Shield Integrity


There is a rare but wonderful human story from the horrors of World War I – the 1914 Christmas Truce.  By that stage the conflict had settled into a war of attrition between armies heavily dug into muddy trenches and surviving under dreadful conditions.  On Christmas Eve 1914 Christmas carols could be heard coming from the opposing trenches and little fir trees began to appear.  Some soldiers lifted their heads above the parapet and when they saw those on the other side doing the same they slowly came out into no man’s land and started to mingle.  Before long there was an informal truce in place.  Soldiers from both sides spontaneously came together to celebrate Christmas. 

They started to exchange greetings, sing songs, share what food they had, discuss families and view photos.  When somebody found a football, games were organised.  They even played football with tin cans.  In other words they were doing what normal human beings would do.  As one British soldier recounted – “No man’s land became everyman’s land.”  Another British solder described – “It was then we discovered that those on the ‘other’ side were not the savage barbarians we’d been told.  They were like us.  Why were we led to believe otherwise?”  A French soldier wrote a fervent wish from his trench – “Maybe one day in this part of Artois region, they will erect a monument to commemorate this surge of brotherly feeling among men who hated war and who were forced to kill each other against their will.”

In some cases the truce and informal interaction continued for a time after Christmas.  One Scottish regiment apparently spent so much time drinking tea and playing football with the Germans that they were no longer considered fit for war and were sent home.  They were considered ‘contaminated’.  In another incident a colonel was visiting on the German side and a bombardment had to be organised.  The local soldiers passed the word across to the other side to keep their heads down, but that when the colonel was gone it would be over and they would meet for drinks as usual that evening.  Some soldiers exchanged addresses to meet up after the war.

When noticed this human interaction was swiftly suppressed by the higher commands on both sides.  It did not suit the purposes nor exigencies of war. 

This episode tells us a lot about the nature of conflict and of enmity.  It isn’t natural for humans to be enemies.  The real enemy aren’t those looking out from the trenches on the other side.  The more substantial enemy are the forces that divide humanity, the influences that engender conflict.  The real enemy is enmity itself.

Divide & Conquer 

Humanity has been subject to divide and conquer tactics repeatedly down the ages.  This follows a well-developed formula.  It is repeated again and again because it works almost every time.  A divisive cause or grievance is raised.  Whether this is real or not doesn’t matter greatly.  What matters is the use that’s made of it.  The issue is used to divide people generating ‘in’ groups and ‘out’ groups.  There are a number of stages of division / alienation:

  • There is a Branding process of defining and reinforcing boundaries between groups.  Branding is a legitimate business activity for identifying and selling products and services, like clothes, shampoo and airlines.  However it’s generally not good to brand people.  A person as a living being is adaptable and is capable of a wide range of behaviour.  An integrated person holds some degree of connection across multiple dimensions and can’t be put in a box easily.  Colour for example plays a very important part as an identifier in branding.  Many people however cannot be defined by a single colour.  They are rainbow wearers.  They integrate all colour and can be whatever colour is needed in a particular situation or for a given time.
  • Dehumanisation to de-sensitise people and justify certain behaviours towards targets.
  • Demonization of others. This is often used as much to generate cohesion and loyalty within an ‘in’ group as it is to justify attitudes towards and treatment of an ‘out’ group. 
  • Scapegoating involves a process of projecting issues and problems onto others and then attempting to get rid of the problems by shunning and ejecting the targets.  It is basically a process of projecting unresolved shadow.

It is good to be aware of the ways of the world to avoid being manipulated as far as possible.  It is particularly useful to beware of dehumanising influences no matter how exalted.  Humanity is generally good and can only be induced to deal harshly with or abuse others by invoking higher causes such as patriotism, religion, saving the nation, saving souls or the world.  It is the real world outcome, the effect, which matters more than the cause or claims for it.  Our humanity is very precious and is rarely worth sacrificing for a cause.  How we treat people says more about us than it does about others.

When a split arises in any group it’s generally necessary to look well beyond the immediate circumstances and participants to understand what is really going on.  All splits ultimately go back to some fundamental splits that have arisen in creation.  It’s worthwhile looking briefly at some of these.


Archon influence is described in traditional Gnostic literature.  There are some excellent video presentations on this subject on the internet.  It is also described in a lot of detail in books by various authors.  Only a brief summary can be attempted here.  The term Archon was traditionally associated with governors or magistrates in ancient Greece. 

Gnostic teaching describes great streams of consciousness projecting creation from Source out into expression or manifestation.  One of these creative streams, described as Sophia, so loved her creation that she projected fully into her streams of creation in the fields of separation.  Sophia and Christos are regarded as twins holding female – male polarity for each other.  Sophia being powerfully creative continued creating profusely out in the fields of creation.  However this creation became somewhat unbalanced.  The creative activity was too powerful for the level of separation from Source and the Source connection wasn’t sufficiently secure.  Also there was insufficient female – male polarity balance.  This imbalance led to a certain degree of chaos in cosmos or creation.

In simple terms, Sophia could be regarded as Mother Nature in its pure Source connected form.  Creation allows for exploration, mistakes, re-adjustment and learning.  Mistakes aren’t a problem when they are dealt with.  In this case the imbalance closed back on itself and progressively compounded both the lack of balance and the isolation.  The creation and consciousness embedded in the situation took on a life of its own increasingly isolated from Source integrity.  The complementary Christos consciousness and influence is needed to restore balance and to heal this situation. 

Chaos propagated profusely in this part of creation.  The high level consciousness remaining within this creation saw themselves as creating everything within the fields below them.  They were largely unaware of their Source connection.  They regarded themselves as Lords of Creation and became the autonomous Creator Gods. 

They see themselves as imposing order on the chaos around them.  They regard control as extremely important.  Ironically control can grow out of control and defeat its very purpose.   We see this when an over bearing parent smothers a child, who will try to escape the parent’s influence as quickly as possible.  This desire for control leads to authoritarian attitudes, structures and to hierarchy.  Any challenge to these structures is vigorously and aggressively dealt with. 

There is a failure to recognise Source connection throughout creation and the inherent intelligence and natural organic order this carries.  The regimentation of creation ultimately leads to artificial structures in an increasingly inorganic creation.  This artificial creation has spawned its own levels of spirit up to very high dimensions in addition to inorganic physical realities.  It is in this context that we need to check how direct our Source connections are.

We can see these themes and issues playing out in our everyday lives in the world around us.  Science as presently structured confines itself to tangible reality.  It fails to recognise larger more subtle realities, connections to these and the influences and intelligence that flow from them.  Order is viewed as arising haphazardly over long periods of time.  There tends to be a view that nature is unintelligent and chaotic and that we need to impose order on it.  This leads to direct and aggressive interventions in medicine for example with drugs, chemicals and radiation.  There is little allowance for more natural organic processes that work with the intelligence and life force inherent in everything. 

Religion has brought a lot of authoritarian structures and dogmatic views to the field of spirit.  Religion and science could be regarded as operating from similar mind sets and being sides of the same coin.

There has been a profusion of technology in recent times.  This has been a boon as we need some of this to compensate for conditions here.  However, a lot of the technology is inorganic in nature and is very much aligned with the archontic mind set and influence.  We need to be careful that it doesn’t override our organic nature and spirit connections.  Electronic technology for example is very horizontal or confined to the physical level.  It is beginning to interact with and in some cases override our biology and the more subtle natural / vertical connections it holds. 

Transhumanism for example envisages augmentation of human physical, intellectual and sensory capabilities with implants, chips, sensors, artificial intelligence and networking.  Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly.  Artificial intelligence could become the intelligence of other influences that gradually over rides our natural intelligence.  We need to nurture our natural Source connections and spiritual maturity to cope with these influences in an empowered way.

Fall of Lyra

The other fundamental split was the Fall of Lyra.  This appears to parallel the Archontic creation, but is more specific to our local universe.  This is described in many traditions.  Ash has provided a wonderfully detailed and cogent description of this.  There is immense gratitude to the Eieyani, Ash and the ground Team for this information. 

In this case conflict began to propagate among sections of the Elohim and Seraphim races in dimensions 11 & 10 of our universe.  This needn’t have been a problem as such.  However the influence began to recycle through the gene pool in a process described as code convolution.  This led to an unnatural concentration of aggression in sections of these race lines known as the Anu-Elohim and Anu-Seraphim.  Extensive warring ensued.  The Anu-Elohim blamed the Anu-Seraphim for the problems and sought permission from the Founder Races in the Primal Light fields to exterminate them.  When this permission was denied they decided to take the law into their own hands. 

They attacked and destroyed the dimension 12 (D12) doorway into our universe to prevent the Founder Races from intervening and went after the Anu-Seraphim.  This had disastrous consequences.  Not only were the Founder Races cut off, but our universe was isolated from everything above that level.  In particular it lost a direct and important Source connection.  So we had an isolated pocket of creation leading to unnatural and inorganic propagation.

The warring continued down through the levels in our universe.  New race lines were also propagated down the dimensions.  The Anu-Elohim generated the Anunnaki and the Anu-Seraphim the Draconian race lines.  These however lacked an organic connection to dimension 12 and beyond.  In particular they lacked direct Source connection.

Meanwhile the Founder Races succeeded in repairing the dimension 12 doorway.  The human race lines carrying full D12 and higher connection came in to help repair the damage and assist with healing where possible. Our collective history has been one of a three way engagement and often conflict between the three primary race lines present in our universe since then.  There has been a succession of wars and falls down through the dimensional levels – the Orion wars and fall in dimensions 8, the fall of Tara in dimension 5 and many wars and falls on Earth. 

There have been some victories and achievements.  But many of the fundamental issues are still present.  The all-important D12 connection has been lost and restored many times.  Again there are significant issues with inorganic creation, with beings and influences lacking direct Source connection.  In a universe and particularly on a planet somewhat cut off from the natural flows of creation resources are finite.  These become a major cause for contention and conflict.  There are tendencies towards conquest, domination, control and authoritarian structures.  There are also immense opportunities for healing, growth, learning and spiritual maturity.  It’s one heck of a class room!


The human race has endured quite a lot during its history in this universe.  It has been decimated again and again through divide and conquer tactics.  It has been resented as something of an intruder by the races already here.  In particular the D12 connection is resented by many, who don’t wish to avail of the healing opportunities provided.

Part of the mission here was for humans to mingle with existing races particularly those engaged in healing programs.  Many Anu in particular resented D12 frequencies.  Ash described in early workshops that when engaging in intimate relations they explained to humans that D12 frequency made them uncomfortable.  Would humans ever mind setting it aside for the sake of intimacy and in any case they didn’t need it!  Many humans being obligingly agreed to do this.  In the absence of D12 connection the Anu were on an equal footing with humans and were able to aggressively override the human gene code and its frequencies.  Before they realised what had happened many humans had lost their D12 connection and instead of being a solution were now becoming part of the problem.

One of the great human weaknesses has been a tendency to be naive.  There has often been an abundance of idealism and good will that fails to recognise or deal effectively with the realities of life in a troubled world.  There has been a very steep and hard learning curve.  The Anu in particular are probably the best teachers one could ask for.  They will find our innermost weaknesses and hand them to us on a plate. 

Integrity implies wholeness.  This in turn implies connection.  Our most important connection is our Source connection, held as directly as possible.  When we hold our Source connection as securely as possible through the levels of creation we are in a strong position to deal with life.  Secure Source connection also facilitates and manifests good connections with life around us.  Shunning activity and cutting off connections is a sign of inner fragmentation.  This contributes to group fragmentation and weakening of collective endeavour and the Shield. 

Balance is also important.  Imbalance has been a cause of many fundamental problems.  Balance is key to resolving polarity issues.

Despite the challenges and age old weariness there is still immense opportunity for growth, learning and bringing our best capabilities into the game.