Brave & Happy Spiral Comments

In the recent AMCC-MCEO-GA 2014 Year-End Update Letter released earlier on this group there are comments on the Krystal Spiral Module that need to be addressed in the interests of integrity and accuracy.  These arise specifically in the lower half of page 10, in a paragraph relating to Discovery.

The history of the Krystal Spiral module can be summarised briefly as follows:

  • Ashayana brought out information about the Krystal Spiral and a process for generating it from a rotating / expanding K Grid in the Tenerife workshop in January 2006. She also suggested by analogy with the Metatronic Merkaba spins and associated Fibonacci Spiral that there may be some relationship between the Krystal Spiral and Krystic Merkaba spins.  This information was wonderful and exciting and is a credit to its progenitors and to Ashayana.
  • ASaN provided excellent ideas for exploring the relationship between the spiral and Merkaba spins and much support for ongoing work on this topic. Several people explored the mathematics and details of the relationship.  I put together a summary paper for that stage of exploration and passed it to Ashayana & ASaN.  Ashayana referenced this paper in the Mount Shasta workshop in Redding CA in May 2006.  She highlighted the point mentioned in the paper that whereas the Krystal Spiral has a direct relationship with its center at all stages the Fibonacci Spiral does not have such a direct relationship and is increasingly isolated from its center.
  • The next significant development was at the Ireland Sliders 6 workshop in October 2009. Some additional work had been done in the meantime.  At a meeting with Ash & ASaN prior to the workshop Ashayana described how excited she was with the news that whereas each term in the Fibonacci number sequence is the sum of the prior two, each term in the corresponding Krystal sequence is the sum of all prior terms all the way back to the Source point.  This provides continuous Source connection and a high degree of integration.  She joked that given the mathematical nature of the topic I would have to present the material. 
  • At this time Ashayana was writing the Introductory-Topic Summary – 1 & 2 documents (Historical / Contemporary Origins of the MCEO Teachings), which were published on the AP website. These discussed the differences between the Krystic and Metatronic sciences in relation to topics such as the Toral Rift.  During the workshop I was called up to Ashayana & ASaN’s room.  They were discussing the Krystic & Metatronic sciences and trying to critique the differences.  It was obvious that a more substantial basis was needed than broad claims and calling the Metatronic spirals names (e.g. Golden Meanie, Fib of No Chi, etc.)  The mathematics were proving difficult to penetrate.  I was asked to work on the topic.  From earlier work I came up with a quick outline structure for the Merkaba spins.  However this was abstract at this stage.  I was asked to come up with a simpler much more graphical formulation. 
  • Subsequent work revealed rich layers of detail in the Krystal Spiral and associated Merkaba structures. Numbers and mathematical structures in general carry huge amounts of information in a very concise way.  This reveals itself to anyone who wishes to tune into it.  This information was formulated in the Krystal Spiral K Team module.  This went to Ash & ASaN for approval, as all K Team material, did prior to release.  The following comment was included in the reply – “… to add that Ash’ was totally thrilled to see what you have accomplished. She is utterly delighted with what you have produced for us all.”  This is acknowledged with appreciation.  The material was then delivered as a K Team module during the April 2010 Sarasota workshop and at a number of subsequent events. 
  • Strict copyright was enforced on all materials produced by the K Team and others regardless of who did the work. There was no discretion and hence no opportunity for the claimed ‘misappropriation of authorship’.  All royalties for products went to Ashayana & ASaN.  K Team workers got a modest portion of the income from their presentations and some credits towards workshops.  Mostly it was volunteer work and a labor of love and service.  Ash acknowledges this work in the Introductory-Topic Summary 2 document mentioned above, towards the bottom of page 4.  Here she thanks the wonderful group of people (K & MCEO Teams) for their contributions in bringing the Teachings into the world.  Also on page 8 in the Introduction to MCEO & people that was published on the AP website Ash acknowledged the diligent work and skills of the K Team, artists and many others in facilitating the work and thanked them for their contributions.  This is appreciated. 
  • Ashayana used concepts and diagrams from the module in workshops and was generous with acknowledgment, which is appreciated. These spiral diagrams are mathematically accurate.  It’s wonderful to see the material being used.  More generally the K Team prepared a huge amount of graphics, which were used extensively throughout the workshops and product materials.  The K Team and AP people also did a lot of work to help compile workshop handbooks for publication, a scale of work that may not be fully realised by all. 

In this context the comments in the Brave & Happy document are significantly out of touch with reality.  A fundamental problem is that they provide broad and sweeping generalisations that are not backed up by specific examples, evidence or facts.  There is little attempt to identify or critique specific issues for discussion or resolution.  Where are these comments ultimately coming from and what purpose do they serve?  What do they say about where they are ultimately coming from? 

Discussion is openly welcomed on any issues with the Krystal Spiral module material.  Identifying any specific issues with details and suggestions for improvements provides a win-win situation for all and indeed is the basis on which most human progress is achieved. 

The Krystal Spiral material has a strong foundation in mathematics.  Mathematics has a particular value.  We can come to know number, the elements of geometry, etc. as living realities.  They are conscious and hold huge amounts of information.  They carry a logic in action that helps shape creation.  But they also carry connection, a subtle and powerful connection all the way from Source that brings many facets of creation into relationship.  Exploring such connection is of great value in rebuilding relationship with the subtle levels both in creation and in our own being.

If there is a universal language in creation it is the language of mathematics.  It carries the core structures of creation with a concise clarity that transcends culture, time, personal influence, etc.  It bridges all the way from the full integrity of Source to practical application in the outer reaches of creation.  When mathematics is expanded into the full purity of its living, conscious, spiritual / sacred roots it provides a tool of extraordinary value.

Mathematics carries its own logic, which can be checked by anybody.  In other words it validates itself and isn’t dependent on authority for interpretation or validation.  It does require a certain skill in relating to the concepts.  But that skill isn’t unique and in principle is available to anyone who applies themselves to the task.  Mathematics is open, independent and capable of standing on its own two feet.  This makes for strong, reliable knowledge, which is very valuable.  It is an ideal tool for validating information.  The critical thing is to make the right connections to living realities through the subtle levels in creation and not get lost in the logic.  But there is an integrity to mathematics that points the way.

The Krystal Spiral material is coherent and well founded and is capable of being taken out into a wide range of forums for discussion, debate, etc.  It doesn’t require neutral people to make large leaps in faith.  The Teachings need much more of this type of grounding / bridging work if they are to go out to a wider audience.        

In particular during Atlantean times when the sacred Temples were lost to Anu infiltration, accurate mathematical knowledge facilitated a safe emergency shut down of the grids to protect the planet from being overrun.  For this reason certain influences work hard to keep knowledge of pure sacred mathematics off the playing field.  In this context attempts to side-line mathematical information would be a cause for concern.  Who would wish to reject such information and why?  Who benefits?

In relation to assertions of distortion or falsity:

  • The Krystal Spiral module illustrates the strength of the Krystal Spiral, in terms of Source connectedness and expansion speed, in comparison with the Metatronic/Thothian Golden Mean and Fibonacci spirals. If this material is distorted does that mean that the Thothian spirals are right after all? 
  • It illustrates the formation of the Golden Mean spiral by rotating golden rectangles around an off center pivot point. It further highlights the difference between the Golden Mean and Fibonacci spirals and illustrates the derivation of one from the other. Is this information distorted?  I should hope not as it’s based on solid mathematical foundations. 
  • It illustrates a framework for deriving the Thothian spirals from the Krystal Spiral and KG framework, highlighting key points of vulnerability in the KG. Again this is well founded on mathematical principles.
  • The module details how the Krystal & KG structures intersect and overlap in an orderly way to facilitate inter dimensional connection whereas the Thothian ToL structures don’t to the same degree. Is this not correct? 
  • It indicates how the Krystal Spiral number sequence holds strong Source connection at all stages whereas the Fibonacci numbers don’t hold such connection and are increasingly isolated. If that information is distorted does that mean that the Fibonacci numbers are more ‘natural’ after all?
  • It highlights, in a coherent framework, how the Spiral combines the fundamental processes of growth / contraction with those of frequency & oscillation. It also integrates the role of electric & magnetic influences in this framework.  Critically this provides a rationale for the counter rotating electric & magnetic spirals in a Krystic Merkaba set vs. the co-rotating spirals in a Metatronic set.  Is this distorted and what would that say about Krystic Merkaba?   
  • The module illustrates the number structure of Krystic Merkaba spins. If that number structure is distorted would that not imply that the spins are also distorted?

What are these assertions saying and what are the implications?

On a separate note it is dangerous to be making assertions of being ‘misled’.  The nature of the Teachings are such that not much information can be verified easily.  A lot is taken on trust.  Credibility is therefore very important.  This is a valuable commodity and is easily damaged.  It only takes one prick to puncture a balloon.  If one claims that one was misled on relatively straight forward issues in the past how can anybody be sure that one is not equally being misled now?  Also if higher dimensional influences allowed ‘distortions’ to run uninterrupted in the past how can anybody be sure they are not doing so equally now?   Will they come back in a few years’ time to explain what they allowed to run uninterrupted in 2014?  It is dangerous to use arguments of being misled or of allowed distortion to selectively cull the Teachings, as these undermine the credibility of the Teachings generally. 

The ‘Battle of the Spirals’ that Ashayana has described many times obviously continues apace.  There are a few points worth noting in relation to the Thothian structures.  The Thothian Tree of Life (ToL) Grid based on the FoL floral grid pattern exalts the original K Center 5 as a new grid center point that everything else is structured around.  This center lies at the core of the FoL flower pattern underlying the ToL Grid.  It is numbered 6 in the ToL Grid and is described as a center for Christ energy, universal love, etc.  Thus a lot of references to 6, sextant, etc. in relation to the FoL can be referring to the original K Center 5.  The topic is interesting for a number of reasons.   

As Krystal Spirals emerge from the Core within a KG they first encounter Center 5.  They then pass through Centers 6, 9 & 12 and continue their outward expansion from there.  5 is therefore a powerful center.  However 5 also arises in the Fibonacci number sequence – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, …  As K Centers these numbers (apart from 3) run up the central column of the grid.  5 is therefore the first point of vulnerability for the emerging Krystal Spirals and this is where significant problems arise. 

The Golden Mean Spiral is based on a specific number Phi (= 1.618…).  This is derived from the number 5.  This Phi number generates the Golden Mean (GM) Spiral.  This GM Spiral in turn carries the Fibonacci sequence embedded within it.  So the Fibonacci Spiral derives from the GM Spiral.  The sound resonance linking these influences (Fi)ve, Phi & (Fi)bonacci is noteworthy.  In general the resonance of Fi- or Phi- influences with the Golden Mean Spiral warrants a degree of care. 

5 is therefore a significant point of interaction between the Krystal, the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci Spirals.  It is also a major center of influence in the Thothian ToL grid.  It is exalted to a pseudo center point in that grid.  For example its planetary correspondence is to the sun, i.e. it’s the heart of the grid and all other planets revolve around and feed from it.  This illustrates the importance of 5 in the Thothian scheme of things, although it is denoted as 6 in the modified grid numbering. 

The next point of interest is the original K Center 8.  This resembles Center 5 in many respects and is also an important center in its own right.  Again it carries a resonance with the Fibonacci sequence.  5 and 8 tend to be used quite a bit in Thothian technology.  In the ToL grid this center is frequently hidden, but forms an esoteric center numbered 0 that integrates the other 10 centers.  In other words Center 8 is a core center in the Thothian grid that connects the other centers and links them to another level.  It is noteworthy that a 5 by 8 grid or pattern is in Fibonacci proportion.  It is approximately in Golden Mean (Phi) ratio.  It also resembles a golden rectangle, the building block for a Golden Mean Spiral.

K Centers 2, 5, 8 & 11 form Grual center points in their respective Density levels 1, 2, 3 & 4.  Centers 2, 5 & 8 carry Fibonacci resonance and potential vulnerability for interference.  Center 11, the D4 Grual point, being free from this vulnerability provides key support.  Center 11 in turn depends on the all-important 12 – 11 connection for its support and protection.  This in turn depends on connection from 12 through the Primal Light Field levels 13, 14 & 15.  From there connection through the Primal Sound Fields to Source is secured. 

This is where 13 becomes significant.  Center 13 lies in close relationship with Center 12, i.e. where the lower (1 – 12) Universal and upper (13 – 24) Cosmic KGs intersect. The 12 – 11 link can be damaged by distorted / reversed dimension 13 frequencies.  K Center 12 for example is severed in the Thothian ToL grid, cutting the grid off from all the higher dimensional connections.  Thothian influences avoid 12.  Reversed dimension 13 frequencies can be synthesised by artificially combining pairs of lower dimensional frequencies that add to 13, for example the ‘Blue Sword’ currents.  13 is the next Fibonacci number after 8. 

The Krystal Spirals pass through K Center 12.  This is the next major point of direct interaction with Fibonacci influences after Center 5.  There is a vulnerability here to reversed dimension 13 / Fibonacci influences.  This is where clear connection to and support from the Primal Light Fields is vital.  Holding healthy connection to dimension 12 frequencies and to the higher Primal Light dimensions preserves natural flows and secures safety.  Safety (of people, grids, knowledge, etc.) is always of fundamental importance.  

None of the Centers or numbers are ‘bad’ in themselves.  It is the way in which they are used, how and to what degree potential vulnerabilities are manipulated that matters.  Krystic structures are open, multi-dimensional, inter-connected and allow free flows from Source and all the way back to Source.  In particular Krystic structures hold clear connection to Source through a center point.  This allows the pure ground state of Source to be fully present to all levels in creation.  Source is fully present as life and consciousness in creation and not just at the upper or outer / inner edges.  Source lives in the here and now.  It’s largely a case of expanding this here and now to embrace more of what we really are. 

One therefore wishes to see clear connections and healthy flows between centers, numbers and elements.  One also wishes to see continuous connection through to higher dimensional levels like the Primal Light Fields and the non-dimensional finely structured Primal Sound Fields close to Source.  The corresponding higher dimensional beings are the Rishi Founders (Primal Light) and the Yanas (Primal Sound), who connect directly to Source through the Yunasai point of integration.  These are represented by the Eieyani in the lower dimensional levels.  Balance is also important.  Disconnection, barriers, things arising in isolation and lack of balance can lead to problems. 

Much good work has been done and an immense amount has been accomplished over many years.  Immense credit is due to the appropriate Guardians, to E’Asha Ashayana and the Speaker Team, to all the supporting Teams and to large numbers of people that facilitated this.  Team spirit is essential to the success of any broadly based enterprise.  It is the Spirit of a Teaching enshrined in its principles and values and carried in the hearts, minds and spirits of many that inspires and endures down the ages to surface again and again as needed.