Flow & Separation

I very much agree with the creation flows.  These are very important and go to the heart of a lot of issues.  I also totally agree that there is no separation from Source and this is fundamentally important also.  Yet we see a lot of separation in the world around us.  How can we make sense of this and cope with it effectively?

We can conceive of Source as the totality and unity of all that exists.  Source in its ground state is pure existence that is formless, infinitely united, integrated, unbounded, i.e. it isn’t limited by structure, time, etc.  We each have to work out our own conception, but a simple way to describe Source might be as total aliveness that is absolutely free.  This freedom includes the freedom to create structure and to explore its own nature from a vantage point in structure.  So creation isn’t about creating life – the life is already there in eternal existence.  It is more about creating structure through which life expresses and explores the realities and possibilities within the infinite nature of Source. 

The very act of creation entails a measure of separation within Source.  An element of consciousness or aliveness projects into structure.  This entails a degree of confinement, so that it is no longer infinitely expanded in the freedom nor infinitely integrated in the wholeness of Source.  There is an element of differentiation or of separation.  The consciousness in creation is still fully within Source and connected to Source.  So there is no separation from Source, but there is functional separation within creation and within Source. 

The Partiki Phasing process provides a good illustration of this process.  But many other structures can do likewise.  The Partiki Phasing process is a primal act of creation.  Here we can consider Source bringing focus to a point of attention and in doing so creating structure around that point.  This primal structure, represented symbolically by a ball, is non-polarised or omni polar in that it has the potential for polarisation.  It is referred to as the ManU phase or state.  It is also conditioned by the original thought or idea, which it carries as an encryption. 

This creation in its turn is also creative and the impulse projects to the next stage, where it duplicates.  This duplicate in turn polarises to project two oppositely polarised expressions of the original idea – the ManA and EirA phases.  These polarised expressions interact and in doing so weave the fabric and dynamism of creation. 

Having interacted the polarised expressions ideally then merge to resolve their polarities and release their consciousness back into the parent ManU phase.  This in turn dissolves the original separation, releases the consciousness into the full freedom and integrity of Source and dissolves the structure.  So the processes of creation are a continuous cycle, where the key element is flow.  Creation is all about flow.

So we can see that polarity and separation arise as natural elements in creation.  For example a battery without polarity is flat and won’t start the car.  Likewise creation wouldn’t be much fun nor so rich in diversity without the male / female polarity.  Women and men interact to create new life expressions as children.  It is natural and even necessary for a child to separate first physically from the mother and then progressively emotionally and in other ways from both parents as it matures to create a separate identity.  People are separate one from another.  The letters and words on these pages need to be separate from one another to make sense.  Boundaries are important for the smooth running of creation. 

Separation and polarity are phases where the intention is to flow into, through and out of them and back to Source in continuous cycles.  The problems arise when the flows get stuck and the cycles can’t complete.  The problem isn’t so much polarity nor separation in themselves but stuckness.  Stuck polarities lock up energies and consciousness and inhibit the free flow back to Source.  This lies at the heart of a lot of what we are trying to cope with in our lives.  It’s about freeing up stuck energies, moving through blockages and getting back into flow. 

The ManU space is all important for resolving polarities.  This is the space that polarities can return to after their mission in creation.  Here ideally they merge safely to resolve their polarity and release the life force and structures around it.  This would correspond to the natural process of ascension.

Where the structures are too damaged to resolve polarity and separation naturally there is another process where they can still go back to their parent ManU space.   There is a specific process of interaction or banging off each other as it were until they break the structures and release that way.  This is a process known as Cal fall.  It’s not ideal but at least the life force falls in place, is integrated through its ManU space and returns to Source from there. 

A further option is where stuck energies get siphoned off into another space to be used for other purposes before eventually returning to Source when those life forms in turn fall.  Everything returns to Source eventually.  But this latter process is the least desirable way of doing so.  The worst possible option of course would be to be stuck permanently in separation.  Fortunately this option isn’t allowed. 

In one of the very early Kathara 1 workshops Ashayana described a wonderful healing posture.  This entailed withdrawing sufficiently from an issue to hold a healing space and higher connection.  Then to draw the issue into the healing space and to hold both the issue and healing potential in the same space to allow for interaction. 

Engaged detachment or detached engagement is an important aspect of this.  When facing issues, polarisation, our world, etc. we can go through a process of firstly detaching from the situation.  Then we find our space and vertical connection as a stable platform to work from.  The final all important step is not to remain detached from the problem, but to engage it and draw it into the healing space to work with it. 

There can be a tendency to regard polarity, separation, etc. as not being ‘real’, as being an illusion, etc.  This is part of the process of detachment.  From a Source perspective we can regard everything in creation as an illusion.  However for our consciousness embedded in creation this isn’t very realistic nor effective.  We need to move on from detachment to engaged detachment and regard creation as real enough to take seriously and engage effectively with it. 

For example if we get a puncture while driving in our car, being detached or regarding it as an illusion isn’t much help.  Engaging the situation realistically changes the wheel, fixes the problem and gets things moving again.  Engaged detachment entails holding our vertical connection for support and to avoid getting submerged by situations and engaging our world realistically and effectively from there.  Admittedly it easy to talk about this in theory, but can often be messy in practice.      

There is a ManU space for everything, i.e. the omni-polar or non-polarised integrity from which it emerged.  There is a particular skill in holding that space, where polarised energies can come into relationship to facilitate whatever healing is possible.  It’s all about communication, interaction, facing / resolving issues, etc.  Lack of communication or dysfunctional communication equates to stuck energies and eventually stagnation.  A lack of realism can lead to irrelevance.  Communication is a key step to addressing blockages and getting things back into flow. 

That is why this discussion group is so important.  It is cultivating the middle ground and holding a space to facilitate communication.  It is cultivating the ManU space.  There is great credit and immense gratitude due to Chris, Paul and many others for seeing the need, holding the vision and working to develop it.  Well done!

There are of course significant issues to be faced.  Schisms have happened many times in the past, e.g. in Atlantean times, the Essene Divide, etc.  There obviously are lessons still to be learned and some outstanding issues.  Not everything can be healed as we might wish.  But there can be healing in ways that might surprise us.  While there is a need for positivity there is also a need for realism.  There is a certain amount of dislocation and trauma in the Shield at large and space is needed to work through some of this.  Many things are beyond our capacity to influence or are not our responsibility and we can only do our best.  But we can try to maximise whatever potential there is.