I go through a lot of confusion and questioning trying to make sense of events from time to time.  Every so often I call out – ‘Where are the Eieyani / Guardians /Guides when we need them?’  The answer that comes back every time is – ‘You (meaning all of us collectively) are the Eieyani / Guardians.  Sort it out.’ 

This implies a number of things:

  • That higher parts of our own nature believe we can sort things out.
  • There is much to be learned and value to be derived in doing so.
  • It is time to come into spiritual maturity and take full responsibility for ourselves.

The Eieyani don’t spoon feed us.  In the early days Ashayana used explain that the Eieyani pointed directions, provided clues and encouragement for us to discover information for ourselves as much as possible.  The process of discovery builds connection to the live information fields and embeds the knowledge in our bodily consciousness.  This is why it is so valuable to work hands on with information, drawing images, colouring codes and explaining it to ourselves and others.    

In particular the Eieyani do not interfere in personal affairs unless help is sought and then only to the extent necessary to help people get back on their feet.  There are spiritual protocols around respecting free will and allowance. 

It can also be useful not to regard the Eieyani as remote and exalted beings in a ‘them and us’ context.  We can regard them as a collective and higher aspect of our own nature carrying a higher degree of Source integration.  They can be a bit like parents watching over children, generally allowing freedom to explore scenarios and experience consequences and interfering as little as possible.  They neither need nor want our power, resources, obedience or whatever.  Beings carrying Source integration don’t need anybody else’s power. 


Earth and life embodied on earth had full and direct relationship with multi-dimensional reality in earlier times.  Over long periods wars and conflicts damaged the grid connections to such a degree that earth had to go into quarantine.  It’s like when somebody is severely injured, e.g. with brain damage, they may need to be put into a medically induced coma to allow the body to heal.  As the body recovers there comes a time when they can be brought back out of coma and gradually recover conscious embodiment.  It’s as if the earth has been in an induced coma for quite some time to allow grids to recover.  The cycles have now come round to a point where earth and its embodied life can be brought out of coma.  It can awaken to the larger reality of life that contains it. 

Disclosure needn’t be about space craft landing on the White House lawn and the President shaking hands with aliens for the TV cameras.  It isn’t just about aliens being interviewed on prime time news or leaders putting their hands up and telling all that is known.  Disclosure can be a process of awakening that has been going on for some time. 

Conventionally we think of disclosure in terms of physical events, spaceships, aliens, technologies, conspiracies and so on.  What is critically important in all this is that we acquire the spiritual maturity to handle a bigger view of the world and a broader relationship with it.  We could for example be awed by exotic technologies, be fascinated by other worlds, stellar dramas and so on and give our power away to those who connect with them.  Our world lives within deeper realms of soul and spirit.  We need to maintain our relationship with these realms, not to be over-awed nor overwhelmed by external drama to the extent that we give our power away. 

While we desire disclosure there are certain challenges associated with it.  We can be exposed to exotic new technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and so on.  Given the problems we face in life we need some degree of technology.  The challenge is to ensure that our spiritual connection and maturity is able to cope with the more artificial technologies and their consequences.  In life we are surrounded by germs, disease factors and so on.  However, we also have a natural immunity to cope with these that keeps us ahead of the game most of the time.  Likewise, we need a certain degree of spiritual strength or immunity, where our natural resources can stay ahead of artificial influences to the extent of being able to manage them. 


For my annual dose of culture in 2014 I was taken to Stratford on Avon, the home place of Shakespeare in England.  Here we got to see a performance of Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  It was really interesting to see the intensity of drama, conflict and evolving intrigue between the different characters on stage.  Towards the end of the play the stage was littered with bodies fallen in combat.  Then at the end they all stood up, held hands and bowed to acknowledge the applause of the audience.  The Prince of Denmark was holding hands with his arch nemesis, the fair Ophelia had recovered her composure and so on.  All were calm and smiling happily.  Then they took off their costumes and went home to their normal lives. 

This is a useful illustration of the role of personality.  We develop personalities to fulfil particular roles in life.  Engaging these roles can entail intense drama at times.  At the end of the day we merge these personas back into our soul group.  Our consciousness expands into a larger group focus spanning many personality roles and associated journeys and dramas.   We take off our costumes and return to the larger reality of our lives and of who we really are. 

The personal dramas of life can be very intense, even overwhelming at times.  As we step back to integrate a higher perspective things can look quite differently.  The ‘good guy’ vs ‘bad guy’ dramas are less significant.  What is increasingly of value is the experience derived and the lessons learned. 

We needn’t worry too much about our personalities.  They are roles we are passing through, chapters in a larger book of life.  They have their value.  But we will hang them up and move on at the end of the day.  Our soul isn’t just an extension of our personality, but more a group consciousness that integrates the experience of a collective of personalities spanning a greater expanse of time and multiple 3D individualities.  Ultimately Source consciousness integrates all expressions of life. 

This reality is partially reflected even in our 3D lives.  Each individual is a collective of personas – higher self, inner child, hero, victim, shadow self and so on.  One of them is normally dominant, but we can express a range of personas in differing circumstances.  Keeping them all moving in the same general direction can be a bit like ‘herding mice at a cross roads’.  What differs between levels, 3D, soul and so on, is the degree of integration.

Learning how to manage our personalities and their influence in our lives isn’t always easy, but is an important part of spiritual maturity.  We can value personality and the life experience it offers, but also recognise its limitations.  We can learn to be led more by principles deriving from spirit rather than personalities, either our own or others.  Such principles can include – Source, integrity, empowerment, responsibility, realism, grounding, simplicity, balance, kindness, respect, allowance and so on.


As we expand our consciousness and inner connection and as the horizons of our outer world expand to embrace other forms of life and associated worlds and realities we will come in contact with a wider range of beings.  The issue of communication with these arises.  This can be guided by a number of principles:

  • It is important that we value our own direct connection with soul family, spirit and Source.
  • We can cultivate and strengthen these direct connections and use the highest level of protection available to us.
  • It is important that we don’t talk down to other beings and likewise that we don’t allow others to talk down to us.
  • The ideal is ‘peer to peer’ communication. For example, if an archangel or powerful ET communicates with us we needn’t be over-awed.  We can go to that level within our own being and engage communication from that level on a more equal basis.  We can for example have the case of a child going home from school being engaged by a strange adult.  It is safer for the child to call its parent and have the parent handle the communication with the adult on a more equal basis. 

Practicing ‘safe spirituality’ is as important as safe anything else. 

There are some issues to note in relation to this.  Earlier on during the ‘dark flowering’ saga it was suggested as part of the FatalE psychology that people experiencing such a condition would be the last to know it.  It was also described as an invasion from within.  What is the practical effect of this?  This is suggesting to certain people that they cannot trust themselves or their own inner vertical connection.  It is also suggesting that they trust those promising a remedy instead and do what they’re told, effectively handing over their power.  However well intentioned, this still amounts to a violation of personal integrity and spiritual principle.  It’s also a breach of Eieyani protocol.  We all have many issues to sort out.  What is needed is a reinforcement of inner connection to face issues with as much inner strength and confidence as possible.  In rearing children for example if we were to tell them they cannot trust themselves we wouldn’t raise very mature adults.


Needless to say there are many challenges along the path towards maturity and mastery.  We learn something from all of these.  A fundamental challenge that the whole human family faces on a regular basis are divide and conquer tactics.  These take many forms.  A particularly unpleasant issue is the use of so called mind control techniques.

The fundamental principle of mind control appears to be to use trauma to drive the higher spirit and soul essence and connection out of a body for a time.  Then the lower consciousness aspects are accessed for external manipulation, programming and ultimately control.  This is part of the rationale behind torture.  The fundamental principle is to ‘break the spirit’ and then assert control.  So we have an attempted ‘vertical’ division from spirit and then a ‘horizontal’ division of the personality often into discrete personas.  These personas are not only separated from spirit but also from each other to facilitate external control. 

These processes can be applied not only to unfortunate individuals, but also to whole communities.  This appears to be the rationale behind ‘terrorism’.  There is a traumatic event that shocks people.  Whether it is ‘real’ or not isn’t very important.  It is the shock value and how this is used that matters.  The shock pushes people out of normal vertical connection.  It displaces normal values, feelings, reasoning and so on and speaks directly to lower emotions of fear, insecurity and terror.  There is a displacement of higher values and an empowerment of lower ones that are much more easily controlled.  This opens up a vulnerability to manipulation and herding in directions people wouldn’t normally countenance.  The repeated application of shocks lowers resistance.

There is a planetary dimension as well.  Life forms on the planet and particularly humans are a key part of the planetary grids.  Humans play a significant role in helping support the grids through a transition and carry important keys in their DNA.  ‘Aliens’ cannot do this job.  Intruders cannot succeed by direct physical invasion until they have manoeuvred humanity to help open the grids on their terms.  Once this is done they no longer need humanity and it’s a question of moving them aside as quickly as possible.  This is where ‘rapture’, false ascension or evacuation type events can come into play.  The idea is to get the higher spiritual aspects of the race off the planet so that what’s left can be more directly and easily controlled.  This calls for considerable discernment to ensure any ascension occurs on our own rather than someone else’s terms. 

We can protect ourselves from this type of manipulation by nurturing and preserving our soul, spirit and Source integration.  We can then ground this in our bodies to preserve our integrity of being.  This also helps ground it in the planet and make it available to help others.  Avoiding inner division by cultivating integrity and connection is a major step towards building resistance to outer division and conquest.

Golden Handcuffs

There are other more subtle manipulation and control techniques than the raw aggression of trauma.  We can also be controlled by the cultivation of dependency and manipulation of needs.  One of the major ‘soft’ control tools is money.  Money comes between us and a lot of the resources we need for life in this physical world. 

Politicians for example need money to get elected.  This provides opportunity for influences to supply money and create a dependency or indebtedness, where the politician is ‘bought’.  This is a classic example of ‘golden handcuffs’.  Managing money and potential indebtedness and dependency is a significant challenge on the spiritual path. 

Spiritual Glamour

We all like to feel special or important.  This is fine within reason.  Problems can arise however where our desire for importance can become a point of vulnerability to be exploited by various influences.  Being special can also become a problem when it becomes separative or elitist.

Apart from aggression the other major intruder tool is seduction.  This entails telling us what we want to hear, pandering to our desires, drawing us into dependency and subtle control.  We can be told how important we are, how important our role is, how much is dependent on that, creating an expectation and pressure to fulfil the role.  This is fine if it is coming from within under our own direct soul, spirit and Source direction and if we have the maturity to stay grounded. 

Problems can arise where it is coming from outside.  The psychological stroking is under someone else’s control.  If we don’t comply with their wishes they can withdraw it.  This can create a subtle dependency, where we can be groomed into roles not necessarily consistent with our spiritual purpose or integrity.  It all comes down to who or what is pulling our strings.  We need to pull our own strings as far as possible and retain the freedom to make our own decisions and take responsibility for them.

Coming from Source we are special.  But so is everyone else at a fundamental level.  This is a consequence of the Law of One.  The ‘spiritual work’ we do is admirable.  There can however be a tendency to compare ourselves with others.  For example, we can think that because we are studying spiritual information, doing spiritual techniques and so on we are special and that the world needs to recognise this.  This doesn’t necessarily follow. 

We can take the subject of love for example.  When we are talking a lot about love what this can mean is that we are studying the subject and learning about it.  It is an active topic for us, which is fine.  The next stage is to fully integrate it into our lives by way of practice.  Then we become love and radiate it from the core of our being.  It is so much part of us that we don’t need to think nor talk about it.  It just is.  Something similar can apply to spirituality and spiritual integration. 

A mother rearing children can be practicing love in a very real way and not have the time to think nor talk about it.  Just because other people are not practicing spirituality in an obvious way doesn’t necessarily mean they are not living it.  A bit of care is needed in judging others and their life experience.  Self-esteem and a natural pride are fine, but elitist attitudes or tendencies that isolate us as special can become obstacles on the spiritual path that reduce our effectiveness.

Another closely related issue is that of fear.  We can isolate ourselves from people through fear of contamination or separate ourselves from the world from fear of corruption.  Fear of contamination is itself a contamination.  As we build inner strength, connection and spiritual immunity we are better able to cope with challenges.  There is progressively less to fear.  Both fear and elitism can reflect a lack of confidence in our inner resources.  There is a balance that can be achieved between an open confidence and an alert, shrewd, realistic discernment.    

Grounding, realism and keeping in touch with ‘normal’ life can help.  Also not to take our own ‘propaganda’ too seriously and do frequent reality checks. 


With so much happening in these hectic times there is a need for effective engagement with the world.  Effectiveness calls for a focus on outcomes:

  • What is most important is the real world outcome.
  • Then the processes needed to achieve that outcome.
  • Finally, the people who contribute to those processes.

From a Source perspective and the longer views of time who does what isn’t of great importance once a desired outcome is achieved.  Focusing on outcomes can help get around a lot of the personality issues and friction, including our own ‘stuff’, that impede progress.

The most important ‘contract’ is to do things that need to be done and to keep on doing them for as long as they need to be done.  Then to get out of the way and let what needs to happen happen.  It’s like with rearing children where there is a need at a certain point to let go and let them proceed under their own steam. 

Also if we want to know where something is really coming from look where it ends up in the real world.  Read the outcomes.  This is the essence of reality checking. 

Human Coherence

The whole human family holds a very valuable presence on the planet and can play a significant role at this time.  The big problem has been fragmentation.  Ash described in earlier materials how the human family has been decimated again and again down the ages through repeated application of divide and conquer tactics.  We also need to take responsibility for allowing this to happen. 

What unites us is much more significant than what divides us.  What is greatly needed is for human and evolutionary groups to work together, share resources and collaborate to meet the needs of the time.  Nobody has the full picture nor the solution to all the problems.  But parts of the picture and various resources are distributed around many groups.  This underscores the importance of and even demands collaboration. 

There are of course natural differences, which play an important role in their own way.  For example, the human family comprises 12 Tribes, each with distinct capacities and roles.  Such diversity is valuable and when respected needn’t challenge the underlying family unity.  We don’t all have to be the same.  Tribes 10 and 4 in the Middle East, the old cradles of civilisation between Egypt and Mesopotamia, for example are under a lot of pressure at present.  They are suffering grievously as planetary conflicts and surrogate wars play out around them.  They need support. 

It also needs to be noted that there are groups from other race lines doing redemption.  For example, there are significant Anu groups doing redemption, who have provided valuable practical support to the planet and the evolutionary cause in recent times.  On the other hand, some of the biggest challenges come from other intruder Anu groups, who are masters of seduction and deception.  This makes for a complex situation.  Blanket condemnation isn’t appropriate, but great care is needed to avoid problems. 

Also our inner microcosm reflects the macrocosm.  We are all hybridised to a degree at this point and carry pieces of all the major race lines to varying extents.  We have our inner Anu and so on.  We can facilitate healing both for ourselves and for the wider cause by working with and assisting our shadow body to heal in a meaningful way.  Also our shadow side has experienced much.  When engaged positively it has a lot to teach us.  Even the intruder Anu can be great teachers – they find our innermost weaknesses and hand them to us on a plate!

There is a need to move on from a limited group centric focus to a more expanded, outward looking and inclusive frame of mind.  We need to counteract divide and conquer programs wherever they arise.  The most important division to heal is our inner direct soul, spirit, Source connection.  Then we can heal our grounding connection in terms of realism and effective engagement with the world.  Finally, we can reach out across barriers to help heal divisions within the human family.

Reaching out isn’t necessarily an exercise in naiveté or love, light and cluelessness.  There can be real and challenging issues in the space between groups and people that unfortunately don’t get better for being ignored.  There is a certain responsibility to face such issues as realistically and constructively as possible to move things along.  We sometimes need to work our way past the thorns to smell the roses. 

There is need for a certain unity of purpose focused more at the level of world need rather than individual or group need.  The mature ideal is to be able to respond to the needs of a situation more than our own needs in the situation.  Groups can have a tendency to turn in on themselves in the cosy safety of like mindedness.  It can be daunting to face out into the world and the diversity of challenge it presents.  But that can be where the greatest learning experiences and opportunities for growth and progress lie. 

For the human race to get its act together in terms of spiritual connection & maturity and practical cohesion would be a game changer.  That is the great awakening.  Its power is reflected in the efforts to prevent it.  Much has been accomplished.  Much is still possible.  There is much opportunity for growth and much to look forward to. 

Why not disclose something really worthwhile – the power of consciousness and cohesive human spirit!