Triple Spiral

The triple spiral is an ancient Celtic, and possibly even pre-Celtic, symbol.  We can all bring our own interpretations to it and learn from interacting with it. 

One way of looking at it is as a representation of Trinity.  We have Unity in the wholeness and freedom of Source, or pure consciousness.  This Unity holds the conception of creation and projects it as primal Duality.  

This Duality in turn projects Polarity, and the more dynamic experience of separation it produces in creation.  It creates pairs of polar opposites, e.g. light – shadow, cosmos – chaos, inner – outer, matter – anti-matter, electric – magnetic, positive – negative, female – male and so on.  Between pure unity and polarity, we have an intermediate pre-polar or omni-polar state, where creation has emerged but is not yet polarised.  This omni-polar (ManU) state births and projects the polarised (ManA & EirA) states into creation. 

It is the interaction of the polarised states, through progressive levels of expression, that produces all the variety of phenomena we experience in creation.  For example, the interaction of female and male births new life; positive and negative electric polarities give us electricity, power, electronics and so on.  The polar opposites are still related to each other and to their parent omni-polar state. 

When the show is over, it’s time to wrap up, return home and resolve the separation & differences.  We come to release all that has been held in form and separation, to return to freedom and wholeness.  Returning to a point, the simplest form of structure, symbolises release from all structure and the separation it holds, for integration into Wholeness, Freedom and Life. 

All of this is beautifully represented in the triple spiral symbol.  We have the omni-polar state illustrated by the ManU (blue) spiral on top.  Here we have two boundary spiral lines, containing the blue ManU essence, emerging from the core  and spinning round together initially.  They then separate to form two new spirals below, ManA (yellow) and EirA (violet / pink), each with its own centre and identity.  These represent the polar opposites.  They remain connected however and interact, with energy and influence passing from one to the other.  If we follow the boundary lines, we need to pass from one polarity to the other, experiencing both, before returning home. 

As both polarities unwind, they converge on their original ManU state.  The boundary lines wind round in ever tighter circles and closer unity, to merge in the ManU centre point.  Separation and differences are resolved, and all is released in Source.  What cannot be resolved goes through a process of dissolution or fragmentation, which ultimately entails another form of release and return to Source.  It’s interesting to also note that, if we follow the colour spiral bands, instead of the boundary lines, we see that one of the bands is internal, i.e. remains inside the symbol.  The other emerald band is external and remains outside.  So, the symbol enfolds inner and outer realities, illustrating how closely interwoven these are in practice. 

The interaction between the two polarities at the bottom is ‘horizontal’.  We need to go ‘vertical’ for transcendence and integration.  This involves moving from extreme towards more balanced positions in the middle ground.  It also involves getting above the intensity of polar interaction, while still holding connection, to draw both upwards towards resolution.  This is an illustration of ‘engaged detachment’.  The ManU state also entails a very powerful parental type of (Amoraea) Love that is both caring and no-nonsense.  It’s able to support the exploratory play of creation, while being able to pull the strings of discipline, in the form of Natural Law or consequences, where needed. 

There is a lot of polarity coming up in these intense and fast moving times.  This can provide opportunity to process and release stuck energies, attitudes and outlooks.  Any healing we can do, frequency we can anchor, stability we can provide helps smooth the path for the larger cyclic transition between Ages.