 running vertically along the left side of our bodies.  The 7 Jehovian Seals similarly block energy flows in and afflict our bodies, until they are cleared.  This can sometimes be felt as tension in locations along the left side of our bodies.  Our bodies are born from and through the Earth.  They carry similar energy configurations and afflictions to the planet.  Our healing assists the planet, and it supports our healing. 

Tandem Grids

A Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC) implant was installed in the grid structures to implement a “Checkerboard Matrix” mutation for control of the planetary grid system.  This runs grid coding to switch on & off and selectively reverse portions of the grid system.  This correspondingly impacts our DNA, scrambling coding, inhibiting connection and free & open flow of consciousness and information through our bodies.  The primary access and control centre for the NDC Grid was in the grids under Stonehenge.  This grounded a transmission and control link from Nibiru.  This has been recoded with D12 frequency. 

The NDC Grid links to 24 Nibiruian Crystal Temple (NCT) Bases installed in primary grid sites.  NCT Bases 1 – 12 mostly overlay Star Gates and 13 – 24 mostly overlay Cue Sites.  These Bases are illustrated by the black squares in the map above.  This network serves as a control and transmission system for the NDC Grid, overlaid on the primary planetary grids.  These NCT Bases in turn link with lower level grid implants.  They run at lower frequencies from D11 down and can be overridden by frequencies from D12 up. 

There is a similar but separate set of implant grids running off the NDC Grid, known as the Michael Mary Turnstile (MMT) Matrix.  This is illustrated by the red diamonds in the map above.  This grid system has 11 MMT centres distributed across Canada, except for MMT3 in Lake Ontario NY.  There is a Michael Mary Hub (MMH) control centre for this grid in Nebraska US.  The influence of this grid system also runs across into northern Europe. 

As the original planetary grids suffered damage, networks of coded crystalline structures were installed underground to reinforce them.  These structures became known as Atlantian Pylon Implant Networks (APINs).  Many original APIN networks, as described in Voyagers II book, were positive and helped support the planetary grids.  However, many of these were raided over time, recoded and used to control and harvest the grids for intruder purposes.  Additionally new intruder APINs were also installed.  There has been a continual tug of war for control of these networks. 

Related harvesting structures have been installed as energetic wormholes in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Bermuda.  A Falcon Wormhole, related to the Falcon APIN, was activated in the past, at the intersection between Axi-A Tonal Line 7 (AL7) & the Jehovian Seal Line with Ley Line 3 (LL3), passing through SG3, Bermuda, and SG9 in Tibet.  An adjacent Phoenix Wormhole, related to the Phoenix APIN,  was opened more recently, during the Philadelphia Experiment (Phi-Ex) in 1943.  This wormhole lies vertically below the Falcon, close to the intersection of Ley Lines 4 (Giza) & 10 (Iran) with AL7. 

These worm holes are known as the Phi-Ex Wormholes (PXWH).  They are illustrated by the red wheels, with white dots, in the map above.  A badly damaged portion of our universal Time Matrix, going into terminal decay, is known as the Phantom Matrix.  Intruder forces use these wormholes to connect to this Phantom Matrix, in an attempt to feed it.  They cause energetic instability in the vicinity of Bermuda. 

There is an equivalent pair of Parallel Wormholes (PWH) in the Pacific Ocean, west of Mexico, again illustrated by red wheels with white dots.  These lie horizontally aligned, at the intersection of Parallel Ley Lines 4/10 and 3/9 with Axi-B Tonal Line 7.  This mirrors the configuration of the Phoenix Wormholes, for the parallel side. 

There’s another set of wormholes in the northern Pacific Ocean, west of US and Canada, known as the LA-estakh’i Triangulation.  These overlay Cue Site 12, Hawaii, and link to Gakona, Alaska, of HAARP fame, and Malibu, California.  There is a control wormhole in the centre of the triangulation.  This network is also illustrated by red wheels with white dots and with a triangle of red linking lines. 

There is a separate set of 4 Black Heart Sextant Seals (BHS).  These are spread between Central Europe, the Pacific, Brazil and Colombia, South America.  They are indicated by black wheels with white dots.  There is a Sextant Seed Atom (SSA), indicated by a black diamond with a white dot, installed over the ARC Grid Seed Atom (APSA) in Andorra, between Spain and France.  These relate to the Sextant mutation of natural breathing rhythms on the planet. 

Finally, for this set of grids, there is an Avalon Seal (AS) installed near Rennes le Chateau in southern France.  This region is famous for association with the ‘Da Vinci Code’ drama.  There’s a 666 Appolyon Seal (APS) overlaid on Star Crystal Seal 8, in the Atlantic Ocean off Western Sahara.  These are also indicated by black diamonds with white dots.

All of this presents significant challenge in 3D.  But attitude and knowledge can empower effective action.  Higher dimensional connections and energies can progressively overcome them.  Holding higher dimensional connection and consciousness, running frequency and progressing our own healing and evolution can be of tremendous benefit, not only to ourselves, but also to the planet and the life forms it supports.  Such healing and stability hold open the door of opportunity.  All creation dramas and associated fatalism, victim mentality and so on eventually come to an end, as all is drawn back to Source, one way or another.   


All the grid sites and lines mentioned above are summarised, for cross referencing, in the map below.  This is overwhelming!  Also, detail and annotation is overlaid.  It’s better to deal with and correlate the specific layers of interest.  A version of the map without the Cue Site lines is provided at the head of this article.     

Amenti + Tandem Grids