Significant Events – 2015

There is quite a lot happening through the summer and early autumn of 2015.  This appears to be a very significant time period.  To fully appreciate the significance of events it’s worthwhile to explore some technical background. 

Inner vs. Outer Reality

We normally find ourselves looking out on the world.  We also experience an inner reality somewhat independent of the outer world.  We find ourselves sitting on the boundary between these two realities.  They stretch away from us to infinite horizons in both directions. 

There is an interesting polarity in creation between these inner and outer realities.  As a polarity the distinction between inner and outer realities is insignificant close to Source.  It is most meaningful deep or out in creation.  We can regard what we project from ourselves out into manifestation and the worlds it creates as outer reality, i.e. the ordinary world.  We can regard our living connection to Source and the levels through which that connection is held as inner reality.  We could equally regard it the other way round.  We could regard the world as a sub-reality within Source that we are looking into and that which contains it as the outer reality.  What is inner or outer will vary as we move our conscious focus through the various levels in creation. 

There is a beautiful representation of this polarity in the structure of a natural spiral and particularly that of a Krystal Spiral.  We can envision a spiral expanding outwards from a point of unity, all the way outwards through the fields of creation to the expanses of infinity as illustrated in the diagram.  This spiral implies and contains within itself a complementary spiral that circles round and approaches the pivot point for the spiral, i.e. the point of origin.  The origin at the centre and infinity at the edge, the infinitely small microcosm and infinitely large macrocosm, are intimately related.  They are one and the same and represent Source.  Source connection can be held through both ends of the spiral.  In fact it needs to be held at both ends to allow currents of consciousness, intelligence and energy to circulate freely into and out of creation.    

So we have a progression from a point of origin, through a point of unity all the way out to the limitless extent of infinity.  The inner and outer spirals are balanced through the point of unity.  They mirror each other through this point.  The point of unity can be anywhere on the spiral and still integrate and mirror the inner and outer elements.  The spiral itself holds connection to Source at both ends through all the fields of expression.  It connects between the microcosm at one end and the macrocosm at the other.  There is a progression from Source to Source along the spiral with connection to Source at every level.  A crucially important point is that there is connection to Source at both ends.  Source is present as a level of infinite expansion.  It is also present as a point of infinite focus, through a centre point within every natural structure in creation.  It is additionally present by connection to every level, to the extent that the natural connections are maintained. 

This provides a wonderful illustration of the immanence of Source.  The spiral is a powerful symbol that reveals a wealth of information when we interact with it.  So we can strengthen Source connection in both the inward and outer directions and obviously this is the most powerful, balanced and meaningful way to do it.  We can go within to connect with Source, but we haven’t completely found Source until we also find the Source presence, connections and reality in the world around us.  We can find Source in the eyes of the people we meet, our animal friends, the beauty of a sunset and flowers, to the extent that we have integrated Source connection.  Our ‘here & now’ moment is our point of power, where we live, are connected and functional.  This is represented by the point of unity on a spiral. 

Our inner and outer realities are mirrored and balanced through this unity point.  This is illustrated in the number structure of a spiral.  The number structure for the Krystal Spiral is illustrated below.  Looking at the unity (1) point in the centre similar numbers are present in both the outer and inner directions except that they are inverted through the unity point.   Our outer reality reflects what we are working through in our inner reality and vice versa. 

0,  . . . , 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2,  1,  2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,  . . . , ∞

Spiral Number Structure

We often think of Source or God as being ‘up there’ at the edge of the universe.  We feel we have to get from here to there, we have to ascend out of here to find God or effectively find ourselves.  This arises from our normal linear thinking.  For example we have to go from home to get to our work, office or factory.  Creation is holographic in nature.  This simply means that creation is a reality projected within Source, where the whole is contained in every part.  It takes a different mind-set to deal with this. 

There is no here and there in Source.  Neither is there a large and small.  Source integrates all polarities.  It is equally present to every part and in principle is equally accessible from every location.  We don’t have to go anywhere to find Source.  Source is everywhere.  It is more a process of coming out of our disconnection from Source.  It’s a case of integrating progressively more connection, where we live in the here and now.  Integrating Source implies finding Source everywhere.  We have to go through a process of healing our disconnection in order to achieve integration.

Source is like the air around us.  It is everywhere.  The difficulty is that we have blockages in our airways that impede our ability to breathe this air to its fullest potential.  As we clear these blockages the air is there for us to breathe.  We can draw fuller draughts of pure, clear, refreshing and revitalising air.  We don’t have to go looking for Source.  It’s mainly a question of healing and maintaining connections as well as clearing blockages. 

Dimension 12

The levels in our universe and more generally in creation are organised in frequency bands known as dimensions.  We have 12 dimensions of matter fields connecting through an additional 3 dimensions of Primal Light fields.  These in turn are embedded within a set of 3 non-dimensionalised Primal Sound fields.  All of this in turn is embedded within and animated by Source.  In a holographic creation this fundamental structure is repeated many times.  It is nested repeatedly within itself down through ever finer levels of expression.  However the fundamental connections are retained at every level.  In natural order the whole is present to every part of creation. 

The 12 dimensions of the matter fields have their own internal organisation.  This can be represented symbolically in many ways.  The K Grid is a particularly powerful representation.  It effectively is a map of dimensional structure in its original / natural form.  It represents a balanced and connected grid that integrates with higher level structures and supports free flows into and out of creation.  We are extremely grateful to the Eieyani, Ash and the Ground Team for this information.

All organic Krystic structures are:

  • Open,
  • Multi-dimensional,
  • Inter connected &
  • Hold direct Source connection through a centre point.

In natural order all in creation is inter connected and holds Source connection.  Grid connections therefore are extremely important.  There are two key connection points in the K Grid.  It has a centre point in the AzurA that holds direct Source connection.  The Krystal Spiral emerges from this centre.  It expands out from there through the K Grid generating ever larger structures up to the level of macrocosm.  In the God World structures we can see how the Krystal Spirals propagate from the core of creation to spark new Krystal Spiral flows and expansion in the centre of every K Grid down through the levels of creation.  There is a process of division of unity and multiplication of diversity that propagates structure in creation.  Both ends of this process, the microcosm and macrocosm, are united in Source.

The dimension 12 (D12) doorway is another key connection point.  This is represented by the 12 centre in the K Grid, the K-12 centre.  This connects directly to dimension thirteen (D13) in the Primal Light fields.  This in turn holds connection within the Primal Light Fields and from there to the Primal Sound fields.  The Primal Light & Sound fields are represented by their own K Grid, which plugs into the corresponding D1-12 grid at the D13/D12 connection point.  These two centres coincide, i.e. over lay each other, in the set of connected grids.  D12 therefore is key to holding direct connection up through the higher levels of structure.  It is also key to anchoring direct Source connection into the lower dimensional levels of its own grid.  It can be regarded as an outer Source connection by comparison with the inner Source connection held through the AzurA central point.

D12 also holds other connections of significance.  As K Grids connect up to higher levels of cosmic structure they are supported by other K Grids at that higher level.  There is an Ecka Grid that holds central / inner connection and a corresponding outer Eckasha Grid that contains and supports the collection of grids.  The lower level K Grids are supported between these two grids at the next level up in cosmic structure.  A K Grid connects directly to the centre of its parent Ecka Grid through its D12 centre.  From there it connects to the centre of the related Eckasha Grid.  This process is repeated up through the levels of cosmic structure to provide a pathway of direct outer connection to Source.    

D12 is therefore critical to the integrity of a grid and its connections.  A full K Grid effectively is a Unified Field.  It interconnects a set of dimensional levels and in turn integrates the set with larger cosmic structures.  D12 is a key link in holding direct connection, particularly direct Source connection.  Where missing there is a key impediment to the free and natural flows of creation.  It effectively becomes the ‘missing link’.

Grid Battles

If we examine the conventional Tree / Life (ToL) Grid we see that it is missing the dimension 12 connection.  This Tree figures prominently in stories of the so called Fall of Man and Original Sin.  It does so for a reason.  What actually fell was the Tree Grid itself.  The Fall was a grid event, not a human error or sin.  Humanity didn’t fall as such.  But it has had to deal with the consequences of the grid problems and has been impacted severely by these.

The Tree / Life for our local universe was severed at the D12 level in a major event in our universal history known as the Fall of Lyra.  It lost a key connection to higher grid levels and a direct connection to Source.  11 dimensions fell from significant higher grid connection, ending up in a degree of isolation.  This led to all sorts of problems with limited resources, unbalanced development and increasingly artificial and inorganic creations to compensate. 

The Fall of Lyra was an event orchestrated by conflicting race lines in our local universe prior to the human era.  Humanity has a role as part of the solution rather than the problem.  How many times has humanity been told it is fallen?  This is part of a strategy of disempowerment.  We do have problems and significant ones.  But we also have immense capacity for connection and healing.

The connections severed in the original Fall of Lyra were restored after a time.  But the underlying conflict and associated problems haven’t been resolved fully.  The connections have been broken again and repaired repeatedly in a sequence of falls down through the levels of our local universe.  The conflict continues into our world in present times and forms a significant backdrop to what is happening on our planet right now.      

The D12 connection was restored on our planet in 2000 as Ash describes.  It has provided a key life line for life on our planet in recent times.  It is key to our ongoing evolution, development and integration.  It is a vital resource to be secured and availed of.

How has the D12 connection been severed in the past?  Understanding this is key to preserving it in the present. 

There has been much discussion of the battling spirals.  A more significant issue is the battle of the grids as this forms the background for the battling spirals.  When we examine the ToL Grid in relation to its original organic form in the K Grid we can see where the problems arose and can discern some of the mechanics involved. 

Tree / Life

The conventional Tree / Life Grid is illustrated in the diagrams above and over.  We can see that the D12 centre at the top is missing.  The AzurA point at the centre of the Kathara Grid is also missing.  This means that two key direct Source connection points are removed from the grid. 

The dimensional numbering sequence is inverted so that the lower numbers are at the top.  This confuses the underlying dimensional connections and reduces the usefulness of the grid as a map of dimensional structure for those not in the know.  However the centres still carry the underlying encryption of their original dimensional connections.

In particular the original dimension 5 Kathara Centre (K-5) is exalted as a new grid centre point called Tiphareth and denoted by 6.  This centre lies at the centre of the underlying Flower (FoL) pattern sometimes used as a backdrop for the grid.  It is associated with the Sun and radiates influence through direct grid connections to most of the other centres.  It is also associated with the quality of beauty.  In Christian tradition it is associated with the Son of God and in Greek / Roman tradition with Apollo.  This K-5 centre therefore is an outer Sun centre that controls and radiates influence out through the grid. 

There is another hidden, latent or stealth core centre of major significance in the Tree / Life grid.  This corresponds to the dimension 8 Kathara Centre (K-8) in the original Kathara Grid.  It is called Da’at and is denoted by 0 as a point of origin in the Tree / Life (ToL) grid.  The traditional name is Da’at.  But it is often spelled Daath in modern terminology.  The pronunciation is similar however and rhymes with eight.

Dimension 8 arises as a central point in the full natural scale of 15 dimensions.  It holds connection from this central point to the Metagalactic Core at higher levels of cosmic structure.  It provides an important point of additional connection in the original Kathara Grid.

These connections remain in the ToL Grid.  The Da’at (K-8) centre provides key connection to inner and higher / spiritual levels to replace the lost direct connections.  This centre is regarded as integrating all 10 of the outer centres in the grid.  It is the point of inner connection, the key spiritual or God core centre in the ToL grid.  Because of its power and utility this centre is hidden in a lot of the more public versions of the ToL grid, leaving a residual grid of 10 outer centres.    

In the absence of key direct Source connections higher influences are brought into this grid through the inner planes associated with the Da’at centre.   

The propagation of influences into and through this grid is illustrated approximately in the diagram over.  Inner connections are held through the Da’at hidden core centre.  From there they are propagated mostly to the Tiphareth K-5 Sun centre, to be radiated outwards throughout the grid. 

Grid Fall

What happened to the original Kathara Grid to produce these results?

The original grid fall (Fall of Lyra) occurred when a digressive race line (Anu Elohim) in dimension 11 in conflict with another digressive race line (Anu Seraphim) in dimension 10 decided to take the law into their own hands.  The D11 digressive group wished to eliminate the D10 group and sought permission from the Founder Races in dimensions 13 – 15 for this.  On being refused they decided to cut off the higher level connections above them and to take full control of the situation anyway.  They severed the D12 connection at dimension 11.5 and caused a grid fall.

There was obviously a certain process used to accomplish this.  Looking down from their position in dimension 11 (K-11) the Anu Elohim saw a powerful centre below them at dimension 8 (K-8).  This holds connection to the Metagalactic Core and was a doorway through which influences could be brought into the grid. 

This K-8 centre in turn has close relationship with the complementary K-5 centre further below the AzurA centre point.  This is also a powerful centre. 


The natural Krystal Spiral is illustrated as the blue spiral in the diagram over.  These spirals are drawn accurately using mathematical software.  The Krystal Spiral spins out from the AzurA grid centre point and expands out through the grid.  It is sparked and fed by a higher level Krystal spiral that holds connection through the AzurA point.  This latter process is illustrated elsewhere.  As the Krystal Spiral expands from the AzurA point out into the K Grid the first centre it encounters is the K-5 centre.  It picks up the dimension 5 encryption here as its first outer encounter on its journey through the grid. 

Both the Kathara Grid and its associated Krystal Spiral have a geometry based on the proportion of 2.  There is an alternative geometry based on the Phi / Golden Mean proportion of 1.618 …  It’s possible to use this latter geometry to construct additional structures in the Kathara Grid as outlined in the Spirals of Creation module. 

The Phi ratio produces a Golden Rectangle with an off centre pivot point.  This is illustrated by the green rectangle in the diagram.  It is obtained quite simply by taking the diagonal between K centres 3 & 7 and rotating this into the vertical direction to produce an end point above centre 9.  Doing the same with the diagonal between K-4 & 6 and drawing a horizontal line between the two end points completes a Golden or Phi Rectangle within the Kathara Grid. 

By drawing diagonals within the Golden Rectangle as shown we get a pivot point marked GM for Golden Mean.  This pivot point can be used to generate a Phi / Golden Mean spiral.  However this pivot point doesn’t hold a particularly powerful position with the grid. 

The GM point can be used to generate a smaller Fibonacci Rectangle with Phi proportions within the green Golden Mean Rectangle.  This is shown in yellow in the diagram.  This rectangle also has a pivot point marked Fib near the centre of the K grid.  This can be used to generate a Fibonacci Spiral.  While this spiral is less powerful than the Phi / GM spiral it has a significantly more powerful pivot point.   

The Fibonacci pivot point draws in much more closely to the central spine of the grid.  We can see that it almost coincides with the centre of K-5.  It lies extremely close to the Krystal Spiral as it moves out through the K-5 centre. 

By projecting a stronger charge of dimension 8 current from K-8 down to K-5 it is possible to override the Krystal Spiral at this point and divert some of its energy or flow.  The Fib centre is slightly above the passing Krystal Spiral.  It doesn’t block its flow, but is in a position to divert some of its energy and recode it.  The combined energy of K-8 plus the K-5 frequency held by the Krystal Spiral can then be used to feed a Fibonacci spiral spinning outwards from the Fib pivot point.  This is now carrying an artificial dimension 13 (D13) charge. 

It should be noted that the Fibonacci spiral doesn’t have an inner spiral component.  It isn’t self-generating and needs to be started from another source.  Also it isn’t a proper geometric spiral in its early stages.  It converges to a Golden Mean spiral as it expands.

This Fibonacci spiral could propagate through the grid in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction and achieve the same result at K-12.  The counter-clockwise direction is much more likely as this brings the Fibonacci spiral up the 4-7-10 side of the grid.  This side of the grid is known to have been damaged.  This route strikes a glancing blow to the K-10 centre and the enemy race line there.  Additionally dimensions 1, 4, 7, 10 & 13 form the base or lower tone frequencies within their respective clusters of 3 dimensions.  This sequence holds a natural affinity with dimension 13 and the charge of the spiral.  This produces a Fibonacci reversed spiral carrying artificial or reversed D13 current up the 4-7-10 side of the grid.

This Fibonacci Spiral strikes the central spine of the grid and also collides with the Krystal Spiral in the vicinity of the K-12 centre.   It hits just below the geometric centre of K-12.  The D13 reversed charge has the power to override the D12 frequency.  This severs the 12-11 connection as it leaves K-12, which largely isolates the lower dimensional levels from 11.5 downwards.  The lower 11 dimensions fall from full grid integration and direct Source connection.  This is the original fall in our local universe.

This leaves the grid in a situation where the 12-11 link is broken.  K-10 is also damaged and the 12-10 connection feeding down that side of the grid is compromised.  The 12-9 link remains.  However the K-9 centre belongs to a lower group of three dimensions (7, 8 & 9) and the link is less powerful.  Nonetheless this link provides a valuable line of connection from 12 down the 12-9-6-3 side of the grid.  This is known as the Amoreah Passage and does allow higher level influences to access the damaged / fallen grid.

Earth holds connection to the K-3 grid centre and benefits from the Amoreah Passage.  The universal grid centre above it (K-6) relates to Sirius.  This illustrates the importance of the 6-3 Sirius link for Earth.     

The largely isolated 11 centre grid now tries to re-balance itself.  Its natural dimensional centre no longer lies at 6.5 between dimensions 6 and 7.  This grid centre drops down the spine of the grid to the K-5 centre.  This is re-branded as a 6 centre, i.e. midway between 1 & 11.  K-5 with its Fibonacci Pivot point (F-5) now becomes a distribution centre for Fibonacci spirals within the fallen grid.  This centre also holds a lot of outer connection to other centres and effectively becomes a Sun centre radiating influence throughout the grid.

The K-5 / modified 6 centre doesn’t hold strong inner connection however.  The residual inner and higher connections are largely held through the K-8 Da’at centre and its connection to the galactic core.  In the absence of direct higher / Source connections this becomes a key doorway for bringing influences into the grid. 

Fibonacci mechanics played a key role in the degradation of the original grid.  This effectively employed the 5 – 8 – 13 number sequence to override the D12 connection.  These are natural numbers and dimensional levels that play a very important role in a fully integrated and balanced grid system.  It is because they are powerful that they can be abused.  The abuse arose not from the numbers / dimensions themselves, but more from the unbalanced and artificial ways they were combined and used.  Fibonacci and Phi / Golden Mean influences are closely related with the number five.  This is also reflected in the ‘Fi’ sound tone they share. 

Venus Pentagonal Alignment

There is a reason why all of this is significant at this time.  There is a particular planetary alignment that enshrines this Fibonacci number sequence very powerfully in our solar system.  This is described in greater detail in another document – Significant Planetary Alignments in Mid-2012.

Earth’s closest planetary neighbour is Venus.  The orbits of Venus and Earth are synchronised in a very specific cycle of 8 years.  Every 8 years Venus and Earth come into conjunction alignment 5 times.  The individual conjunctions are 1.6 years apart and are evenly distributed around the Sun, as illustrated in the diagram.  The full cycle of alignments forms a pentacle around the sun.  This pattern is referred to as the Venus Pentagonal Alignment. 

Within this cycle of 5 conjunctions Earth goes through 8 years or orbits around the Sun, while Venus goes through 13 of its orbits.  The cycle repeats consistently every 8 years less slightly over 2 days.  The cycle closes back on itself to a high degree of precision.  The offset is just 2 days in 8 years (2,900 days), i.e. better than one part in a thousand.  This degree of synchronisation is extraordinary.  It’s highly improbable that this pattern arose randomly.

Furthermore Venus goes through 12 of its days during this 8 year pentagonal cycle, i.e. it rotates very slowly on its axis.  Again this is a separate and equally extraordinary degree of synchronisation.  These number patterns are summarised in the following table.  Here we can see a powerful presence of Fibonacci numbers.  12 isn’t a Fibonacci number, but is surrounded by them.  This high degree of synchronisation between Earth and Venus is unique in the solar system. 

During these alignments Venus passes between the Sun and Earth and comes closer to Earth than any other body in the solar system, apart from the Moon.  One of these alignments arose in early June 2012. 

Electric & Magnetic Peaks

Our physical world occupies 3 lower dimensions or levels within a multi-dimensional scale.  We don’t see much of the higher dimensional levels.  Nonetheless they are real and interact with our world.  We are familiar with electro-magnetic fields that carry influences around our world within our dimensional bands as electric power, radio waves, communications and light.  Electro-magnetism has a higher dimensional aspect that is able to carry influences vertically between dimensional bands.  This is less apparent but no less real.  This element of electro-magnetism manifests as Merkaba fields and scalar waves.  These are capable of spanning dimensional levels and of moving energy, information, life force and consciousness between them. 

A Merkaba field comprises a matched pair of spinning / counter-rotating electric and magnetic fields that is capable of holding vertical connection between dimensions.  Earth has such Merkaba fields for its dimensional levels and connections.  These spin and open and close in cycles.  Earth’s ‘vertical’ electric fields reach a peak of activity in late May each year.  Ash describes this as a Hetharo electric peak around May 27th to early June.  Earth’s ‘vertical’ magnetic fields reach a similar peak of activity in mid-August each year.  Ash describes this as a Hethalon magnetic peak around August 12th – 15th.  These higher levels of activity facilitate vertical expansion of the fields and opening to the next level up in dimensional structure.

The early June 2012 Venus Pentagonal Alignment arose in close proximity to the Planetary Electric Peak that year.  This is illustrated in the following time scale diagram.  There was a synchronisation between the cycle of Venus and that of the planetary dimensional electric field.  This allowed for a strong Earth connection and transmission of the influences being carried by the Venus alignment.  The larger Shield took a significant hit during that time.

The Venus Pentagonal Alignment arose again in January 2014.  There was no major time resonance nor alignment with planetary cycles at that time and nothing of major significance appears to have happened then.

The Venus Pentagonal Cycle is coming round again in mid-August 2015.  We can see Venus shining brightly in the evening sky just after sunset.  It is getting closer to the Sun each day and in mid-August will pass between Earth and the Sun.  This date aligns strongly with the Planetary Magnetic Peak.  It’s right in the window on August 15th.   This allows for a very powerful Earth connection and transmission of the Fibonacci influences being carried by the Venus alignment.  Earth’s fields will be particularly open and active at that time. 

The Electric Peak arises in May, the 5th month of the year.  Also in numerological terms, where the digits of a year are added together, 2012 was a 5 year.  So the May 2012 alignment can be regarded as a 5/5 event, although there is an element of 6/5 there as well.  The Magnetic Peak arises in August, the 8th month of the year.  2015 is an 8 year.  So the mid-August alignment can be regarded as an 8/8 event. 

These two alignments are complementary.  They bracket a window in time.  This particular window between 2012 and 2015 spans a crucial period in the energetics of the planet and for the evolution of life on the planet.  This set of alignments will culminate in mid-August in what could be an intense time.  The influence will be present before and after, possibly into September, but should wane after that.  The cycle won’t come around again for another 8 years.  By then the planetary energetics will have settled more into their new form and shouldn’t be so vulnerable to external influence.  So this may well be the last big opportunity to influence the planetary energetics. 

While the Venus Pentagonal Alignment peaks in mid-August its influence spreads either side of the particular peak date.  This alignment represents a connection between the Sun, Venus and Earth.  Sun influences are mediated and focused by the planet Mercury.  Traditionally Mercury is the messenger of the Sun god Apollo.  Likewise the Moon mediates, holds and distributes influences coming into the Earth. 

There is a New Moon on August 14th, i.e. with the Moon between Sun & Earth, the day prior to the VPA peak.  So the Moon participates directly in the VPA alignment.  Mercury is off to one side and doesn’t participate directly between the Sun & Earth.  However it does line up behind the Moon to form a Mercury – Moon – Earth alignment on August 16th

There are other alignments around this time period.  There is a Jupiter conjunction, i.e. Jupiter on the opposite side of the Sun on August 26th.  There are two significant Moon events in September.  There’s a partial solar eclipse on 13th and total lunar eclipse (blood moon) on 28th.  There is a Mercury conjunction with Mercury between Earth and Sun on Sept.30th.  So some of the intensity and influences arising in the August period may propagate into September.  After that things quieten down and there should be an easing off of influences and tension.

It should be noted that a lot of the energetics in question are multi-dimensional and possibly internal.  Effects may not show on the surface straightaway or for some time.  Likewise the resolution of a lot of the issues may be internal.   


There is a further reason why all this is significant at this time.  There is a major physics experiment underway at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) site near Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border.  This entails sending powerful particle beams in counter rotating loops around a huge circular underground tunnel.  The distance round the loop is 27km.  Extremely powerful magnets are used to bend and concentrate the particle beams.  The particle beams carry a very high concentration of electric energy.  The counter rotating beams are collided at very high energies, where the energy concentration is sufficient to spark new particles.  The intention is to explore the nature and behaviour of such particles close to the edge of creation. 

Two counter-rotating electromagnetic currents and associated fields have the capacity to generate corresponding artificial Merkaba fields.  These have the capacity to span across dimensions.  These are ‘vertical’ side effects over and above the usual behaviour of such currents.

Also electromagnetism has an intimate relationship with both space and time.  Space and time are coupled by the speed of light (c ).  This in turn is determined by the electromagnetic qualities of the locale.  It’s possible to bend or warp both space and time with strong magnetic fields in particular.  Such fields can be used to create short cuts through space and links in time.  Combined with the artificial Merkaba fields these effects can generate openings or portals between dimensional levels. 

The magnets, currents and associated equipment are buried deep underground.  So any effects are being anchored directly into the Earth.  The energies arising from the beam collisions are also being released into the Earth ultimately.

Most of the scientists involved are good people pursuing conventional scientific research.  However all of this has an inter and multi-dimensional context.  There can be additional processes, effects and ramifications beyond the horizons of conventional science and outside what people expect. 

The LHC collider started operations in late 2008 and started collisions in late 2009.  By early April 2012 it had ramped up to its design capacity with a collision energy of 8TeV (units of energy).  It continued running colliding particles at this energy level through 2012 until mid-February 2013.  In other words it had ramped up to its design power by the Electric Peak and VPA alignment in late May 2012 and ran right through the year past the Dec.21 event in 2012.  It then shut down for a re-build to a higher power level. 

The LHC collider started ramping up again in April and May 2015.  It reached its full energy level of 13TeV during May and had done its first collision at this level by May 21st.  It reached stable operation with 13TeV collisions in early June.  The intention is to continue counter-rotating and colliding beams of particles at this energy level through the year.  The volume of collisions will be increased steadily. 

It’s interesting to note that the facility was operating again at its peak energy level for the Electric Peak in late May.  It’s also intended to be fully operational through the Magnetic Peak and VPA alignment in mid-August, as illustrated in the time scale diagram above.  The step up in energy level from 8 to 13TeV is most interesting.  We again see this critical Fibonacci number sequence in play.  The sequence is now carried in the LHC operations in addition to the Venus Pentagonal Alignment.  This symbolises a certain linkage between the events. 

There is therefore a very intense window in mid-August where we have three significant events coming together:

  • Planetary Magnetic Peak – August 12th to 15th.
  • Venus Pentagonal Alignment – peaking on August 15th, but active for over a week either side of this date.
  • LHC operating at full capacity with 13TeV collisions.

There is a geographical dimension to this as well.  The LHC collider is located relatively near the dimension 12 planetary anchoring point (SG12) and associated grids in the south of France.  In other words we have high power counter rotating currents carrying a combined charge of 13TeV colliding repeatedly in the vicinity of the planetary K-12 centre during this period.  This bears an uncomfortable resemblance to the counter rotating spirals colliding in the vicinity of the K-12 centre in the earlier grid diagram.

The connections held by these alignments and any dimensional openings generated can conceivably do two things.  They may:

  • Erode or sever the direct higher dimensional connections to the planet via dimension 12 and the associated K-12 centre.
  • Potentially bring certain multi-dimensional influences onto or off the planet.

Any influences brought onto the planet can be distributed along the surface.  A number of surface alignment lines are illustrated in the map diagram above.  The LHC site is relatively near the planetary K-12 centre at SG12.  There are also seed atom grid sites associated with the natural planetary K grid centre both near the south of France and off the west coast of Africa.  An artificial site of particular interest is the 666 Appolyon Seal site off the coast of Africa. 

So we are entering a significant period.  All the ducks are lining up in a row.  This could well be the last big opportunity for certain intrusive influences.  Will this opportunity be availed of and to what extent?  We don’t know.

What Can We Do?

This isn’t a prediction nor a forecast.  What is described are opportunities and windows of potentiality where certain things could happen.  Whether they do or not is open ended and contingent on the evolution of events, including how we respond to them.  The intention is that nothing damaging or untoward should happen.  Success is getting through this period calmly, normally and peacefully.  Fore knowledge can help prepare for and avoid undesirable outcomes.  It can help increase the chances of a successful outcome.  It’s a bit like the alert we get in an airline flight when approaching turbulence.  We fasten our seat belts for a safer flight.  Also with a weather forecast we can prepare to deal with what is coming down the road.    

Two things are needed to damage the high level planetary grid connections:

  • The mechanics to accomplish the task.
  • Higher level connections from the Primal Light and D12 fields always have the capability to override lower frequency influences.  This requires vigilance on the part of those who know and can anchor such influences.  The second requirement then is to distract / divert those who can make a difference. 

There’s no point in worrying about what is outside our sphere of influence, things we don’t control.  The first of these items is largely outside our control, but the second isn’t.  We can strengthen our higher / Source connections as best we can and hold them as stably as possible through this period. 

Fear doesn’t help in this situation.  It is a low level frequency that gets in the way of an effective response.  It is something we may have to deal with and get around.  When we hold secure inner / Source connection there is little to fear.  Fear can reflect a lack of confidence in the strength of our connections and be a signal to work on these.  In particular fear of contamination can itself be a contamination.  We can learn to move our fear in the direction of respect for what certain influences can do and prudence in dealing with them.

Importantly also it is not a question of blame.  There isn’t time for that.  In any case most people are doing the best they know how.  It’s more a case of being wide awake, on the ball and on the job.  It’s also a case of taking responsibility. 

In practical terms holding higher connection implies securing our D12 connection, particularly the 12-11 link.  We can use what access we have to D12 / Maharic frequency for this.  D12 in turn holds connection to Primal Light and Sound fields and direct connection to Yunasai / Source.  In dealing with 13 level intrusion we also need to hold connection to the natural D13 and related Primal Light frequencies as best we can.  When this is held all lower level intrusion can be overridden.  In dealing with higher frequencies it is important to ground them and balance them effectively in our everyday lives.

It is important that we do what we can to help ourselves.  Help is available from higher levels of our own nature and associated positive race lines.  However what they can do is limited by free will considerations.  We need to empower ourselves to do our bit so that we empower them to do their bit.  When we do our bit CERN needn’t be a concern.  The D12 frequencies and associated direct Source connections were restored to the planet in 2000.  If we lost them within 15 years would we really deserve to have them restored again any time soon?  

If we look on Source as aliveness what is the most alive thing in our life, in our world?  It is us individually and collectively.  We are the footprint of Source in our world.  The easiest and most direct way for Source to influence events is through us.  We are the cavalry.  We have a lot more power than we may imagine.  In every challenge there is opportunity, opportunity to learn, to raise our game, to step up to a higher level.  Challenge can focus and bring out the best in us. 

Sometimes the greatest thing we fear is our own power.  We can step up to spiritual adulthood and take increasing responsibility for ourselves and our world.  We don’t have to wait around to be told what to do.  We can claim / reclaim our power and use it confidently and responsibly to do what’s needed.  It’s not so much about grandiose aims as it is about dealing effectively with what is right in front of us, doing what we can as best we can.  It is for each of us to determine what that is.  The greatest power on Earth is an awakened humanity, a humanity increasingly alive to its potential, holding connection both vertically and horizontally and taking control of its destiny.

With so much diversity in creation each of us carries unique history and capabilities.  Each is capable of accomplishing things that nobody else can accomplish.  However great or small it’s important that we contribute our piece to the great jig saw puzzle.  This fills in a piece for others and the whole is enriched.  We are like links in a chain.  Every link is important for the chain to work and move the bicycle forward along the road. 

Holding D12 frequencies and associated connections stable through this period is like the foot in the doorway that keeps the door open on the planet.  When we do our bit we empower higher level influences to look after things outside our control.  As the saying goes – God helps those who help themselves.

The strength of our inner connection is reflected in our outer everyday connections.  Building open and healthy connection with the people in our normal lives is important.  We don’t have to agree on everything.  Differences can add spice to life.  These horizontal connections are important in consolidating the integrity of the human family so that there is an increasing strength to cope with challenge and adversity.  The human family has been weakened repeatedly down the ages by division, branding and shunning.  Many people are going through rough times with upheaval, illness and financial distress, where a bit of connection and support can make a difference.  We’re all on this planet and its journey together.

May we sail in calm waters!


To summarise:

  • The original Fall in our universe was a grid event. This arose when the dimension 12 level was attacked and the lower dimensional levels were severed at dimension 11.5 from their higher connections.  11 dimensions were largely isolated from key direct connections through D12 and the Primal Light Fields to higher levels in cosmic structure and to Source. 
  • The K Grid maps the original integrated and balanced arrangement of dimensions in our universe. The Tree / Life (ToL) Grid maps the corresponding configuration of 11 dimensions after the Fall.  By comparing the ToL Grid with the original K Grid we can see where the damage was done and discern the processes involved in the Fall. 
  • The ToL Grid is missing dimensional centre 12 (K-12) and the AzurA central point from the original K Grid. These are key connection points.  The original dimension 5 centre (K-5) is exalted as an outer Sun centre for the Tree / Life Grid.  The original dimension 8 centre (K-8) holds key inner connections to replace the lost higher connections.  This becomes a hidden or stealth centre that integrates and holds a lot of power in the modified grid. 
  • Working within the original 11 lower dimensions digressive forces had to generate artificial higher frequency currents to overpower the dimension 12 frequency and connections. K-8 and K-5 are powerful centres that hold a lot of connection.  Their frequencies could be combined to create an artificial D13R reversed current to overpower D12.
  • The Krystal Spiral emerges into the K Grid through the K-5 centre. Fibonacci structures can be used to tap the Krystal Spiral flows in K-5.  A current can be projected from K-8 to intercept portion of the Krystal Spiral flows in K-5 and merge with them creating an artificial D13 current.  Fibonacci geometry can be used to project this D13 current in a reversed Fibonacci Spiral from K-5 that targets K-12.  Fibonacci structures provide the structural framework for targeting dimension 12 based on the 5 – 8 – 13 number sequence. 
  • This number sequence is powerfully present in an alignment pattern between Earth and the planet Venus. This is known as the Venus Pentagonal Alignment.  There is a cycle of 5 alignments between the planets that forms a pentacle pattern around the Sun.  Within this cycle Earth goes through 8 years and Venus 13 years.  Venus also goes through 12 of its days within this cycle. 
  • This Venus Pentagonal Alignment arose in early June 2012 close to the Hetharo Planetary Electrical Peak in late May. It is now coming into alignment again in mid-August during the Planetary Magnetic Peak.  These event alignments provide powerful connections to the planetary fields.   They also provide key windows of opportunity for the Fibonacci influences carried by the Venus Pentagonal Alignment. 
  • Additionally the CERN LHC particle collider was operating through the May – December 2012 period at an energy level of 8TeV. The powerful counter rotating loops of current being generated in this facility have the capacity to generate artificial dimensional Merkaba fields as a side effect.  This facility was enhanced and it restarted operations at an energy level of 13TeV in May 2015.  It is planned to run at this level through the rest of the year.  Here again we see the 8 – 13 numbers in play, representing a symbolic linkage with Fibonacci processes generally and particularly with these present in the Venus Pentagonal Alignment.   Furthermore these operations arise relatively close to the planetary SG12 grids in the south of France.
  • These events provide a major window of opportunity for multi-dimensional / digressive influences during these important times. The particular planetary alignment pattern won’t recur for another 8 years.  Will the opportunity be availed of?  We don’t know, but it can make for an intense time over the next 3 months.


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