Love, Light & Knowing


I believe an upgrade is long overdue for the expression: “Love, Light & Clueless”, sometimes abbreviated as LLC.  This expression arose in the early days of KS, as a reaction to tendencies in some New Age groups towards naïve idealism.  There could be a lack of balance or realism in dealing with the world at large.  KS brought a significant amount of information, knowledge, technical details and tools into play that helped build a bigger picture.  There has been some justification for the expression.  However, there are significant problems with the actual expression, attitudes behind it, how it is being used and the damage it can do that call for a closer look.  I specifically include myself in having used it. 

A significant problem is that it associates Love and Light with Cluelessness.  Love and Light in themselves are anything but clueless.  If we look at major challenges we face, what are the significant issues?  Take the Fall of Lyra, which underlies a lot of our difficulties, for example.  Was there a lack of knowledge there?  No, there was an abundance of knowledge and understanding of creation mechanics, sufficient to be able to override it in practice and steer creation in a different direction.  It wasn’t a lack of knowledge that underlay the problems.  It was a lack of Love, Light and more particularly core connection to Self, in Source. 

We can look at any of the subsequent falls and chaotic situations in our general or even local history and a similar pattern emerges.  Knowledge, information, technicals, tools and so on, while very valuable, are not enough on their own.  Knowledge on its own can lead to a false sense of security and even superiority.  It can lead to hubris, an exaggerated sense of importance, that in turn often leads to a reality check, in nemesis.  Balance and connection are critical issues.  Unbalanced knowledge can be more clueless and seriously damaging than Love or Light.


Much knowledge tends to be ‘local’, temporary and relative to particular situations or circumstances.  While important when needed, it tends to be something we use and leave behind, as we progress.  If we visit a new city, like New York for example, we need knowledge, information and tools, like maps, guides and so on, to get around there.  As we get to know the place, i.e. integrate the information, we can rely on our inner knowing and have less need for external guides.  Also, as we move on from that place, we no longer need that information. 

Likewise, when we incarnate into earthly life, there is so much separation, we need a lot of knowledge to be effective here.  Further, incarnation generally into 3D personal consciousness is very localised and needs a lot of information and details about a big and diverse external reality.  By contrast Soul consciousness in 6D, is more integrated and open.  It sees a broader perspective, more focused on the ‘big picture’, principles and so on.  It connects more directly with knowing.  This progresses up through such as gaseous consciousness, where there are fewer boundaries, easier flow and a still broader and more integrated perspective.  Through Light consciousness, which is still freer, and Sound or Unity consciousness, where we progressively transcend polarity, structure, separation, time cycles and so on.  We emerge into pure eternal freedom, life, wholeness, knowing, love, being and so on.       

The perspectives, what we see and how we relate with the realities we experience differ through the major states of consciousness.  Knowledge, technicals, information and tools differ likewise.  These are relative and conditional on where we’re at and are generally stepping-stones to other things.

Love is different.  It is an absolute quality, like life, freedom, wholeness, truth and so on.  It transcends time and space, is eternal, ultimately is unconditional and connects directly with Source.  A lack of love is more serious than a lack of knowledge.   


Another issue with the LLC expression is that there is a great need for collaboration across groups and people working to improve conditions on the planet.  The challenges are great and diverse.  They need many groups, working across a wide front.  No specific group can be expected to have all the answers.  That would be vulnerable, inefficient and dangerous.  Ultimate answers transcend groups, personalities and any specific location or focus.  Each group can, however, bring specific experience, skills, knowledge, access and so on.

KS brings a lot of technical knowledge that is of considerable value to other groups, e.g. dimensional structure, Source connection and so on.  Other groups have their strengths, such as a bigger and more grounded footprint in the world, organisation, public access, communication, political skills, specific expertise, such as in health, science, economics and so on.  The critical issues are sincerity of intent and will to good.  Knowledge or a lack of it can be fixed. 

Some groups and people may be tasked to work with technical knowledge.  But not everybody needs that.  Some people may already have integrated a lot, e.g. from past lives, and have the internal knowing they need.  They are simply getting on with what they need to do.  Local site keepers, land guardians, e.g. pure shamans, some farmers and so on, can have a very knowing and effective relationship with their environment.  Carers, medics, nurses, counsellors and so on can have a very knowing and conscious relationship with their roles and be very successful in fulfilling them. 

Some groups, including KS, can close in on a very insular view of their role in the world.  There can be a fear of distortion or contamination, which isolates such groups and fear itself becomes a contaminant.  Openness is a vote of confidence in the product.  Real truth is strong and doesn’t need to be sheltered.  It is fulfilled, not on the pages of documents, in diagrams or recordings, but more in the hearts and minds of people, who are living it, and where it is needed.

Collaboration is built on mutual respect, some allowance for diversity and an appreciation of what each party brings to the table.  An expression like LLC involves an element of ridicule and can be used as an attempted put down.  This and the attitude behind it are not conducive to collaboration and there’s a price to be paid for it.  KS could have benefitted from more interaction with other groups, in terms of grounding and having the sharper corners rubbed off, in the normal give and take of life.  Instead it took a sharp reality check to bring us face to face with some of the realities of life.  There is, however, much learning in the process.


Love is a huge topic and means so many different things to people, depending on perspective, experience and various situations.  A difficulty in communication is that terminology can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways.  A lot of disagreement can come down to terminology and ways of expression, rather than fundamental differences of view. 

The Kathara 1 teaching provides a good classification of love.  We have Soft Love as what we normally regard as love, in its kind warmth, comfort and intimacy.  This is counter balanced by Tough Love.  This, for example, is the love of a parent for a child.  It involves discipline and working for the greater good, rather than indulging whims or damaging behaviour.  Both polarities are then integrated in the more powerful ManU state of Omni Love.  This is what we would normally understand as Divine Love, the love that can bring to every situation what is needed in the situation. 

In the earlier KS teachings love is described as a state of vibrational harmonisation or co-resonance.  This is somewhat cold and technical, but there is a deep meaning behind it.  The fullest expression of love has the capacity to draw polarities back into relationship, to draw them up into a balancing state of harmonisation, to resolve separation and release whatever cannot be healed.  This is illustrated in the attached diagram.  What cannot be resolved needs to be released to the Kali path of dissolution, the ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’ route of purging distortion, for eventual return to Source.  It’s still a return to Source.  All comes from, exists within and ultimately returns to Source.

So, we can regard Love as that which draws all back home to Source, in the most appropriate way.  Love is a fundamental and extremely powerful reality.  It creates and resolves or dissolves universes.  The great scientist, Einstein, identified love as the ultimate force in creation, in a lovely letter to his niece. 


One of the most fundamental and challenging polarities we face in creation is that between Light and Darkness or Shadow.  This arises as a natural polarity, with its alternating cycles of expression, such as day and night, summer and winter, the great Ages, such as Satya & Kali Yuga and so on.  Polarity remains natural, while it continues to flow and can cycle back into resolution and release.  Problems arise where the flows get stuck and energy & consciousness get trapped in distorted states.  Resulting disconnection compounds distortion, leading to ever greater needs for healing and release. 

This is the challenge we face.  We have resources available to us.  Chief among these is our own connection to family, higher consciousness and Source.  Ultimately, there are processes and Natural Laws that take care of everything in creation.  In particular, there is the great Law of Consequence.  There are no problems in Source and at sufficiently high levels in creation.  But in 3D, things obviously can be quite messy and challenging.

Love and Light are tremendous resources.  Light, however, is a polarity, where light and shadow can be intertwined in confusing and deceptive ways.  Walking the line between light and shadow can be one of the subtlest and hardest challenges on the evolutionary path.  It takes a lot of discernment to navigate it.  This usually comes from life experience of falling into and climbing out of so many potholes that we can forget what the original path looks like!

We can oscillate for a while between various extremes of naïve optimism and cynical pessimism.  But ultimately, we can come into increasing balance, where we are able to work in and with Light and are willing and able to face Shadow, in effective ways.  Ideally, this is the place of power where we can relate to both polarities.  We can draw them into relationship and draw them progressively upwards into alchemical union, where the transformative power of pure ManU Love resolves what can be resolved and releases to purgation what can’t be.

Meanwhile, we often have to deal with Shadow directly.  Engaging it at its own level, especially where we’re triggered and dragged down in frequency, can leave us at a disadvantage.  Shadow influences can thrive on opposition and often trigger conflicts, wars and chaos, to feed off the energies released.  As when helping a drowning person, we help best by consolidating our own position, coming into a secure place of connection and frequency.  Then we can make our own decisions on required action and desired outcomes, rather than being overly attentive or reactive to other agendas.  As the old Hindu precept says – “Established in Being, perform Action”. 

Another factor is that Shadow exists in both our Inner and Outer realities and the two are closely linked or mirrored.  We have projected into creation from Source and are active creators within creation.  Source connection implies responsibility in creation, i.e. we share the joys, experiences and burdens of creation.  This entails carrying a personal share of the collective burden of Shadow and the responsibility for healing or resolving this, as best we can.  It’s not a question of guilt, more of responsibility.  It can also be the case of stronger Souls carrying the bigger burdens of Shadow, to accelerate evolution. 

Part of our evolutionary journey entails working with and healing this inner Shadow, effectively our sub-conscious.  When managed, it often isn’t too much of a problem.  When neglected it can become a problem, often like a child seeking attention.  Something that can happen is that inner Shadow can be triggered and manipulated by outside influences, negative psychology, propaganda and, in more extreme cases, mind control techniques.  Also, there can be tendencies to project inner Shadow onto outer influences.  This can be justified at times, but the problem is that we lose control.  This Shadow is still in circulation, is still our responsibility, and can come flying back to us from the outer world, often in ways that are inconvenient. 

Managing Shadow is a significant part of our journey on Earth.  It entails bringing Shadow to Light, e.g. knowing about issues and problems.  But equally and probably more significantly, it entails bringing Light to Shadow, e.g. by focusing attention on solutions, avoiding undue drama and raising frequency. 

Where there are accumulations of negative or distorted energy, these need to be released with as little damage as possible.  Pushing them out of sight, concreting over and ignoring them leaves an accumulation of stuck energy that will eventually find release in other possibly damaging or explosive ways.  For example, the planet seems to be seeking release of environmental tensions, by way of increasingly erratic weather patterns, storms, imbalances and so on.  We can help by being patient with such releases and support Natural Law in doing what needs to be done, to find balance and relief.  Anything we can do practically, is obviously helpful, but may not amount to much.  But we can still help significantly by building connection, holding Presence & stability, running frequency, e.g. individually or in group meditations, and grounding this in the planet, for the common good.  

Earth life is very much a school of hard knocks.  There is immense pain, suffering and trauma in the world, in people’s lives and in the planet.  Assistance by way of Connection (both inner and outer), Love, Light and Frequency support are very much needed, at many levels.

Storms can rage on the planet, blowing us off our feet and round the place.  These storms only go up so high, however.  If we move up through the atmosphere, we eventually get above the storm and come to a place where the sun always shines.  The sun is unaffected by the storms and shines equally from age to age and for all.  Likewise, Source is an even more eternal presence that, while sometimes hidden from our perspective, is still omnipresent and available to all.  Holding connection both to the highest level we can reach and as stable a ground connection as we can, helps anchor the sails in our boat ride through life.  We can then trim our sails to navigate passage through storms, reduce being blown around by other influences and have a better chance of reaching desired destinations.

Let there be Love!