Frequency Running

There is much we can do to empower and help ourselves and our community in these challenging times.  Living in a 3D world, the immediate priority is to tackle the 3D aspect of problems like the corona virus infection, as practically and effectively as possible.  We can help by supporting those in the front lines, who are dealing with the realities and consequences of the situation, particularly the medics, who are getting stretched to their limits.  Also, those who are carrying responsibility for managing resources and providing leadership, as best they can.  We have responsibility not only for ourselves but also to our communities.

3D doesn’t exist in isolation.  There are higher dimensional aspects to everything, including the corona virus.  This is where we can provide additional help.  The physical aspect of living realities derives from spiritual and higher realms and there are many resources that can be drawn from these levels.  There are many ways to go about this, but the immediate need is for practical measures that can be applied quickly and easily. 

There are Life Force currents running in our bodies and in the planet.  We can learn to use these more consciously, powerfully and effectively.  Consciousness, as a foundational reality, is the ultimate resource and has tremendous capacity to impact all in creation.  Chakras in our body and most usefully in our hands interact directly with the Life Force currents and can be used to direct them.  These chakras contain vortices of energy that are polarised to draw energy into a centre, as a magnetic vortex, and to transmit energy outward, as an electrical vortex.  These vortices and their polarity are illustrated for our hands in upper portion of the attached diagram.  The Right hand sends energy out through the palm and draws it in through the back of the hand.  The Left hand has the opposite polarity, receiving energy through the palm and sending via the back. 

There’s a technique to frequency seal our hands to transmit high frequency current as safely and purely as possible.  This is described in the Kathara 1 material.  We are grateful to the Eieyani, E’Asha and the Speaker Team for this information.  The technique itself is ancient and part of human heritage.  If we place our Left Palm over the back our Right Hand, as in the attached diagram, we seal both of the incoming vortices.  Then we can direct Life Force current down our arms, into our hands and out through the Right Palm vortex, without drawing extraneous energies in from the environment.  We have a clean channel.

Working from our highest level of conscious connection, we can breathe in to draw balanced streams of Primal Life Force (PLF) into our body.  We can draw this down from higher dimensional connections above our head and up through our feet from Earth core and ideally Inner Earth.  We can draw these currents along our spinal column into an important (AzurA) centre near the top of our sternum, roughly where the topmost ribs join and level with our armpits.  We can then breathe out to send the currents horizontally out to and down our arms, into our hands. 

Grounding is an important element in running frequency currents.  Currents need to ground fully into our bodies, into 3D and even into the earth, to be fully effective and before they can complete their return cycle to Source.  Electricity, for example, is only effective where currents can flow from a source, completely round a circuit and return directly to their source.  A break anywhere in the circuit, e.g. a switch or open circuit, stops the current and nothing happens. 

The other key element is the quality of conscious connection.  This is more important than technical details.  The dimensional levels we choose to work from and the currents we run are personal issues for us.  The ideal is to connect with our original Divine Blueprints or Primal Coding at D12 and run frequency from this and higher levels.  But most people can feel some frequency in their bodies and learn to work with this.  We can improve accuracy and effectiveness with practice. 


We can use relatively simple techniques such as these to deploy higher dimensional resources to strengthen our immune system, at all levels, in the face of threats.  We can also use them for healing and clearing.  We can empower ourselves to respond constructively and pro-actively and minimise victimhood or dependence, in the face of challenges.  We can, for example, beam our food with frequency, to bless and clear it.  We can acknowledge and thank the sources for our food.  Animals and plants sacrifice for our food, often enduring violence in the process.  We can provide some recompense by providing frequency exchange to support their evolution and to help heal the pain that has been suffered. 

There’s a lot of merchandise appearing on the internet promising protection from such as 5G, corona virus, e.g. special toothpaste, amulets, even mattresses and so on.  Running clean high frequency currents, we can likely do better ourselves.  We can run frequency into our jewellery, for example, and use them as stores of protective energy.  Crystals in particular have great capacity to store higher dimensional energy and have been used extensively in that role in the ancient past.  Underground crystal beds still hold a lot of energy at planetary grid sites.  In the early KS days we used encode crystals with high frequency and tape them to phone, cable TV and internet cables and, where safe, to power cables, to provide frequency screening.  It can also help to have energised crystals near computers, screens and so on.  Inducing and transmitting symbol codes, as we are able, can increase the effectiveness of protection.   

We can also be carrying material in our bodies that didn’t originate there.  Modern medicine works wonders in relieving suffering and disability with surgical implants, e.g. artificial hips for arthritis, heart valves, stents & pacemakers, dentures, artificial lenses for eye cataracts and so on.  While these materials may not have derived from our DNA, we can do a lot to integrate them harmoniously with our consciousness and into our overall life experience.  We can connect with our Divine Blueprint and draw Primal Coding down into our body and make it available to imprint the new materials for consistency with our DNA, purpose and embodied consciousness.  All the physical material in our bodies, bones, tissue, etc., came from the earth and was adapted to our purposes by DNA imprinting.  New materials likewise come from the earth.  We can also consciously work to imprint them, for compatibility.  It also helps to have a positive welcoming attitude for such supports and to appreciate what they are doing for us. 

We also can have issues with alien type implants, which are not present for our benefit.  The ideal obviously is to get rid of these.  Failing this, we can still progressively pull in higher frequencies to override their coding and neutralise them or limit their impact.

Medicines, e.g. anti-biotics, pain killers, blood thinners and so on, help alleviate physical problems and improve our quality of life.  But there can also be side effects, dependency issues and some longer-term drawbacks.  We can help alleviate some of these issues by running frequency and recoding to harmonise more with our energy bodies.  Medicine obviously is a work in progress with opportunity to evolve new techniques, new healing modalities, naturopathic medicine and so on.  We can benefit from professional help across a balanced range of modalities.  Ultimately, the best form of healing is that which empowers us to heal ourselves.   

Vaccines are a sensitive topic and we can have our own personal approaches to these.  Discussion around immunisation can get polarised, but the issue itself isn’t quite black and white.  Viruses are a serious issue.  They can trigger a chain of events that ends up killing vulnerable people.  They do kill people and sometimes, when very infectious, in large numbers.  The smallpox epidemic in the Americas in 1520 killed an estimated 90% of Native Americans, about 56 million people.  This was in a population highly adapted to their local environment.  It was a blow the population never really recovered from.  Smallpox was a serious disease that killed significant numbers of people but has been successfully controlled with vaccination. 

Vaccines do, however, introduce toxins into the body and there can be other issues with these.  Personally, I have travelled a lot with work in tropical countries and have legally needed to be fully and currently vaccinated for tropical diseases.  My approach has been to accept the vaccines but run a lot of frequency through the body afterwards, to progressively recode them to minimise damage to the body.  This, however, may not suit everyone.


Many people are naturally attuned to running frequency from their inner knowing, Soul connection and past experience and develop their own techniques and approaches.  Experimentation and application build proficiency over time.  As we learn to run frequency, we can adapt to running it in a wide range of circumstances.  For example, in a busy public place, we can run frequency very simply and unobtrusively by cupping our hands around a glass of water, cup of coffee, bag of chips or whatever.  Water, in particular, is a wonderful medium for transmitting and grounding frequency and distributing it round our bodies.

We also have mini chakras in our fingertips and can learn to use these to pick up energy signatures from objects, without touching them.  We can run our hands, as sensors, over or near things and attune to the subtle reactions in our bodies, where elemental consciousness can provide a reading for us.  There is the possibility of listening and attuning to our bodies, such that our bodies can progressively tell us what foods and other things suit or don’t suit, at various times.  Also, if we get a sense of exposure to such as viruses, we can breathe in quick infusions of frequency and breathe them out into our energy fields, to strengthen immunity and help neutralise threatening energy signatures. 

Hand washing and hygiene generally are very important, at a physical level, and are very topical at present.  But we can also practice broad spectrum hygiene across multi-dimensional levels.  Viruses come in myriad forms across many levels.  We can work with our feelings and emotions to deal with fears, insecurities, anger, memories and so on that may be thrown up at this time.  It’s not a question of suppressing them but more of taking the time to face, heal, resolve and transmute what’s possible and let go of what’s not.  Also, to release what can be released, as constructively as possible.  This can be hard work, needing lots of space and rest.

We can also work with our thoughts and thinking to cultivate realism and avoid getting pulled into unimportant details, endless theories, speculation and distractions, blaming and finger pointing that don’t accomplish much.  For example, there are various conspiracy theories and propaganda drives floating around the origin of the virus problems.  There rarely is one specific cause.  It’s more a broad situation where many influences converge, to allow a wide proliferation of impacts.  Regardless of any specific physical cause, there were general conditions that enabled an infective virus, for which we have little immunity, to ground and proliferate.  Those conditions exist in every country and location, where the virus has grounded and proliferated since, i.e. almost worldwide.  Addressing this rapid proliferation and lack of immunity locally and worldwide is what is needed for real and effective results.

Above thoughts and feelings, we can work to strengthen our spiritual and conscious connections for support.  Connecting consciousness entails integration towards wholeness.  This reflects in cultivating group focus and coherence in 3D.  We can help ground this by raising our spirits with joy, lightness and sharing what’s possible, e.g. with street singing and activities that observe physical distancing needs.

We are our own saviours and have a lot of work to do here.  For Indigoes and those working on spiritual growth, the whole purpose of having higher dimensional coding is to hold connection and run stabilising frequency during periods of major change.  Many groups are organising regular group meditations, linking up across many locations.  These can help cultivate coherence and ground supportive frequency in the planet.  It’s good to focus consciousness proactively and do what we can to help.

This appears to be a time of significant change, with major challenges but also opportunities.  What exposes our weakness also exposes our strength and provides opportunity to heal our weakness.  We have power to empower ourselves and strength to face our fears and resolve them.  We have the power of choice. 


Our hands are wonderful Instruments.  They are quite sensitive, akin to quantum transmitters and sensors.  In the past, when we were more telepathic, and in locations where telepathy is more commonplace, a raised right hand, with palm facing outwards, is often used to transmit information.  Encryptions and communication can be sent, as higher dimensional frequency.  There is no need for verbalisation, encoding in writing nor use of technology aids.  

Our gestures for taking oaths, e.g. an oath of office, probably hark back to this.  We place our left hand on what is regarded as a sacred object, to draw in frequency.  We raise our right hand, as we pronounce the oath, effectively broadcasting it to the world.  Raising our hand in salutation can also be a form of transmission.  The hand that we naturally raise in salutation can give us an indication of our transmitting hand, which for some people can be the left hand. 

Our hand is also a wonderful symbol for dimensional structure, as illustrated in the diagram.  The fingers can represent the 4 matter densities and the thumb the 5th density of Primal Light.  These all connect to the core in the palm and its associated chakra.  Each of the digits has 3 segments, relating to associated dimensions. 

There is also the posture of raising both hands above the head with both palms facing upwards.  When done consciously and with pure intent, this is a great way for connecting with higher dimensions and frequencies.  In time, one can feel energy flowing in the hands.  We can breathe energy into our bodies and ground it through the chakras in our feet.     

May we become sparks that ignite the flame of transformation in our world.  Maybe transformation is already happening!  😊