Healing Shadow

One of the greatest challenges we face in our growth towards wholeness is dealing with shadow.  The light – shadow polarity is one of the deepest and most fundamental in creation. 

Source is the ground state that all in creation emerges within.  In the ground state of Source there is pure all-encompassing existence that is totally integrated, all powerful, all knowing and unlimited by boundaries.  Source is the universal Life field.  It is total aliveness that is absolutely free, free of all structure, definition, limitation and form.  Creation emerges eternally within this freedom.  There is a focus of intention.  Structure emerges around this focus.  This structure, initially integrated or neutral, subsequently polarises, creating fields of separation within the wholeness of Source.  These polarities interact to provide the dynamic or activity of creation. 


A fundamental polarity in creation is that of light and its polar opposite darkness.  We can think of it symbolically in terms of the colors white and black.  If we only had white then black & white photos, pictures and so on wouldn’t be very meaningful.  It is the interaction between white and black that gives definition, form, information and meaning to such pictures.  There is a very similar polarity between the ancient Greek concepts of Cosmos or order in creation and its opposite Chaos. 

We can easily understand and relate to light.  Managing the polarity around light however provides one of the most subtle and difficult challenges on the spiritual path.  We came from Source, hold connection to Source by virtue of being alive / conscious and at a fundamental level are Source.  As such, to the extent that we are connected to Source, we hold an element of Source responsibility for creation and all that it entails.  We hold an element of responsibility for resolving the polarities within our sphere of influence.  At a fundamental level this includes the polarities of light and darkness.  Darkness manifests at our level as what we normally understand as shadow. 

Just as we all have a measure of light we also have an element of personal shadow as part of our cosmic responsibility or burden.  This isn’t a criticism, but rather a measure of our responsibility as creators.  We partake of creation and carry associated responsibility for all that creation entails, including its burdens.  If we wish to be Source, we have to carry a measure of the responsibility of Source. 


All polarities emerge from a neutral core or space.  This is represented by a neutral parent (green) sphere in the diagram over.  This gives us a more complete three sphere structure.  The upper neutral sphere represents the first emanation from Source.  It carries the Source Intention for this creation in its purest form.  This neutral sphere structures the intention further by projecting a replica of the original intention.  This replica splits to create two polarised expressions of the intention.  These are represented by the two lower spheres

These lower polarities interact to explore the possibilities and realities of the original intention.  This allows for creativity, experimentation, learning and experience within this field of possibilities.  Ideally the polarities then merge within their neutral home space to resolve their separation and release all back to the wholeness and integrity of Source. 

This resolution is captured in the beautiful Rumi quote – “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.  …”

This diagram provides a simplified representation of some fundamental processes in creation.  Any such diagram is necessarily a limited representation.  These processes are alive and dynamic.  They can’t be described fully in a static diagram.  Also they are multi-dimensional and no 3D diagram can do them justice.  However, such a diagram does provide a useful tool for bringing abstract concepts into relationship in some form of tangible expression. 

This three sphere representation is a universal symbol.  It arises as the Tri Veca code.  It also arises commonly in Celtic artwork.  A similar concept is represented in the shamrock, the national symbol for Ireland. 

The overlapping spaces between the spheres are particularly interesting.  This is where interaction arises.  For example, the overlap between the Light and Shadow spheres, the light blue space, is where they interact.  This is the ‘real’ World of activity, of contention between opposing forces and influences and so on.  However, it is also the space where things happen and in particular where resolution is possible.

The overlap of the three spheres in the center represents a core balancing and synthesis of all creative influences.  This is where our core Source connection is held.  Source is the basis for all creation.  Creation is fundamentally holographic.  This means that the whole is contained in every part, just as every part is contained in the whole.  Source is infinitely present to and within creation through a core connection point in every natural structure.  This is represented by the center space of overlap between the 3 spheres.  The Source that underlies and ‘surrounds’ creation and the Source that lives within the core of structures in creation are one and the same.  Source integrates all realities.  This principle is encapsulated in the expression – ‘I Am This I Am’.  It is also the real meaning of the Law of One. 

Inner vs Outer

Within this broad framework of creation, we as Source project a focus of consciousness to explore the fields of creation.  This is represented by the small white circle between the two red arrows in the three circle diagram above.  We can regard this projection as ‘Mini Me’, in relation to our core Source identity as ‘Maxi Me’. 

Moving out into the fields and levels of creation we experience ever greater degrees of separation.  What lies outside our identity appears as objective outer reality.  Collectively we project our creative endeavours and explorations out into this space.  We are free to create subject to the Law of Consequence.  The Law of Consequence reflects the results of our creation back to us.  It manifests as the Laws of Nature and various systems of law derived from these.  This is the field of objective reality, laws and structures that Science explores. 

We also have our inner connection to our core identity in Source.  This is our subjective inner reality.  This is the realm of spirit. 

What is outer at one level can become inner at another and vice versa.  For example, in 3D we can be very focused in our personal identity.  We have our personal space that is our unique responsibility.  We also have a shared space with others, where there is a shared responsibility for work, for family, for a mission, for collective issues and so on.  There is a further space out beyond our sphere of influence that is really beyond us. 

If we take this up to the soul level, our soul is an expanded consciousness that embraces a soul family of several personalities.  It also embraces the shared outer space between these personalities.  So we have an expansion of inner space to encompass a measure of what is outer space at a lower level.  There is a progressive dissolution of the boundary between inner and outer realities. 

We can continue this process up through the levels in creation.  As we approach Source the boundary and associated polarity between inner and outer realities dissolves completely until they are fully integrated in Source.  This is the context in which the two seemingly separate representations of Source in the three spheres diagram are actually the same.

The distinction between inner and outer realities is meaningless near and at the level of Source.  It primarily has significance within creation, the further the level from Source the greater the significance.

The relationship between inner and outer realities is beautifully represented in the symbol of a natural spiral.  A natural spiral like the Krystal Spiral implies and contains within itself an inner spiral that complements the outward expansion.  This is illustrated in the spiral diagram.  The inner spiral converges to a core central point representing its inner core Source connection.  

The inner spiral mathematically mirrors its outer complement.  The inner microcosm mirrors the outer macrocosm.  Ultimately the microcosm and macrocosm are one.  The spiral provides a chain of connection through the fields of creation. 

Inner Core Connection

Inner core connection is therefore both significant and valuable for us.  Inner Source connection is our own inner personal connection to Source.  It is fundamentally important that this is preserved as our own inner connection, i.e. that it isn’t taken over nor mediated by outside influences.  Dealing with an inner core Source connection from outside ourselves is a contradiction.  Our inner core connection is through our own core.   An inner core connection held through someone else’s core or a core mediated by other influences is an outer connection and needs to be treated as such. 

We empower ourselves by nurturing this inner core connection.  It is our personal relationship with Source, i.e. with the essence of ourselves.  This is the significance of the expression – ‘My Relationship with Source comes First’.  We need spirit guidance and support that nurtures this relationship in an empowering way rather than overwhelming it or substituting for it.

Managing Shadow

We spend a lot of our time trying to balance and resolve the competing polarities in our lives.  Most of this activity takes place in the ‘real’ world of normal life containing both light and shadow.  This is represented as the overlap zone between the spheres of Light and Shadow marked World in the diagram over. 

When dealing with polarities there can be a tendency to engage them at the level of polarity, to counter with another polarity.  For example, there can be a tendency to meet aggression with aggression, to get into victim – victimiser situations, fight or flight and so on.  This polarity engagement is represented by the horizontal red line in the first diagram above with two circles.

Engaging polarity in this way often serves to reinforce the polarity.  As the saying goes – ‘What we resist persists’. 

A fundamental process in creation is illustrated in the phasing animation above.  The first phasing emerges, as Pure Consciousness focuses attention on a particular theme and in doing so creates structure around it.  This structure carries the desire and intention to explore this idea, by projecting it in creation.    

This intention (including information) is replicated, as a second phasing within the first.  It’s as if the first phasing stays ‘at home’, to preserve the Source connection and return path, while the second goes out into creation, to explore, interact and experience. 

The second phasing polarises into two opposite expressions of the original theme.  The interaction of these polarities then creates the phenomenal experience, through which all aspects can be explored.  The return phase of the cycle then draws these polarities back into balance and depolarisation for ManU and Source return.  What can’t be harmonised is released for Kali return, by the ‘ashes to ashes / dust to dust’ route.

If we look at polarity ‘horizontally’ within creation, we just see the two opposing elements, similar to a duality.  This is what we see in the Yin-Yang symbol, for example.  However, the third element is key to the creation of polarity and more significantly to its resolution.  The bigger picture is a trinity, embracing all phases. 

All polarities emerge from a neutral space.  This space holds the potential for resolution.  This is represented by the higher green sphere in the diagram below.  This holds the neutral home space for the polarity, where it can resolve and release all back into wholeness and integrity.  The essence of healing then is to access this neutral space and hold its presence in relation to the polarity in question to allow the energies involved to flow, balance and release.  This is the ideal for resolution of polarities. 

The alternative is for two polarities to bang off each other until they shatter.  This releases the energies in a fragmented way, but at least they can return to Source along the ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’ route.  The worst possibility is for energy and consciousness to be trapped permanently in polarised structures.  This possibility isn’t allowed. 

In relation to a fundamental polarity like Light and Shadow, Sound would represent its parent neutral space.  In cosmic structure the first emanation from Source is Primal Sound – ‘In the beginning was the Word.  The Word was with God and the Word was God…’.  

Light then emerges from the Sound fields.  The Matter fields subsequently emerge from the Primal Light fields.  The Light fields represent the beginning of dimensionalisation and of the structure and polarity that goes with this.  Cycles of time, with beginnings and endings, emerge in the Light fields.  This is where the Time Matrix begins. 

The Sound fields represent an intermediate stage between Source and the structures and cycles of dimensionalisation within the Light and Matter fields.  The Primal Sound fields are beyond time – they are eternal.  This is where true eternality resides.  We all came from Source through these sound fields and have family consciousness at this level.  We are eternal to the extent we hold connection to and embody this consciousness.  The Primal Sound fields have the beginning of structure.  Structure is more potential at this level than expressed in manifest or concrete forms. 

Being ‘next door’ to Source, the Primal Sound fields are highly conscious and integrated.  With very little separation and structure, consciousness exists here as boundless fields of pure life force, existence, creativity and intent.  Since consciousness knows all as Self at this level, there is little need for communication as we know it.  These fields of consciousness are known as the Yanas.  Coming from Source we come from, and in principle have access to, this consciousness.  Ultimately we need to integrate to and through this level to recover full Source integrity.  The corresponding families of consciousness in the Primal Light fields are the Rishi Founder Races. 

In relation to resolving Light and Shadow then we do have a parent neutral space that holds the potential for resolution.  When we get overwhelmed with issues in the World then the trick is to Detach and Integrate to the highest level of being we can manage.  This brings us towards the neutral space of resolution.  Holding this space and potential we then come back in to Re-engage the issue in question. 

This Detach – Integrate – Re-engage cycle is a powerful tool.  We already use it for example when we sleep.  We detach from our daily concerns in the World and integrate to a higher level of being during sleep.  We then come back in refreshed and re-invigorated to re-engage the world each morning.  It works, most of the time!

Ultimately the intention is to resolve Light and Shadow so that the two circles merge into full overlap.  This is a process of bringing Shadow to Consciousness described by Jungian psychologists.  This is also a discharging of our responsibility as a creator to assist immature creations to find their way home.  Dealing with Shadow isn’t a reflection on us.  It’s more a measure of realism and of our responsibility in creation.  As the two lower circles merge we are left with a pair of circles in vertical Bi-Veca arrangement.  The lower of these then merges back into the upper and the whole configuration dissolves to release all energies back into full Source integrity.

Stuck in the Light

Normal life in the real World can be both interesting and challenging.  It’s a melting pot of energies, influences, issues, contention, challenges, compromises and so on.  It is Life in the raw.  The essence of Source is Life.  The essence of creativity is Life flowing into and through various forms, situations and scenarios.  The goal is exploration, experience and learning.  Creativity can be a messy process.  Some things work out, others don’t.  There is valuable learning and experience in both cases. 

Creation is a work in progress.  We as Source incarnate are learning on the job.  It’s not about waiting to conceive and execute the perfect creation, but more a case of getting stuck in, trying things out, learning on the go, correcting our mistakes and adapting quickly. 

Our engagement with the dynamism of Life in the World and with its clashing energies can be exhausting and overwhelming at times.  We need to be able to escape into the greater tranquillity of quieter spaces like the Light fields.  This is like an R&R space where we can re-generate for a time.  Having recuperated we need to get back into our World, our normal life, with all its activities and cares.  This is where our problems arise.  But it is also where they can be solved.  If we could solve our problems and issues from the Light fields, why would we incarnate into the World?  Why would we even think of doing so?  We have done so for a reason.

The Light fields are very exciting and stimulating.  When we go into this space there can be a tendency to want to hang out and stay here.  We can seek to progressively insulate ourselves from the real World and from normal Life.  This is understandable.  We can try to shut out the baleful influences and challenges of the World and create a bubble of harmony and tranquillity for ourselves. 

Carried to extremes however, this can end up as a very sterile place.  Life is about Life more than it is about Light.  Life isn’t a ‘thing’.  It is more a flow, a dynamism, an experiencing, a balancing of opposites, being in the flow and so on.

We need the adaptability to be able to cope with each state and to be able to move through and between them.  We need to be functional and effectively at home in each space.

It isn’t an issue about the Light itself, but more about what we do with our Light.  Do we ground it to be more effective, present, connected and engaged in our real everyday lives?  Or do we use it as an escape from the real World, where we create and furnish a refuge for ourselves above and beyond the toils and compromises of normal life?

The issue of engagement versus detachment in life is explored in a very profound way in the great Hindu classic, the Bhagavad Gita.  Here the main character prince Arjuna is preparing for a battle to secure the kingdom.  He has misgivings about the conflicts and compromises involved, the general chaos and messiness of the situation and the potential outcomes.  He detaches in confusion and seeks advice from his guide and charioteer, Krishna.  Krishna strongly urges Arjuna to find strength in integrity and then fulfil his duty by engaging decisively in battle without attachment to the outcomes.  The setting is very stylised to the age.  But the principle of engaging life is spelled out very clearly. 

The Light fields are very fluid and creative.  We can generate and play with a lot of realities in this space.  Carried to extremes we can end up with the spiritual equivalent of Disneyland.  This is great fun, very exciting and we need some such stimulation.  But when the money runs out we need to go home to the real World of our normal lives. 

Shadow Projection

A problem with isolating ourselves in the Light is that we still carry our inner microcosm and the inner Shadow influences we are responsible for.  With our focus in the Light we can lose sight of these, ignore them and regard them as having no place in our Light world.  Light on its own won’t fix these shadow influences, nor will ignoring them.  If Light alone could fix them they would have been resolved ages ago.  What is required is to work with the two polarities in a balancing process of resolution.  The real World is very good at bringing such polarities and issues into relationship, hence its value.   

Shadow is quite powerful and deeply embedded in creation.  It isn’t something we can wave a technique at and assume is all sorted out.  It is something that arises in our lives on an ongoing basis and that we need to work with almost daily.  When we are aware of our Shadow and deal with it effectively it’s a very manageable issue.  Realism and grounding help greatly.  Also being in contact with our own humanity and that of the people around us helps.  It is good to have a full and healthy relationship with the real World we came into and with normal people. 

Shadow represents the less mature parts of creation and particularly those parts of creation we are responsible for.  Dealing with Shadow can be a bit like managing kids.  It calls for a certain amount of discipline and some tough love at times.  Kids need a certain amount of fair discipline and feel more secure when that is present.  What really freaks them out is being neglected or ignored.  That’s when they start misbehaving to get attention.    

When we neglect or ignore Shadow influences they start presenting in our hologram as challenges.  Such challenges are unwelcome in an idealised Light state.  We can believe they shouldn’t be there, that they don’t belong and try to eject or externalise them.  We can project them outside ourselves as somebody else’s problem, as ‘attacks’, as being ‘negative’, as ‘wrong frequency’ and so on.  They can partially be someone else’s problem.  But if they are in our hologram they are our problem too.  In dismissing issues and problems, we are also dismissing their solution.  Our hologram mirrors our inner microcosm.  By taking responsibility for our part we empower ourselves to deal more effectively with issues and resolve them into a greater degree of maturity.  It is up to other people then to take responsibility for their part. 

Management and healing of Shadow is a major activity on the path towards spiritual maturity.  Failure to manage Shadow and in particular projection of unresolved Shadow can become a significant problem on the spiritual path and in groups oriented towards spiritual development. 

We can for example believe that external groups such as the Fallen Angels (FAs) for example are responsible for all that is wrong with the World and that if some wonderful influence magically removes them for us that all will be well with the World.  This ignores the fact that such FAs are not just external.  They also exist in our Shadow World.  Getting rid of the external expressions isn’t enough.  Unless we also do the healing work to resolve these influences in our inner Shadow World they will still be present and will simply re-project into our hologram.  We need to clear internally as well as externally.  The two go hand in hand.

Projection of Shadow arises where we have a build-up of unresolved Shadow and we decide to get rid of it by dumping it outside of ourselves.  This frequently takes the form of blaming, shunning, branding, demonising, scapegoating, and so on.  This process has a very venerable history and would be great if it worked.  The problem is that we’re generally only kicking the can down the road.  Issues are not getting resolved.  They tend to fester and come flying back out of the hologram in different guises and every stronger forms until they get our attention.  Shared issues are generally best dealt with in as impersonal, realistic and effective way as possible.  Personalising issues and projecting them generally compounds them and creates all sorts of problems.    

When we project Shadow we’re not actually getting rid of it.  We’re mainly losing control of it.  If we don’t deal with it internally it will tend to pop up in our outer reality, our hologram, as issues, challenges and so on.  It’s relatively easy to understand shadow issues cropping up in our ordinary everyday lives as challenging or unwelcome influences.  When ensconced in the Light we may think that we’re safe from such influences.  But we can encounter Shadow influences in the Light also.  This is where things get really tricky.

Light is a polarity and as a polarity has relationship with its opposite.  Extremes of polarity can contain their opposite to a degree.  The critical issue with polarity is balance, a balance that ultimately leads to resolution.  A lack of balance can lead to oscillations and sometimes to oscillation between the extremes.  Shadow, having relationship with Light, has access to it and can use it as a medium.  As has been said before, Light can deceive, while Sound (being more neutral) is a more reliable medium. 

Wayward Shadow influences can present as Light.  For example, it’s no problem for a fallen angel or other such being to present as a being of Light.  They can tune into our concepts and language, to our needs and more particularly to our weaknesses.  They can play on these and lead us on a merry chase.  One of the main modalities of Anu influence is seduction, basically playing to our needs. 

Shadow influences can find our innermost weakness and hand it to us on a plate.  Like kids playing pranks on an adult, they can also like to tease, play tricks and send us up.  There’s little point in blaming such Shadow influences.  It is in the nature of Shadow to try and get our attention one way or another.  This can help lead to resolution.  Shadow can be a hard but very thorough teacher along the path of integration. 

The main protection against such influences is to be very grounded in our lives and World, to have a realistic and effective relationship with the Shadow influences we are responsible for and to be pragmatic and discerning about what we are dealing with at every level.  Cultivating balance in our lives also reduces need and vulnerability. 

Spiritual Glamour

We all like to feel special or important.  This is fine within reason.  Problems can arise however where our desire for importance can become a point of vulnerability to be exploited by various influences.  Being special can also become a problem when it becomes separative or elitist. 

Coming from Source we are special.  But so is everyone else at a fundamental level.  This is a consequence of the Law of One.  The ‘spiritual work’ we do is admirable.  There can however be a tendency to compare ourselves with others.  For example, we can think that because we are studying spiritual information, doing spiritual techniques and so on we are special and that the world needs to recognise this.  This doesn’t necessarily follow. 

We can take the subject of love for example.  When we are talking a lot about love what this can mean is that we are studying the subject and learning about it.  It is an active topic for us, which is fine.  The next stage is to fully integrate it into our lives by way of practice.  Then we become love and radiate it from the core of our being.  It is so much part of us that we don’t need to think nor talk about it.  It just is.  Something similar can apply to spirituality and spiritual integration. 

A mother rearing children can be practicing love in a very real way and not have the time to think nor talk about it.  Just because other people are not practicing spirituality in an obvious way doesn’t necessarily mean they are not living it.  A bit of care is needed in judging others and their life experience.  Self-esteem and a natural pride are fine, but elitist attitudes or tendencies that isolate us as special can become obstacles on the spiritual path that reduce our effectiveness.

The topic of narcissism has come up on various occasions.  In very simple terms narcissism is defined by a number of key traits:

  • An exaggerated sense of importance, of being special that in extreme cases can lead to a desire for dominance.
  • Difficulty in dealing with anything that challenges this sense of importance, such as reality checks, criticism and so on.
  • A lack of empathy with others. There is so much focus on role and its needs that there is little capacity left for awareness of the impact on others. 

In the Greek legend Narcissus basically fell in love with his reflection in a pool of water and became so obsessed with his image that this dominated his life.  Narcissism can be particularly evident on the political scene.  A degree of narcissism is normal in young children, whose needs dominate their lives.  Most people grow out of this however as they mature.  A greater balance develops between one’s own needs, role and status and those of the people around us. 

A form of spiritual narcissism can also develop where we assign all goodness to ourselves and see badness as lying outside ourselves.  We can see it being an attribute of and issue for other people.  We can focus very much on our Heroic Self with the capacity to fix other people.  However, our main responsibility in this regard is to and for ourselves and our inner reality and then being willing to help others in a respectful and effective way.  It’s not a question of pointing fingers.  It’s more a case of being aware of such influences and potentials, dealing as appropriate with them in ourselves and then dealing with them in the world around us.

Transcending Personality

Normal life in our 3D World is focused very much around Personality.  We relate to the World through our Personality and view other people and influences in these terms.  For example, we can conceive of Source or God as an old man with a beard pointing a finger from the sky.  When we speak of a family of consciousness like the Yanas, Buddhas or Christs we can conceive of them as beings outside ourselves that we relate to as we would other people.  There is a them and us divide.  ‘They’ are in our outer World.

When we integrate to the level of our Soul we come into a soul family comprising many personalities.  What is the personality of our Soul?  Our Soul transcends and integrates Personality to a large degree.  There is an expansion of consciousness that brings our outer and inner worlds together, lessening the division between them.  This process continues up through the levels in creation until at the Yanas level in the Primal Sound fields there is hardly any separation between inner and outer Worlds.  There is no separation at all when fully integrated in Source.

We use a term such as Yanas to relate to that family of consciousness.  The name is a handle we can hold onto from an external perspective.  It does have value in that it carries a frequency encryption that connects to that level.  However, this isn’t how the Yanas see themselves.  ‘They’ are so highly integrated that they know themselves intimately and in their entirety, in their eternity.  They don’t need communication.  They don’t need language, names nor handles.  That’s a convenience for ‘us’ coming from our vantage point in the fields of creation.  

As we integrate through the levels in creation we come into this same level of integrity.  The Yanas are as fully inside us as they are outside.  From that perspective we are Yanas, Eieyani and so on.  At a fundamental level there is no separation.

It can be a convenience for us to describe our relation and interaction with such as the Buddhas on a them and us basis.  This is what we’re used to in 3D life.  However, this isn’t the whole story.  Increasingly we need to come to know these families of consciousness as part of our own inner reality.  We can move from a situation of ‘them’ telling us what to do.  It’s more a case then of us accessing this level within ourselves and increasingly telling ourselves what to do. 

With integration, Rishi or other such families become a state of consciousness we can access.  Instead of being an external teacher, ‘they’ become an inner attitude, a way of being, a level of integrity, a way of dealing with life and so on.  Increasingly we can see and deal with life from a Rishi, Yanas and Source perspective. 

In accessing higher levels of consciousness we don’t have to hold these states continuously in our lives.  This could overwhelm our 3D lives.  It’s also important that we are very grounded in our World and effective in our lives.  We also need to be able to hold a stable and realistic focus in 3D.  We need to be present in our lives.  What is of value is to have the adaptability to access and move between such states as the need arises.  We can all learn to do this. 

There are many states between normal 3D and full higher consciousness.  We have much work to do to heal and clear issues and baggage at these various levels.  This is a process that takes time.  We can take this work at a pace that is stable and comfortable for us.  Source has all the time in the World and isn’t going anywhere without us. 

Personality factors can become an issue with spiritual teachings.  Where there is an excessive focus on personality this can distract from the essence of a teaching.  For example, Christianity has become very focused around the personality of Jesus.  Jesus has been put up on a pedestal and people are encouraged to worship him as an external idol.  Jesus’ essential mission was to be a role model for anchoring Christ consciousness.  The idea was that we also would access and anchor this within ourselves.  However, we can be so busy worshipping the external personality that we miss the whole purpose of the exercise.  This suits certain influences down to the ground.

An excessive focus on personality can bring personality factors and politics into a teaching and associated groups.  If not managed properly, these factors can become divisive.  If we look at the range of religions in the World, we can see that they are all essentially worshipping the same God Source.  But they are assigning different personalities to their conception of God and its representatives, e.g. Buddha, Allah, Krishna and so on.  This creates unnecessary division, which in turn leads to a huge amount of conflict. 

There is only one Source.  There are universal principles in creation that are common to all.  These exist beyond any of the personal factors and expressions we may associate with them.  These exist as a basis for unification in all spiritual endeavours.  What is of value then is to look beyond personality factors and seek out the underlying principles.  People can identify more readily with principles. 

Also excessive complexity can become a distraction with a teaching.  Relating back to fundamental principles and working from these helps preserve the core and integrity of a body of knowledge.

There has been great division within the human family.  There is tremendous need for a coming together around common aims and purpose, to be more effective in the real World.  There is need for a broadly based collaboration among evolutionary groups to counteract divisive influences.  Rallying around principles can help step around a lot of the drama that can be associated with personality. 

We live in exciting times!  There is so much to explore.  We can become sparks that ignite the flame of transformation in our World.