Caribbean Grids

We can follow the grid lines already discussed in the Caribbean region, as illustrated in the diagram above.  Here we have the complementary meridian for the Easter Island – Giza set of grids in white and the major grid line from Svalbard in blue.  These cross over in the Dominican Republic.  We have another significant grid line running through this region – the Jehovian Seal Line (JS Line) at 70°W shown in orange with the Jehovian Seal sites represented by the red triangles. 

The Jehovian Seal (JS) Line crosses the Easter Island – Giza grid meridian exactly in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.  The Svalbard grid line crosses nearby.  This represents a powerful confluence of such grid lines in this region. 

The JS Line runs south from there right through the center of Aruba.  The line goes ashore in Venezuela and passes through the JS6 seal site, called Great Earthquake, a bit inland. 

To the east of the confluence of the grid lines in the Dominican Republic we have the major ionospheric heater facility in the Caribbean, located at Arecibo in western Puerto Rico.  This is illustrated by the red diamond in the diagram above.  This facility is relatively close to the grid intersection point in the Dominican Republic and lies within its sphere of influence. 

A wider perspective on the grid alignments in the Caribbean region is provided in the diagram above.  The grid meridian running from Giza through northern Norway to Alaska is shown in white along the top edge of the globe.  This has relationship with the Eiscat and Haarp heater facilities.  The blue grid line from Svalbard additionally links the Svalbard heater facility through the Caribbean region to the Peruvian ionospheric heater facility at Jicamarca to the south.

The Peruvian facility is very accurately aligned with this Svalbard grid line as illustrated in the following diagram.  Ironically it is called SuperDARN! 

There is also a heating facility near the JS Line at Millstone Hill in northern Massachusetts, USA.

If we look at the eastern side of the planet we find that there is an ionospheric heating facility in China approximately aligned with the Svalbard grid line.  This is illustrated to the right in the diagram below. 

There are other facilities in Russia and India that are not so aligned with these grid lines.  However, it is disconcerting to see the degree to which facilities do align with the grids in the other diagrams.  It could suggest a degree of interfacing with old planetary grid networks. 

It is interesting to note that Bali is roughly antipodal to Aruba and the Caribbean.  The Bali region is shown in the diagram below.  Here we have the same set of grid lines converging to a point that is opposite the confluence point in the Dominican Republic.  The configuration is upside down in this case, as it is on the opposite side of the planet and of the equator.  In this case Bali isn’t exactly on any of the grid lines but is close to the Easter Island – Giza meridian line in white. 


We can summarise briefly as follows:

  • The original “Mirror in the Sky” grid connections at Svalbard aren’t accurate due to mapping difficulties. The connections believed to have been there with Norway and Andorra don’t exist at a planetary level.
  • There are other grid connections at Svalbard, but they relate to what appear to be an older set of planetary grids.
  • There is a very powerful grid line running from Easter Island through Giza, Egypt and around the globe. This aligns with many pre-historic sites and old centers of civilisation from Peru through Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and Cambodia.  This grid line is known about in many systems.
  • Primary meridians can be erected from this grid line to a grid pole in Alaska. The primary meridian through Giza passes through northern Norway and by Svalbard.
  • There is a significant degree of correspondence between the Al-Hum-Bhra Cathedral Network sites and this Easter Island – Giza set of grid lines, which may or may not be noteworthy.
  • Unfortunately, there is also a degree of correspondence between this Easter Island – Giza set of grid lines and ionospheric heating facilities, such as Haarp, that is more noteworthy.
  • Ionospheric heaters are agents of influence on the planetary plasma field in the ionosphere. Plasma is a fourth, excited and very volatile state of matter.  The ionosphere in conjunction with the earth’s magnetic field plays a key role in mediating the interface between the sun and earth.  As such it helps shield the planet from excessive radiation and helps regulate weather patterns in the lower atmosphere and ocean currents.  It also serves as a mirror in the sky to bounce radio waves around the planet for communication purposes. 
  • Ionospheric heaters can be used to influence the planetary ionosphere and thereby influence everything that depends on it. Their exact function is a matter for conjecture.  They can be used to enhance communications and presumably to influence weather.  They can also be used to reflect and focus energy beams onto the surface of the planet and underground. 
  • The alignments with these grid lines can indicate a potential interface with surface planetary grid networks.
  • There is a significant grid connection point for these grids in the Dominican Republic. They interface here with the Jehovian Seal Line and with a grid line running from Svalbard through Peru.  The major ionospheric heating facility in the Caribbean is located east of this connection point, at Arecibo in western Puerto Rico and within its sphere of influence. 
  • The Jehovian Seal Line runs from there south through Aruba. This represents a significant potential vulnerability for Aruba.  Effectively it is plugged into these grids.  There may be no consequences from this.  However, it is wise to be aware of the vulnerability, to be protected while there and be prepared for any contingencies. 

For previous sections please refer to:  Planetary Alignments 2014,  Easter Island – Giza Grids  or  Plasma Planetary. 


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