The Shield has been through a lot in the past year. I experienced a lot of perplexity, confusion and questioning in the aftermath of the May 2012 workshop and subsequent events. Also, dismay at seeing yet another Shield split unfold. Obviously, there are still lessons to be learned and things to be healed. In working through the various issues arising what I found most helpful was being out and about in the world and meeting and interacting with ordinary people. There was a stability, normalcy and groundedness that I found immensely healing and supportive. It was people who were healing me.

Likewise, I also found being out in nature and having special spots to connect with nature and the earth very supportive and healing. It was both humbling and wonderfully liberating to realise that the earth grids were healing me and are healing us in addition to us helping to heal them. There is a mutuality with the grids and with people around us. Our interactions are more of a sharing where we receive as much if not more than we give. It is openness and communication or interaction that allow for a sharing that enriches all.

This illustrates the importance of being grounded in our lives, in our bodies, in our environment, etc. Having our feet firmly planted on the ground provides a stability to reach for the stars. There is a beautiful illustration of this concept in the Kathara Grid. Kathara Center 1 carries the coding for our physical bodies, for our elemental / matter base. Kathara Center 1 in each of our personal Kathara Grids lies at the core of the earth. We each share this intimate point of connection with the earth.

This connection is further mirrored in that the dimensional 1 material substance of our bodies also comes from the earth. We borrow the material ingredients for our bodies from the earth. The carbon, iron, etc. in our bodies comes from the earth, the oxygen we use comes from the earth’s atmosphere, the water from its rivers and oceans, etc. Earth provides the material ingredients and we provide the template / recipe to co-create a body to host our presence here. When we are done here we return the borrowed ingredients to the earth. We are privileged to share this very intimate and immediate connection with the earth that hosts us. It is illustrated in the Kathara Center 1 connections and also in the Chakra 13 connection to earth core. It is also a connection that we share with one another.

Kathara Centers 1 & 12 are important in that both anchor the extremities of our central vertical column and presumably serve to stabilise it. Our vertical connection reaches down to 1 as well as upwards. We need to get it all connected to avoid dissociation. Just as all the keys on a piano or all the notes on a musical scale have their value and role to play, all the dimensions and Kathara Centers serve a purpose when working together in harmony.

Our spiritual conditioning down the ages can lead us to undervalue our bodies and lives, e.g. ‘sins of the flesh, etc.’, in favour of escaping to higher dimensions. This undervaluing of our physical reality can weaken our ground connection. We can fail to realise that our bodies represent a pinnacle in creation and provide unique opportunities for learning, experience and resolution. We have a very intimate connection with Source in the here and now of our physical existence in the form of the pure awareness or consciousness that lives in us and looks out through our physical eyes, etc.

Another subtle way we can weaken our ground connection is by putting ourselves or allowing ourselves be put up on a pedestal. This for example has been done down the ages with Jesheua and many other spiritual leaders. Put them up on a pedestal such that the living connection is weakened. We can also do this to ourselves to a degree by regarding ourselves as special, as having special contracts, as being apart, etc. Depending on how this is handled it can lead to a certain elitism that can be separative. It can be a subtle form of disempowerment. It is of course very gratifying to be put up on a pedestal. We all enjoy the thrill and it is something we have all done. But there is a significant price to be paid over time. Feet on the ground is a more powerful, useful and stable posture.

There is a very useful analogy here with electricity. Electricity can only flow out from a source when it can complete a loop all the way round its circuit. If there is a break or weakness anywhere in the loop it will impede the flow of current for the whole loop. In order to be able to run Source currents effectively we need to be able to ground them. We need to hold good connections at every level, including the physical level. So, allowing our ground connection to weaken can be a subtle but very effective form of disempowerment. Again, in the electrical analogy grounding is important. If electrical equipment isn’t grounded properly this can lead to static, noise or unstable operation.

In terms of being special, one of the most special thing in our lives is to hold our core Source connection. When we hold this, we don’t need to be special in an outer sense. We are all unique expressions of Source. We are all building our own stories from diverse vantage points. Each of these builds, enriches and completes the great story of creation in a unique and valuable way. The diversity in our stories is valuable and sharing this enriches us all and the whole. Within reason we can respect the value of diversity, as in unity through diversity, and embrace it in an expansive and open way. Or we can regard it as a threat and try to avoid it in ways that can become isolating and contracting.

We can find the real value in a good ground connection when storms blow. There is much value in the ordinary circumstances of our lives and we can receive help in many unexpected ways. Sharing and reaching out can help with a lot of what has come up for healing in the Shield in recent times. Just a few thoughts that have gone on a bit longer than intended.