Numbers 12 & 15

Number 10 plays an important role in conventional number systems.  It is the base for the decimal system.  All our number processing systems revolve around this.  In the conventional Tree of Life grid there are only 10 centers.  So in these systems 10 is regarded as their sacred number.  This appears to be the basis for using 10 as the base for the decimal system. 

However, in the original Kathara Grid there are 12 centers.  This provides a more complete representation of dimensional structure.  The missing centers in the Tree of Life grid are Kathara Centers 12 and 8.  The Kathara Grid is a more powerful and natural structure.  This would indicate that 12 would provide a more useful and natural base for our number systems.  

There is an additional important connection however.  For example, how many centers are there altogether in a Kathara Grid?  On the face of it there are 12 objective centers.  However, there are an additional 3 linking centers that are extremely important.  This makes for a total of 12 + 3 = 15 centers.   These are the Eumbi (between 3 & 4), AzurA containing the Seed Atom and direct Source connection (between 6 & 7) and Rajna (between 9 & 10).   These centers link the Kathara Grid and particularly in the case of the AzurA hold key internal connection linking back to Source.  These three bridging centers link the outward facing 12 centers back to Source. 

Key features of Krystic structures are that they are open, inter connected, multi-dimensional and hold living connection from Source all the way out into manifestation and back again.  The key distortion is breaking of connections, particularly direct Source connection.  This direct Source connection is generally held through the center of Krystic structures.

In dimensional structure we have 12 dimensions of matter in the material worlds and an additional 3 dimensions in the Primal Light fields.  This again makes for a total of 15 dimensions.  Note in particular that dimension 8 is the central point in the 15 dimensional structure, where it is known as the Galactic Core.  Dimensions 13, 14 & 15 play a key role in linking the 12 material dimensions through the Light fields to the Primal Sound fields and from there to the Yunasai ground state of Source. 

Wherever we have countable items in Kathara structures they ultimately count up to 15, e.g. 15 dimensions, chakras, Hova bodies and so on.

In the Pythagorean tradition huge significance was attached to what they called the Tetractys.  This is sketched in the diagram over.  There are many references on the Internet such as  –

This arranges the numbers 1, 2, 3 & 4 in layers in a triangle as shown.  With four numbers the collection adds up to 10.  10 was thus regarded as a triangular number.  This underscored in their view the significance of 10 as a sacred number.  Such was the importance of the symbol that they used it to swear allegiance, in their prayers, salutations and so on.  10 also obviously corresponds to the number of centers in the general reduced Tree of Life grid. 

If we extend the triangular pattern above to the next level by adding a layer of 5 at the bottom we get the structure in the diagram over.  We now have 15 balls in 5 rows.  This is a more complete and significant structure.  Here we have 3 rows of 5 making up the sides of the triangle around the outside. 

Now if we differentiate the inner and outer balls we get a more significant result.  As we can see in the diagram over we have 3 inner balls in white and 12 outer ones in green.  Here we have the 12 outward / objective / material balls being linked by 3 inner balls that hold the central and Source connection. 

Again the same theme is being repeated.  The 12 is very important for objective manifestation.  It holds the more complete outer structure.  However, it also has relationship with 15 through the 3 additional linking centers that bridge inner / Source connection.  Looking at a number in isolation appears less significant than holding connection and preserving the integrity of the connections towards Source.

In relation to 10 above we have two groups of 5.  So this can be regarded as a Bi-Veca structure holding relationship with the Vesica Piscis.  15 has three groups of 5 and can be regarded as a more complete and balanced Tri-Veca structure.   

The Reuche symbol also carries a lot of interesting information.  Reuche formation illustrates the creation of number quite neatly.  Starting with the center point we have a polarisation from this that creates the 6 & 12 centers.  These in turn create a parallel expression at 90° to form centers 3 & 9.  Each of these 4 ManU centers then polarise in a third stage to create 4 ManA and 4 EirA centers.  We then have 12 manifest centers arranged in three groups of 4.  This is an accurate representation of dimensional structure with 4 Density levels comprising 12 material dimensions. These are linked through a thirteenth center in the middle that holds the source connection.  This brings the Primal Light fields into play, spanning dimensions 13, 14 & 15.  We can conceive that this central connection comprises a Tri-Veca.  In that case the structure would be analogous to those above. 

This leads to the arrangement illustrated in the diagram below.  This contains quite a lot of information.  The structure follows the Krystal Spiral expansion path – 1, 2, 4, 8, etc. at successive levels.    This in turn implies that there is an additional associated center that holds a mirror image of this structure expanding or contracting inwards in fractional form.

In dimensional structure it is center 13 rather than 15 in the Primal Light group of 13, 14 & 15 that holds central connection.   So this is placed at the top here.

So 12 is enhanced and completed by the three inner centers that hold key linking connections.  With these it’s fine.  Without them it can be disconnected or lost.  These appear to be the subtle and all important key to connection and holding integrity.   Finding the three inner notes that hold connection for the 12 outer ones in each octave would really be the ‘bee’s knees’ in healing music and sound generally.

In relation to multiplication we have 12 x 15 leading to 180 and double 12 x 15 = 360.  These are important numbers in geometry and circle formation as well as in sacred science.  Ancient calendars count 360 days in a year.