Consciousness vs. AI

Technology plays a large role in modern life, bringing benefits, but also raising some significant challenges and issues.  There’s good and lively discussion around this at present.  The greatest technology of all, however, is right under our noses, as creation mechanics.  Consciousness lies at the heart of this.  The interaction of such natural and artificial technologies is of fundamental importance.

It’s worthwhile to explore the nature of consciousness and of creation mechanics, insofar as we can, as a context for technology issues.  This is obviously a big and deep topic, with many possible perspectives, but we can try to bring some key aspects into focus in the following sections.  We also need a shift in consciousness to move things along.  As the great scientist Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

The world we live in is a projected reality.  We face many challenges within this world.  But we are also part of the creative process and can have more power to manage our destiny and shape outcomes than we may realise.  Consciousness is also evolving and provides new opportunity to deal with challenges.  Consciousness needs to stay ahead of the game.

This evolution carries power, but also responsibility for how we use power, in particular, the power of increasingly conscious attention and the power of projection.  There’s a balance to be achieved between being aware of problems, but actually energising solutions.  The way we apply attention to problems and issues can attract the very things we don’t want or, more significantly, fear, if we’re not careful. 

Discussion, arguments and so don’t necessarily change much.  But frequency can shift consciousness and consciousness can move the ground we’re standing on. 

Creation Mechanics

To understand the significance of consciousness, it’s worthwhile to briefly review creation mechanics, insofar as we can, at this time. 

When we look at creation and life within it, its most fundamental aspect is existence.  We can take away bits and pieces and the rest of creation remains.  But take away existence and that pulls the rug from under the whole lot.  Creation isn’t about universes coming into existence.  Existence is already there, in its pure unmanifest form.  It’s more a case of existence itself coming into expression, as creation, in all its manifest forms. 

We experience life in creation, by interacting consciously with the world around us.  The experience is drawn back through our senses into our conscious awareness.  This consciousness or aliveness, this capacity for presence, interaction and awareness, is the core of our existence.  Our personal aliveness or existence derives from the same existence that underlies all creation.  Our personal consciousness derives from the pure eternal consciousness that begets creation.  We normally conceive of this pure consciousness,  this foundational life field, as Source. 

Creation emerges within the universal life field of Source.  The pure consciousness of Source isn’t conditioned by creation.  There is no ‘where’ in Source; it’s not confined by location.  There is no ‘when’; it’s not limited by time.  There is no structure in Source; it’s free from separation.  Source doesn’t need structure nor attributes associated with it.  It is we who need structure, to hold separation within creation.  

Source is ineffable.  It is beyond form, definition, attributes, words, language or description.  Like Love, it is a living experience.  We come to know it progressively by living the reality.  Then there is no need for language or discussion.  Until then we have to feel out and explore the reality with the help of words and concepts, as best we can. 

Since there is no separation in Source, Source is intimately present, as Life, to all in creation.  The experience of separation is from our perspective within creation.  Source is equally present to all Time.  If it has a preferential relationship with a specific time, e.g. a moment of creation, then it would be conditioned by time and would no longer be a transcendent reality.  This means that, at a deeper level, creation is an ongoing activity, spanning an eternal now.  The perception of creation occurring in a distant past is a product of how our consciousness functions, at this level in creation. 

Our most meaningful relation with time is in the present.  We can regard the present as that portion of time, in which we are consciously aware.  It is where we hold direct conscious connection.  This is where we connect with Life, with Source, and with the flow of creation, into what we experience as objective reality in our world.  The past and future are where we store experiences that we cannot or choose not to process in our present living reality.

As we connect with progressively more expanded consciousness, we’re connecting with the Source of creation and with its flow into manifestation.  We become part of the creative process.   Essentially we are creators, creating our experiences in creation.  There is real power and responsibility in this.    

Our personal consciousness in the present derives from and ultimately holds connection to the pure consciousness of Source.  Consciousness, in its pure form, is a foundational or Absolute reality, that integrates and animates All.  Source is present to all in creation.  All in creation can potentially hold connection to Source.  This connection unifies all on an equal footing.  It potentially brings all into relationship with Source and thereby brings all into relationship with each other.  This is the essence of the Law of One.  It also underlies the lovely Indian salutation ‘Namaste’ – I bow to the divine in you.  

Separation obviously exists in creation.  Creation arises as an exploration in separation within Source.  We project ideas and constructs into separation.  We also project consciousness into these creations, to explore reality from perspectives in separation.  Creation still exists within the wholeness of Source, almost like a ‘virtual’ reality, a ‘what if’ or thought experiment.  It can be regarded as a sub or Relative reality within the Absolute reality of Source.  When we are focused within creation, it’s very real in its own terms.  We may regard aspects of creation, e.g. time or distance, as illusion or Maya.  But the consequences of actions within creation are very real. 

In the larger scheme of things, creation emerges continually, as a projection into separation and a balancing return to wholeness, within Source.  In simple terms, we can conceive that pure consciousness brings focus to a particular idea and in doing so creates structure around it.  The idea individuates, by way of seeing itself as separate, within Source.  This initiates a phasing process, into and out of polarity and interaction, illustrated in the following animation.

This process projects further, to create fundamental elements in creation.  There is a projection of life force that carries impetus or energy.  Some of this condenses to form substance or matter, in progressively more concrete and isolated forms down through levels in creation.

There is a projection into structure to hold the separation.  This manifests a framework of laws, to preserve order and integrity in creation and facilitate a return to wholeness in Source.  The fundamental law is that there is free will to explore possibilities, subject to the Law of Consequences.  Consequences support learning from experience and help avoid getting lost in separation. 

Very importantly, there is a projection of consciousness within these structures and  framework.  This carries the animation to enliven creation and the awareness to perceive within creation.  This consciousness also carries the intent for that particular experience within creation, as an ‘individual’ encryption that shapes the particular forms it uses, to suit its specific mission.  This is like the soul that shapes a body, through DNA and so on, to suit its purpose.

This creative process projects an objective reality within Source.   Here we can isolate ideas and life forms, as entities that are separate, one from another and from the wholeness of Source.  We can allow these to interact or ‘play’ in phenomenal reality, to explore possibilities.  We project consciousness into what we create, to experience reality from a perspective in separation.  Ideally, we also hold connection to pure consciousness and, at the end of the process, integrate all back into wholeness in Source.  Effectively, when done, we put our toys away!

What we project into creation is shaped by our conscious intention.  We project information that controls the flow of Life Force, to define the forms, and adapt structures, bodies and other such ‘objects’ to our needs.  This information is like an overlay grid, matrix or morphogenetic (shape giving) field that carries our specific encryptions or recipes for creation, at each level. 

We have the analogy of a film projector.  The projector itself and its associated screen provide the structure.  The information for the story is carried on the frames of film.  Here it is encoded by switching on or off the individual lines of tiny dots or pixels (of the 3 primary colors) that make up the frame.  Each frame carries a phase of the story.  The frames are run through the projector so fast that the motion between phases appears continuous.  They form a coherent dynamic reality.  The clear light in the projector shines through the frames projecting the story into dynamic objective reality on the screen.  This light corresponds with the stream of Life Force current being projected from consciousness. 

The same principles apply in a modern TV or any similar type screen.  The information fields are again held in (digital) frames that switch on or off the tiny display pixels.  These frames are run through the screen at a sufficiently high frequency, where the content appears continuous.  The light shining through or from the pixels project the pictures, where we see them.

We not only stage the dramas in creation.  We’re also the audience.  We interact with the projected realities, sensing and decoding them, through a reversal of the above process.  We bring them back to conscious awareness.  This completes the cycle of projection into and out of objective reality.  It also sets up the next cycle, for an ongoing stream of conscious interaction within creation. 

There is infinite possibility for projecting dramas and realities, depending on what we code into our projections.  Consciousness is the animator and director.  It’s also the great unifying principle behind the infinite diversity in creation. 

The wholeness of Source is present to each part in creation.  Each part carries the essence of the whole.  In other words, this is a holographic projection, i.e. the hologram of creation.

This situation is summarised in the first diagram above, at the top of the article.  There are various ways of illustrating this.  No diagram can be an accurate representation of a dynamic multi-dimensional reality.  However, diagrams can help illustrate core principles,  for greater insight.  As core principles are grasped, details can be filled in, around a more reliable framework of understanding and knowing. 

From the level of consciousness, we project realities into creation and interact with them, in our objective worlds.  We also bring the experience home to conscious awareness.  The process is cyclic.  We cycle through a sequence of present moments, corresponding to frames in a film.  It is this sequence of present moments that creates what we experience as time. 

Causality / Wheel of Karma

What we project into creation is bound by the Law of Consequence.  Consequences come back to us and enter into our now moments.  They also shape both what we are projecting into and what we perceive in creation.  This establishes a chain of cause and effect, a cycle of causality, that has a major impact on our experience in creation. 

This is also known as the Wheel of Karma and is illustrated by the revolving circle in the diagram above.  Positive effects feed back to us as good fortune.  Negative effects feed back into our lives as challenges and shadow influences.

When we’re immersed deeply in creation, we can feel fenced in or overwhelmed by the circumstances in our lives that we don’t appear to control.  It is this cycle of causality in action, possibly over time scales and ranges of conditions beyond our present perception. 

The key to escaping from what can seem like a vicious circle, is to harness our creative power of consciousness.  We can build connection to higher levels in consciousness and ground this into our present world, to help face challenges and resolve issues.  There can be a creative interplay between these two great influences, of consciousness and causality, that calls forth a more powerful presence of consciousness and a deeper learning experience.


This Principle of Causality is also the bedrock of science.  Science studies cause and effect relationships, to understand the underlying framework of laws and structures and master their impact in our world.  In the past we tended to attribute effects in our lives to otherworldly beings and influences, to gods that needed to be appeased, to superstitions and so on.  We were giving our power away and leaving ourselves open to exploitation by scavenging influences.

Science at least has lifted us out of superstition and given us a measure of control and influence in our world.   It has raised standards of living.  However, it has become unbalanced in another direction.  There is a very powerful focus on the material world, with an implicit assumption that this 3D reality is closed and complete in itself.  Everything has to be explained within this objective tangible framework.

While, for various reasons, the 3D world is closed to a significant degree, it cannot be completely closed.  There are too many influences coming and going in our universe for it to be completely closed.  Furthermore, our world is in the process of re-opening to a larger reality.  This challenges all aspects of our present relationship with our world and our presence and role in creation. 

Science is rigorously based on tangible cause and effect.  It was believed that, with enough time and information, everything could be explained, in terms of prior causes.  This was the doctrine of Determinism.  There was little room for creativity or even free will.  However, science is reaching the boundaries of its present 3D potential and is running into limitations.  There are areas, e.g. in quantum physics, biological evolution and so on, where things cannot be explained completely in a 3D framework.  Subtle but real effects are attributed to random factors.  This simply means that there are other influences, beyond our present framework and conception, in play. 

In addition to the normal objective causal effects in life, we also have acausal, more fundamentally creative, relationships.  These take us into the other stream of influence in the first diagram above, into the more subjective realm of consciousness. 

Many scientists are aware of the difficulties and issues in the discipline and have tried to expand their horizons.  The great innovative scientists, like Einstein, Tesla, David Bohm, Carl Jung and others, knew how to reach into the more creative realms of consciousness and draw forth and ground their discoveries in physical reality.

Max Planck, a founding father of quantum physics, stated: “I regard consciousness as fundamental.  I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.  We cannot get behind consciousness.  Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.”  He also said: “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature.  And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” 

Erwin Schrodinger, a key quantum physicist and student of the Vedas, said: “Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms.  For consciousness is absolutely fundamental.  It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else.”  He also said: “Inconceivable as it seems to ordinary reason, you — and all other conscious beings as such — are all in all.”

What is remarkable is that the objective pursuit of truth in science has reached a very similar perception of deep reality, as the subjective seers and deep meditators of ancient spiritual traditions like the Hindu Vedas, Buddhists and Taoists. 

However, we are at a critical juncture in our evolution here on Earth and there is great need for a major paradigm shift.  Two very powerful forces are coming into conflict – that of objective materialism and expansion of consciousness.  The level of material power and capability abroad in the world requires a greater degree of spiritual awareness and maturity than we presently have, generally.  We are opening to a bigger reality than 3D.  Not all of the influences coming from these other realms are benevolent and we need to be able to discern and deal with them, in practice.  Expansion of consciousness expands our world, with its new potentials and challenges.

We also have the problem that we can be speaking from different perspectives and not mutually understanding each other.  Consciousness is a profound and powerfully different perspective from objective materialism.  It requires a fundamentally different approach and understanding.  We have this clash, for example, between allopathic and naturopathic medicine.  Each has its value, in different applications.  We need a wider public understanding and more balanced acceptance between them. 


Consciousness is where we Live. Bodies serve as containers for consciousness and allow for experience of states of Life, depending on their nature and capacity.

The process by which consciousness projects or manifests creation cycles progressively, down through many levels within creation.  There is progressive projection or individuation in ever more separated and concrete bodies and forms.  Conversely, as we expand back into higher levels of consciousness, we progressively transcend confinement in structure and attain greater freedom, integrity, aliveness and wholeness.

The different levels in creation form what we know as Dimensional Structure.  This is illustrated, in simplified form, in the diagram over and is explained in greater detail elsewhere.  The bodies or vessels range from highly individuated Personalities in solid 3D biological bodies, to highly integrated and expanded consciousness in refined, free and powerfully creative Christos, Rishi and similar bodies.

So we have large scale group creation from collective consciousness at higher levels, projecting into more individual personalised creation at our present level.  We see not only what we ourselves create as individuals, but also the fruits of collective creation from many levels and from great tracts of time.  In 3D, matter serves a role as memory, preserving the results of past efforts, to be worked on again in our present.  The laws of creation bring coherence to the whole.     

Our intention in creation is to explore possibilities by projecting life and experience in separation.  Our original intention also, is to retain connection though our chain of consciousness through all levels, back to Source, and to bring all our creations back to Source.  This is where problems have arisen. 

Creation allows for free will exploration, subject to law.  Deviations from the natural order arose, causing distortions in individual consciousness.  These led to rebellion against the natural order, where natural connections to higher consciousness were severed in our local universe.  This is the “shield that chose to shatter.”  This is described in many systems, including Gnostic teachings, as the Fall of Lyra, Fall of Man and so on. 

The net effect was that 11 lower dimensions were severed in our universe, as indicated by the red bounding box in the diagram above.  The critical break between dimensions 12 & 11 was repaired.  New life was projected into the universe retaining this conscious connection.  Both realities exist side by side in our universe, with attempts to heal the original Split and its consequences.  These realities go right down through our creation and affect our lives and bodies.  We straddle the Split at each level. 

A major effect of all this has been a Fragmentation of consciousness.  The original Fall was partially caused by a distrust of Natural Order.  Fragmented consciousness cuts itself off from its natural supplies of energy, resources and meaning.  It sees itself as isolated in a hostile and potentially chaotic universe.  Operating from high dimensional levels, it is still highly creative and intelligent.  It sees itself as superior.  It strives to secure resources by domination and to impose its will by re-ordering and controlling creation to its purposes.  This leads to ‘creator gods’, ‘lords of creation’ and so on.  It also leads to artificial creation and associated technologies, e.g. artificial intelligence (AI), that flow from that.

Fragmentation of both consciousness and structure within our universe has propagated down through the various levels, as detailed elsewhere and in many systems.  In particular 3D life on planet Earth has suffered a significant degree of isolation from higher dimensional levels, for some time.  It can seem that we are living in a closed 3D reality field! 

We’re coming into a phase now, where we’re progressively re-opening to and re-connecting with our Soul world, in dimensions 4, 5 & 6.  This is an expansion from 3D, primarily to 5D at this stage, the so called ‘Fifth World’.  This creates immense opportunity but, needless to say, also tension and many challenges.  For a major transition to occur on a significant global scale, it’s necessary that the overall integrity of dimensional structure be held, as stably as possible on the planet, via its energy grids.  This particularly includes the integrity of the D11 – D12 link and its direct connection to higher levels in creation and to Source.   

Digital Process

We have natural processes in creation, birth & death, growth & decay, consciousness animating bodies and functioning through them and so on.  We also now have additional artificial processes, where we use technologies to accomplish things in the world. 

Digital processes underly most modern technologies, e.g. computers, communications,  internet, phones, TVs, control systems and so on.  These mimic some of the fundamental processes in creation that we have already explored above.  Key elements are illustrated in the diagram over. 

The central element is the processor.  This mimics the brain, as a  tool of consciousness in our 3D body.  It receives instructions and encryptions, as input software and data.  This comes from consciousness in some form.  

Ultimately, it comes from the pure consciousness of Source, but passes through many intervening levels and states, not all of them natural.  This mimics our stream of consciousness in the present.

The processor applies the instructions to the data and stores the results in memory.  This completes a cycle.  The next cycle takes instructions and data from memory, processes them and returns results to memory.  The chain of processing continues, accomplishing its tasks.  The continuous cycling to and from memory mimics the wheel of causality from the diagrams above.  The cycles are synchronised by a clock, representing time in the process.  The process is powered by an energy source.  Ultimately, the results of the whole process are output to the external world. 

The sequence of cycles represents a serial timeline in the processor.  There can be a number of individual such processing elements in a computer, each running its own timeline.  These are regarded as running parallel processes.  They are largely independent of each other, but do interact and collaborate, to achieve larger group tasks.  The collaboration is also controlled by the clock, which provides a framework of time for coordination. 

This is similar to what we find in natural life.  There is a high degree of individuation, with individuals running their own timelines, but collaborating in groups for larger tasks and bigger purposes. 

This also helps us understand timelines, generally.  These exist at many levels, from the individual, to the group, to the race, the world, the universe and so on.  There can a high degree of variability in timelines and they can change significantly, depending on developments.  Timelines, however, are secondary to the streams of consciousness that create them.  It can be more meaningful and useful to focus on these conscious flows.


Consciousness is inherently its own technology.  As we integrate consciousness, we increasingly come into knowing and pure existence or being that lacks for nothing.  There is less need for reliance on external aids or supports.  For example, with pure knowing, telepathy and so on, there’s less need for communication, language, information technology and so on. 

When deep in creation, we do need means and aids for coping with the levels of separation involved.  We need communication, information, resources and so on.  Further, in a fragmented and partially isolated place in creation, we’re already in a somewhat non-natural / artificial situation.  This isn’t ideal and there is some reliance on artificial technology.  It then becomes an issue of trying to assess benefits vs damage and drawbacks.  A critical issue is to ensure that the net effect empowers us and what we are trying to achieve.  In effect, there is a race between evolving consciousness and development of artificial technology, particularly artificial intelligence (AI).  The integrity of consciousness needs to be preserved and technology needs to serve, rather than dominate this. 

There is a lot of natural technology in our bodies, for example.  Consciousness is stepped down through and interacts with our bodies in many ways.  Subtle biological, biochemical and bioelectrical processes mediate this interaction.  For example, bodily characteristics and development are controlled by cellular DNA.  This in turn is influenced by our DNA imprint, a more subtle information field, which in turn derives from personal consciousness.  In other words, the integrity of our DNA is important in mediating consciousness in our body. 

Also, our brain and nervous system function like an electrochemical computer.  Vast amounts of information are processed, stored and communicated throughout the body.  Consciousness interacts with this process through the agency of scaler or inter-dimensional waves.  Consciousness can influence the body, to communicate, move limbs, perform tasks and so on.  It can also receive information and experience through the senses and stepped up through the brain and nervous system.  Biochemical processes in our cells also have  a significant electromagnetic element.

These processes run at natural frequencies within our bodies.  Our consciousness is attuned to and influences these.  External electromagnetic effects and frequencies can also impact them.  In addition to direct electromagnetic influence, strong external frequencies can also entrain other frequencies, like a tuning fork placed on a drum or surface, for example.  These effects are additional to the thermal effects, mainly studied to date.  It then becomes a tug of war within our bodies, between conscious influence and external interference, depending on their relative strengths.

Technology Challenges

Technology provides benefits.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be using it.  Artificial technologies also provide challenges that need to be balanced against these.  Specific technology challenges include the following.  This is just a very brief review of what is a vast field:

  • Wireless communication – Here electromagnetic waves are used as carriers, to transmit information over distances.  The information is modulated on the carrier, by modifying properties of the waves.  In modern digital communications, this modification takes place at high speeds, so that we are dealing effectively with pulsed waves.  Frequencies of both the carrier waves and pulse rates are increasing progressively.  Also, the volume of traffic passing through the air around us is increasing all the time.

While we tolerate a certain amount of this, it makes sense to try to reduce the exposure.  We can try to reduce reliance on or proximity to Wi-Fi, which generates a significant amount of persistent air traffic in our homes and buildings.  It’s safer, more secure and reliable to keep digital communication within wires, where possible.  We can use ethernet wiring for communication.  We can also use wired, keyboards, mice, speakers and so on, to reduce air traffic. 

  • Cell phones, particularly 5G – This is becoming more pervasive.  5G is a family of technologies that entails higher frequencies and transmission rates, directed beams and more sophisticated traffic management.  Some of these techniques are propagating backwards into existing cell phone systems.  The higher frequencies cause the signals to weaken more rapidly, over distance.  This is partially offset by using focused beams, but also by using more numerous transmitters, closer to users. 

If we don’t want this, we can avoid using it.  This avoids attracting the beams, although it doesn’t avoid some spill over effects.  It also slows commercial deployment.  Trees and vegetation can also provide a degree of screening, provided these aren’t removed.

  • Electro smog – Electronic appliances, particularly power converters, e.g. laptop / phone chargers, create some electrical noise.  This is limited by emission standards for individual appliances.  But collective emissions from a range of products, particularly low quality units, can still be a nuisance. 

It’s good practice to switch off appliances / electronics at night and particularly in bedrooms, as our bodies are more vulnerable during sleep.

  • Display screens – Our eyes are very sensitive instruments.  As ‘windows into our Soul’, they mediate a lot of conscious interaction.  It’s worth noting, also, that light has a frequency about 1,000 times higher than micro-waves, but our bodies are more acclimatised to this.  A significant amount of our interaction with the world now occurs through the agency of screens.  These project images at high frequencies through our eyes, to our brains and upstream connections.  The projection frequencies could potentially entrain neural frequencies and processes.  Also, it’s theoretically possible to transmit subliminal images and coding, beyond the range of our conscious perception, but that can impact our sub-conscious levels.  It isn’t believed that this is in widespread use.

It makes sense to balance our screen exposure with time in nature, to reset our cycles and rejuvenate our system.  Also, artificial light and colors biased towards the brighter blue end of the spectrum are harder on the eyes.  It helps to move the color tuning towards the softer yellow / orange shades, more present in natural light, particularly at night.   

  • Genetic modification – As mentioned above, our genetic DNA plays a significant role in our bodies and in mediating consciousness.  Some genetic modification happens naturally.  Genetic engineering of food and within bodies, in the absence of a deep understanding of subtle influences, runs the risk of unintended consequences and compromising our conscious capacity.  This needs to be treated with great care.
  • Environmental damage & weather influence – The volume of artificial activity impacts the planet.  A lot of resources are being extracted, e.g. in mining.  Some resources are being depleted, e.g. fossil fuels, clean underground water reserves and so on.  A lot of waste that doesn’t decay easily, e.g. plastics, toxic and radioactive materials, etc., is being disposed of, causing problems with pollution.  The capacity and flexibility of the planet is being strained. 

Natural climate cycles are being disrupted.  In developed countries we’re somewhat shielded from the worst consequences and can argue about the realities and causes.  However, in developing countries the effects of changing weather patterns, deforestation, land degradation and so on are much more raw, immediate and visible in droughts, crop failures and famines.  Artificial weather modification may also be having some undesirable consequences. 

It makes sense to increase our awareness of nature and our planetary impact.  Also, to take greater responsibility for our impact at every level and for our stewardship in the planet.      

  • CERN LHC – This is a large particle accelerator deep underground near Geneva, on the border between southern France and Switzerland.  It counter-rotates a pair of powerful electromagnetic beams and collides them at high energies, to create and research exotic sub-atomic particles.  The process of counter rotating electromagnetic fields can have the capacity to generate artificial Merkaba fields, which in turn can open inter-dimensional connections or doorways.  The facility is shut down for maintenance through 2019 and 2020.  It will recommence operations at a higher level in Spring 2021 and run through 2023.  Autumn 2023 is quite a sensitive period for inter-dimensional connection. 

What we can do here mainly is to hold strong connections within ourselves and support the planetary energy grids through this period.

  • AI – Artificial intelligence has been growing since the advent of computers and information processing.  In the past software was mostly developed by human programmers and operated within the bounds of what people intended.  Now software is acquiring the capacity to learn and to evolve its own capability.  There are dangers here, in terms of losing control of these systems and from unintended consequences, due to not understanding subtle but potentially powerful influences from other dimensional levels.

There is less human control, as systems become more autonomous and potentially acquire a life of their own.  We can become dependent on them, which is obviously undesirable.  All life is conscious at some level.  Artificial life is disconnected from the natural streams of life in creation.  What consciousness does it associate with?  As mentioned above, there are significant amounts of fragmented consciousness in our universe.  Some of this is present in life forms at every level, including in ourselves, as shadow influences.  A lot also exists as disembodied consciousness.  This can be attracted to opportunities for engagement and experience through vulnerable systems.  Our failure to secure and manage such systems can become an opportunity for other influences to control.  Fragmented consciousness extends all the way up D11 and, despite its waywardness, can be highly intelligent.  At the top levels, it is controlled by entities called Archons.  This name derives from the ancient Greek term for magistrates. 

Consciousness is critical here.  It’s necessary to understand the nature of consciousness in its various multi-dimensional forms, to manage vulnerabilities to intrusion in artificial systems.  Consciousness is also key both to protection and to staying ahead of the game.  By re-building / preserving natural connection to D12 and higher levels, we can override such influences. 

Challenges arise across a broad front and we need to deal with them in an effective way.  Broad management approaches include:

  • Avoidance – Ideally we would avoid exposure to hazards, as far as possible.  But we may need some of the benefits or be vulnerable to others’ use and this may not always be feasible. 
  • Mitigation – We can mitigate exposure by using good technology options, e.g. wired digital comms, good quality screens and so on.  Also, by reducing exposure, e.g. by being careful not to carry such as cell phones close to our bodies for long periods, switching off appliances at night and so on.  We can also help by balancing our exposure with time in nature. 
  • Immunity – We can build immunity to exposure by being strong and healthy within ourselves.  An important part of this is building strong psychology and spiritual and conscious connection to what animates us.  Strong consciousness can override interference from artificial systems.  In particular, D12 connection can override high level intrusion. 

We can build / visualise tubes of high frequency energy around our bodies, when exposed.  This becomes increasingly effective when using D12 and higher dimensional frequencies.  We can also encode crystals with frequencies / symbol codes, or even paste symbols, to help protect vulnerabilities.  Our attitudes and how we use our conscious attention are important elements of immunity.


In the contest between consciousness on the one hand and advanced artificial technology / AI effects on the other, which side prevails, in our lives and world?  The side we feed!

Consciousness is very powerful, indeed the ultimate power.  Expanding our consciousness increases our power.  This is wonderful, but also implies greater responsibility for how we manage power.   How we use our conscious connection, by way of focusing our attention, is important.  Reclaiming our power and using it wisely and effectively is one of the great challenges in spiritual growth.

We often, for example, hear that government, institutions of power or the world are controlled by the elite, the cabal, the deep state, illuminati, aliens and so on.  Where do they get such power from?  From us collectively and we’re affirming their power with such beliefs and statements.  We can re-frame such beliefs more favourably, for example, by saying that the ‘elite’ desire to control the government, etc., but I do not grant them the power to do so.  I re-claim power in my world from influences that would seek to harvest it. 

Also, realistically, institutions like governments tend not be monolithic nor singular in purpose.  They comprise large numbers of people across a spectrum of capabilities, interests, intent and so on.  There will be many good and well meaning people, struggling to get to the end of a working day.  There will also be groups with special interests and often competing agendas.  There can also be dominant groups trying to steer the ship in a particular direction.  These can be successful for a time but are often thwarted ultimately by the inertia of organisations, by people of integrity within the institution or by evolving events.     

There’s an expression called Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity (or ignorance).”

There’s also the old principle that government reflects the consciousness of the people.  There’s an interesting quote from the Indian sage Sri Aurobindo as follows:  “When one is habituated to see the things behind, one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects – or to expect any remedy from political, institutional or social changes; the only way out is through the descent of an [embodied] consciousness, which is not the puppet of these forces but is greater than they are.”  But that consciousness stills needs hands and feet to do the work. 

We need to be aware of problems, but not get dragged down nor yanked around by them.  There are floods of information  in the modern world, calling on our attention.  These can absorb a lot of focus, dilute our attention and play on our emotions.  It’s good to be aware, in particular, of shock tactics, targeting more primeval sub-conscious feelings that can pull us out of more integrated consciousness and sensible perspective and, where we’re more easily influenced and herded.  Some politicians are expert in such shock tactics, drama and attention harvesting. 

There’s a balance to be achieved between being aware of problems, but energising solutions.  As we become more aware, we can gain more control of our attention, projection and direction.  The way we apply attention to problems and issues can attract the very things we don’t want or, more significantly, fear. 

An important part of reclaiming power is avoiding blaming or setting ourselves up as victims.  These project power outside ourselves.  By taking responsibility for what we can influence, including our own shadow healing, we acquire more power to change things and make progress. 

In looking at the adverse effects of technology, it’s good also to be aware of the power of beliefs, feelings and mind.  Psychosomatic influence is significant.  There’s the well known placebo effect in medicine, where people, who believe a treatment is healing them, can improve, even though the treatment isn’t actually doing anything.   These effects strengthen as we expand consciousness.  We need to be careful, for example, in saying that some technology is going to harm us that we’re not disposing ourselves to such harm.  We can re-frame it that it may have the potential to harm us, but we’re going to push back with all means at our disposal, including a strong attitude. 


We embody life and spirit consciously and so does all life in the natural world around us.  Nature is our great friend in the world.  In the past there was more immediate connection with the natural world.  Also, a greater awareness of and sensitivity to the subtle influences of spirit in nature.  This led to a more respectful and co-creative relationship with nature. 

Nowadays, with increasing urban dwelling, we tend to be more remote from our natural roots.  Resources are harvested mechanically and with less sensitivity, on our behalf.  This is stressing our natural environment and we are, in varying degrees, missing the benefits of strong natural connection and grounding.

Fortunately, there seems to be growing awareness of the importance of nature and of our role and responsibility as stewards in our world.  We can help by communing more with nature, even by cultivating a special place where we are ‘at home’ in nature.  Native tribes are more aware of the stewardship of lands.  We can learn a lot from and support them. 

Working in nature is a co-creative process.  It can support our expansion in consciousness and in grounding this.  Such frequency as we can embody, and ground, comes available to the earth and to the life forms connected to it.  Conscious influence can be propagated this way.  There is the 100th monkey effect, where once a certain number of individuals master a new skill, it embeds in the collective and comes available much more easily to all.  

Discussion, arguments and so don’t necessarily change much.  But frequency can shift consciousness and consciousness can move the ground we’re standing on. 


Love means many different things to people.  The ancient Greeks had many words for different forms of love.  Love also expands and changes at different levels of consciousness.  We cannot describe love adequately.  It is something we experience, live and ultimately become.  For now, we can regard deeper Love as the essence of Source that embraces all and eventually draws all home in the way most appropriate to its form of expression.

In dealing with the world, there are many things we have to oppose.  Opposition and the battles that ensue can be effective in tackling issues, but also has its limitations.  We engage opposition at their level, often under circumstances they control.  If that’s all we do, we can get played or triggered and be distracted from consolidating and using our real power.  Wayward influences can feed off the struggles.  What we resist can persist.

Where we come from in opposition is significant.  All polarity comes from a higher neutral space that contains the essence of both polarities in balanced integrity, wholeness and freedom.  This is illustrated in the diagram above.  The two lower horizontal circles (yellow & grey) represent a polarity projected from the upper (green) neutral circle.  Natural polarity is able to return to this neutral home space, to be resolved there.  This is referred to as the ManU space, in relation to the polarised ManA & EirA phases.  There are many stages of progressive polarisation and subsequent resolution, through the levels in creation. 

The alternative to resolution is for polarities to bang off each other, until they destroy each other, in a process of dissolution.  This is the ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’ route, by which stuck polarities eventually return home. 

This ManU space is very powerful and healing.  We access it though a process of detachment, integration and engaging both polarities, from a higher perspective and the common neutral ground.  This is where the alchemical union arises, to resolve opposites and release the energies they bind. 

It is also a place of higher consciousness closer to Source.  This is where Love resides, as a powerfully transformative force.  It embraces all, healing and freeing what can be healed and letting go what can’t.  Love is strong and carries the capacity for tough love, the love of a parent that imposes discipline, where needed.

Polarity is very active in our world at present.  There is great need for politicians with the skills to build consensus and move things forward in a more balanced way.

Consciousness isn’t a ‘thing’, we can chase and acquire.  In many ways it’s a letting go of things, to be more of what we truly are, in essence.  This entails letting go of attachments and being more present to Life. 

A lot of these issues are explored in depth in ancient Indian traditions and are illustrated in Vedic / Mahabharata writings, such as the Bhagavad Gita.  Here we have the story of Prince Arjuna preparing to engage battle with his opponents.  He is guided by Krishna, representing Christos / Krishna consciousness, who serves as his charioteer.  Arjuna is racked by doubts and indecision, as he sees many kinsmen on the other side, and asks Krishna for advice. 

Krishna encourages integrating to a high level of consciousness and acting from there.  This is summarised in Sanskrit as: “Yoga-stah kuru karmani.”  It literally means: “Steadfast in Yoga, perform duties”, or in more modern language: “Established in Being, perform Action.”  This is very good advice for life in general.  Grounded realistic action is important. 

Action is encouraged, also, without attachment to outcomes.  Connected consciousness and co-creation across many levels of creation may have more wisdom and purpose than we can personally perceive. 

We have power to hold vision.  We have power to energise and project that vision with conscious integrity, strength and clarity.  Ultimately, consciousness creates creation.  We have access to this and can use it to liberate from the wheel of karma.  We can take the reins and become drivers of our own chariots, rather than passengers in life.  

May we become sparks that ignite the flames of transformation in our world!