As we all know we are coming up to another intense week or two in these interesting times.   There are a number of alignments in this period in 2015:

  • Autumnal equinox early on 23rd (08:22 UTC).
  • Lunar eclipse and full (blood) moon on 28th (02:52 UTC).
  • Mercury between earth & sun on 30th (14:40 UTC).

Additionally there are events such as a UN General Assembly running from mid-September to early October, but with major world leaders convening on 28th for the major event running from 28th Sept through 3rd October.  The pace of change on the planet also appears to be accelerating.

Many people are feeling fatigue and in some cases stress from the pace of events.  It is probably a time to be very gentle with ourselves, to remain calm and stable, to look after ourselves and each other and help the planet.  We can hold stability by nurturing our D12 and Primal Light connections and the direct Source connections these provide.  It is also important to ground these frequencies and connections in our bodies and in the earth.

If we recall the Kathara Grid as a map of full 12 dimensional structure, we see the top of the grid converging on the K-12 center.  Here it integrates with higher levels in cosmic structure and most particularly with Primal Light and Sound fields and the direct Source connection these hold.  We also see the bottom of the grid converging on the K-1 center and this is significant also.  It mirrors and complements the K-12 center to a degree.

As we move up the dimensional scale there is a progressive integration.  We move beyond layers upon layers of separation and structure and progressively merge into the unity, aliveness and total freedom of Source.  There is this great and immediate intimacy with Source.  Something similar happens at the other end of the scale also. 

The substance of our bodies comes from the earth.  The carbon, calcium, iron, water, oxygen and so on in our bodies are from the earth.  We borrow these materials from the earth to create and constantly renew our bodies, to facilitate our presence on the planet.  As our consciousness is intimately related to our bodies it is also intimately connected to the earth.  The physical matter in our bodies and the earth corresponds to dimension 1 and to the matching K-1 grid center.  Our personal Kathara Grids have their K-1 centers located at the center of the earth.  Also when birthing into our bodies we incarnate through earth’s core picking up the earth’s coding along the way.  

All of this beautifully symbolises the intimacy of our connection with the earth.  We share our personal K-1 centers with the earth.  Since all planetary life forms do this we share this K-1 connection with each other and more generally with natural life on the planet.  Just as we are united in Source we are also connected in the planet we share.  We are literally plugged into the planet.  Our sharing in the common pool of matter of the planet is reflected in the common connection of our K-1 centers in earth’s core. 

This has some very significant implications.  It means that whatever connection, healing, frequency or information we bring into and ground in our bodies also comes available to the planet.  Whatever comes available to the planet is also available to life forms on the planet through our planetary connections.  If we wish to influence events we have a significant means to do so.  We can hold the appropriate connections, ground the healing or solutions in our bodies and thereby make these available to the earth.


In reaching for and holding higher dimensional connections it is also important that we balance these by holding good grounding connection in the lower dimensions, i.e. our bodies and the earth.  Frequency currents need complete connection right through the dimensional scale to flow effectively.  We can see that a break anywhere in an electrical circuit will prevent current flow.

We can think of our personal Kathara Grids as sails on a boat.  When they are connected at the top through K-12 and the Primal Light fields and at the bottom through K-1 we can manage our sails, trim them to cope with the prevailing winds and guide the destiny of our boat.  If a sail is loose at the bottom it flaps in the wind and we have much less control of our destiny.

We also have the analogy of a tree.  For a tree to reach high towards the heavens it must also put roots down deep into the earth.  The roots stabilise the tree.  They also nourish it to reach upwards.  The branches in turn bring light and energy down into the tree in a balancing flow.  All works together beautifully. 

Faced with major and rapidly changing events we can sometimes regard ourselves as insignificant or a bit powerless to cope with what is swirling around us.  There are torrents of information coming into the planet and opportunities and challenges at every turn.  It can help if we find our little islands of calm and stability.  If we can escape from the whirlpools of life and find quiet moments in our days to nurture and nourish our connections and balance them.

Our physical bodies are extremely valuable.  Finding time to connect with the earth and nourish our bodies through such connection is also valuable.  Our lives especially in cities tend to insulate us from contact with earth.  Where possible it can be wonderful to walk bare foot on the earth, e.g. on a beach or grass, or to interact physically with the earth through gardening.  Such grounding allows an energy exchange that benefits both parties.     

Such connection as we are able to hold is uniquely valuable.  None of the higher dimensional species nor the off planet visitors we encounter share this level of intimacy with the planet.  Being born on the planet we carry the planetary codes in our DNA.  We hold keys to the planetary grids.  We are capable of working co creatively with the planet by holding higher dimensional connections and helping to ground incoming frequency and information.  The planet in turn supports our journeys of learning, expansion, integration and growth in spiritual maturity.    

We need a certain strength to empower ourselves to realise the fuller potential of what we are capable of.  The future isn’t fixed.  We have the power to influence and even determine it.  We have a certain degree of capacity and opportunity to grow beyond victimhood in the face of events towards increasing mastery and spiritual maturity. 

There are any amount of ‘voices from the sky’ to tell us what to do, to ‘guide’ us, to ‘save’ us, sometimes to distract us with dazzling vistas and occasionally to get us to do somebody else’s bidding.  We can work co-creatively and respectfully with the reality of life on our planet and with our own direct and natural higher dimensional connections.  There is power in such direct and natural connections and their current flows.  If we are to channel, the most important being to channel is ourselves. 

A subtle form of disempowerment can arise where we allow our bodily or physical connections to be devalued, e.g. by regarding them as not spiritual, fallen or not worthy of our attention.  We also need to be careful that our natural desire for ascension doesn’t become a form of escapism.  We came here to do a job by anchoring and holding a certain presence in the present, in the here and now.  That is the point of power.  Source isn’t just a place.  Source is aliveness, which is everywhere.  We connect most directly with Source through our aliveness in the here and now.  If we project too much consciousness into other places or spaces we can weaken our presence and reduce our effectiveness in the present.  If we were meant to be in other places, why didn’t we go there directly rather than incarnating here? 

What is most encouraging is that despite all the challenges and potential for problems, planetary, economic and military, things have remained as relatively stable as they have.  It isn’t pretty at times, but we seem to be muddling through!  There is still however a lot of suffering on the planet and challenge and hardship in people’s lives.  We are all needed to help out in whatever way we can during this time of great change.  Holding connection, presence, calm stability, balance and flow is a big help. 

Safe travels in this great adventure!