Veca Universe

Ecka-Veca Maps

We have two Kathara Grids, spanning Dimensional Structure and the Primal Sound Fields, in the diagram over.  We have the lower Kathara Grid, the Universal Kathara Grid, spanning the lower 12 dimensions of matter within our local universe, with its 4 density levels.  The upper Kathara Grid spanning the Primal Sound and the Primal Light Fields again has its 12 centers.

In the diagram  we see that Density 4 on the lower Universal Grid and the 5th density level in the upper Cosmic Grid share a lot in common.  Of the 3 pairs of Kathara Centers, 2 of them are connected / common; only 1 pair is separate.  Kathara Centers 12 and 13 share the same space; Kathara Centers 9 and 15 share the same space.  So there is much commonality, much sharing of space between the top density 4 in our Universal Grid and the 5th density level of the Cosmic Grid.  The combination of the 2, represents a coherent Heaven World in its own right.

We have 3 discrete density levels (Kathara signets 1-9) in the lower Universal Grid and 3 discrete density levels in the higher Primal Grid and then we have a common area between the two representing a 7th Heaven World.  So, we have 3 ½ Lower Heaven Worlds, 3 ½ Higher Heaven Worlds, which are on the Particum side of our universe.

This combination of 2 Kathara Grids spanning the Primal Sound, the Primal Light, and the Matter Fields in our local universe represents the Particum / matter side of our universe.   Deriving from the Partiki Phasing process, wherever we have a matter expression, we have an equal and opposite expression in anti-matter.  We have polar opposites.  So, this matter universe has an equal and opposite expression in anti-matter.  In other words, the Particum universe has an equal and opposite PartikA anti-matter twin.  The diagram below brings the two sides of our universe into relationship, so we can see where everything fits together.

This diagram shows the beginning of the Ecka Maps of the God-World Gates.  The Density Kathara Grid at the bottom, with centres 1 -12, corresponds to our Universal Star Gates, the 12 matter Dimensions of our 15-Dimensional Time Matrix.   Our D-13, D-14, and D-15 Light Dimensions are at a 90-degree angle to this.  The Primal Kathara Grid extends horizontally out to the left.  Now, the grids link together in an interesting point in the centre, the 12/13 junction point.  These grids form the Particum (PCM) side of our Veca Universe.

On the other side, at a 90-degree shift horizontally to the right, we have the Parallel Density Kathara Grid, with its 12 anti-matter Dimensions.  Likewise, we have the Parallel Primal Light and Sound Fields at a further 90 degrees, extending towards the top.  These grids form the PartikA (PKA) anti-matter side of our Veca Universe.  Together, all 4 grids form the 4 Veca quadrants of our Veca Universe.

Likewise on the PartikA side, we have 3 discrete Heaven Worlds in the lower dimensions and 3 discrete Heaven Worlds at the Primal level.  We have 3 lower Heaven Worlds in the Universal Kathara Grid plus 3 Higher Worlds in the Cosmic / Primal Kathara Grid, with a common world between them, the 7th Heaven.  These add up to 7 Heaven Worlds on the PartikA side and 7 Heaven Worlds on the Particum side comprising 14 Heaven Worlds within the 4 Veca Quadrants. 

There’s an additional structure at the core of this Veca Universe, referred to as the Inner Ecka.  Just as the Particum represents the female or what’s called the EirA side of our universe, and the PartikA represents male ManA side, we have a neutral core that synthesizes both polarities.  This neutral ManU core is represented by a Kathara Grid (shaded Green) referred to as the Inner Ecka. 

The Inner Ecka has a Kathara Grid structure just like all the other Kathara Grids.  An important point of detail is that the Ecka has 24 Kathara Centers / Signets.  What we have in the Ecka are 2 Kathara Grids overlaid on top of each other.  We have a 24 centre Kathara Grid structure within the Ecka – 12 centers in an upper Kathara Grid and 12 centers in a lower Kathara Grid. So, even though only 12 Kathara Centers are illustrated in the diagram, we have a total of 24 centers in the Ecka. 

The Inner Ecka Kathara Grid has a relationship to centers in the Veca Quadrants and their Kathara Grids.  There are definite alignments between Veca Signets and Kathara Centers in the Ecka Worlds.  We can regard the Ecka as the core from which the Veca Quadrants spiral out into manifestation.  It also represents the core they will all spiral back into as the structures in Creation are being released.  It’s the Core God-Seed for the Veca quadrants in this Veca universe. 

The Ecka centres carry double the frequency of the others.  If we took the Veca quadrants and rolled them up into one, they would energetically equal the Ecka core.  All of the energy that’s manifest here in the PCM & PkA started out from the Ecka God-Seed, and spiraled outward from there into these manifest forms and structures.  So this Ecka is home to all in these Particum and PartikA Matrices.

The animated diagram at the head of the article illustrates the ManU, ManA & EirA polarity and phasing process, by which this Veca Universal structure phases into and out of manifestation.

There’s a particular sequence and very specific order to this structure.  If we take our Particum Universe, the matter fields within our Particum Universe and examine their relationship to the anti-matter fields on the PartikA side, we can see at a very fundamental level there’s a 90 degree shift.  This 90 degree shift goes back to the original Partiki Phasing process.   The units on the matter side have one angular rotation and the units on the anti-matter side have an angular rotation that’s oriented 90 degrees to that.  This 90 degree orientation maintains separation between matter and anti-matter.


The diagram above shows the 4 Kathara Grids that form our local Veca Universe with its 4 quadrants.   At this level we have an additional structure within our Kathara Grid.  We have what are referred to as locks.  Locks arise between dimensional and density levels and effectively hold the structure of Creation in place.  For example, we have our chakras and we have our star crystal seals between the chakras.   These Star Crystal Seals serve a function to keep the energies of the chakras apart.  So, the locks have a very important function of holding structure in place.

When a structure comes into being, it manifests on many different levels.  The levels are separate and are held in separation by these lock structures.   The structure of our local universe has to be held in place, to allow further development spanning billions of years.  This allows other structures and lifestreams to emerge within the structure.  These lock features preserve the structure for as long as it’s needed, until we come to a point in Creation, where we need to transcend the separation that’s enforced by the locks.  When we come to that point we effectively have to open the locks.

In the diagram above, the L-numbers in the squares are Dimensional Locks.  This would be a lock between Gate-1 and Gate-2, or Dimensions 1 and 2.  The locks are basically frequency barriers that prevent the frequencies of one from running into the other, until the lock is open.  There are smaller dimensional locks between individual dimensions, for example, between D-2 & D-3, D-3 & D-4, and so on.  Between Densities we have larger Density Locks or Void Spaces enforcing stronger separation.

We have a lock between each pair of dimensional levels.  For example, we have Lock 1 between Dimensions 1 and 2, Lock 2 between Dimensions 2 and 3, and so on.  We have small dimensional locks between the dimensional levels that maintain the separation between these dimensions.

We also have larger density locks between density levels that maintain separation between the density levels within the Kathara Grid.  For example, we have a large Density Lock (L3) between Dimensions 3 and 4, enforcing separation between Density 1 and Density 2.  In bodily terms, it corresponds to our E-umbi point.  We have a similar lock between density levels 2 and 3, essentially between Dimensions 6 and 7.  The lock at the center (L6) corresponds to the AzurA in our body.  We have a higher lock (L9), between density levels 3 and 4 which corresponds to the Rajhna Point in our body. 

Wherever you see a Kathara Grid it implies that there is an AzurA point at the center, where the Seed Atom exists. That’s really where the life-force emerges from, and where the frequencies, on a cyclic basis, can recharge the Seed Atom, so eternal life is possible.  Right now our bodies aren’t working fully that way, though they were originally designed to.  Our planet was also intended to function that way.  We’re in the process of reclaiming that.

We have two important locks at the top and the bottom of the Kathara Grid.  We have Lock 4 between Dimensions 12 and 13.  Then we have the Zero Point Lock (LZ) at the bottom.  Each of the extremities of the Kathara Grid has a relationship to the Primal Sound Fields that encompass the whole structure.  Also, there’s a window in the center of the Kathara Grid that represents the Zero Point, the point of integration within the Universal structure.  These Zero Point Locks connect to the Core Lock Structure at the center. 

The density locks, the bigger ones, are Void Locks.  They are the locks that block the frequencies between each of the density levels of matter.  If you’re dealing with the embodied Kathara Grid, this would represent a lock between the D-1, D-2, and D-3 frequencies of your awareness here.  We have our D-3 Mental Body, our D-2 Emotional-Elemental Body, and our D-1 Atomic-Etheric Body down here.

Up at D-4, D-5 and D-6 we have our Soul Level of Consciousness, and again we have a D-4 Etheric-Atomic, a D-5, which is Density-2 Emotional-Elemental, and a D-6 which is the Density-2 or Soul Level Mental Body.  To expand these bodies to hold this frequency, this lock would need to release.  When this lock opens it allows the frequencies from Density-2 to enter into Density-1.

The locks become important a later when we learn about Veca Codes, which are very specific mathematical programs that correspond directly to each of the locks that allow for a rapid opening of the frequencies between the densities.  These allow for the fastest process of Soul, Oversoul and Avatar integration.   As we integrate these frequencies in our higher dimensional Self, our Spiritual Bodies, we’re also progressively activating and building our Merkaba and activating and building DNA, because the DNA strands correspond with this. We have coding that goes with Strand-1, Strand-2, Strand-3, all the way up to 12 Strands.  Humans have 12 Strands.  Indigos have 24–48 strands of DNA.  They will always appear as a double helix.  What changes are the amount of nucleotide base pairs and how many sequences of how many nucleotide base pairs and associated chemicals are contained within the DNA.  So even  though we still have 2 running helices, they will have different strand count corresponding to the chemicals that build from the Partiki units and Keylon codes of D-1, then D-2, then  D-3, all the way up.

As we’re opening locks we’re building Merkaba and activating something that’s called the Flame Body.  When we do this on the Veca Gate levels we’re opening the density barrier between the Density-1 system and the Density-2 system.   This means we could ascend to Density-2 through the gates, if this lock was opened and if we could fully activate the Density-1 and Density-2 Merkabas, so they would blend.  Each dimensional level has a Merkaba of its own, a smaller dimensional one, and each density level has a Merkaba. Building a Merkaba is progressively building the frequencies, bringing the frequencies from Density-2 into Density-1, from D-3 into D-2 into D-1, and progressively building a faster, stronger, higher frequency Merkaba vehicle.

This is part of the structure, where we started out with a 15-Dimensional Time Matrix, and the 12-point  Kathara Grid, the core template programming upon which everything is structured.   Now we’re going into the composite Kathara Grids that form the interwoven gate systems that link all of the densities and the dimensional levels together.  These are called the God Worlds, because by the time we get up into the Ecka we’re dealing with eternal life systems.  There are some residents of those places that are still in healing mode, like species that are still evolving and are not quite eternal life yet, but they’re working on regenerating fully the entire Kristos imprint.  But they would have had to have accomplished this much Kristos imprint from D-12 before they could fully be stationed here.  What we’re working towards at our level is progressively building all of these frequencies, activating them within the DNA, building them in the Merkaba vehicle, so at some point in time some of us may have the opportunity to physically experience going through a gate.

Veca and Ecka Code Lock Keys 

The concept of a lock means we have the associated concept of a key…something that opens a lock.  The lock enforces separation, but there must be a process by which the lock is released.  There are core energy signatures encoded in symbol codes and sound patterns that release and open the locks.  We have a sequence of symbol codes and a sequence of sound patterns that go with the locks.  When we seek to move up and down through the structures, we work with the Signets/Star Gates/Kathara Centers in the Kathara Grid.  But we also work to release the locks to allow passage between the signets so we can progress up and down through the structure.  So, we have a sequence of codes to release the dimension locks, a sequence of codes to release the density locks, and so on up through the Kathara Grid structure. 

We work with the Veca Codes and the Ecka Codes, and their symbol codes and associated sound tones.  They work with the shield, our personal shield. They are also keyed to the Planetary Shield, the Galactic Shield and the Universal Shield.  Specifically they not just activate Star Gates and Kathara Centers in our body, they activate the locks in between.  They are the Void Codes that actually open up the density levels, so it’s the fastest way to bring all of these frequencies together to make the full Eckasha Merkaba.  There is a set of Veca Codes that go in each of those positions.  And up on the next level, on the Ecka level there are a set of Ecka Codes, and there’re also some levels up above that.  We work with these codes to literally begin the process of healing and opening what’s called our Radial Bodies to bring our density levels together as fast as possible.   The program aims at creating the ability to clear the template and do ascension, activate Merkaba, by literally going at it from different angles simultaneously.

The Veca Codes are the Shield Codes that activate the density locks that allow for the progressive building of the Flame Body and progressive activation of the DNA and the Merkaba levels that go with it. We’ve got the Veca Codes.  We also have massive codes that are beyond the Vecas and the Ecka Levels.  They are Krist Codes, coming from the Eckasha-A and the Eckasha-Aah levels.  They are the most sophisticated codings, because they are comprised of layer upon layer of Veca Codes, Ecka Codes, and other Codes from different levels of the God Worlds.   So what we used to work with one Veca Code—now you have 12 Veca Codes, plus 12 Ecka Codes, and more coding around it.  We are working with shields at this point, not just individual codes.  We’re going to go into a lot of shield work, because shields—working with the shields—is actually the easiest way to do any of this.

The Veca Codes are the beginning.  The Veca Codes, and the Ecka Codes, and all the other codes going up the Stairway to Heaven—the Scepter Pillar Codes and so on.  They all release those density locks so the Radial Body levels can open to each other and create the Flame Body levels.

Heaven World

Within the structure, the combination of 4 Kathara Grids are referred to as a Veca Universe, and each Kathara Grid is referred to as a Veca Quadrant.   There are different density levels within each Kathara Grid, each density spanning 3 dimensions.  Each of these 3 dimensions (i.e., Dimensions 1, 2, and 3) represent a coherent world within creation.  We have a world that spans Dimensions 1, 2, and 3.  The 3 dimensions have a coherent relationship with each other.  They create a 3-dimensional reality field we can perceive as an integrated experience in creation.  So, we perceive and operate within creation within a 3-dimensional world within a 3-dimensional structure.

We live in Density 1, in Dimensions 1, 2, and 3.  This represents a coherent experience of creation, a coherent world that we can perceive and live within, within the structure of creation.  We have a world that corresponds to Density 1.  We have a similar world corresponding to Density 2, spanning Dimensions 4, 5, and 6.  Each of these worlds, these coherent stations of perception in creation, is referred to as a Heaven, a Heaven World within the Structures of Creation.  A Heaven represents a coherent, integrated world that we perceive as a coherent reality.

We have Density 1, Density 2, and Density 3 each representing a coherent Heaven World.  Furthermore, in the Primal Kathara Grid, in the Primal Fields in our Universe, the Kathara Grid at that level also has its density levels.  The top density levels spanning the top 3 Kathara Centers (12, 11, 10) are represented by the Eckatic Level of the Sound Fields, denoted by the letter E.  We have another density level spanning the Polaric Level of the Primal Sound Fields, denoted by the letter P.  And we have a density level spanning the Triadic Level of the Primal Sound Fields, denoted by the letter T.  We have 3 coherent density levels, 3 coherent Heaven Worlds within the Primal Fields.

In the body the locks are called Star Crystal Seals, which keep the chakras separate from each other.  They keep the dimensional levels of consciousness separate from each other at different angular rotations of particle spin, to give us the projected illusion of 3-dimensional reality.

Flow of Energy Through the Veca

We mentioned earlier that there is a correspondence between the Zero Point Locks at the extremities of the grids and the First Point of Creation, the Zero Point at the core of the Veca structure.  There is a very  beautiful flow and interchange of energy through these lock structures. 

  • There is a flow of energy from the Zero Point at the core out through this Zero Point Lock (going from core out to 7.5 o’clock then CW up to 9 o’clock).  We can trace progression of the currents flowing between these centers.       
  • We have a flow of current from the Zero Point at the Core of the Veca Structure, out through A, CW around through the Zero Point Lock (LZ) and back into the Zero Point core through Point B (see Veca Flow 1 diagram at 10 o’clock).   This helps to build the structure of that Veca Quadrant.
Veca Flow 1
  • Now the current goes back into the Zero Point Window, comes back out through a C Point, i.e. it goes from A to B to the Zero Point Window, and then comes back out through C (1.5 o’clock in Veca Flow 2 diagram).
  • It then flows counter clockwise (CCW) round to D (9.5 o’clock) and back to Zero Point Window from there.
Veca Flow 2
  • It comes out through E (1.5 o’clock), flows clockwise (CW) to F (4.5 o’clock) and goes back in again to the Zero Point Window (see Veca Flow 3 diagram).
Veca Flow 3
  • It then comes out through G (7.5 o’clock) and flows CCW back in through H (4.5 o’clock, see Veca Flow 4 diagram).

This results in an intricate pattern of energy flows between the Zero Point at the core of the Ecka and through the Zero Point Locks at the extremities of the Veca Quadrants. 


Veca Flow 4


Kathara Grids are interwoven to form maps of star gates on the cosmic level.  They also form the core structure of radiation units upon which matter forms, including our bodies.  Our Veca Universe has 7 Heaven Worlds on the Particum side and an additional 7 on the PartikA side.  The Ecka Core constitutes an additional Heaven World, making up a total of 15 Heaven Worlds or discrete relams of experience of the Universal Veca.

A Universal Veca holds three 15 Dimensional Time Matrices.  Two are represented by the Veca Quadrants and one by the Ecka Inner God World.   We have a Time Matrix spanning the Particum side of our universe and another spanning the parallel anti-matter PartikA side.  The Ecka, with its two Kathara Grids, constitutes an additional Time Matrix, for a total of 3 Time Matrices in our local Veca Universe.