Journey into Soul

Soul integration is of fundamental importance and is very active at this time.  This creates many challenges, but also great opportunity, for us.  We can explore some of the processes involved with the aid of some diagrams.  There are many ways of looking at this and many different stages in the process.  No static diagrams can adequately reflect the living reality.  Nonetheless, they can help map out the terrain and provide a useful overview to guide our exploration. 

We normally experience life looking out through our senses, as a personality in a physical body.  The conscious identity normally operating within the physical body is generally referred to as our Ego.  Ego is our localised personal consciousness.

When we birth into embodiment as babies, we spend the first several years of our life growing our bodies to maturity.  Likewise, when we project consciousness into our bodies we need to build a conscious identity or functional personality to animate the body and interact with the world we find ourselves in.  This process of individuation is important.  As we mature, we can move beyond this childhood stage of personality construction and expand into more connection and balanced relation with our world and our larger trans-personal conscious identity.  Ego serves a useful role in balanced relationship.  Problems arise with ego when we get stuck in the development stage and become unduly obsessed with the preservation or survival of our personal identity. 

Our consciousness at the personal Ego level looks out on and interacts with a bigger world around us.  Inner and outer can mean different things to different people.  The most real and meaningful interpretation of inner is our own conscious awareness and everything that connects directly to this, including our own direct Source connection.  Outer reality then is everything we project into separation and experience as separate from us.  Inner vs outer then is the difference between ‘me’ and ‘not me’, subjective vs objective.  Inner and outer are tightly interwoven at every level.  The boundary between them can be very porous and fluid and can vary from situation to situation.  It becomes increasingly irrelevant as we re-integrate our consciousness. 

Creation is a process of exploring our potential and reality from a perspective in separation, as part of our eternal existence in wholeness.  We project our external reality into a field of separation.  We also project a portion of our consciousness and life into this reality to play and interact with our creation. We learn from this process.  We also progressively release the energies we have bound in creation and eventually bring All, ourselves, our learning and our creation, home to wholeness in the universal life field. 

Our Sphere of Influence is our creation, what we interact with in the world and what affects us.  We have free will in our creation.  But free will is not a free for all.  Our more whole and expanded consciousness constrains the creative efforts from our more limited perspectives, by the great Law of Consequence.  This law is essential to our learning.  It reflects back to us the effects of our actions and creations.  It is the great Teacher.  It also acts to prevent us from wandering too far from our home base, from going too far out into separation.  It nudges us back towards wholeness.  

The Law of Consequence is known by many names, karma, destiny, action & reaction and so on.  It is the foundation for all law.  It manifests as physical law, the laws of nature, moral law, the law of the land, the rules that order life and so on.  It acts immutably over long periods of time – “the mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small”.  While the Law of Consequence is impersonal, it isn’t remote from us.  It reflects the shepherding influence of our higher consciousness and ultimately of Source.  Ultimately, it’s the hand of spirit assessing and steering our efforts to guide us home.  


Our personal embodied consciousness derives from and holds relationship to a higher level of consciousness and being.  We can refer to this as Soul, Super Ego or Spirit.  This is the parent consciousness and life field that birthed our personal Ego into embodiment.  It represents a level of consciousness, frequency and dimensional space higher than what our bodies can normally deal with.  It is Super Consciousness.  But the boundary between normal embodied and super consciousness is porous and flexible.  We can move our awareness through this boundary.  We can also move the boundary, to embrace progressively more consciousness within our bodies.    

There are many levels of higher consciousness corresponding to Soul, Spirit and so on.  These also correspond to dimensional and Density levels.  As we move up through the levels, our consciousness expands and integrates in families and ever larger collectives.  We progressively transcend boundaries and structure, until we ultimately expand into the wholeness of Source, or the unified life field.  Our Souls exist in relationship with universal or unified consciousness.  Here we merge our personal selves into our universal eternal Self.  We go Home. 

It is our body that is limited in its capacity to hold consciousness.  So long as we identify with our body and its personality consciousness we’re restricted by these limitations.  However, our consciousness isn’t so trapped in our bodies as we may think.  It is fundamentally fluid and can move between dimensional spaces, once we recognise and cultivate our capacity to do so.  We can reach in to connect with our Soul, Christos Self and Spirit Family, in whatever ways that are meaningful for us.  In doing so we bring something back that helps to reinforce connection with our bodily consciousness.  Progressively we expand our capacity to hold conscious connection in our physical body.  We integrate our consciousness.  This obviously is immensely valuable.

When moving into Personality focus in 3D, our Soul projects consciousness into 12 individual Personalities.  These are our siblings in Soul family.  As we integrate Soul consciousness we come back into relationship with this family.  We’re no longer an isolated Personality, but more a Family.   This is illustrated in the diagram above.  We see the circle of Soul encompassing 12 Personalities.  These are the smaller circles round the edge looking out into the world.  As a Personality, we are one of those circles, e.g. the one at the bottom.

Soul has a much wider field of vision, a bigger perspective, than any Personality.  It has 360-degree vision vs the narrower more sectoral view from a Personal perspective.  It has a broader wide angle panoramic view rather than the localised view we get when a camera, for example, is zoomed in close to the action. 

As we integrate Soul consciousness we expand our perspective from a purely Personal focus to a broader awareness of Family and the wider horizons of Soul vision.  We become less Personal and more present to the flow of Life in creation. 

To quote Carl G. Jung – “Your perception will become clear only when you can look into your soul.”

Also, as we integrate Soul presence and connection, we are no longer so isolated nor adrift in creation.  There is much greater security and less need for fear.  With stronger integration, we can relax more, with greater confidence in our access to resources and ability to cope with the challenges of life.  When we hold strong inner connection there’s nothing we can’t cope with.  Fear can be a useful caution.  But more often it is a symptom of weak connection, a lack of confidence in our ability to cope.  The antidote is to strengthen connection. 

Personality focus can lead to a lot of drama.  Our Personalities are like roles on a stage.  We adopt various roles in life, for example that of a parent, teacher, healer, car mechanic, adventurer and so on.  From a Soul perspective, we take on these Personality roles, as an actor dons costumes to go on stage.  At the end of the day we put the costume back in the wardrobe and go home to our real Selves. 

From a Personality perspective, these roles and associated drama can be very intense and consuming.  Soul has a much more detached perspective and sees them more as interesting experiences and learning opportunities.  There is less personal attachment to and interest in identities, roles, contracts, status and so on.  With Soul integration, life becomes less Personal.  It’s less about Who is right and more about What is right.  From a Soul or Source perspective, it doesn’t really matter who does what, so long as what needs to get done gets done.  It’s more about the doing than the doer. 

Soul has more focus on what needs to be done.  It’s more about bringing to a situation what’s needed in the situation, rather than focusing on our own Personal needs in the situation.  The biggest ‘contract’ then is to do what needs to be done and to keep on doing it for as long as it needs to be done.  Capacity becomes more significant than status.  This makes life a lot easier.  There is less need for contention, competition, bruised Egos and so on.  

Also, as we relax into Soul Integration there is greater capacity to enjoy life and the opportunity it presents.  Ultimately, Source is Life, the essence and totality of all Life.  As we draw closer to this, there is more capacity for life.  Life here on Earth presents wonderful opportunities.  It takes a lot of resources and effort to embody here.  So, it is good for us to make the most of the unique opportunities here, rather than being in a rush to escape.  Life here on Earth can be very challenging.  But it can also be very beautiful, with interesting people, unique experiences and so on. 


Sub-consciousness is the opposite of super-consciousness.  It represents all lower frequency influences lying below the threshold of our normal active awareness.  This includes a lot of incomplete or failed creation that needs to be resolved and released back into wholeness.  It also includes lower level, but important, functions and processes that we don’t need to consciously aware of normally in the here and now, such as the operation of our nervous system, digestion and so on.     

The unresolved aspects of creation manifest in our world as what we normally know as shadow.  All that we project into creation, into structure, into form should ideally resolve and return to unity and wholeness, under the guiding influence of Natural Order and Law.  As the experience is integrated and the lessons learned, all must eventually return home. 

Creation is open ended – it’s a work in progress.  It isn’t the case that creation is following a rigidly defined script, where outcomes are pre-determined.  Free will allows wide latitude for exploration and experimentation but constrained by the Law of Consequence.  Free will includes the freedom to test the boundaries of Natural Law, to explore the extremities of separation, to make mistakes and to face the consequences. 

Mistakes in themselves aren’t a problem.  Sometimes we learn where the boundaries are by crossing them.  We learn consequences by meeting them face to face.  Learning what does work often entails a lot of learning what doesn’t work.  A child may fall down many times, while learning to walk.  What really matters is how we handle mistakes and what the consequences are teaching us.  As the lessons are mastered and any issues resolved, life can move forward enriched in the process.

Issues arise when energies get stuck and fail to complete the cycle of flow through creation.  Also, when lessons fail to be learned.  These energies and issues remain stuck in creation, until eventually they can be resolved back into integrity and wholeness.   There are two major paths of resolution.  One is the process of healing, where higher frequency energies can help release stuck polarities and re-balance them, to complete their cycle of resolution. 

The other is the path of dissolution.  Where healing isn’t possible, certain stuck energies may need to be released to the ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’ route.  Here the scavenging aspect of Natural Law, the Shiva or destroyer aspect, grinds residues down to star dust, for release and ultimate return to Source.  This is like excising a cancer from the body, to preserve the viability of the remainder.  This option is less desirable than healing but is still far better than having energies permanently stuck in separation.  The fundamental point is that everything goes home eventually, one way or another.  The game of creation is stacked in favour of the House!

The process of creation entails experimentation and mistakes.  We have the cumulative residue of such mistakes, at most levels in creation, still remaining to be processed.  We as Source are responsible for creation.  We’re responsible for our collective creative endeavours and their consequences.  We’re responsible collectively for universal shadow and individually for a fair portion of shadow we can process.  A significant part of our purpose and mission in creation is to help resolve shadow, release stuck energies and harvest the embedded learning. 

We each have our personal allocation of shadow to deal with.  This holds relationship with larger shadow collectives, reaching into our collective unconscious.  Shadow, as well as light, extends up the dimensional scale.  Rather than a criticism, personal shadow and how we deal with it is a measure of our responsibility in creation.  Stronger and more mature Souls, can often carry heavier shadow burdens, in service of the Whole.  

As Carl G. Jung put it -” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”

Managing Shadow

A fundamental process in creation is illustrated in the phasing animation above.  The first phasing emerges, as Pure Consciousness focuses attention on a particular theme and in doing so creates structure around it.  This structure carries the desire and intention to explore this idea, by projecting it in creation.    

This intention (including information) is replicated, as a second phasing within the first.  It’s as if the first phasing stays ‘at home’, to preserve the Source connection and return path, while the second goes out into creation, to explore, interact and experience. 

The second phasing polarises into two opposite expressions of the original theme.  The interaction of these polarities then creates the phenomenal experience, through which all aspects can be explored.  The return phase of the cycle then draws these polarities back into balance and depolarisation for ManU and Source return.  What can’t be harmonised is released for Kali return, by the ‘ashes to ashes / dust to dust’ route.

If we look at polarity ‘horizontally’ within creation, we just see the two opposing elements, similar to a duality.  This is what we see in the Yin-Yang symbol, for example.  However, the third element is key to the creation of polarity and more significantly to its resolution.  The bigger picture is a trinity, embracing all phases. 

All polarities emerge from a neutral space.  This space holds the potential for resolution.  This is represented by the higher green sphere in the diagram below.  This holds the neutral home space for the polarity, where it can resolve and release all back into wholeness and integrity.  The essence of healing then is to access this neutral space and hold its presence in relation to the polarity in question, to allow the energies involved to flow, balance and release.  This is the ideal for resolution of polarities. 

The alternative is for two polarities to bang off each other until they shatter.  This releases the energies in a fragmented way, but at least they can return to Source along the ‘ashes to ashes’ route. 

In relation to resolving Light and Shadow, we have a parent neutral space that holds the potential for resolution.  When we get overwhelmed with issues in the World then the trick is to Detach and Integrate to the highest level of being we can manage.  This brings us towards the neutral space of resolution.  Holding this space and potential we then come back in to Re-engage the issue in question. 

This Detach – Integrate – Re-engage cycle is a powerful tool.  We already use it for example when we sleep.  We detach from our daily concerns in the World and integrate to a higher level of being during sleep.  We then come back in refreshed and re-invigorated to re-engage the world each morning.  It works, most of the time!

Ultimately the intention is to resolve Light and Shadow so that the two lower circles merge into full overlap.  This is a process of bringing Shadow to Consciousness described by Jungian psychologists.  This is also a discharging of our responsibility as a creator to assist immature creations to find their way home.  As the two lower circles merge we are left with a pair of circles in vertical Bi-Veca arrangement.  The lower of these then merges back into the upper and the whole configuration dissolves to release all energies back into full Source integrity.


There are two primary principles guiding our progress in creation.  One obviously is Soul or higher conscious influence.  Coming from within, this inspires us with creativity, purpose, focus and direction. 

The other primary influence is real life experience coming at us from the world around us.  This is the world reacting to and assessing what we are projecting out into creation.  What we aspire to create meets a real-life test out in the world.  The consequences are fed back to us for our learning, adaptation and progressive evolution.  This is the real Judgment in action and a wonderfully effective Teacher. 

This is the principle of evolution.  We are conditioned not only by inner intent and impulse, but also by external or environmental influence.  What we wish to create or manifest meets challenge in the outer world.  This provides vital feedback on what is viable in practice.  This in turn leads to adaptation and change towards more effective creation.  That which fails to adapt goes into an evolutionary cul-de-sac and becomes obsolete, like the dinosaurs.  That which adapts survives and progresses to the next stage.  This is the survival of the fittest, in the best sense of that term.  

Evolution is an important and well observed principle in creation.  It isn’t the only principle.  Creative intent or design is also very important.  It is a sensible balance between these two principles that maximises progress. 

Adaptation is key to survival.  This entails listening to what the world is telling us and reacting appropriately, rather than dictating to the world what we think it should be.  Creation is a co-creative enterprise, balancing inner and outer influence.    

When we wish to manifest we project our intent into creation.  However, we are projecting from a limited perspective and our intent may not be aligned fully with higher purpose.  The Law of Consequence then provides vital feedback.  We can take this on board to re-align our intent towards greater effectiveness.  It’s not just a question of direct manifestation, but of more aware and responsive creation.

When we set out to change the world, we can also recognise that the world needs to change us too.  ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ works both ways.  We can project change into the world.  But we also can be aware of the needs for change the world is reflecting back to us.  When we set out to ‘fix’ grids we can recognise that the grids are ‘fixing’ us too, ideally in a mutually balanced, sensitive and co-creative endeavour.     

Our Sphere of Influence expands or contracts, in line with our higher needs.  Freedom and progress are based on a foundation of discipline, responsiveness and responsibility.  We earn freedom by what we put out into the communal space.  If it’s helpful, we expand into the space.  If it’s not, we find our sphere of influence contracting.  A lack of discipline is like driving a car with no brakes.  We crash into the buffers.  Our Soul pulls the buffers in progressively more tightly around us, until we learn to drive safely.  Our Soul will also let us stew in our juices for as long as necessary to absorb what needs to be learned and to deal with what needs to be done.

It helps to be aware when we are going into evolutionary cul-de-sacs.  We can increasingly take responsibility for our own navigation.  It’s good to keep an eye on the map and watch the road signs for things like lack of progress, stagnation, contraction and so on.  We can react in a timely manner, back up and help move events in a more productive and evolutionary direction. 

Einstein is reputed to have defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.   However, the quote is also attributed to recovery groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. 


Spiritual enterprise is inspired by idealism but needs to be tempered by realism.  There’s a very important balance to be struck here.  When working in the realms of Light, it’s easy to conceive of what we desire to create and how we would wish things to be.  Idealism comes easily at that level.  The challenge is to carry this through all the way into physical reality.  That requires realism, focus, practicality and often hard work.

‘Blue Sky’ thinking is great, but what actually happens ultimately gets built on the ground and from the ground up.  We see so many wonderful spiritual endeavours, born in high idealism, fail to make it through into practical implementation.  We can conceive many reasons for this.  There is a very significant gap between what can be conceived in the Light realms and what is sensible, practical or achievable in physical reality.  What makes sense at the level of vision doesn’t always translate quite the same way into reality.  We can over-estimate our vision, capabilities and resources and under-estimate the challenges of implementing a project.

Many visionary projects fail, not because the vision is wrong, but because it is pitched at too high a level.  Also, targets can be changed, progressively raising the bar beyond what is realistically achievable.  Practical projects need a degree of compromise.  This doesn’t come easily to visionaries.  There is a need for good standards, but perfectionism can stifle a project.  Also, there is a need for humility to learn from those who are successful in practice, e.g. in the fields of business, sport and so on.  There can be a tendency to look down on and undervalue these more ‘earthy’ talents and worldly experience.  Again, it comes back to balance, a balance of values, of aspirations and of skill sets.

“Dream the impossible dream, … Reach the unreachable star …”, for example, is an exciting aspiration.  But in reality, it’s an exercise in futility.  We don’t have to take responsibility for what is impossible.  It’s more difficult, but far more useful, to dream possible dreams and actually realise them. 

Another issue with spiritual enterprise is that we can become too ‘way out’.  Our focus can be projected to far off realms, remote possibilities and other times.  If we project too much consciousness into other places or spaces, we can weaken our Presence and reduce our effectiveness in the present.  If we were meant to be in other places, why didn’t we go there directly rather than incarnating here?  We connect most directly with our own aliveness and power in the present.  If our vision is too big, it can dilute or scatter our conscious focus, where we become ineffective.


In reaching for and holding higher dimensional connections it is also important that we balance these by holding good grounding connection in the lower dimensions, i.e. in our bodies and the earth.  Frequency currents need complete connection right through the dimensional scale to flow effectively.  We can see, by analogy, that a break anywhere in an electrical circuit will prevent current flow.

We can think of our personal Kathara Grids as sails on a boat.  When they are connected at the top through K-12 and the Primal Light fields and at the bottom through K-1 and its earth connection, we can manage our sails, trim them to cope with the prevailing winds and guide the destiny of our boat.  If a sail is loose at the bottom it flaps in the wind and we have much less control of our destiny.

We also have the analogy of a tree.  For a tree to reach high towards the heavens it must also put roots down deep into the earth.  The roots stabilise the tree.  They also nourish it to reach upwards.  The branches in turn bring light and energy down into the tree in a balancing flow.  All works together beautifully. 

Faced with major and rapidly changing events we can sometimes regard ourselves as insignificant or a bit powerless to cope with what is swirling around us.  There are torrents of information coming into the planet and opportunities and challenges at every turn.  It can help if we find our little islands of calm and stability.  If we can escape from the whirlpools of life and find quiet moments in our days to nurture and nourish our connections and balance them.

Our physical bodies are extremely valuable.  Finding time to connect with the earth and nourish our bodies through such connection is also valuable.  Our lives especially in cities tend to insulate us from contact with earth.  Where possible it can be wonderful to walk bare foot on the earth, e.g. on a beach or grass, or to interact physically with the earth through gardening.  Such grounding allows an energy exchange that benefits both parties.     

Such connection as we are able to hold is uniquely valuable.  None of the higher dimensional species nor the off-planet visitors we encounter share this level of intimacy with the planet.  Being born on the planet, we carry the planetary codes in our DNA.  We hold keys to the planetary grids.  We are capable of working co-creatively with the planet by holding higher dimensional connections and helping to ground incoming frequency and information.  The planet in turn supports our journeys of learning, expansion, integration and growth in spiritual maturity.   

We need a certain strength to empower ourselves to realise the fuller potential of what we are capable of.  The future isn’t fixed.  We have the power to influence and even determine it.  We have a certain degree of capacity and opportunity to grow beyond victimhood in the face of events, towards increasing mastery and spiritual maturity. 

There are any number of ‘voices from the sky’ to tell us what to do, to ‘guide’ us, to ‘save’ us, sometimes to distract us with dazzling vistas and occasionally to get us to do somebody else’s bidding.  We can work co-creatively and respectfully with the reality of life on our planet and with our own direct and natural higher dimensional connections.  There is power in such direct and natural connections and their current flows.  If we are to channel, the most important being to channel is ourselves. 

A subtle form of disempowerment can arise where we allow our bodily or physical connections to be devalued, e.g. by regarding them as not spiritual, fallen or not worthy of our attention.  We also need to be careful that our natural desire for ascension doesn’t become a form of escapism.  We came here to do a job of anchoring and holding a certain Presence, right where we are.  That is our point of power. 


As we pursue spiritual growth we come into greater connection with the Light of Spirit.  What we do with this Light is of great importance.  It’s natural we would wish to hang out in the Light, basking in the warm sunshine and freedom from worldly cares.  If this is all we do with it, however, we’re missing a great opportunity. 

Worldly cares, shadow issues and so on are also part of our business in creation.  These can create a jarring contrast with the bliss of Light experience.  Such issues aren’t something we can wave a technique at and forget about or wish out of our lives.  Ideally, we would use our access to Light to face and progressively help heal our shadow issues.  There’s an important balance to be maintained here.

When we acknowledge and deal with shadow issues on an ongoing basis, they can be managed more effectively and easily.  This healing and resolution is the gritty and unglamorous side of spiritual development.  Yet it is this daily grind that wears down our corners and polishes the diamond, to provide something of enduring value.  

We can become overly absorbed in the Light, to the extent of ignoring or rejecting shadow issues.  This doesn’t mean they go away.  They fester from neglect, seeking our attention in ever more extreme ways.  This is where shadow projection can arise.  We wish to shake the monkey from our back, by casting it out of our life. 

This is where the age-old practice of scape goating arises.  We can project issues onto a target, with finger pointing and blaming and can seek to banish them to the wilderness, with shunning and exclusion.  Such shadow projection has, unfortunately, been a common feature of spiritual endeavours down the ages. 

Dealing with issues, as responsibly and directly as possible, is an important part of healing and spiritual growth.  Projecting issues would be great if it worked.  Unfortunately, all it really does is push them out into the world, where we lose control of them.  They can then come flying back at us, in progressively more challenging ways, to get our attention.  We have to face and deal with them in the outer world.  We need to beware that we are not unwittingly creating nor feeding the ‘demons’ that haunt our lives. 

As Carl Jung put it – “Everyone carries a Shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.  When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.”

There was an extremely interesting case of shadow issues in a book I read back in the 1970’s – “Initiation” by Elisabeth Haich.  She was a Hungarian Yoga teacher, who survived World War II.  She experienced vivid recall of earlier Egyptian times related to her war experiences.  She connected with a life as a princess to a Pharaoh in earlier Egyptian, times before things became corrupt there.  She had a burning ambition to enter the temples and to progress through the various stages of initiation into the light, as quickly as possible.  She was cautioned by elders to proceed more slowly and to take time to integrate in a more balanced way.  Her youthful desire, however, was to proceed without delay.  She passed successfully through all the spiritual training and achieved a high degree of light integration. 

In the story she eventually encounters a visiting prince from a foreign land, who comes to represent shadow to her.  She engages with extreme confidence for a time.  However, while skilled with the light she isn’t adequately prepared to cope with certain aspects of shadow and is eventually overwhelmed by it.  She ends up having her fields burned out.  She pays a very heavy price for a lack of balance.   She has to start all over again, rebuilding her fields through successive lives, broadening her experience base, until catharsis in World War II allows her recover most of her former state in a more stable way.  Needless to say, this is a story from the past and need have no detailed relation to current times.  However, it does illustrate the importance of balance and broadly based integrated development.  It also illustrates encouragingly that difficult situations can be healed and recovered over time.         


It can be difficult to determine if a particular historical person is ‘us’ or not.  We all have relationship to our Souls.  When we come into physical embodiment we subdivide our Soul consciousness into several different personalities.  Each personality has a specific purpose and mission in relation to the bigger mission of the Soul family.

When we leave our bodies at the end of a physical life, we normally merge back into our Soul family, integrating all our experience, learning, accomplishments and problems back into the family archives.  This is a bit like a drop of water merging back into the ocean.  It integrates and expands back into something bigger, freer and more whole.  It’s not the case that we lose our identity in this process.  More that we lose some of the boundaries that confine our identities.  The successes accumulate like ‘credit in the bank’.  Any problems remain as unfinished business that still needs to be resolved.  This calls for another visit back to the workshop of physical life.

This is where we as Soul decide to project a new personality (or group of personalities) back into physical embodiment.  The new personality emerges like a fresh drop of water.  Is the drop of water identical to what merged back into soul previously?  Obviously, not.  There will be a lot of experiences from the previous life that got resolved and don’t need to come back.  There will be other issues in the Soul family that another personal embodiment may not have been able to deal with.  We may take on some of these for the family, like an older child carrying burdens for a younger member of the family.

So, normally, each personal life is unique in its own terms, but is part of a shared family of consciousness.  If we look at the situation from a purely personal perspective, there can be connection, but normally there isn’t direct one to one correspondence with other incarnations.  But if we look at it from a Soul perspective, then a group of personalities and incarnations can be just different experiences within a larger life stream.  For example, the consciousness of a cell in our body may see itself as separate from the neighbouring cells.  But the integrated consciousness of the body doesn’t worry about these differences and views all the cells as a whole body.

We can carry this process further.  The Soul itself is a projection from Spirit, at a higher level.  There is consciousness moving up and down, expanding and contracting, between these levels.  This continues through still further levels, all the way back to the unity and freedom of all life in Source.  So, all is related at some level.  Closeness depends on the ‘family trees’ and where we are looking from.

The process can break down, where there isn’t sufficient soul integration between physical lives.  There may be a need to get back into embodiment quickly after a death.  In this case we come back in pretty much as we left.  Also, a personality may become estranged or orphaned from its Soul family and doesn’t wish to integrate between embodiments.  In this case it can wander from life to life, like a ‘lost soul’, hopefully until some other member of the family manages to find and help it.

As we integrate, we are expanding into more direct and open relationship with our Souls.  This brings us into relationship with a larger family of personalities and incarnations.  This is all very real from a Soul perspective.  How close an incarnational connection is depends on our personal perspective and how we wish to handle it at the time.  There can be a significant element of accessing shared consciousness in reincarnational memory.  When incarnational connections come up for us, there often is Soul purpose in play and it can be very meaningful for us. 

So, when connecting with a well-known incarnation it can be useful to be aware that it may not be a direct one to one relationship.  Take Jesheua (J12) for example.  J12 at the higher dimensional levels is a large family or collective of consciousness.  This collective can project many different personalities simultaneously into 3D embodiment.  Each of these may feel the family connection in varying degrees.  But the connection isn’t necessarily unique. 

As part of this, some and possibly many may feel connection to the particular personal embodiment from the J12 collective that lived through the Christ times 2,000 years ago, i.e. the historical Jesus or Jesheua.  There can be a shared family connection.  What matters is the degree of family integration and the ease with which memories and conscious experience can be accessed thereby.  Any present incarnation may only need to access a fraction of past experience, as needed for tasks or to sort out unfinished business.  

We can work through a particular incarnational connection, be ‘done’ with it and move onto what’s next on the to do list.  Also, we can draw in connections from other family lines outside our own native family.  For example, we may be processing incarnational residues from Anunnaki or Draconian race lines that may be our family or that our family may have been involved with in the past.  There are many strands woven through our incarnational history at this stage.  It’s all experience.  What really matters is our ability to connect to our highest reality and pull things together in the here and now.   

Santa Claus

Santa Claus was a very real presence for us as kids.  This is the embodiment of magic, abundance and gifting at Christmas.  As we grow older we come to realise Santa Claus isn’t a jolly old man manufacturing and distributing toys from the North Pole.  It was really our parents, who manifested the ‘magic’ and the Santa we visited at the shopping mall was a local person dressed up for the occasion.  Effectively, Santa is a symbol for the spirit of giving, for the joy and excitement of receiving.  This spirit or influence is widespread and flows through many.  But it is easier for kids to relate to it in a personification like Santa.

Likewise, with God.  The essence or spirit of God is widespread and pervasive, but we find it easier to relate to it as a person.  We can personify God as a bearded old man overseeing the world from a throne in the sky, as depicted in religious art.  We become accustomed to seeing and relating to the world from a personified focus.  We relate to others as personified beings.  We then tend to project this personification onto other influences.  We tend to personify the abstract.

Likewise, with Christ.  Christ is a state of conscious connection with higher dimensional realms and direct connection with wholeness of Life in Source.  This is pervasive and abstract.  We tend to personify this in an individual, like Jesus, and then relate to it through this person.  Increasingly we can relate to this as part of our own deeper consciousness and equally find it in the living reality around us. 

Likewise, with negative influences.  Evil influences can be pervasive, but we like to personify them as a means of defining and relating to them.  These personifications can take many forms, for example, the devil, Satan, the Cabal, Illuminati, Thoth and so on.  There can be a certain comfort in personifying evil, in that it pushes these influences away into a defined space.  It’s a means of dissociating from such influences.  We may need to do that at certain times.  For example, we may regard Thoth as a specific person or personages.  This, however, is a much bigger and more pervasive influence and consciousness.  In focusing on specific personifications, we may miss the bigger reality.  

There’s a very good illustration of this towards the end of the recent Wonder Woman film.  The heroine, Diana, comes face to face with what she regards as the embodiment of evil, in the form of a German General in World War I and slays him.  Yet this does not extinguish evil.  It simply surfaces in another more powerful embodiment, on the polar opposite side of the war conflict, the British Prime Minister.  This manifestation is much more broadly based and capable of attacking from many sides and levels.  She eventually vanquishes this too.  However, there is another stage to this process not dealt with in the film.  We still have to face the enemy within.  We have to identify, root out and transmute the influence of evil within ourselves. 

We can identify and engage ‘enemies’ outside and around us.  Enmity is a very close relationship.  It can lead us on a merry dance, on many engagements through many life times.  There is a representation of this in the Greek legend of the many headed Hydra.  Hercules was given the task of slaying the Hydra monster.  But every time he severed one of the heads, several more grew back in its place.  He had to learn to cauterize the necks to prevent heads growing back, until he finally won, by severing the final head.  The engagements and challenges of conflict become progressively more subtle, teaching us, until we learn to master and transcend them.  We haven’t truly conquered our enemies until we conquer enmity itself.           

External Influences

Another issue we face is that we all have our ‘buttons’, sore points in our psyche, which when triggered can provoke a reaction.  These buttons can be innate fears, anger, resentment, old memories, vulnerabilities, addictions, unresolved issues, feelings of such as inferiority / superiority, insecurity and so on.  Working on these vulnerabilities is a large part of our personal and shadow healing work. 

There are many wonderful modalities to assist with this healing process.  These can include – practice of Attitudes and Responsibilities of Mastery, Mindfulness, Forgiveness and so on.  Many people across the broad consciousness-raising movement are making great progress on this front.   

If we neglect these buttons, they can become vulnerabilities for exploitation.  Outside influences can target them, as a means of exerting control over us.  They can yank our chain or light our fuse.  When triggered, sub conscious influences can over ride our normal awareness and create undesirable situations or outcomes.  This is an issue for all of us, in various ways. 

As we become more aware of our vulnerabilities and more realistic about them, there is greater capacity to manage them.  We need to be careful how we use honesty, for example.  The value of honesty or authenticity depends on what we are being honest to.  If we kick the dog, for example, we can be very honest to our anger or frustration.  But is this an appropriate use of honesty?  We can sometimes use honesty to excuse inappropriate behaviour.  When being honest, it helps to be authentic with our higher Self and Soul purpose more than our sub conscious or shadow influences.  This is a balancing act for all of us. 

Above all we need to be honest with ourselves, as far as possible, and many people increasingly are.  Great cosmic tricksters, like Thoth, couldn’t fool us so easily, if we weren’t already fooling ourselves to a degree.  In a sense they are reflecting back to us our vulnerabilities and what we need to work on.

Additionally, we have the more subtle issue of subliminal influence.  This is where external influences speak directly to our sub conscious / shadow side.  These slide in past our conscious awareness and impact our deeper psyche.  This is somewhat akin to waking hypnosis. 

These influences work on association rather than logic and stream in on our primary senses, e.g. visual, hearing and so on.  They use words, terminology, colours, imagery and so on.  Typical examples include – political slogans at elections, e.g. ‘make America great again’, ‘strong and steady leadership’, advertising slogans, enterprise logos and so on.  There is a very precise and coded use of language and images to achieve psychic impact.  Self-awareness and awareness of the ways of the world provide a measure of protection against undue influence. 

Failure / Winning

Failure is very much a matter of perception.  What we perceive as failure may simply be the failure of things to work out the way we expected or wished them to.  What we consider failure from a Personal perspective, may not be failure at all from the level of Soul.  It may well be our own Soul orchestrating a needed lesson or adjustment for us. 

What we may perceive as failure in our everyday lives does not define us.  We are much bigger Beings than our personalities.  Earth life can be like an appliance repair workshop.  Our successes go home to our Soul family archives and don’t need to be brought back in to work on in 3D.  It is the outstanding issues, the unfinished business that needs to come back in here for repair. 

Having unfinished business isn’t a reflection on us.  We all have it – creation has it, Source has it.  It doesn’t reflect on the cumulative success we may have banked in our cosmic accounts.  Also, stronger Souls may carry a bigger share of unfinished business, in service of the Whole.      

It isn’t a great idea to embed words like fail or failure in widely used terminology, as this embeds that concept in our psyche on a regular basis.

Probably the most significant failure is the failure to learn.  We can learn quite a lot from being wrong, if we go about it the right way.

There is a winning mentality that works in practice.  Successful sports people are great exemplars of this.  It can be very interesting to listen to interviews with people at the top of their game.  They enjoy success, but don’t remain basking in the glory.  They quickly move onto the next challenge and what is needed to prepare for this.  They’re not overwhelmed by failure, accept it as part of the process and take responsibility for it.  They focus more on learning the lessons and using this learning as a foundation for future success.  They are ambitious, but utterly realistic about the effort needed to realise their goals.  They play to their strengths and deal realistically and practically with their weaknesses.  They play as a team and value the team effort required for success.  While competing fiercely, they respect opponents and learn from them.  They recognise that the margins between success and failure can be very thin.

Blaming things outside our control isn’t a very successful strategy.  It tends to give our power away.   For example, blaming such as ‘FatalE’ or similar for a lack of progress begs the question.  If they are responsible, should we not be talking to them to find out what it is they’re doing that is so much more effective than what we’re doing?  Are they perhaps running a stronger / higher frequency?


As we expand consciousness and come into greater Soul and Spirit connection we access more of our power, more of our ability to influence creation.  How we manage this power is critical to progress. 

It is important for us to know what is going on in the world and to be aware of adverse or negative influences.  We often come across information to the effect that the world, state or government are controlled by the Elite, the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Inner / Shadow Government, Archons, Fallen Angelics and so on.  Where do such groups get their power?  They generally don’t have sufficient higher dimensional connection of their own.

Elite groups get their power from us.  They harvest and accumulate power from the collective.  We grant them some of our power when we acknowledge or affirm their power.  When we say the Cabal controls the government, for example, we are reinforcing their power to do so and, to an extent, our own status as victims in the situation.  This suits the Cabal down to the ground.  Also, when we give too much attention, even negative attention, to these situations, this can be harvested as a resource.

We can re-frame our attitudes in a more beneficial way.   We can, for example, say the Elite would like to control government, but we do not grant them our personal power to do so.  We can reclaim our power and direct it more constructively. 

Also, there can be beliefs than certain disasters are inevitable, e.g. a financial collapse, World War III, a disease epidemic, climate chaos, a planetary pole shift, ET invasion, that the planet will fall into a black hole and so on.  These are possibilities and it’s wise to hedge against them.  But we can also recognise our own power in the situation.  The future isn’t fixed.  We have power to influence our future and shape outcomes, to the extent we claim it.  We can, for example, affirm that World War III isn’t going to happen in my world, in my sphere of influence.  As we do this collectively and from greater strength of spirit connection, it has progressively wider impact. 

Taking responsibility is key to empowerment and to using our power wisely.  We can come out from victimhood, from blaming things we have little control over and from the type of thinking that dissipates our power.  As we focus more on what we can do or influence, however small this is, we increasingly shape more favourable outcomes.

As we grow in maturity and empowerment, we progress from being followers to leaders in our lives.  When we seek guidance, teaching or leadership, increasingly we look in the mirror or within.  This is the progression towards spiritual adulthood and responsibility.  We often begin by looking to others for leadership and this can be necessary for a time.  Spending too much time in student mode, however, can create a co-dependency relationship that becomes a burden on both parties. 

Concentrated power and leadership may be necessary at times but isn’t natural and can become counterproductive or even oppressive.  An ideal for society is that we would grow towards a free association of empowered individuals.  Rather than expecting or waiting for this to happen, we can drive towards this progressively under our won steam.

Expansion of consciousness inherently confers more power.  If we haven’t developed the spiritual maturity to use this power wisely and effectively, this can become a wasted opportunity or in more extreme cases a liability. 

We have opportunity to connect to higher dimensional levels and capacity to run frequency that is beneficial for our planet and its life fields.  This is an unseen, but potentially very potent influence.  Rainbow currents combine frequencies from all dimensional levels – D12, the Primal Light fields (D13 – D15) and additionally the Primal Sound fields.  Among native American tribes, e.g. the Cree lady “Eyes of Fire”, there is a tradition of the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’, who would teach the people the ancient practices of Unity, Love and Understanding and make a real difference to Life. 

We can claim our power and use it, wisely. 


As we meet the challenges of life and balance the influences impacting us, we progressively resolve polarity and come into greater wholeness and integrity.  As we take responsibility for our influence on and interaction with the world, we come to see it more as a reflection of who and what we are.  The division between Inner and Outer, for example, becomes less pronounced.  We begin to straddle this division in a more balanced way.  We can become less dominated by the world, while being present to it in an effective and immediate way.  This is illustrated below by having our functional Personality or Ego aligned with our Sphere of Influence and both balanced across the Inner / Outer divide.  We own both our identity and our presence in the world.  We move from victimhood towards mastery as – ‘I Am This I Am’.

Likewise, with shadow.  We can come to recognise the commonality between our own personal shadow and the negativity assailing us in the world.  As we resolve internal and address external issues, we can come into more effective relation with and management of shadow.  It comes into a more balanced state, reflected by shadow straddling the Inner / Outer polarity.  As we heal what can be healed, shadow is drawn up through Ego conscious awareness into more balanced relationship with the Light of Spirit.  This helps resolve the Light / Shadow polarity, in addition to the Inner / Outer one.

Balancing polarities and drawing them into their neutral home space draws energy and consciousness back into wholeness.  This is the process of transcendence, where we progressively transcend boundaries, separation, structure, dimensionality and so on.  The ultimate state of transcendence is Source, pure Self, Unity Consciousness, or whatever names we use to relate to it.  As we move into this state of wholeness or integrity, we can visualise the sloping lines, bounding the pink space in the diagram, folding downward to embrace all, in the freedom of pure Being.  

A fundamental point is that as we approach Source we are progressively transcending structure and the separation it entails.  So, it becomes increasingly meaningless to consider structure at this level.  Another fundamental point is that as we integrate into wholeness, we expand our consciousness, identity and perspective.  We progressively go beyond Personal identity, Soul, Family, Spirit and so on, until we identify with the totality of all Life, as it exists in Freedom.  Then we can say – ‘I Am This I Am’.  In other words, there is no need to worry about who or what we are.

Source, by its nature, is beyond form and definition.  It is transcendent and ineffable. However, any words or concepts we ascribe to It, ultimately are meaningless.  As we come into the experience of pure Being, we release all of these.  We don’t need them.  However, until we get ‘there’, words are valuable tools to point the way.    

In going beyond form and structure there can be a fear of loss of identity.  For example, without my body, who or what am I?  Some people cannot conceive of existence beyond the body or the personality.  In describing Source as ineffable, ‘beyond the beyond’, there is a risk of associating Source with extreme remoteness and even nonexistence.  Nothingness means ‘no thing’, in the sense of absence of form or definition.  But that does not mean nonexistence.    

In normal 3D consciousness, we interact through the outer world and deal with what is projected into this world.  We are highly conditioned to dealing with the surface presentation of things.  We often see the containers of life, more than the contents.  Yet, what is it that is doing the ‘seeing’?  It is consciousness, aliveness or Life.  What is it that projects and animates all that manifests?  When we strip away the containers or packaging, what remains?  Again, it is Life.  Pure Existence or Being is the fundamental reality.  Without this nothing else matters. 

Pure existence or consciousness underlies all and ‘every thing’ derives from and relates back to this.  This couldn’t be more immediate.  It is what is looking out through our eyes.  It is the seer in all seeing, the doer in all doing.  As we strip back the packaging of forms and structure, we approach the essence of Being.  This is Presence.  Presence is aliveness in the here and now.  The Presence is always there in principle.  It’s more a case of expanding the here and now to embrace more Presence and aliveness, effectively being Presence in the Present.

This moves our focus on from a preoccupation with form, structure and ‘things’, to embracing Life itself.  Life is within and all around us.  It’s a case of living Life to its fullest potential, embracing what expands, enriches and empowers Life.  Expanding our inner Presence reflects in greater connection to Life and a fuller involvement with Life in the world around us and vice versa.  Life is meant to be lived.  Talking about it, as in this discussion, is of secondary significance!  The most important ‘book’ to ‘read’ is the book of Life itself. 

Encouragingly most people do quite a good job of balancing these issues in everyday life.  Humanity embarks on life and new ventures with a lot of optimism, good intentions, joy and hope for the future.  There can be a lot of happiness, joy and fulfilment in life.  However, there can also be problems, setbacks, disappointments, some very real suffering and even tragedy in our lives. 

Humanity as a race has endured much down the ages in terms of wars, poverty, oppression, famine, upheaval, etc.  It still survives, overcomes disaster and forecasts of disaster and endures to face into the future with a degree of optimism.  Humanity has learned a lot of survival skills and has garnered much practical wisdom down the ages.  When we travel we meet wonderful people all over the world often coping with difficult situations with quiet stoicism.  Source is present in the warmth and kindness that flows between people. 

Needless to say, life is an on-going work in progress.  We are all learning on the job.  None of us is perfect and we don’t need to be.  We need not be too hard on ourselves nor on each other.  In the very messiness of life there is immense potential for experience, learning and growth.  It may well be the case that more perfect beings envy us the opportunities we have here, even though we would gladly change places at times! 

One of our greatest resources and strengths is our humanity.  We share a sense of connection in a larger family.  This family has been scattered / decimated many times.  Yet we can always connect with the essential decency, feeling, kindness, caring and sense of fairness of the human condition and by reaching out, sharing, connecting and supporting we can regenerate the greater essence of family and spirit, to which we all belong.

May the Journey be fruitful!