Busy in our everyday lives, we still find time to raise our eyes to the stars and wonder at the magnificence and meaning of creation and at our roles, value and purpose within it.  We don’t get instruction manuals on Life at birth.  We learn about life by living it.  It is a participatory experience of interaction and creative exploration, where we learn from what life reflects back to us. 

There is much learning, both individually and collectively, and we all learn from the pool of shared experience.  We all contribute to this pool, from individual perspectives, and draw from it to broaden and deepen our relationship with life, our own lives and the greater Life we all share.     

This is a time of great intensity and change – not only a Turning of Ages but also potential opening to the larger realities of higher worlds.  It is a time that challenges and stretches our perception, to envision new futures and in doing so to create them.

The articles in this website draw from our shared learning and explore frontier perspectives, as a contribution to the pool.  Needless to say, this is a work in progress.  Focus is on principles more than details or personalities.  There is no claim to authority.  The material stands on its own merits.  Please form your own assessments.       

This builds on work from other sources, particularly Keylontic Science (KS).  KS is a valuable body of work translated by E’Asha Ashayana from ancient records and Eieyani sources.  This is gratefully acknowledged.  There is great gratitude to the Speaker Team – E’Asha, ASaN Deane & Maryanne Callaway and to supporting teams and all who have facilitated this knowledge.  We all have much to share and support each other on this Pilgrim’s Progress through earthly life. 

Noel Tobin.