Planet Alignments – Mid 2020

As we approach the planetary Electrical Merkaba peak (HetharO) in late May 2020, we are in a period of significant and intense planetary alignments.  These are illustrated in the first diagram over.  The upper portion of the diagram is a map of the solar system, showing the layout of the planets on 3rd June 2020.  This is when our nearest neighbour, Venus, makes the closest approach of any planet to earth, as it passes between earth and the sun.  Venus can be seen in the sky, as a bright object near the sun, just after sunset.  There is a particular relationship between earth and Venus, where their alignments form a pentagram, as illustrated in the third diagram.  This is discussed in more detail elsewhere, as the Venus Pentagonal Alignment (VPA). 

It is significant when these VPA alignments coincide with planetary Merkaba peaks.  This occurs in 8 yearly cycles, near electrical peaks in late May and magnetic peaks in mid-August.  Relevant dates are indicated around the third diagram.  We’re approaching one of these peaks in late May – early June, as illustrated by the blue arrow in the first diagram.  This is the same configuration that arose 8 years ago, around May 2012, as similarly illustrated in the second diagram.

Planetary Alignments

There are other planetary alignments present that are influencing the situation.  In the first diagram, we can see there are another 4 planets in close alignment – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto in the Capricorn zodiac or sector of the sky.  The upper portions of diagrams 1 & 2 show the physical layouts of the planets.  Distances for the inner planets are dwarfed, in relation to those for the outer planets.  So, the inner distances are increased threefold, to spread out those planets, for greater visibility.  We get a better indication of the angular alignments on the lower portions of diagrams 1 & 2.  Here the planets are shown in their correct angular positions, but at the same distance from the sun, for easier comparison. 

In early June 2020, we can see that Mars is in close alignment with Saturn, i.e. 1 degree apart.  Saturn is also in close alignment with Pluto, within 4 degrees.  There is further alignment of all 3 with Jupiter, which lies about 4 degrees away from Pluto and 9 from Mars.  Generally, alignments within 8 degrees are significant.  The Mars – Saturn – Pluto alignment is particularly significant.  Each of these planets carries dimensional connection, as centres or (PSG) stargates within the solar system.  The dimensional connections are: 4 – Mars, 7 – Saturn and 10 – Pluto. 

Here we have the 4 – 7 – 10 dimensional sequence, which is known to be problematic and challenging.  For example, it’s recommended to avoid it in grid work.  The reason for this is illustrated in the fourth diagram.  This diagram illustrates the formation of Krystal (blue) and Fibonacci (red) Spirals, within the framework of dimensional structure, represented by a Kathara Grid (KG).  The Fibonacci Spiral runs up the 4 – 7 – 10 side of the KG, afflicting related centres, as illustrated in red.  This is discussed in greater detail in other documentation.  The 4 – Mars & 7 – Saturn alignment was also present in late May 2012.  But the presence now is more powerful, with the inclusion of 10 – Pluto and the close proximity of 6 – Jupiter. 

So, we have powerful coincidence of events cresting between now and the second week of June:

  • HetharO Merkaba peak in late May, probably peaking on Thursday, 28th
  • Mars – Saturn – Pluto alignment peaking on Monday, 1st
  • Venus – Earth VPA peaking on Wednesday, 3rd
  • Full Moon, i.e. Sun – Venus – Earth – Moon, all aligned in that sequence, plus a partial lunar eclipse on Friday, 5th

The effects generally impact for some time either side of the peaks, often with a slow intense lead in and a more rapid tailing off afterwards.  Both Venus and Mars will have moved on by mid-June and the alignments won’t be so focused or intense thereafter.  The Saturn – Pluto alignment is more long term, lasting through 2020, with Jupiter nearby most of the year.


Energetically, we’re in an intense, challenging and interesting time.  This is coming to a peak and will hopefully start abating, as we get to the other side.  It can also be a time for shifting and change.  The configurations aren’t necessarily “bad” but can present significant challenges.  It’s a bit like weather.  Knowing in advance can help to ride any storms.  These situations provide wonderful opportunities for practicing mastery!  It’s a time for centeredness, stability, responsibility, holding presence, anchoring frequency and bringing our best Selves to the table.  There’s always a space above the storm clouds and darkness, where the sun shines stably and equally for and on all.  We can find that space and ground some of that Presence.  May we be with Source, in whatever way is meaningful for us, and Source be with us all!

Polarity in Conflict

It’s very interesting to look at the role and operation of the foundational ManU – ManA – EirA polarities in our grid conflicts.  The organisation of dimensional polarities in our universe is illustrated in the attached diagram.  Here we can see that dimensions 3, 6, 9 & 12 are associated with the primary ManU state, in the blue pillar in the diagram.  This is the omni-polar neutral ante-matter state that transcends polarity.  It both sources and resolves the downstream ManA and EirA polarities.  ManA dimensions 2, 5, 8 & 11, in the yellow pillar, are associated with the electrical, anti-matter, male polarity.  EirA dimensions 1, 4, 7 & 10, in the violet pillar, are associated with the corresponding magnetic, matter, female polarity. 

The original conflict that damaged our universe, during the Lyran Wars, arose in dimensions 11 and 10.  The Annu-Elohim in D11 came in conflict with the Annu-Seraphim in D10, at the head of the ManA and EirA pillars respectively.  The conflict progressed, where dimensional mechanics were exploited to draw incoming energies from, what was regarded as Inner Core Sun D8, down to combine with Outer Sun D5.  This was then used to divert energy from the Krystal Spiral (blue), as it passed through D5.  This was then sent up the EirA side of the Kathara Grid, as a reversed D13 Fibonacci Spiral (red).  This Fibonacci Spiral targeted D12.  It separated the lower dimensions from D12 and the higher connections held from there.  It also afflicted the EirA side of the Kathara Grid (KG), particularly dimensions 4, 7 & 10.  This damaged dimensional framework is represented by the Tree of Life grid. 

The dimensional breaks were subsequently repaired.  But we still have a situation, where, while a degree of connection has been restored with D12 and higher levels, significant damage and effects still remain from the original Lyran and subsequent wars.

It’s interesting to note that a lot of the aggression and conflict in the various wars arose on the ManA pillar.  We had a lot of the Lyran war activity associated with D11.  We had the Gaian – Orion wars in D8.  These were ferocious and damaging to the point of mutually assured destruction (MAD) and are memorialised in the Star Wars films.  We then had the more immediate Taran wars in D5.  There were falls or dimensional fragmentation associated with all of these. Subsequent wars and associated falls played out at all levels, e.g. the Electric Wars within our solar system, with destruction of D5 – Maldak, damage to D4 – Mars, etc., Lemurian – Atlantean wars on D3 – Earth and so on.  In general, we have a significant abuse of the ManA energies, in aggression.

Conflict in general and particularly between the ManA and EirA polarities in our local universe lies at the root of a lot of the issues we are dealing with here.  A certain amount of conflict is inherent in polarity and, within bounds, can be constructive and creative.  It is when conflict loops back on itself, to create vicious circles of locked polarity, where the natural processes of resolution break down. 

ManU Importance

The saving grace in this situation is the ManU omni-polar state.  In the KG diagram, we can see that ManU stands apart from the more troubled pillars and dimensions and holds secure connection to D12 and original natural order.  It holds the potential and capacity for resolution. 

It additionally holds connection to the natural D13.  This is important.  D13 holds the central pillar in the Reuche pillar structure, as illustrated more clearly in the center of the Reuche code.  This in turn carries the Eternal Flame of ManU energy from the center of the Cosmic Kristos Seed Atom, close to Source.  This is also known as the Amoraea Flame, or the Eternal Flame of Divine Love.  Amor is Love.  The ManU sequence of dimensional connections (12 – 9 – 6 – 3) is also known as the Amoraea Passage.  This has always been an important route into and out of our local universe.

Also, D12 & D13 connect directly to the core of the Ecka and Eckasha structures that hold our local universe and connect to higher levels in the God Worlds and cosmic structure.  We additionally have the Arc of the Covenant passage linking D3 – Earth to D9 – Andromeda, for security of the Amenti codes and frequencies.  The Krystal Spiral uses the ManU pillar for most of its passage through the KG.  There is real connection and power available to us here.  ManU Omni-Love is powerful, tough, where necessary, but tending to draw, what can be resolved, home directly. 

Polarities are highly intertwined.  We carry all the polarities.  They work out around us and through us, in various situations and circumstances.  For example, ManU is similar to a parent energy, in relation to its ManA / EirA children.  We can be both a child in relation to our parents and a parent in relation to our own children.  Females and males carry both EirA and ManA energies, alternating up through dimensional structure.  Familiarity with polarity dynamics can help us navigate the complexities of life in a universe riven by extremes of polarity.  There is so much opportunity for experience and learning here.