Krystal Spiral in God Worlds

We can trace the Krystal Spiral progression through the Veca Universe structure as shown in the diagram over.  The inner Ecka and encompassing Eckasha share a common center.  A Krystal Spiral can evolve from this common center firstly out through the Ecka grid.  It passes out through the 5, 6, 9 and 12 centers of the Ecka Kathara Grid.  It emerges from the Ecka 12 center and continues expanding out through the Veca quadrants as indicated by the green spiral in the diagram.  It passes out through Eckasha centers 7, 4 and 1.  That completes its journey within the Eckasha world.  This corresponds to the EtorA spiral.

On a similar basis we can trace the matching AdorA spiral as shown by the green dashed spiral in the diagram over.  This passes through the PCM Veca quadrant center 9 and AzurA point and out through Eckasha centers 7, 10 and 12.  The alignments with the various lock seals and Kathara centers is exact.

Speaker 1 has detailed in the Dance for Life materials that the Ecka comprises two Kathara Grids over laid on each other and comprising a total of 24 Ecka centers.  We can surmise that there are a further two spirals associated with this second Ecka grid.  If this grid is rotated 180° relative to the uppermost visible grid then the second set of spirals derived from it will fill out the left side of the Eckasha grid as shown by the blue spiral set in the diagram over.  This gives a symmetrical set of spirals spanning the Eckasha / Veca universe.

Here we see clearly that the set of spirals frames the inner Ecka.  The exact same configuration frames the Eckasha in an expanded and rotated form further out.  This neatly illustrates the spiral structure inherent in the Eckasha / Veca universe.  The Krystal Spiral aligns exactly with the geometry of this structure.

Now the Ecka spirals expand out through the AzurA points in each Veca quadrant.  In the PCM density quadrant (pink)  the Krystal spiral is shown expanding out from the AzurA point for that quadrant.  This is the pink spiral in the diagram above. 

We can also draw a similar spiral for the PkA density quadrant as shown again in pink in the diagram over.  In this case the spiral undergoes a mirror reflection in the Ecka axis just like the Kathara grid for the quadrant itself.  We can see that the spiral for one quadrant passes through the AzurA of the parallel quadrant effectively linking the AzurA points between the quadrants.  We can draw similar spirals for the AdorA side and for the primal quadrants. 

We can extend this process up through the God Worlds.  At the next level up in the Eckasha-A worlds the Ecka spirals are illustrated as they expand out through the quadrants and the Eckasha-A.  The pattern is identical to that for the Eckasha level illustrated in the diagrams above.  Again we see that spirals expand out through the AzurA / Ecka centers of each Eckasha quadrant.  Here they can spark / birth the set of spirals for that Ecka – Veca – Eckasha universe.  This set is illustrated for one Eckasha as the red spiral set in the diagram over.  Similar sets would arise in each of the other Eckashas, but are omitted to avoid cluttering the diagram.  This illustrates how the spirals can cascade down through the structures of the God Worlds from one level to the next. 

The same process repeats all the way up to the top or core level of the God Worlds.  This is illustrated in the diagram over, where the spirals are shown in violet. 

So we can see how the Krystal spiral and God World geometries are in exact alignment.  The Krystal spirals can expand out through the God Worlds from the core to the periphery.  We can also see how they cascade down through the structures from one level to the next all the way down to our local Veca universe and PCM quadrant.  All are in magnificent harmony and alignment. 

Additionally we can see what grid centers align along spiral flows.  Going back to the fifth diagram above we see that Kathara centers 5 and 8 are important spiral crossover points.  Also centers 9 on the density side and 15 on the primal side are crucial with a lot of spiral traffic.  These coincide with Eckasha centers 5 and 8 for the PCM and PkA sides respectively.  The only Eckasha centers not traversed by spirals are 2 and 11.  I’m sure there are other points of note. 

So the God World expansion and differentiation from one level to the next are in Krystal spiral alignment.  The Krystal spiral flows can propagate all the way out from the core and down through the structures and back again.