To make sense of creation we need to relate it back to Source.  Source is the foundation reality that helps make sense of a lot of things, if not everything.  What is Source?  This is a concept we can explore every day of our lives and come up with new connections, new insights each time.  We can look at it from many different perspectives.  Each person will see different angles, all of them helping to enrich the bigger picture.

What is it that is that is asking such questions, that is looking out at and observing the world?  What is the core essence of our nature?  We can ask ourselves – who am I?  Within our bodies we can locate a personality that animates it and gives it unique expression.  Within that we can locate an element of soul / spirit and deeper within this we can locate an awareness or consciousness that brings life to all the layers of expression.  This consciousness or aliveness in its purest essence is Source.  If we were to take away all the changing costumes, structures or expressions we use, that creation in general uses, what would be left?  It would be pure existence in and of itself.  Existence or being is the ultimate predicate. 

Source is the ground state of pure existence, being, aliveness and consciousness.  A simple way of looking at it is to regard Source as total aliveness that is absolutely free.  A key attribute of the ground state of Source is that it is without structure, boundary or limitation.  It is totally alive, integrated, and eternal and knows all of itself in its wholeness.  It is also a field of infinite potentiality.  The freedom of Source includes the freedom to explore its own nature.

There are two ways we can know something.  We can know things internally within ourselves.  For example we can know love, anger, etc. by experiencing them within our being.  We can also know something by standing back from it to look at it from a distance.  For example to view a painting, scene, etc. fully we need to stand back to see it.  Creation appears to be this process of Source standing back to explore its nature by viewing and interacting with itself from other vantage points in fields of structure and separation. 

Creation then exists as an experience within Source.  Source focuses attention on a particular theme and in doing so creates structure around it.  This structure allows a certain theme or themes to exist in concentrated points of focus within the infinitely expanded and integrated wholeness of Source.  It’s a bit like ice crystals condensing in a jar of cold water.  The crystals lock some of the water into specific structures for a time and then dissolve to release it back into its original freedom and wholeness. 

Creation then is a field of manifestation within Source.  It entails an element of separation within that freedom and wholeness to allow a measure of focus and confinement.  Structure is also required to carry the points of focus and to allow interaction between them and with Source.  For example our bodies are structures that carry our consciousness and allow it to be present in very specific ways in this physical world, to interact with it and with one another and bring the experience back home.  These structures are also Source.  They come from Source and although separated from the full infinity of Source they are still connected to Source.  They are changing and ultimately dissolve in one way or another to allow all to return eventually to Source. 

This perspective turns the original question around a bit.  It’s not really an issue of creation coming into existence.  Existence is the fundamental reality that lives eternally.  It can never not be.  It never needed to be born and can never die.  It’s more a case of phases or modes of existence coming into and out of expression.  Creation isn’t so much about the universe coming into existence.  It’s more about existence itself coming into manifestation. 

The structures, crystallizations and expressions of creation are bound by cycles that draw them home to their ground state.  It’s like crystals manifesting for a time in a solution and then dissolving again.  The structures are temporal and bound by time.  They need to be to return home.  But the ground reality isn’t so bound.  Pure existence doesn’t need time and is eternal. 

We now have Source manifest as creation within the free or ground state of Source.  There is a differentiation there.  It’s still all Source in that creation exists within Source and Source is infinitely present to creation.  Even though it is all Source when talking about Source we are normally referring to the ground or integrated state of Source. 

Source as the state of pure existence or consciousness is our essential nature, our most intimate and immediate reality.  When we look in a mirror what is it that is looking out through our eyes and seeing what we present to the mirror?  That is Source.  Source is the aliveness that lives within us, the seeing that sees what we see, that experiences what we experience, and the doer in our doing.  Source couldn’t be closer.  We are Source.  We come from Source, we connect to Source and we return to the fullness of Source in the fullness of time.  We are points of focus in Source, projecting into expression to experience realities from such a perspective and to integrate that exploration back into our essential wholeness. 

Creation isn’t something that was done to us.  We as Source are creators.  We create realities freely and enter into them to explore them.  Our creation is bound by consequences to preserve essential structures and to reveal the lessons and learning we ultimately desire from our experiences.  Such laws are not vindictive nor judgmental.  They are our laws placed by wiser parts of ourselves to contain the excesses of our exploration and to encourage responsibility.  The hologram mirrors our creation back to us so that we can experience our consequences and integrate the learning they offer.  It’s probably a bit like creating scenarios in a computer game and entering into them to experience and learn from them.

We can view creation then as a process of exploration, where we integrate experience.  All learning then is valuable.  Every time we individually or collectively raise a question, explore it and expand our understanding we are integrating that particular experience, perspective and learning back into Source.  Every scientific or other discovery made, every paper or book that is written, every discussion, debate, etc. adds to the process.  We are expanding the pool of experience and learning.  What we may regard as insignificant may not be so from a Source perspective and vice versa.  


Creation entails the creation of structures through which life expresses.  This entails a measure of separation within Source.  It is important to emphasize that this is not separation from Source, but a degree of separation within Source that allows for differentiation, individuality, polarity, etc.  This in turn allows for experience from such perspectives.  All these structures and states are temporal and ultimately dissolve to integrate into wholeness. 

There is a phase in the fundamental Partiki phasing process that creates the field of separation sometimes referred to as a void.  This is what ultimately manifests as space in our world.  Space is a very interesting and enigmatic reality in our world.  We experience it as separation.  We measure it in terms of distances, i.e. how far things are apart.  It is a field that allows for separation. 

Conventionally we regard space as a fundamental and independent reality and as a container for creation.  Everything appears to be created within space.  It is the great stage that hosts the drama of creation.  In reality however space is closely coupled to objects, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. that arise within it.  Science describes how matter interacts with space and time to create curvature, which manifests as gravity, etc.  Space and matter appear to be polarities to each other.  Space is a field of absence within Source that allows matter, energy, consciousness, etc. to be present in specific and localised forms, such as bodies, planets, etc.  Ultimately space and its contents roll up together to dissolve the structures and polarities and release them back into the wholeness of Source. 

We tend to regard space as the ultimate container field, that which contains creation.  In reality however it in turn is contained within Source, which is the ultimate reality field.  The place where all spaces or fields of separation co-exist is Source.  Underlying and suffusing space is Source.  Transcend the polarity of space / matter and we are directly back in the ground state of Source.  So even though space is a field that allows separation it does not exist in isolation and is not truly empty.  It connects both to matter and to Source.  Go within space and we find the field of infinite potentiality of Source.  Scientists are beginning to touch on this reality in terms of the vacuum state or the field of zero point energy. 

We tend to look for God, heaven, etc. up in the sky or out in space, the God of the edge of the universe.  There is the conventional image of creator God as a bearded old man up in the sky pointing a finger to spark creation, the God of the beginning of time.  In other words if we go far enough out into space, even to the edge of the universe, we will eventually find God.  There is also the argument that since we haven’t yet found our conception of God in our space explorations, telescopes, etc. that there mustn’t really be a God.  That’s not how it works. 

Despite the polarities Source is infinitely present to and immanent within creation as the aliveness that animates it, the consciousness that experiences it, etc.  We can hold and expand these connections even within the limited or limiting circumstances of our lives.  Source is always present to us.  Our issue is that we as individuals can be distracted or overwhelmed in varying degrees and are not always present to our Source connections.  Our issue is not so much one of coming into Source, but of coming out of not being in Source. 

The essence of Source is aliveness.  The life within us is our primary connection with Source.  Where are we most alive?  It is obviously in the present.  In fact we can define the present as that time where we are conscious or where we live.  The past and future are different in that there isn’t an immediate living connection there.  We can regard the past and future as places, where we store fragmented parts of ourselves or those parts we cannot or don’t need to integrate right now.  In expanding our consciousness we expand our present to encompass our past and future.  It’s like when climbing a mountain, as we go higher our vision embraces ever wider vistas and a progressively bigger world. 

This illustrates the importance of the present, of the here and now.  This is where life is real.  It is the work bench where we impact our reality and forge our destiny.  It is where we hold our important connections, our living Source connection and our mission in the fields of creation.  Creation lives in the present, in the moment.  It’s all about holding presence in the present and building connection from there.

Presence in Present

In our pursuit of ascension or spiritual growth one of the things to watch is that we don’t fragment our present.  We can inadvertently project our center of awareness into other spaces, places and times that are remote from our here and now.  We can have our energy and life force streaming into other spaces, effectively weakening our presence in the present.  We do need ideals and connections with ‘higher’ realms.  But we also need to maintain a healthy balance between idealism and realism for meaningful growth and progress.  Issues like shunning, finger pointing, etc. tend to be signs of fragmentation.  

The living connections we hold are extremely valuable.  The prevalence and growth of modern technology can tend to devalue our human capabilities.  The rise of ‘smart’ technology, e.g. smart phones, industrial automation, driverless cars, implants, robots, etc. is leading to a dependence on artificial technology.  This can absorb our attention, focus and energies and draw us away from our real point of power, our inner connections, our inner knowing, direction, resources, etc.  Technology is a wonderful boon.  But we have a responsibility to use it wisely.  We can value and cultivate our living connections to maintain a healthy balance and avoid giving too much of our power away to external dependencies or influences. 

Although the reality of Source is all embracing and powerful the core concept is very simple.  It is pure existence without qualifications, boundaries or definitions.  It is pure being.  The projection into creation involves structures and layers of structure within structure.  This is where the complexity arises.  The initial structures are very fine, conscious, free and open.  As creation moves outward the structures get progressively more specific, concrete, complex, defined and limiting.  However the structures of creation are dynamic and evolve back to Source through a process of progressive expansion, release and simplification. 

This process is illustrated very well in the dimensional structure detailed in the Kathara 1 material.  Here Ashayana describes the stages of progression from Source to the Primal Sound fields, then into the Primal Light fields and finally into the 12 dimensions of the matter fields.  A key point here is that the Primal Sound fields are not dimensionalised.  The Primal Light and matter fields are dimensionalised, i.e. they are progressively more structured.  

Consciousness at the level of the Primal Sound fields is in the early stages of projecting into structure.  It is still highly integrated, very conscious, relatively expanded and free.  Ash described that ‘beings’ at this level manifest very simply as vast sheets that flow through each other.  There is very little structure or separation between them.  They know each other as themselves, are alive to each other and are highly integrated.  There is a high degree of knowing with little need for external communication.  This level of creation is ‘next door’ to the infinite expansion and integrity of Source. 

However creation isn’t a simple layered structure.  It is fundamentally holographic in nature in that the whole is present to every part and every part embodies the whole.  This means that Source, the Primal Sound / Light fields, etc. are present to and accessible from every level and part of creation.

When dealing with specific structures such as core suns, cosmic levels, etc. we are actually further out in creation than the Primal Sound fields.  Differentiated structures imply a degree of dimensionalisation, even when they relate to inner worlds, etc.  Source is beyond structure and the levels close to Source embrace very refined, expanded, abstract and simple structures.  We approach Source through simplicity, effectively transcending structure. 

This process is also illustrated in the Human / Indigo lineage.  This is detailed on pages 130 and 134 – 138 of the “Dance for …” Manual.  There is immense gratitude to the Eieyani, to Ash, the Speaker Team and the Support Team, who have facilitated such information.  Here we have many levels of the Indigo / Human race lines in the 12 dimensions of the matter fields.  We have the Breneau Rishi Founders Races in the Primal Light fields (dimensions 13 – 15).  The Eieyani provide key bridging and connection between the Founders Races in the Primal Light fields and our Human Races in the matter worlds.  We have the Yanas Eternal Collectives of Consciousness in the Primal Sound fields.  Finally we have the Yunasai point of integration with the all oneness and infinite unity of Source

There are many ways of looking at these issues.  Each of us brings different and unique perspectives to the play of creation.  All are valuable and help to build a fuller picture.  Each vantage point brings something unique and fresh back to Source. 

All of us are collectives of consciousness.  We have very idealistic / lofty parts of ourselves, we have very messy, bolshie parts and everything in between.  We have our good days and our ‘bad hair’ days that we are just glad to get to the end of in one piece.  Life can be a struggle at times and especially to keep all our various parts moving more or less in the same direction most of the time.  Our humanity and the human spirit that goes with it is however a great asset.  Our connection and sharing can support each other and expand and enrich the experience of creation.