Cosmic Divine Blueprint

The document, Cosmic Divine Blueprint, provides the original description of creation structure and its relation with Source.  This is from the original Yanas-Eieyani Maharata Texts teachings, translated by E’Asha Ashayana and delivered in the Dance for Life workshop (UK June 2002) and associated Manual (pages 73 – 76). 

This document provides a very powerful, coherent and meaningful overview of creation.  Most importantly, it starts with a clear and direct relationship with God-Source.  To quote the first sentence:

“Through understanding the reality of the Cosmic Divine Blueprint we can begin to comprehend and awaken our tangible, indelible, eternal, direct and personal relationship to GOD.

 This is extremely important.  Source obviously is the foundation for all creation – it is the foundational principle that underlies All.  Furthermore, to be relevant, it needs to connect with the real world of our daily lives.  Any creation teaching can be measured by the quality, clarity, immediacy and relevance of its Source relationship.  What is of great significance here is to emphasise the direct and personal nature of our relationship with Source.  This is our core nature and reality, our birth right, who and what we ultimately are.  We owe it to no one.  No one should interfere in any way that controls, diminishes or re-directs this most intimate and sacred relationship. 

Under COSMIC SOURCE: God we have:

Creation perpetually emerges from and returns to the consciousness of the ONE God Source  Consciousness within which all creation takes place. We live within the limitless field of the Cosmic Consciousness of God-Source and God resides always within us and around us, for we and all manifestation are composed of the Divine Substance-the living, intelligent units of the consciousness of God.”

This is very valuable in drawing attention to the primary significance of consciousness.  Consciousness, in the sense of aliveness or pure existence, is the ultimate reality.  It is what remains when we peel away all the forms, structures and so on through which life expresses in creation.  Creation and all it entails resides as a secondary or conditional experience (the ancient concept of Maya) within the absolute and transcendent reality of consciousness or Source.  

We cannot contain the aliveness, wholeness and freedom of Source within mere words, concepts or the boundaries of creation.  At best we can hint at the reality.  Our most meaningful relation with Source is to live the reality.  Source is something we experience as our core being and essential nature.  We find it in moments of integration and transcendence, such as gazing at the wonder of a starry sky, looking into the new life in the eyes of a baby, communing with the life of a quiet forest walk and so on.  We increasingly expand into this freedom, immediacy and wholeness and live it in our lives.

Fortunately, there is much real and practical experience from exploring this foundational reality in the older traditions of the Vedas, Buddhism and some native cultures.  The reality is there.

Within creation, there is the issue of balancing the structures of creation with the underlying realities of consciousness.  Too much structure can over shadow the fundamental principles, where we risk losing our bearings and can end up wandering in Maya. 

Under COSMIC FORCE: The Yunasai …,, we have:

“The framework of manifest creation begins with God-Source Down stepping within Itself the Divine Cosmic Trinity of the Yunasai, the Point of All Union, which is formed as God Source first manifests Itself as the Cosmic Divine Trinity of Eternal God Force Identity, creating within Itself the ManU (first Partiki  consciousness unit-Divine Spirit Womb-Cosmic Void-Eternal Still point), the EirA (first Particum pre-sound vibration unit-Divine Mother Creation Seed-Contracting/ Receiving Consciousness Force) and the ManA (first PartikA pre-light vibration unit-Divine Father Creation Spark-Expanding/ Transmitting Consciousness Force) Eternal God Force consciousness fields to form the YunasaiLiving Cosmic Thought Crystal” within which all manifestation occurs.”

An important point to note here is the primary ManU “Void-Eternal Still point”.  The most fundamental attribute of creation is separation.  The desk at which this is being typed is located in Dublin, Ireland.  This means that it is not located in the UK, not in New York, not in the USA, not in Asia, not on Venus, not in the Pleiades, not in Andromeda and so on.  In Source, this desk transcends locality and is everywhere.  Within creation, there are an infinite number of places where it is not located.  How does this separation arise?

The first projection in creation is an emergence from wholeness and ‘everywhereness’ into a space that allows for separation.  This creates a field of separation that allows for ‘things’ not to be everywhere.  It allows for ‘nowhereness’.  This is the primary Void or possibility for ‘nothingness’.  This Void translates, at our 3D level, into what we know as space, the field that allows for separation.  In scientific terms, this Void also correlates with the ground state of matter and energy known as the Vacuum State. 

This makes sense!

The first act in creation is to ‘clear space’.  When we’re writing a letter we start with a blank page.  When creating a painting we start with a blank canvas.  When an orchestral conductor is creating music, the first act is to raise the baton to command silence.  In essence, everything creates nothing in order to create something (specific).

Below this ManU Primary Void state we have the Primary polarities of EirA & ManA.  All other attributes and aspects of creation reside within or ‘below’ this Cosmic Trinity.  Any type of structure we can conceive of implies definition, form and some limitation of consciousness.  Diversity implies difference and division.  Consciousness is associated with certain attributes and not others.  It isn’t appropriate to project such limitation of consciousness into the infinitely free, transcendent and pure consciousness of Source.  Such structure, definition and limitation resides naturally within creation, which allows for infinite possibility and diversity, bound by the Law of Consequence.  Diversity arises within creations, within Creation, within Source. 

Yunasai is illustrated in the yellow box in the top left of the cosmic structure diagram above.  This is the first projection (Step 1) into creation and the state of ultimate integration back to Source.  All other levels of creation and structure, such as God-Seeds, Universes and so on derive from this.  This same principle is similarly illustrated in the more familiar ‘Stairway to Heaven’ diagram and in other such diagrams.       

Unfortunately, in the recent teachings structure has been introduced in a way that isn’t consistent with the original natural order.  This has the effect of diluting Source relationship, distracting from the key reality of consciousness and from our own direct Source connections.  More seriously, there is the implication that we need to divert through hosting by a third party, implicitly giving our power away, to achieve Source integration. 

Unfortunately also, a lot of new people in recent years have not had the opportunity to connect with and integrate the original and foundational Yanas-Eieyani teachings.  Effectively, these have been out of normal circulation.  If people realised the immediacy of their own direct Source connection, as a natural birth right, and the freedom and meaning this brings to Life, would they settle for less?

What is of particular interest in this diagram is the ManU Window, the smaller emerald tear-drop, in the center of the diagram. This symbolises direct Source connection through the center of every natural structure in creation. The structure as a whole represents macrocosmic creation. Source relationship at this macrocosmic level appears to us within creation, as coming from the outside in. This is our external relationship with Source.

However, Source is free of separation and isn’t defined by anything within creation. This means it has fundamentally equal relation with all within creation, from large to small. It doesn’t have a unique relation with the macrocosmic level that differs from the smaller microcosmic levels. This is where the internal relationship with Source comes into play, to balance the external connection mentioned above. Source is infinitely present to all in creation through the inner core and it’s ManU Window at the center (e.g. AzurA) of all natural structures.

This Source Presence manifests as the animating consciousness, the life force, incarnate within all life forms in creation. We hold this inner Source connection directly, to the extent we are conscious. It is very real, tangible and directly present to experience. We also have some issues with fragmentation of consciousness, where original natural links have been damaged over time. Our consciousness is fragmented, to the extent we are unconscious. But our more conscious parts can help heal our sub-conscious or shadow elements.

Source is the infinitely free consciousness that transcends limitation, boundaries and division. It knows wholeness and unity. ManU is the first projection of separation within consciousness but is still non-polarised. All polarity, including internal and external, arises at the next level of projection into ManA, EirA. It progresses from there through all subsequent levels in creation. It’s quite appropriate that both external and internal Source connections are rooted in ManU. Source, Yunasai and ManU are the same for both internal and external realities and their Source connections.

The internal / external polarity is really only significant within creation, the deeper within creation the more significant. The polarity is released and transcended at and close to Source. Direct connection from our living consciousness to the living consciousness of Source is our divine birth right and most sacred relationship. As Ashayana used say, we are faces of Source exploring and experiencing the projected realities within creation. Such separation, polarity, limitation and so on as we find in creation are features, we have projected into the experience. They are relative to the experience and are not absolute nor intrinsic to Source. This is where the concept of Maya comes into play.

Inner and outer realities are complementary. As we integrate progressively stronger and more direct inner Source connection, we come to recognise the same Sourcliness in life around us. As we expand into the wholeness of One, we meet the relationship of One to All in creation, and increasingly recognise our essential Oneness with All. This is the meaning of the Law of One. It is not merely an intellectual abstraction but is more meaningful as progressive experiential reality that we can work towards.

We are all incarnates of Source. We are all fundamentally equal in that regard, while having our uniquely diverse pathways through creation. Incarnations or individuations from levels within creation are secondary to this. God seeds or seed atoms are points of focused intent carrying encryption for specific creations within Creation. We all have these encryptions from all the various levels in creation, our personal / Soul / Christos / God World seed atoms and so on. But it is our Source connection that gives life, meaning and purpose to all of them.